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Join me, Mr. Kate, as I take you on a journey through life, style, interior design, and DIY!


30:45TikTok Inspired Teen Bedroom On A Budget!
TikTok Inspired Teen Bedroom On A Budget!Pregleda 399 tis.Prije 5 dana
33:50Under $300 Bland To Glam Bedroom Makeover!
Under $300 Bland To Glam Bedroom Makeover!Pregleda 582 tis.Prije 19 dana
26:08Our Organized, Minimalist House Tour!
Our Organized, Minimalist House Tour!Pregleda 801 tis.Prije mjesec
23:05Coming Clean...
Coming Clean...Pregleda 625 tis.Prije mjesec
37:44Minimalist Plant-Lovers Apartment Makeover! 🌿
Minimalist Plant-Lovers Apartment Makeover! 🌿Pregleda 643 tis.Prije 3 mjeseci
37:20Ultimate DIY Home Movie Theater for The LaBrant Family!
33:3125 Interior Design DIYs To Do While Stuck at Home
48:25Revealing Jeffree Star's Iconic Spa Makeover!
Revealing Jeffree Star's Iconic Spa Makeover!Pregleda 7 mil.Prije 8 mjeseci
23:43Designing The Vlog Squad +  Jeffree Star Update!
Designing The Vlog Squad + Jeffree Star Update!Pregleda 1,5 mil.Prije 9 mjeseci
38:53We use ALL of the 2020 Color Trends to Decorate a Room!
24:08Designing Jeffree Star! (PART 1)
Designing Jeffree Star! (PART 1)Pregleda 4,5 mil.Prije 10 mjeseci
22:02Designing Our Tiny Home on Wheels!
Designing Our Tiny Home on Wheels!Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 11 mjeseci
34:17Our most feel-good makeover yet! *happy tears*
39:43Bohemian or Minimalist?? Interior Design Challenge!
33:10We Treat a Fan to a Total Kitchen Makeover!
We Treat a Fan to a Total Kitchen Makeover!Pregleda 1,2 mil.Prije godine
14:48Our Birth Story | Mr. Kate
Our Birth Story | Mr. KatePregleda 20 mil.Prije godine
33:19Tiny and Cluttered Bedroom Makeover!
Tiny and Cluttered Bedroom Makeover!Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije godine
28:20Andrea Russett's Colorful Bedroom Makeover!
Andrea Russett's Colorful Bedroom Makeover!Pregleda 1,6 mil.Prije godine
26:21Our Baby's Nursery Reveal!
Our Baby's Nursery Reveal!Pregleda 2,2 mil.Prije godine
23:17The Top 10 Weirdest Things About Being Pregnant!!
35:31$200 Bedroom Makeover! Hygge Style!
$200 Bedroom Makeover! Hygge Style!Pregleda 1,8 mil.Prije godine
15:09Baby Name Reveal! | OMG We're Having A Baby
Baby Name Reveal! | OMG We're Having A BabyPregleda 1,9 mil.Prije godine
21:04Nursery Makeover Part 2! | OMG We're Having A Baby
25:15NURSERY DESIGN (ft. James Charles and Liza Koshy)
15:39Gender Reveal!! | OMG We're Having A Baby
Gender Reveal!! | OMG We're Having A BabyPregleda 3,2 mil.Prije godine
20:25Extreme Bathroom Renovation | Mr. Kate Decorates
15:40We Have Something To Tell You...
We Have Something To Tell You...Pregleda 3,1 mil.Prije 2 godina
31:07Converted Garage to Family Home Makeover!
Converted Garage to Family Home Makeover!Pregleda 2 mil.Prije 2 godina
39:30Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover!
Colleen Ballinger's Nursery Makeover!Pregleda 6 mil.Prije 2 godina
31:33Rainbow Room Makeover! | Mr. Kate
Rainbow Room Makeover! | Mr. KatePregleda 1,5 mil.Prije 2 godina
33:17Weird Shaped Room Challenge! Drastic Makeover
37:56Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over
21:52OMG We Did This Wrong! | OMG We Bought A House
OMG We Did This Wrong! | OMG We Bought A HousePregleda 894 tis.Prije 2 godina
31:15Glam Boho Apartment Makeover! | What's My Aesthetic?
39:05Design Vs. Design - Room Makeover Competition!
Design Vs. Design - Room Makeover Competition!Pregleda 2,7 mil.Prije 2 godina
26:11No-Paint-Allowed Makeover! | Mr. Kate
No-Paint-Allowed Makeover! | Mr. KatePregleda 1,2 mil.Prije 2 godina
21:29Dark Colors Room Makeover | Mr. Kate
Dark Colors Room Makeover | Mr. KatePregleda 659 tis.Prije 2 godina
16:54Kid-Friendly Office Makeover! | DIY | Mr. Kate
Kid-Friendly Office Makeover! | DIY | Mr. KatePregleda 609 tis.Prije 3 godina
22:05Cat Room Makeover! | Mr. Kate Decorates
Cat Room Makeover! | Mr. Kate DecoratesPregleda 2,2 mil.Prije 3 godina
16:21Bohemian Nursery Makeover | Breaking Beige | Mr. Kate


  • that actually looks like a dream room🤩 OBSESSED

  • First, her bedroom is just amazing. So perfect to start her new phase of growth, learning and maturity. She can was clearly overwhelmed and excited. Really great job❣️❣️❣️ Now, please stop with the wait and see next video.... Grrrrr, I hate waiting. I always wait until a new season of a favorite show is over, do I can binge watch the entire season. No waiting..... OK, guess I'll have to wait. I mean, it's not like I'm jot going to watch it. lol You guys ever want to work on a vintage (built in 1953 by my dad) redwood cabin. It's nestled in the Santa Cruz redwoods, plenty of room for your little camper to park for your stay. 💖💖💖💖

  • Moon is so freakin cute!!!! 😍😍😍



  • Haha....DOOZEY LOL

  • Why does Lilly remind me of Alex Wassabi but the opposite gender, they are both so fun, adore candy, bright personality, playful yet tomboyish! 🤣🥰

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  • As soon as the final room was shown my jaw dropped! like when i say that, i mean it. I’M OBSESSED!!!

  • She wanted black and white accessories and joey zoomed in those black and white doll head lmao 😂😂 5:45

  • The ladder will be nice to put extra blankets on ☺

    • It feels like they make over the room already before the exact makeover especially in budget makeover videos

  • That’s my kitty litter box too! I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in French linen and it looks so good!

  • You guys make the CUTEST rooms!!

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  • I want to see things out of the box not within the realm of mr kates design aesthetic !! It is getting boring seeing the same old same old. No more following trends I get you want more views following trends but I’d really like to see the trend setting or really unique design styles. As always the room looks super cute I just wanna see different ideas 💡❤️

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  • I've got three windows that are nine feet across. I need rods that long.

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  • would it look good if you put the fairy lights behind a Tapestry? Let me know anyone bc I'm planing to get stuff for my room. thank you!!!! :)

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  • Goodwill in Georgia could never.

  • Every time they say Isabelle I think someones calling me XD bc my name is Isabelle.

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  • It feels like they make over the room already before the exact makeover especially in budget makeover videos

  • Her mom had the most motherly response I have ever heard.

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  • Great Video! Thank you for the inspiration. I rent an old house which means plaster walls. I've been struggling with how to hang things that it will stay but not leave too much damage. I want to hang some pictures and hooks. Is there a strong enough command strip that can do the job? Thank you!

  • y’all are literally my favorite channel! Moon is getting so big🥺

  • Hi I’ve just watched this again. Must be the fourth time I’ve seen it. You’ve given me a brilliant idea 💡. I have a dark pinky red wall in one of our bedroom. Tomorrow I’m going to have that idea painted in between the headboard. The top white with the rest of the room. Below in between the headboard- which is high I will keep the dark colour. I think it will make the room bigger and reflect more light. Thank you so much 😊, I’ve used so many of your wonderful ideas. I love you all. Xxx 😘

  • how do i get u to do my room ill do anything i want bohemian

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    • @Kevin oh well

    • Kasozi Maverick She's already done one. It was a long time ago, but she's done it.

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    • Kim Enos We're in a worldwide pandemic, and she has a young child. No, she's doesn't travel, lol.

  • Hi Mr.Kate!!! i love your videos and all the makeovers you did! i am not exactly an og but ive heen here for quite some time... this is my first comment i have posted ever! so i just wanted to ask if you know a 1 foot wide, 2 feet deep, and 3 feet tall nightstand. Ikea used to have one but its not on the website anymore. if you have any recomendations, could you please let me know? thanks, a loyal fan

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