20 Decorating Hacks When You Can’t Paint or Use Nails On Your Walls! | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Svi 2020.
Today we're showing you how to make your space look amazing even if it's a rental with rules of no paint or holes in the walls! HUGE thanks to Swiffer for sponsoring today's episode. Come up with your own Clean 15 Routine and head over to spr.ly/SwifferMrKate for your household cleaning supplies!
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  • I’m about to move into my first apartment and I have been going crazy trying to figure out what the heck I want to do! This video helps SO MUCH! Thanks Mr. Kate!

    • I just mobed into my first apartment and needed this from Mr. Kate too

    • hrdown.info/block/video/s52OjNJjhJWFkqs

    • If you need an easy-to-follow method to decorate, I highly recommend Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith. (It's not only for minimalists; it's called that because the tagline is more style with less stuff.) She has a specific order to follow in designing and decorating your space that really works! Super easy to follow.

    • UM EXCUSE ME WHAT???!!!!!

    • How do I style a 2 level(?) wall in a rental? Like 7' on one end and 8'6" on the other end, and it has a door at the taller end.

  • Love your bright idea

  • Ok you got a new subscriber in me🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ and believe me I need all the help I can get


  • How do you hang wall sconces without drilling into the wall?

  • You have so many good ideas!

  • Love your drawers...how did you do it?

  • Ok what is wrong with vertical blinds👀are they not in? We went from curtains to blinds and back to curtains???

  • Make sure you guys go to an ikea and add curtains to your house. I live in a studio and having my home so small it makes it seem so closed in. I added polka dot black and white curtains and I swear it made my studio look larger!

  • Hello dude! I liked the video! 😆 😝 You need to really film with Bad Friends! Their videos reminds me of Danny Duncan mixed with a lil bit of Mike Majlak! Theyre the most insane group on the planet and they always vlog in every vid. Go check out their HRdown out and give him a like! 👉 #5StarBadFriends

  • Can someone provide the title of original video for time stamp 5:43

  • I do a LOT of apartment friendly Makeovers and this video is soooo helpful. TFS

  • I forgot wallpaper that you stick and paint

  • I use large command hooks on the wall to hang curtains. If anyone wants curtains but can't use screws in the wall

  • Incredible coverage of decorating questions I've had for years. Thanks!

  • My landlord won't even let me decorate the walls with mounting tape :(

  • Excellent ideas!!!!

  • I'm not a renter but got so much out of this video. New subscriber!!

  • I wish there was not so much talking, and more to the point. List within 30 sec

  • Finally found the video I've been searching for thank you! Not everyone has a house and has to rent :(

  • Hi, I am in a rental with cream wall to wall carpets. I put an oriental on top of this to ground the seating area but I keep getting a ripple in one spot. I even rotated the carpet. The ripple settled on one side and came up in the same spot on the other side. I will admit I have a Noguchi coffee table on it, so it heavy. Is there any solution? Thanks!

  • Help! What video is the clip from 29:24 from? It looks a-maze-ing!

  • Ugh I have always felt like I've needed to decorate or love the future or the way my living areas are. In order to organize🤦‍♀️

  • You speak of wallitis. Is it okay to have the back of a sofa show as you walk into a small home (from the front door.)? I have such an awkward spaced small living, or sitting room.

  • Wonderful honey

  • she talks a bit much tho

  • This was so great to see. So many good ideas. She as so easy to make a rental look great My place is so full. Thank you so much!!!

  • Jessica Simpson?

  • Hi... New to your channel!!!!😜 You mention wall mounting Tape.... Which brand and where do you get it???????? Thank you in advance and love all your creative ideas with your great energy

  • Another thing you should try is these little hooks with adhesive on one side, there super easy and any residue when you remove it can be easily washed off and it seriously changed my life.

  • @mrkate if you ever sell the shadowbox table please let me know!! It's way too cute and I have been looking for a table like this! I'm also not very creative lol

  • Best HRdown vid ever! Thanks 💞

  • Some fabulous fun ideas.. Love you guys and your help . Wish we had a house u could decorate or help us someday

  • Hello Mr.Kate!! can you make a video or talk about about mixing patterns? Ive been wanting to add pattern/color to my room but I always second guess when i come to pattern so my room is very plain. thank you

  • HOLY COW THAT VERTICAL BLIND HACK JUST CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT??????????? My vertical blinds are my least favorite thing in my whole damn apartment but I haven't been able to figure out how to replace them without taking the whole situation down and then having to find a place in my 200sqft studio to store the monstrosity so I can put it back up BRB gonna go buy some hella cute curtains

  • Can removable wallpaper be used on stuccoey/orange peel walls?

  • I used to be subscribed when they only had 300,000 and then I took a break from HRdown for awhile and I just found there channel again and OMG there so successful and I'm obsessed with them again

  • Do you have any tips if you have a really bad wallpaper and not allowed to change it to paint.

  • I’m moving into a place and it has really low ceilings and wood panels on most of the walls and a very odd layout, i can’t paint it or put holes in the walls, and what’s not wood panels is very very shell like textures walls, and it’s the walls don’t brighten the place up at all...HHHHEEEEELLLLLLLPP PLEASE 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • I have been suffering with vertical blinds for so long 🤨 and I somehow missed that video with the curtains tips.😟 I am moving out soon so hopefully I won't find those plastic in the next one 😅

  • This is amazing. Thorough, thoughtful and creative. Thank you for making this amazing content. I am terrible at decorating so Im looking forward top implementing some of these ideas

  • I loved this video!!

  • so i watched this video at 1:30 am, realized i have wallitis and decided i HAD to move around all the furniture in my room. so. i will give you a guys a piece of wisdom that can come only from experience: don,t. attempt to move your bed, or your desk, or anything- in the middle of the night. just like.. wait till the morning

  • very nice video, wallpeper okk!!

  • Cool advice. In Étagère we hear the R at the end because there's and E at the end.

  • Been looking for these vids forever

  • Love love love this!!💗💗💗

  • great advice only Most apt's today with verticle blinds want them seen from outside so they all look same and neat.

  • Has anyone tried putting contact paper in the sink? Like.... in the basin?? My sink and counter in my rental bathroom is eggshell with brown and pink micro dots 🤷🏾‍♀️🤢

  • Have you done any resin pours to update counters?

  • Your make-up is great like Your ides/projects!

  • They should make a “omg were staying at home “ series were they do there quarantine vids Like so they can see 👇 👇 👇

  • Thank you for your tips in decorating love it

  • #creativeweirdos

  • Hi Kate! can you reference the makeover shown at 15:02? i'm in love!

  • Talk way too much in the beginning (said with love)

  • Love some of these ideas.Thank you

  • I got wall itis and vertical blinds, and a slight L shape room. Very frustrating. Thanks for the good ideas.

  • The reason I get small rugs is not because I'm shy about it, it's because I can't afford it. Even the ugly ones are expensive where I'm from

  • I can clean up well and put everything back in storage, and my housemate would sweep in and mess everything up. She 'declutters', but somehow it always comes back. Her room is overflowing with things so she brings them out into the living room. Yay... Also... I think she has wallitis so that's great

  • I’m starting uni in September and my dorm has one bright red wall... any ideas on what to do?? Lol

  • Hey Mr Kate and my fellow creative weirdos! Any ideas on adding privacy in cool ways to an outdoor patio? I have a new downstairs outdoor space that's a bit too visible to my neighbors for my comfort!

  • I think I suffer from Wallitis 😞 lol my husband and I live in a apartment our bedroom window is facing a walkway at first I felt so uncomfortable like everyone can see into our room even though there’s a curtain from 1800 hundreds that we cannot take off because the landlord We call her ( The Warden) is very strict about everyone having the same curtain 🙄I have Black out blinds but now our room is so dark like we are in a crave and I saw that you used window film i’ve never heard of it before but I feel like if I put it up maybe we can take out the black out blinds so I can still get privacy without feeling like I’m in a cave do you think that will work? Also thank you so much for all the great tips 💚💚💚

  • your intro is tooo fking long . for that reason i'm out

  • Remember God Loves and Cares about you. Repent now. Have a Blessed day. 🙏❤️

  • Love the new ideas

  • Links to items used would be nice.

  • Cute baby

  • Thank you. I'm in an apt that I can't paint the walls you've fired up my creativity- synapse-lapse with ideas...but first... declutter. I'm in LA too...with no vehicle...so finding things to do to keep from going cra-cra is very im-por-tan-te'. Si! Again thank you.

  • I LOVE this.. I worked on a mobile app home design game and wished a lot of this was in there! This is much more inspiring than the game, thank you for making such creative inspiring content :)

  • If you run out of command strips or can't afford many of them, you can use painters tape and put hot glue on top to hang up light posters, papers, and frames! It's a teacher hack ;)

  • I don't have any pictures did it in college. I bought cool sheets diped them in starch so they would stick to the walls when you leave you just peel it off.

  • Great tips! Another tip in regards to hiding those horrific vertical blinds is to use NoNo Brackets! They are these little brackets off of Amazon that can clip onto the top of the vertical blinds that will allow you to hang curtains. hrdown.info/block/video/pYJqadh_ms9nock time stamp 13:52 to see a small demo 😀

  • I suffer from wallitis but don't have enough space to move things away from the walls.

  • also i have seen people use contact paper of nicer hardwood flooring on top of their existing flooring!

  • Anyone know where I can get a UK equivalent of the recessed light converter? Didn't even know these things existed!!

  • Our rental had vertical blinds, so we took down the entire track and just used the holes already there to install a nice double curtain rod. So now we have sheer curtains for privacy and blackout curtains to keep out the hot Texas sun. 😊

  • I have wall-i-tis

  • I wanna use removable wallpaper but I have popcorn walls

  • But how do you hang wall scones in rentals?

  • When done right, a wall tapestry can look really nice too. It's incredibly cheap and easy to hang, plus there are a variety of beautiful designs. 🙂

    • @Kenny Milan just use small thumb tacks

    • @Kenny Milan you could also put them in the clips of the vertical blinds. Or use very small tack nails that would go unnoticed by most landlords.

    • @Kenny Milan I used command hooks and made small holes in the tapestry. But you could probably also use mounting tape

    • Yes! But how does one hang a tapestry without putting holes in both the wall and the tapestry?

  • It’s been a while you give me so many ideas love watching you how do you always make it work in any condition your the best the baby he’s so big God bless you guys

  • Were you on a TV show on the Hallmark channel years ago? Sorry, I can't remember the name of the show, but I think I remember Mr. Kate.

  • I'm living in a rented house where we can't do anything to our walls or floor and when I grow up I want to decorate rooms so I have been going crazy trying to find a way to decorate this empty walls, I'm also in re-decorating my room with a small budget so I can't buy anything I just have to move stuff for more space and stuff and It is soo fun only I can't buy new stuff or do anything to walls or floor! I love your vids cause It helped me see that this is what I want to do when I grow up!

  • i used to love this channel as a young teen then i stopped watching because it made me feel bad about my room but im moving out to an apartment soon and this video just gives me hope that i can actually do these things thank you so much

  • 💜I will never stop wathing😇😇😇💯💯💯💜💜💜.

  • My first time watching .And girl you go so hard loved the video and you put so many, many, many, ECT....... IDEAS!!!!in my head in just the one video GIRL💋💋💋💯💯💯😷😷😷🌷🌷🌷👍👍👍💜💜💜.and your baby is Cute👑.

  • THANK YOU for this! I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s place during quarantine. I love decorating my rentals, but he’s afraid to do anything to decorate his rented place. You’ve given so many good ideas. I’m going to be so much happier here!

  • Some great ideas here but every single one of the walls ones won't work in a house with paint thats older than 3 yrs. (and command etc won't cover their strips against damage) We used them in our rental and they've ripped the paint off the walls every single time.

  • What happed to the big stuff

  • omg, what the HACK? are you guys related to albert einstein or what? I was literally thinking how to do this and you come up with it? like what the HACK?🤣

  • i haven’t watched your vids in like 2 yrs and i’ve missed so much like y’all have a baby?

  • Could you do a series decorating for themed birthday parties? I know it seems random, but I didn’t realise how important the interior design aspect is until I tried to plan my own😅 plus I thought it might be something fun and a bit different (not saying what you’re doing now isn’t amazing, because it is!) 💓

  • This video made me sooo happy! Creative design= relaxation & beauty

  • Anyone knows a good website that has some cute stuff for a room makeover?

  • perfect timing for this as I am about to move! I've lived on my own before, but I'm living on my own again post DV so I'm really looking to define my space as my own. Funny story: my new place was redone in the 1970s so there is, no joke, wood paneling in the living room. When I asked about nails in the walls, he said "if you can give us an excuse to take this stuff down sooner rather than later, by all means, do it"

  • Why is it MR. Kate?

  • i have wallitis in my bedroom but then again the room is 2x2.5m 💕

  • Wow! Great tips. Love your decor. Love how you accommodate the client's style and budget.

  • Where did you get the plug in wall sconces that you have in your room? They are gorgeous!