A Couple With Totally Different Styles Gets A SURPRISE Room Makeover!!

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Kol 2018.
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Shot by: Chris Phelps, Marco Bottiglieri, Tim Banks
Art Department: Julie Zaih, Joe Oosthuizen
Sound: Ben Smith
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille


  • They say opposites attract but it’s a while other story when you’re designing a room! THIS was a challenge! How did we do my #creativeweirdos? Love you!!!!!

  • Why was this temporary deleted?!

  • Why am I crying!

  • Who else thinks Joey looks like Tom Cruise.. 🙃

  • because WINE NOT!!!!

  • I want to know what MR KATES aesthetic is!

  • no ones gonna talk about how pretty she is oml

  • 23:09 Awkward!!! Iykwim 😂😂

  • Awsome

  • Hey there Mr. Kate!! Soooo, I've been sitting here for two days while I'm binge watching your show after recently discovering it and I am OBSESSED!!! You guys seriously are amazing and I love what you do! I'm just sitting here at work animating and drawing and honestly having this to listen to and watch the whole time is giving me such inspiration and such a CAN DO ATTITUDE! Love from South Africa!!! oxox

  • WHAT FOUNDATION ARE YOU WEARING IN THIS VIDEO KATE?!? Omg plz tell me ... your skin is perfect... or is it the primer ??? In love with this LEWK

  • Wait they do these for free 😶

  • 24:27 What is that green dot that sporadically shows on the guy's shirt? Assassins from another makeover show?

  • What a Difference Mic makes!!! I'm finding it sooo hard to hear what they"re saying at the beginning cuz everything echoes really bad! I never noticed before, But It Makes Suuuch a difference when you have an actual professional set up with mic"s and a crew so u don"t have to do it all by yourself! Craaazy how this chanel has grown!!! 💜💜💜💜

  • No hate bu to much glam

  • AAAARRRGGH! The corks! WHY would you paint those? I mean, jeez, you could've just used wood chips or something. If she had used black gesso on that canvas for a matte finish and then left the corks au naturel, it would've looked cooler, paid visible homage to the wine collection, AND would've given the husband a teeny bit more of HIS style. Everything was all, ok, this is a little bit industrial BUT it's also got white and brass and looks glam and mid-century, too. Poor slob got practically nothing at all except for an uncomfy-looking faux leather chair, a few pieces with varying wood tones, and pipe curtain rods. Not even counting the 'wine storage' because those shelves were waaay too narrow to store it properly (ie, bottles on their sides, you don't store good wine standing up!).

  • I wanna see Kate and Joey do more industrial style rooms ⚙️

  • I took the quiz and it said I am 60% quirky/whimsical 30% Glam which I didn't know that I had anything Glam about me lol and 10% modern

  • The girl is so beautiful!

  • i think there were more industrial things in there than people give credit to. Industrial furniture is also really expensive, did people expect them to expose metal vents in the ceiling, expose the hvac system, and use Metal bolts and screws as decor? hahaha

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  • It's so... white. I mean I LOVE it but I don't really see much of the guy's preference. But he seems to like it so it's good I guess

  • Why does everybody was disappointed havent you notice the pipes and the wood cabinet , common those disapponted comments were the people who have no eyes for this they just say what they want cause theyre eyes were so small, they were blending it to three aesthetics

  • Mr.Kate:"And then we're going to paint the wine corks white!" Desiree:"Yay!" Ruben:* internal screaming* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Hi there .I'm Fiona from Ireland im a creative weirdo. I love all the styles I appreciate them all . I kinda dont like mid century . I'm not so sure about the legs. The skinny legs just don't go with me . I'd love to do up a tiny caravan that's functional and glam .

    • I have skinny legs maybe that's why. Lol .

  • Why is it Mr Kate? Like is she trans or something? Not meaning to offend just curious


  • You sure did an amazing job, n you guys are just the best!

  • Mr. Kate and Joey!!! You guys did it again! Just amazing, Desiree wasn't the only one crying with joy! Great Job!

  • So good!!!

  • just saying i love your outfits

  • I hate all of the different colored woods .. don't want to be too matchy-matchy but this just looked like things thrown together .. IMO!

  • Love it!

  • Hi Mr Kate! Thank you for helping me find my aesthetic! I have self diagnosed myself as 40% minimalist, 40% bohemian, and 20% glam. Thank you so much!

  • I mean the guy got cheated with the industrial percentage but am not mad at the end result though . . . . Also subscribe to my channel coz 'why not!' 😉

  • I feel the mans pain of having more of what the girl wanted in the house 🤕


  • Reveal at: 22:13 If you wanted to see it.

  • Take a shot everytime she says mid century 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kate you look super gorgeous in this episode... plus I love the mid century glam theme

  • Love it... You are so amazing!! And sooo fun to look at. Love you guys!

  • The couch could have had black cushion with prints n textures

  • Love Kate with glasses

  • Oh My Gosh!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE IT! you guys are AMAZING!

  • 2020 check.

  • The fact that they drank the rosé not chilled cringes me :D

  • Look at all this people talking, the guy loved it and the girl loved it, its pretty clear in the video, it's beautiful. Even the guy said it it's 50/50 for their liking it's perfect!

  • This is how many times they said wine 👇🏽

  • does anyone else think i’m the thumbnail the man looks like fp jones from riverdale? 😂

  • hes literally mark from love is blind

  • Can you change my room to my dream room😊😊

  • I wish that beige wall was navy blue


  • One question since I am new here ... do they have to pay you or do you do it cuz it's ur hobby. ??

  • Just took the Aesthetic test and I am 40% glam, 30% quirky/whimsical, and 10% of each farmhouse/beachy, minimalist, and traditional. I'm curious as to what design Mr Kate would come up with for that!

  • 40%traditional 30%farmhouse/beachy 10%retro 10%whimsical 10%glam

  • Should've left the wine shelves natural, closer to the doors under. Hardly industrial. It looks so... Unnatural. This might be the only project one I didn't like though. 👍👍👍

  • You guys can have a wedding here... I mean WINE NOT!

  • I feel like the wall behind the tv should’ve been a dark grey almost black colour for him cuz the living room is all white

  • This and Jason Nash are my fave episodes by far 💕

  • OMG! I want that white and gold vase. It’s the shape of Genie’s lamp on I Dream of Genie!!!

  • I want a cupcake!!!

  • Leslie Hernandez office room

  • I finally just took your quiz. I don’t know how you did it and I don’t know how I would ever mesh these styles, but this 100% me. I never would have guessed. In fact, I would have vehemently denied at least a couple of these if you asked. At least until I read the descriptions. 40% Farmhouse/beachy 30% Bohemian 10% Industial 10% Traditional 10% Glam

  • 27% bohemian 18% glam 18%industrial 18%modern i don’t remember the rest


  • Ya did a horrible job on actually making it a 50/50. But hey, they loved it because they had nothing.

  • his sweaty armpits i love it 😭😂

  • Mr kate makes me wanna be an interior designer

  • If I was designing I would have done the island base and backsplash in faux exposed brick and the walls in white so they’re both happy

  • I just love how much Joey loves Kate 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I took the what’s my aesthetic test and I got mid century modern

  • I feel sad for the guy he doesn't have his 40%. As soon as the girl said that they will be painting the DIY white. I knew the guy already felt the bias.

  • Kate: Show them their living room The girl: YES YES *CLAPS ^^^ Me when I see a fight at school 😂

  • Please come do my apartment :(

  • The bf is really cute

  • I never trust there “closed eyes” I feel like they peek 😭.

  • Omg I loved that room 😍

  • So touching to me to see both peoples' styles honored and how happy they were. Partnership is about compromise and cooperation and synergy, and each partner's styles merged together in harmony are like a visual reflection of that.

  • I just took the quiz, turns out 40% Bohemian, 30%Quirky/Whimsy, 10% Vintage/Eclectic-Dramatic, Clam . When I thought about it, it does reflect what I like.

  • Man I frekin loved this one for real!!!! I thought you guys did amazing and you guys made them BOTH so happy!!! Love love love!!!❤️❤️🥰👌🏼👍🏻

  • I LOVE it!!!

  • That guy in the thumbnail picture looks like Amir Khan from Dangal !!!!!

  • My aesthetic is basicly mylifeaseva with Japanese styles as well as beachy themes

  • Hi Kate, why don't know put the approximate cost range for each room you decorate.

  • whitewhitewhitewhitewhite...

  • You guys rocked the wall unit and curtain rods. Get a trademark and style and make your own furniture! You both are an amazing combination of creativity and workmanship. Have yet to see a remodel of yours I don't love! Such wonderful generosity...

  • Who paid for it??

  • Beautiful job! I love it!

  • More white and mid century more like 50% Mid century 40% glamour 16% Industrial

  • You guys really did superb job ...i love both of you, i love the way your husband looks at you ,the way he kisses you ,the like the craziness about you

  • Ooo .tear of joy.. I love it.

  • I loved it !!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I'm disappointed that they didn't bring the man's style in more

  • She pointed out how small the place was again and again, but I actually think this room is huge. Especially bc there are only two people living in it...

  • Loved the room & im not usually for the industrial look. & tbh.. Ruben knows that seeing his woman happy, will make him happy. Be like Ruben y’all, chillllllllllll. 😂🤣😉


  • Joey: 28:19 "What kind of cable package is this?" Me: "it's a KATEble package ;D"

  • I get motivated with ideas every time

  • Mr Kate you are so pretty! Your skin is so smooth and beautiful! Something I'm not sure I had even when I was as young as you. Speaking of young, do you mind telling your age? I love your pink hair too! You remind me of myself. When I was a teen I lightened my blonde hair to platinum. Then I put a Shy Violet rinse on it. It was awesome! And now here I am at nearly 70 and I am coloring my naturally white hair Smokey Violet! Something's that go around come around again!