Baby Name Reveal! | OMG We're Having A Baby

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Ožu 2019.
Hope you love our baby name!
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Animator: Avia Schelts-Brown
Editor: Vianne Robitaille


  • STOP SCROLLING!!! Don't spoil it for yourself! We made such a cute name reveal animation you won't want to miss it. Watch the video first! We love you guys and hope you love our baby name! xo Kate and Joey

    • it's your child, other's people's opinions are just that, and really have no place in the conversation! Thank you for the lovely animation

    • Fab T I think It’s cute :)

    • That name is horrible

    • 💗

    • MOON

  • I almost cried it was so beautiful.

  • I'm watching this in the last week of September 2020

  • Kates earrings: IM HERE TOO NOT JUST “Moon”

  • OMG I love the name

  • it would be so cute when his future wife name is Sunny. It would be like she lights up the day and he the night❤️😅

  • Kate! I love those earrings! Details please?!?!

  • Cutest thing ever!

  • If you have another baby you should call it sun, and then a nickname could be sunny 🌞

  • *moon trying to joke with the teacher* Teacher: is moon here? Moon: no but there is a sun here 😌

  • Moon?

  • I have a daughter! Her name is Celeste and she has a twin and his name is Lunar space is amazing and I think that Lunar is a gender neutral name! Love the name Moon it’s beautiful

  • Is beutifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love, love,love if you guys have a girl you can name her LUNA!!!! Also, Love grampa's troll in the background.

  • Such a cute name!

  • everyone: oMg WhY iS eVeRyOnE SpOiLiNg iN tHe cOmMeNtS me: then... don't read the comments? i know, it's a crazy idea, just throwing it out there.

  • Saving you from spoilers: Done

  • I can't believe I'm a year behind in your videos!!! Trying to catch up now and THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING I EVER DID SEE!!!!XOXO

  • When you said his name i thought of I see the moon and the moon sees me God bless the name and God bless me I love the name moon it is so beautiful and different and I love different

  • I was going to scroll.. u guys stopped 😁

  • it’s so weird. i am watching this when moon is one and i actually stopped scorlling

  • i have never heard of the name moon

  • U really chose a sweet name fr

  • "It's sooo... Kardashian!" I'm weak! I love that name, it gives meaning and something that you AND Moon can boast about!

  • I love how unique it is!! You two are so creative!!

  • I think moon is a cute name

  • A very lovely story! Well done!

  • Omg I already knew his name but I cried at the end of the clip that was so beautiful

  • Moon is such a horrible name I mean you like it but no just no

  • Moon is literally so cute! i came to watch the name reveal even tho i already new the name from future vids! so cute! love you moon!

  • I love the name moon for you guys

  • Tess: “It’s so Kardashian!” I DIED😂😂P.S. love that name y’all ( he is already born and the name suits him😊)

  • Honestly, this is my second time watching this, and the first time I watched it I did scroll but when I now know the name and moon is born, now is when I listen to them and I don’t scroll🙃😁

  • Sweetest story/ animation ever!!! 😭😭💕

  • can you imagine if they had an other baby and it was a girl and they called Luna

  • That was the sweetest little story ever 😍🌛❤

  • 🌜MOON!!! LOVE THAT NAME!🌛 Unique names are wonderful! My great-nephew is named🎵LYRIC🎶....and I just LOVE his name!!! Lyric's middle name is Presley (yes...our family are Elvis fans)....does MOON have a middle name too? Love to know it if he does!!! Congrats to you both!!!

  • Spoiler Moon

  • I like the nams I dont think you should make fun of it because it is a unique name and it's like I love you to the moon and back and that's how I named you

  • I think I have hearing issues, when I heard this I heard Boon. I’m re watching this and I love that nameee

  • I love it. I named my son Lindsey before it became a super popular girls name. So yes, he got teased, no he didn't get bullied. He is now 37 and he is quite happy with it. The name Moon will will probably become a lot more popular now that you have chosen it.

  • Isn’t moon the name of Joey graceffas dog?

  • Aw I literally started crying during that animation

  • Looking back it this makes me bawl I love it and he's so beautiful! 🌕

  • :-) Goodnight Moon is my favorite child book! All of my kids and grandkids have had it!!!!! Love the name!

  • ...moon...what a lovely meaning full name I’m in love...hope moon bring you joy although he will most probably keep u up at night love your so much ❤️🥰😍

  • awe how cute💗

  • I like the name but moon is generally a female name- if I was a kid I’d tease him

  • I know I’m late to the party, but this touched me deeply. Iv always called my fiancé the moon of my life. The light in my darkness. I’m absolutely in love with his name. I actually cried 🥺💙


  • I love that name! It’s so creative!

  • That’s such a cute name and animation

  • Is it just me or when people say don’t look in the comments I look in the comments

  • That name is horrible

  • moon is a beautiful name

  • awwwww great name

  • Kids are going to call her MOO THE COW :(

  • The story you created for your son is gorgeous. ❤️

  • "This is our son, *moon* " Omg luvv thattt 😍😍

  • This is so extra but i love it

  • 🌛

  • I cried with the video. Love u guys, beautiful name !

  • Kid’s definitely gonna get teased for being named straight up Moon. Like it’s a fun unique name and whatever but.....that video “Roll Call in 10 years” by Trey Kennedy is all I can think of oh whoops they just said keep your comments kind, yikes. I think the story and their reasoning is cute

  • I changed my last name to....Moonflower Love your son's name.

  • If it was a girl I feel like it would be called Luna or Sunny

  • I’m on my period crying and smiling and giggling at the same time. Periods are pregnancies without the reward. I’m rubbing my belly and all. awe my heart ❤️

  • Why didn’t you just name her Luna.

  • That was such a moving story. Although I’ve been watching all of your videos. I already knew Moon’s name. The story made me cry. It was so special and beautiful. What a wonderful story to give your son. It is a classic, as the story Love You Forever, is. I still can’t read that without crying. What a beautiful family you are. When will Moon be getting a small planet?

  • I know I'm late here, but, why did I cried so much watching this?!

  • I love the name!!!!!

  • I love this baby name reveal! Never enjoyed it as much as this!

  • Ahhhh im Moon too😍🌙🌸

  • Womp womp

  • Me and my boyfriend arent pregnant but we found the name we want for a girl. Ophylia Ruth Anne

  • Hes cute name should be moon bug!!! How cute is that!!!!

  • Mr. Kate: Don’t scroll Me: well this video was posted a while ago and Moon is already in the world. I scroll see the first comment. I’ll watch the video for fun. After the video scroll threw all the comment. TO CUTE

  • Awee they must always say Goodnight Moon

  • So cute!

  • Yeah it's great for him as a kid but what about him as an adult? What kind of adult wants to be called fucking moon?

  • I’ve watched and thought saw all Mr Kate Vlog until this one I’ve never watched it before and now I know the story behind baby Moon name. So wonderful to see it. Happy for Mr Kate & Joey!!!

  • At first, I thought y’all bumped your heads! But the story/book made me understand how “Moon” as his name is the most perfect choice ever! I went from like a lot but why? To I love it, because “ WHY NOT!!!” Then when I first saw him, I was blown away. Have y’all noticed that Moon does not have an expected baby face? Hi looks like a lil handsome young man... watch your footage from when he was strapped on one of y’all and on the J.O.B.! He looks completely engaged in the conversations between whomever is carrying him and whom they are speaking to! He makes the right eye movement, gets the pondering crinkles on his forehead between his eyebrows and so very much more! Just a spectacular child! They grow so fast, my beautiful boy is thirty now, and I am amazed he grew in my belly. When it’s time to make another baby, I pray it’s a girl! I had a friend in school whose older sister named her baby girl “ Sunshine Rainbow” 🌈. So how about a lil Sunny to light up your already Bright shiny life!!! Did you consider the two kids in the industry, that were named moon? Soleil Moon Fry and Moon Unit Zappa!!! Very unorthodox back in the 70s and 80’s even though we were finishing off the Woodstock Hippy era, and sliding into Disco! Soooo fun. Blessings upon all of you. I have been praying over y’all, since I found your HRdown channel, fell in love with the pair of you!!! I’m still binge watching when I can, trying to see every video made. Sadly I will be caught up one day, and screaming at the screen to show a new episode. Lol. Your Christmas at the beach, I had tears running down my face, it was so special. I was thinking that one day you can share with Moon how the Moon in the sky is the divining force that rules the Oceans tides! Note: I used to know a woman that named her daughter, “Ocean!” Such beautiful names...out of the ordinary... but, “WHY NOT???” 🥰. Hugs from Kentucky, Your self appointed Grand AunTy Tere❤️

  • Note the moon on the front cover. big give away.

  • I actually love it❤

  • Why does every youtuber feel the need to name there kid like grass or pizza cause it has a special reason and it’s unique

  • That name is awful

  • I'm sorry it's cute for a baby but that kid is going to get bullied

  • What a beautiful, speacial, unique name! You guys couldnt of picked anything more perfect for ur beautiful, speacial, unique baby! ❤

  • LOVE THE NAME Moon! Nice job guys!

  • Can't stop scrolling have to do it sorry

  • Haha I see my sons name in the video, Avi.

  • son?

  • This name will be so popular in a few years. I thought my sons name was Super Uncommon and now I see it and hear it every where.

  • I just have to ask what color is your hair. I love the pink and havent found the right shade but yours is beautiful.

  • OMG Such a cute name & so creative weirdo! Keep Shining

  • Love the name also my name is Sayler it’s very unique just like moom🌛🌛🌛⛵️🧸❤️❤️❤️💗

  • Watch there next kid if its a girl be name Star or Starlyn

  • Wonderful story. How blessed you are.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I think I never saw this video. How fantastic to see the story & how personal his name is. Beautiful!!

  • In what espisode did you buy the house? I want to see it!

  • the burpee had me wheezing. literally me.