Bohemian Nursery Makeover | Breaking Beige | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Lip 2017.
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Supervising Producer: Sofia Draco
Shot by: Brad Etter, Marco Bottiglieri
Edited by: Jose Rubio, Brad Etter
Sound: Rafael Montiel
Grip: Vianne Robitaille, Tiro Rose


  • Lovely - what happened to the vintage white drawers in the before picture ???

  • I guess I'm the only one here in 2020..

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  • I wonder if mr. Kate ever gets angry! Her speech is so inspired to me.. 😁

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  • How do you get in contact w/ Mr. Kate? I have been wanting her to redo my bedroom and my parents agree with me. But I don’t know how to get in contact with her. Someone please tell me how to! Thank you!

  • who is watching this in 2029

  • I loved it, but I really wanted to see that hot pink chair back ! :/

  • Binge watching Mr.Kate!😷💖They did such a good job on this!!Now Mr.Kate have their own lil🌛💙.Love the Teepee!!👶

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  • The anxiety I had when she stepped on the rug

  • I know this is breaking beige but all I can think is OMG!! They came over!!!

  • Leslie Hernandez office room

  • Where can I send you pictures of my house for ideas on how to upgrade it 😭😭 I would literally DIEEEEE if you responded

  • Are we not gonna talk about how Raven looks a little like Stephanie McMahon from wwe

  • They broke beige with white.

  • I'd be OK with beige. Where I live every place I've rented has white walls. White is so mehhh in my opinion. Cute room too BTW. ❤️ Love this channel and watching the oldies.

  • mr kate and joey are just the sweetest and most wonderful people on HRdown. genuine.

  • This is my favorite outfit for her in the channel! So cool

  • Its my 7th video in a row with white paint. Thats weird. 😂

  • Hello Mr. Kate, Been Watching all your videos. and it’s so fun to watch, thank you for giving us so many many ideas. and inspire us to be creative in making our home homier. By the way, we are from the Philippines :)

  • I low key be in my room smiling at these type of videos

  • The tent is cute.

  • OMG beautiful everyone needs a Joey Lol. My style is City glam and morrocan...could I get help?

  • Project Peaceful Baby

  • 2019? anyone?

  • 2019 ??

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  • Raven looks like the merrell twins thriplet tbh😂😂

  • Ok I loveeee Mr. Kate and Joey, don’t get me wrong... but is no one going to comment on the appropriation of the teepee? I’m disappointed honestly I thought they knew better than that

  • So adorable. Job well done

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  • you guys are so awesome you guys are my biggest inspiration for interior designing.

  • NO RUG CUDDLE!!!!!!!!


  • I think you guys really helped them out here. Good job

  • I need a tutorial on that pink stone candle holder

  • That was a Beautiful baby room. Great job again Mr. Kate & Joey

  • Imagine that the baby is a boy

  • Great job on this guys.... so when will you two be having shmalls of your own?

  • At 6:54 I could tell that Joey was waiting for the camera to begin talking.

  • My best friend just texted me that her mom is pregnant lol

  • Now she's pregnant!!

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  • I love those photographs. They nailed the peaceful vibe.

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  • For some reason the teepee made me cry 😭 🌺🌿✨💐🌸 even though I love every style, this room is so me

  • I know that this was year ago but I have a 10 month old sister who badly needs a room makeover!!! BUT IM IN TEXAS!!!!!!! It's so depressing

  • That nursery is GORGEOUS

  • My phone has words on the bottom to tell me what u said and when u said breaking baige it popped as breaking babe so in like what the.

  • Joey if you put a hole in the center of a paper plate and slide it down the drill bit, it becomes a catch tray for when you are drilling in to the ceiling and you won't have the mess to clean up.

  • So everyone is just gonna ignore how the husband said he doesn't have time to build the Nursery and throughout the makeover he sat there watching his Wife build a dream catcher?

  • ok is nobody going to talk about how adulty this nursery is?

  • I”it’s a small rug. I didn’t *need* you”


  • NO RUG CUDDLE!?!?!! 😮

  • I know this is totally off topic but who else is excited to be a mom but not excited for the pain. I mean it's worth it in the end but I just don't want to go through the pain

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  • I like you a lot Mr Kate .. you are so beautiful and ur makeover is amazing ..

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  • 4:05 should be a meme 🙂 Reply if you think Not trying to be mean! 😟 btw

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  • Breaking Beige

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