Bohemian or Minimalist?? Interior Design Challenge!

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Kol 2019.
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  • One of the best episodes of design vs design if not THE best in my opinion I love both spaces!

    • Olá, Monsterturtle Boa tarde quer conhecer as dicas mais importantes sobre iluminação arquitetural? então siga meu canal!

    • Orien Comer it sounds nice cuz it would be organized and stuff but then you would have to pay to watch and I think they want to keep there show free

    • @Orien Comer me!!!

    • So true it’s my Favorite because I love both Designs

    • Mr. Kate you guys should vs each other

  • 13:04 Schmall vs Tall

  • Apart from The blue color borders there was nothing wrong with minimal room. It was functional. Boho room was decorative but not functional. 🙄.

  • I love this episode

  • I feel like this would make an amazing tv show

  • Who else LOVED the greens in both rooms 😍😍😍 Also who is here in 2020?! I’m totally binging mrkate 😆

  • That girl wearing hijab is sooo pretty tho

  • trina from victorious

  • Personally I don’t think that room was very minimalistic


  • I LOVE Shaam and Danya's room, but I do feel like it's more Moroccan than Bohemian

  • I didn't like the winner thing.... The only problem it was trim colour.. rest all was right... And bohemian was not done correctly.. I think they made wrong decision....

  • I thought I was 100% minimalist but I’m like 99% boho now and 1% minimalist. It was so pretty

  • The moment I saw that hijabi girl I wanted them to win 😭😭❤❤❤ P.S love both rooms

  • Me secretly hoping that someone would spoil who wins because I don’t have half an hour but I want to see who wins

  • y r ppl praising them for being diverse, that is supposed be a default. the r good interior designers and that all that should matter

  • you should do this for kids

  • Heyyyy .... From India ❤️

  • daniella monet played in victorious

  • how did you get daniella

  • The minimalist room is better other than the ugly blue trim

  • I love how drew flipped the air

  • Trina is that you

  • You should do you design v.s design v.s HRdownrs

  • I loved both spaces. But I loved the minimalist room best. Big sofa , coffee table wonderful size and just a really relaxing room. Also luv Drew Scott, he’s so creative and such an amazing and respectful young man. Watch him all the time. And no, I’m not his mum. Xxx

  • Those tarot cards 🤢🤢🤢🤮 so ugly

  • I liked the sisters better not the best friend I didn’t like there room

  • okay, the designs were great but why is no one talking about how beautiful the girl in hijab?

  • Trina ?

  • I love the bohemian vibe! I agree there could have been less décor pieces.

  • I'm sorry, I want paying attention to anything in this video. I was too busy thinking of victorious

  • Who else is rewatching old videos couse of corona

  • I love this channel and the funny thing is my name is KATE!

  • My favourite style is Minimalist by far. My entire house would be minimalist if it was my choice. HOWEVER, I really loved the bohemian style on this one. Hated that blue trim also. Bohemian def deserved to win.

  • Sha'am and Danya did amazing... I need their room makeover in my life.

  • Omg I did think she was pregnant again 😂

  • Not feeling the minimalist room. I love the idea of bold colors but it wasn't executed. One wall green and the other two cream would have worked really well. Plus the grey couch is not cohesive at all. A modern futon in a light leather color would have worked much better.Too many things for a minimalist vibe. If they had just kept the gold bowl on top of the piece of furniture between the windows (or the flower vase), and kept the white cups on the gold rolling cart it would have been a more minimalist look. Also, they could have raised the curtains on the windows to draw the eye upward in a clean line. Personal opinion, I applaud the fact they tried. Its always good to step out of your comfort zone.

  • Mr.Kate, i share a small room with my bedroom and we are putting up bunkbeds! What do you think would be best? I was planning on doing a boho style room with some plants and mustard yellow colors. What do you think???

  • I’m so glad shaam and danya won they did SO great! I enjoyed watching this so much love it!!

  • Great job Shaam and Danya and also great job Jordan and Jacky you guys did great I love both the spaces they are so cute I love them and i think either could of won

  • Personally I agree with the winners that got chosin. Maybe because thats more my style or because I think they pulled together a better room. Both rooms were behond beautiful and they are both winners! For the bohemian room I loved the colours and how inviting it was. The flowers on the wall were to die for and the creativity played a huge role. I would say the couch could be a little larger for movie nights or multiple guests but overall amazing! For the minimalist room I would say that trim wasn't my fav. In my opinion it didn't really match the rest of the room and really was costing their win. I loved the green it makes it feel so much cozier. It also added a nice spice to the room. I loved the couch in that room too it looked so comfy. Love it!

  • one of the judges reminds me of violet from the incredibles

  • I’m redoing my room and I would love for some inspiration for a boho mid century modern ish and modern room look

  • oof. that boho room was rlly ugly and I don't know how it won.....

  • This was awesome! I loved both rooms and learned a lot! I thought it was oddly cooincidental that both rooms used that beautiful green! I am leaning toward green myself. I can't wait to see the next one!

  • Jackie scares me it looks like she is going to cry the whole time

  • wouldn't it be a fun option that instead of just judging, let the professionals come in and re-do a few things/edit the design so that the contestants could get an idea of where to improve.

  • as a minimalist i am screaming

  • 27:27

  • I thought that was Kesha and prez Hilton

  • i loved this

  • ?? they did not both "make rooms that are out of their style", the winning team admitted in the beginning that their style is minimalist AND bohemian. wut? not an equal challenge imo

  • Cool show, but I could have lived without the overly excitable personalities. It's not an episode of Whipeout.

  • I did not like the paint designs on the boho room ahhhhh! But I liked everything else!

  • inclusivity >>>

  • Omggggggg it’s drew scott!!!!! You HAVE to check out his channel lone fox!!!!!

  • Is the one that wearing black is peple malaysia?! If it is 😳🤯

  • That green room 😍😍😍😍😍 I so would love that room but with black trim. The bohemian was pretty but the green room just seems so much more livable and cozy and I wish they would have won.

  • I just got so much inspiration for my place now!😍 Both rooms were great, loved them both equally!✨

  • Wow the cast of Taking 5 sure grew up :o

  • Omg I'm in love with the bohemian room... I actually want to live there myself!!!!!

  • You guys should do one with the SORRY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They both did such a great job! And Kate and Joey you guys did a great job hosting the competition. Professional!!

  • The blue trim looks so off, also the gray sofa doesn’t go for me. I actually really dislike the diy wall painting in the boho room, I think it cheapens the look, also the pink wall color is like eh.

  • الرهااابة❤️

  • ...then what IS minimalism?

  • Plot Twist: This show has the express purpose of making a ton of show rooms, so Kate and Joey can have their own IKEA.

  • I really didn't like the minimal room,it was too dark, the furnitures were too big and uncoordinated. Minamal is supposed to be cozy but easy to the eye, not just white but simple furniture, with quiet colors and i really missed some greenery. The boho room was great, i reallly got the boho vibe. And even though they used different colors and textures it was easy on the eye, i would easily live there. I would never live in a room with such dark walls and heavy/classic furniture

  • I like both I am more in to the bohemian

  • is it just me or does Danya remind you of Lexi Rivera but I think she is Muslim

  • So amazing! The bohemian blew my mind and I loooved the green color and the glass vase from the minimalist amahhhhzzzzing

  • I love both of them but for sure Bohemian is similar to my apartment :)))

  • I have been watching ur vids for so long I just love being creative and I just realised I was not subscribe and I was not happy with myself for not subscribing love ur channel so much

  • OK this is unrelated but the girl with the hijab had the best fashion sense like ever

  • I’m proud of you Shaam & Daniya loved what you did

  • Beautiful video, amazing design ideas ✨🌼✨

  • Was supporting the bohemian girls too though I am more towards bold minimalism. The bohemian room turned out very pretty ♥️

  • if lexi rivera was a hijabi she would be danya. they look soo much alikee

  • Finally someone smart enough to allow subscribers and joiner who want to pay! I am all about supporting but unable to join! So allowing me to support by subscribing makes me feel apart of you guys! Thank you!

  • I love that both used color so much. Lol, the modern interp of boho is so not what I recall as more original bohemian from the 60's and 70's when I grew up which had sooo many colors and mixed patterns. Boho = maximal expressionism back then. Today it's been reinvented into a Scandi-Zen vibe which I personally think nice to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. If I had a house big enough I could see the 'minimalist' one as the more formal living room and the other would be the more personal casual den/family room, ya know? They'd both look great in the same home. Well done to both pairs!

  • Both the rooms are beautiful, but I personally loved the #Minimalist room❤🌸 I loved how Profession it looked


  • Daniya is so pretty, so are the others but her clothing style definitely caught my attention :00

  • i think he meant the black matting on the tarot frame

  • After watching this vid. This makes me want to be a home/ interior designer! Love both styles!

  • I love the boho ROOM .. especially wall Painting for me it's so creative and so skillfull .. FLAMBOYANT

  • Did anyone notice the winning team originally said their style was “minimalist with a touch of bohemian” and then they got to design a room in that style? So maybe not the most fair twist. Their room was still better and I’m glad they won! Pink and dark green/sage green are having a damn moment rn! Also they were funny. “Where are the cameras?” “Right there.” Lololol

  • The hosts and the judges have very little command of the English language. Very few sentences are pronounced correctly.

  • I think boho style would definetely win..because the style itself is wow...competition should be boho vs boho or so..

  • they should do a dorm room one

  • ok at this point she needs to be sponsored by vans

  • I got sooo exited when I saw Trina from victourious

  • you should do father vs daughter.

  • do a teacher vs teacher design a classroom

  • I could live with the Minimalist one,but would not like the other one!

  • the besties did a amazing job😍😍😍😍😍

  • i am SO glad the boho room won, both rooms were great BUT the boho room definitely was the winner in my mind. both were so inspiring and they all did incredible work!

  • Liked both the rooms

  • bye brain cells

  • Trina ohhh trina yh trina your staying home tonight 😂