Colorful Room Makeover for a Good Cause | Office Goals on the Road | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Stu 2017.
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Producer: AJ Tesler
Production Coordinator: Kelly Hanelt
Director of Photography: Marco Bottiglieri
Camera Operator: Tiro Rose
Editor: Drew Rosas
Art Department: Todd Szabo, Emily Banks
Sound: Elizabeth Aubert
Grip: Ben Smith


  • So pretty

  • Awesome job guys!!

  • somebody know who (youtuber) that do this kind of activities?? because i need videos that shows me a room makeover if you know please reply

  • LOVE!

  • Leslie Hernandez office room

  • Y'all did amazing! It's beautiful!

  • Kate has me dying laughing

  • Idk why u guys get dislikes xxxx

  • Love this makeover!!! (But why no rug cuddle? 😥)

  • I am much older than you, Mr. Kate. I have been a caregiver for a family member for many years and now we are fairly stable. I haven't be able to touch our bedroom for years other than occasional superficial cleaning. This weekend, I had your videos on all day since yesterday and cleaned my bed room to be as minimalistic as possible. Your test did say I am(more like want to be) minimalistic (40%) and the rest of 60% was also so spot on. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement. Our bedroom never looked this good. I am ready for the next level. Keep up the good work. I not only appreciate your talent but also hard work, discipline, and most of all how you are s8 kind to all the "clients" you take care of.

  • You both are really good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • Absolutely amazing

  • Ok so I have been binge watching your videos and I loved you two from the first one I watched but I absolutely and emphatically adore you two now you truly are amazing and exactly what the world needs more of!!!!

  • This made me tear up😙🧡I was so happy for them

  • Its cute and hilarious how Joey bends over to see Kate's face 🤣🤣🤣

  • more stuff like this! so many charities and non profits need help like this. they do so much, and could do so much more with something as simple as a room makeover.

  • Outstanding!

  • Ught I love this

  • Guys.


  • Im a vietnamese anh its will a be an opportunity to let you come to my house and decorate it.i will be amazing because I can also speak English so it is easier to talk with you.if you agree please speak and chat with me by using messenger “ ha Taylor “,please mr Kate I really need your help because my house is completely ugly....😘😍😘☺️😗😌😜😝😛🤩😻

  • Great organization

  • My wife love the room make over

  • Lol is it me or does Joey just look like an attractive UPS driver? 😂😂

  • Brad! Tsk Tsk! You let Joey trapse round with his crack showing, bad boy!😂

  • What you two have done for both the LAYN spaces (office and home) is extraordinary and so special. Your design ideas have such beautiful intention and meaning behind them, and it is no coincidence that transforming these spaces transforms the people within. You've given them a gift that will keep on giving, and the ripple effect is immeasurable. BRAVA and BRAVO to Kate and Joey!!

  • I agree with Kate on the basketball thing, the room looks fantastic

  • love the photos, great job

  • Love this so much! 😍💕❤️🙌🏾

  • Beautiful

  • Ohhh, no more carpet cuddles?

  • I legit cried when I saw the therapy room because I know how many kids are gonna feel safe and cared for there.

  • Aww so sweet, and such a lovely design! I absolutely LOVE those canvases!!

  • Mr Kate always makes me just like bawl crying 😭 the positive energy and love her and Joey spread is phenomenal!!!! 💕

  • Seriously so inspirational I love mr.kate

  • This one gave me all the feels! I love what the Mr. Kate team is all about and will be a lifetime Creative Weirdo with you guys. Love you all!

  • This was so sweet! I work with foster youth and I love it when centers have places that provide services where the youth feel humanized and validated! That therapy room brought me tears. The kiddos need a place to open up without feeling like another name on a chart. Thank you guys so much!

  • I love Joey's necklace!!

  • Love it! This was a good one - big time!

  • Amazing job as always! I'm currently trying to clean out and organize my garage and turn it into a craft space/ office. Your videos give me so much inspo

  • WOW wow wowwwOMG WOW

  • Where did you get the rug? Beautiful decor! Wow! Thanks for being there for your community.

  • Aw, that was so amazing!

  • love you guys

  • "resilience" more like DISOBEDIENCE 😂

  • Love this space!

  • Kate is legit me doing basketball.

  • Inspiring!!!

  • Joey matches the couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You guys are GREAT!!!

  • I wish you could decorate my room but we can afford it but if I could afford it I would say GO CRAZY and give you all the money you need to do my room. Hopefully when I have money you will still do this so you can do it for me one day

  • You should come to Vermont!! Decorate all of our rural towns!! We are in great need of an update!!!

  • These ad placements though 😂

  • Is Joey wearing a whistle?

  • Please come do my bland room in Oklahoma

  • Your last names are different but you said you were married? Not even hyphenated?

  • 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Mr. Kate is such a riot!

  • Loooovvvveeee❤️❤️❤️!!!

  • Gosh this was my favorite one!! I'm a huge adbocate for mental health and counseling!!

  • Schmall

  • 😄 love the 1 on 1 basketball! Lol! Beautiful

  • Woah! This project is amazing. ♥ Guys, you're incredible!!! So happy to have stumbled on your channel. Sending you a tons of positive vibes.

  • OMG! I'm verklempt!

  • Love that you covered the window with art

  • rug cuddle???

  • what is that greenish paint color?

  • Y’all are so freaking creative!! I need more vids, obsessed❤️

  • I have said it before and I will say it again, I love that you make foster children a priority. I pray God's blessing on all your endeavors so that you may continue to give back. Keep it up, guys! You are amazing.

  • Thank you for investing in the youth! So often they feel worthless & invisible! You saw them. They could feel it!

  • Mr.Kate can you please decorate a room with a bunk bed?

  • If you ever want to make your brand international my name's Katy and I could totally be the UK Mr Kate if you want! God, interior decorator is my dream job, I've done my bedroom and am going to help my mum with her new home once she moves!

  • Love your videos & I think I’m addicted to it

  • Love the colours

  • These videos are the best! I love how you guys give back

  • Oh my heart strings. Such a good cause to help. 🖤

  • What is the name of the color of Joe's clothes its so soothing

  • I cried during the photo part. Love you guys. so awesome!

  • You should collab with the ace family cause they just got a new house plz plz plz


  • I love the window idea, been thinking about something like that for a particular spot in my apartment!...

  • LMAO... too cute

  • You guys are amazing I’m 12 and I wish u could decorate my whole house #Jeli

  • hahahaha joey is 100% in the way


  • You guys are the best. Giving back and everything!

  • 6:08 to 6:13 I LOVE YOU LOL :D

  • YOU GUYS ARE NOT FROM PLANET EARTH!!!!!! omg i love the way you picture things and bring em to life...........AMAZING DUO .!!!!!

  • you know what just happened. when mr.kate and joey were saying "3,2,1.." an ad popped up. right. at. that. moment. :(

  • I want to become an art therapist :)

  • Your art therapy shoutout made me so happy. I‘m a freshly graduated art therapist from Germany. Love your work! :)

  • what color paint is that?

  • This was such a wholesome and cute video. Loved it

  • Omg! Why do you have to live soooo far????? I would love for you to decorate my room! It needs your style ASAP LOL. CAN YOU PLEASE do a video on how you do your hair. Looks amazing 💖

  • When you guys get the proclamations... I’m not crying, you’re crying. ❤️❤️ so sweet and well deserved.

  • I am a dude and for some strange reason l like watching these two makes me wanna do something cool at home

  • I think I have an obsession with u. Whenever me and my best friend hangout we watch your channel none stop!! You guys are so inspiring. I’m getting my room redone now... well waiting to. My grandfather is starting to paint. I’m taking some ideas. I love your Channel more than Netflix!!

  • Trying to keep myself from crying! So beautiful,and touching.

  • Can you guys do a makeover for my cousin? She is a freshman in college and is currently renting an apartment. She just moved in, but I know that if you guys give it some love, then it will feel like home for her.

  • I just recently decided to start watching you and I'm Soo glad. Y'all are so amazing! Your energy and helping make places feel more like home💜 wish I could meet y'all!

  • Love it 😍