Cozy Living Room for LA Youth Network | Breaking Beige | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Srp 2017.
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Gray Chair and Ottoman:
Brown Dining Chairs:
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Supervising Producer: Sofia Draco
Shot by: Brad Etter, Marco Bottiglieri
Edited by: Sarah LeJeune, Brad Etter
Sound: Nick Carignan
Grip: Vianne Robitaille, Tiro Rose


  • Little did you know then ☺ that moon was there with you and everytime you took the name moon i was like so shy plus happyyyy😃😃😃

  • "So it feels kindof nurturing to the Earth itself." *Shows picture of the moon*

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  • The style u chose suited the history of the house so well!!

  • That " Moon" instantly reminded me of their son "moon" ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • This is one of my favorite Mr. Kate videos. Love that you did this for the staff and teens there! I've volunteered at shelters and it can be challenging to make them feel like "home." Really love how that window turned out too. Well done!

  • this was so touching :')

  • Whatcha do with season 1?

  • I think this is one of my favorite makeovers!!!!

  • Love love love!! I was skeptical about the windows and all the bright colors from the photos but they all look great together

  • It’s relaxing for her to erase the chalk and here im dying 😂😂

  • No one: Joey: flipping tools in every episode 😂

  • We so love you guys creative energy!!!

  • I need to go to rehab lol I'm addicted to Mr.Kate

  • Bravo! Bravo! The ocean blue rug is such a tone-setting anchor. Ocean: teeming with life, hydrating, BUOYANCY UNIVERSE, rejuvenating, cleansing, FRAGILE, VALUABLE. Blue and gold (or warm yellow) are so complimentary combos. Bravo!

  • I love y’all soo much you are my idols


  • Have been following each and every episode sofar.. Somehow I feel this space could have been done in a better way.. May b cuz it was a non profit one I guess they lacked budget. But considering their previous projects this one lacked a bit aesthetically. No heart feelings. Huge fan. Love from India.

  • Lots of love

  • Can anyone tell me what the white liquid that they used to texture the windows was? Loved this episode btw 😍

  • Come to New York!! ❤

  • You are doing such amazing work! I’m actually tearing up!

  • Her ASMR moment 🤣🤣🤣

  • This was so beautiful!

  • He totally missed that catch in the beginning didn’t he?

  • Lov the not a "It's not a living or a room" LM-O...and the window stuff that was used look so good when it dried...Mr. Kate your Grate!

  • This is probably in my top 2 favorite mr.kate videos!!

  • 2019 anyone?

  • Les quedo fantastico!!

  • I know you were searching for this: 12:37 13:07

  • Wow Joey and Kate make a great team

  • Pause at 19:02 , do you like joeys new hairstyle??

  • I’m falling in love with them ❤️❤️❤️

  • U guys are amazing come to my house!!

  • In my honest opinion, I feel like Kate and Joey are better than HGTV. They do these transformations simply because they care and nothing else - I don't think that morality would stay the same if they were to "sell out". So with that being said, I just want to thank Mr. Kate for just being a great person all around and helping to inspire other people. Keep up the great work and much love!

  • I actually got teary at the end. Great job!

  • Why dont you have your own tv show yet???! Im binge watching all your series #INLOVE #Bestmakeoversever #watchingfromSouthAfrica

  • I think 🤔 May be better for the future women

  • 0:06-0:08 me coming back from walking to the bathroom what a workout amiright

  • best couple ever xx

  • Glad you worked with this group. Beaxuse when kids age out of foster care often become homeless

  • Please go on HGTV

  • I love how you made the space so homey and inviting - it looks like real people live there, not a photo shoot set-up for a decor magazine that nobody would ever actually be comfortable in, but also very fashionable. I had no idea you could use stuff on a window like that to make it look like textured glass, that is an idea I'm definitely borrowing. I've seen stick-on film that can be applied, but to actually have the texture without really blocking any daylight, that's just what I want.

  • New subscriber Loving you videos I have to break my beige

  • That Mark guy is from another series right?

  • They didn’t do a rug cuddle

  • My favorite Mr. Kate ever. I appreciate you two for the beauty and hope you bring, provide and grow💛

  • Wow you guys are absolutely AWESOME!! you are such an incredible positive role for so many of all ages❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I would love to get a room makeover from Mr Kate. My daughter and I just moved in with my soon to be husband and this house was his grandmothers, has the wood paneling and all. We've over hauled her room but there isn't a calming space for us!

  • Joey, your fly is down

  • This one seriously made me cry 😭 Great job 🙌🏻❤️

  • Joey: No, but that's what it's like working with you. Me: That was rude, and a bit far.

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  • Right when they said 123 an ad played

  • Joey is so funny

  • Loved you guys

  • You guys always surprise me, btw how do you manage the cost of makeover projects ?? 🤔

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  • Mr. Kate!!! What is the "glue" called that you used on the windows??? I absolutely loved it!! Inquiring minds would like to know! Thanks! I love you guys! ❤❤❤

    • remember2smile I wanted to know this too!

  • Cornflour?

  • Love how you make the rooms

  • To bad you don’t go to other states...if you happen to go to Houston, Texas...hit me up? 😁

  • Let us please take a moment to recognize Joey as an awesome role model--how many straight male interior designers do you meet? Screw gender roles, FUN HAS NO GENDER!

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  • This is so inspiring. I nearly cried at the end. I love it.

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  • I feel like Joey doesn't get the appreciation he deserves..

  • LOVE! Grew up in foster care. Love that you are pouring into these kids' lives. It is sooooo important to prove that there is a whole world made up of amazing people who care. All the hearts for you.

  • As "disgusting" as these young adults think their carpet &/or living room is....I'm sure they've gotta be grateful for the bloody roof over their heads! I understand it's a video about reno & that ppl aren't gonna be loving their space before the reno woulda been cool to hear some expression of thankfulness from these young adults during the video...other than the thank you note 😉! Once again, Kate/ Joey have gone above & beyond in Paying It Forward using their amazing talents!

  • Beautiful!! luv what u did to the window....

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  • "Inexpensive, but expensive looking chairs.." they are $115! That's not exactly cheap to me

  • Do u every come to England I guess not but I need my parents persuading to let me re do my room as my mum picked it and there is no room for me to do anything so if I could be given some tips that would be amazing btw im only 13 so I can't persuade them at all and another reason i want it re doing is i have gcses after summer and i have a tiny desk to revise and would love to be able to have a space like on a windowsill to just relieve stress as i get alot of it

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  • Hi, just want to ask... what did they use in the window to make it textured/opaque?

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  • Im so new to Mr. Kate, and i love it, love them, love their stuff, but am i the only one that thinks Joey looks exactly like Dax Shepard? its uncanny.

  • I really like this room makeover, except for the glass coffee table. not so smart for teens. LOVE the privacy window glass treatment!!! Im doing that tomorrow!!!!!

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  • “It looks like a real house” “It looks so peaceful” ❤️❤️❤️

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