Design vs Design Color Challenge ft. judges James Charles, Kristen McAtee, and Jeffrey Alan Marks

Datum objavljivanja: 8. Kol 2019.
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James Charles - @jamescharles
Kristen McAtee - @kristenmcatee
Jeffrey Alan Marks - @jeffreymarksinc
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  • Can everyone just take a moment to appreciate the 'Genie Joey' moment. Lol

  • eek alyssa looked mad when they were talking to roisin and roisin was a SPORT she looked to happy for alyssa and her not being rude but like just speaking my opinion alyssa looked like she wanted all of the attention....

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  • Iove

  • omg love you guys!

  • Hello

  • I somehow found Roisin's a lot better not only because of my personal taste but because it really fitted the brief. Also I felt like the orange was used very wisely whereas the neon yellow-green was kind of like thrown in... in a way.But both did a fabulous job!! Can't wait for Mr.Kate to become an actual Netflix/TV series!!! Love xx

  • Husband vs Wife design vs Design

  • Love this show I'm planning on becoming a interior designer

  • Whose room did you like the most? Roisin’s: like Alyssa’s: comment Both: like and comment

  • When she said bursting in the beginning any one else from 2020 think of instant influencers?

  • #putthisonnetflix

  • PLEASE JUST RESPOND TO JEFFREYS HOW ARE YOU! I cringed so hard when he was ignored two times in a row like that would have lost it but he's a legend for smiling so hard!

  • I feel like this needs to become a Netflix show once it's safe to film it.

  • you should do design vs design for an elementary school classroom

  • I would suggest that two contestants will swap stuffs after shopping..

  • Allyssa looks like catriona gray

  • Alyssa Go off queen you rock!!

  • Omg I love that neon yellow tho. My mind went to modern baroque with pale pink and white and the neon slashing through to make it young. I'm inspired for my own house now lol

  • Omg how beautiful is Roisin??

  • Is this the same Jeffrey Alan Marks who endorses La Face? Lisa Alexander’s skin care company?

  • Pause at @18:00 HE LOOKS LIKE ZAC EFRON!!?!?!??!

  • Jesus loves y’all and he’s coming back very soon

  • Love it.

  • I love how they keep saying orange and green are gross together and I'm just here like those were my wedding colors lol. It worked amazingly btw in my wedding and the room!! 🧡💚

  • I knew she would win!

  • This was definitely my favourite episode

  • The judges entrance into the 2nd room was funny. Literally "hey guys, give an excited entrance walking into the 2nd room"

  • I would have loved to be on the kid episode it’s so cool!

  • Can I do what there doing please

  • I LOVELD Rosins room. I think the way that it wasn't in the center made the space feel bigger. But I also loved Alyssa's. They were both soooooo pretty! Great job girls!

  • Do they get to keep what they buy?

  • I don't know but Alyssa really looks like Rose Byrne😅😂

  • Lol you guys

  • not interested, guy )))

  • Idk why but i feel like roisin had to win because alyssa didn't include much of yellow only a few objects, but on the other hand roisin used her color very wisely. Alyssa's room was more simple and not very extraordinary.

  • It's so weird seeing Kristen so serious😂

  • Can I be on creative weirdos.

  • I am obsessed with your guys videos!! Especially these ones they are so fun!🤩 I watch you guys all the time and am currently in the process of finishing up my house, I’m 100% a creative weirdo. I am also a hairdresser so I love all things design

  • Is Johnny bold or believe the world is flat Leave a comment if you know

  • Can you do another kid one? I really wish to do this one day. I have designed so many rooms for me and my friends, I would love the opportunity.

  • I saw just now even if i watched it a milion times, literly mr.kate Has a tatoo that says “a tatoo” lol literly the description

  • I miss watching Design vs. Design. I hope after this pandemic crisis D vs D will back. I'm really inspired watching your videos it's triggered me to become an interior designer in the near future. 😍💙 THANK YOU MR. KATE FOR INPIRING US!! 💗💓

  • Hola

  • How do you find all those white rooms?

  • Alyssa could do my kitchen and Roisin do my living room. Just not so much to clean around. Both of you did beautiful.

  • GREAT!

  • How do i get u guys to do my room I want my dream bedroom

  • Oma !!!!!!!!!! Lol 😆 look great 👍🏻 please like this

  • So great please like

  • wow! these are both stunning rooms! i wish i had an eye for design like this!

  • I love both spaces. I can’t believe blue/yellow combo & green/orange combo go well together.😍 Roisin’s space is classy & Alyssa’s space is warm! They both did great though it’s Roisin’s room who really gives the entertainment space vibes; Alyssa’s room is more of a happy and warm dining room. Nevertheless, Congratulations to both of you!❤️😍. (Nessa Fernandez here from the Philippines, binge watching your videos because I am staying home right now due to COVID19 pandemic.)

  • The states that JC got ....

  • Both rooms great but kinda leaned toward the orange room...fab light fixture in the winner’s room

  • Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Omg I love Mr.kate I watches all of the episodes💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • I’m just watching u all day during quarentine 😂😂

  • i think someone like matthew encina would be a coll person to have on the show, because he usually designs spaces with functionality as top priority but manages to make them look cool, 110% would need to do it on a office episode

  • Most of the comments are people judging JC, but I think, not for rooms and spaces, but for his looks for his YT channel, he definitely has knowledge about colours. I am not a sister. But I think that if he could let the other 2 judges also talk about the spaces, it would give everyone's idea about the rooms and give the audience more reasons to like any of the rooms.

  • Is there a budget

  • I really wanted the orange room to win but they both did great

  • Both of them are really talented! I was shocked for the first reveal because they put the color in their design really well and both designs are perfect! I wouldn't change a thing! Love the video mr.Kate, thanks for the great design tips! Roisin and Alyssa you guys could turn yourselves into professional! You guys are really talented! :D

  • You should have a Netflix shoe of Mr Kate

  • Who would want children they don’t know on there wall and saying sunshine as if it’s their children

  • Dang I wanna join but like I’m not paying money to get exclusive srry

  • Hey come participate in an interior design competition and whether or not you win can be determined by a makeup artist. Because clearly being good at one artistic thing means you're good at all of them and can just judge skills you're not a professional in!

  • wooowww! that light was impressive, but Roisin was great with colours! I love thenm both!

  • Loved Alyssa room

  • Hi Mr Kate. I am really into interior design and I want to ask you a question if you don't mind. In my room I have blue, grey, orange and white. Do you think 4 colours are too many? White is the main colour and the others are added with accessories and cushions.

  • Omg I wish I had a place like that

  • How do you enter and where do you do the show

  • I loved both rooms, but Roisin’s room just felt really empty and more like just a modern eating area not an entertaining space, while Alyssa’s room felt full not too full but cozy and very inviting and really had that entertainment family living space, but both girls did amazing.

    • yeah, like the 'bar' in Roisins room was really just a dresser and some drinks, and the chair was really weird in the room

  • they should do a series where they nominate people who aren't so great at interior design to design a space

  • You should do design vs design vs design with 3 people

  • It was really obvious which one they liked more but i think its just because she talked about her kids allot

  • Roisin's was better just saying

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey!!! I couldn’t focus man he’s SEXY!!!! Ahhhhhhh literally be my sugar daddy please

  • 9:56 Me: Oh ok Joey takes the girls shopping they even pull a trolley okeeey ..... 10:00 Mr.Kate : Peek-a-booed me like a boss . Couldn't stop laughing 😂

  • Roisin's design was more apt for the theme given to them, but personally I liked Alyssa's room more.

  • I loved both a lot! But I think Aylssa cut the edge

  • I don’t know how I lived without Mr. Kate! I am so thrilled that I discovered this channel! There’s so much content to catch up on, this is my new happy place 💙

  • Did you guys realize that when Jeffrey ask Alysa how are you she just ignores him and never answered his questions

  • 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 You could tell by Roisins face after listening to the judges she already knew Alyssa was going to win. They both did a great job but homegirl already had the look of disappointment before they even announced the official winner. And to reiterate I thought they were BOTH AMAZZZINGGG

  • i love these!!! someone could literally get noticed by a celeb designer and start a career off of this!!! thats a big deal!!! these vids r so inspiring and make me want to do more in life (pls don't copyright me Alisha Marie cause u said that in another one of these vids when u where a judge)!!! i legit love designing but i fall out on DIYS and crafts..... yup..... love u Mr. Kate and Joey!!! can't wait for the baby (even tho this is in the future and he was born and is adorable)!!! can't shut up y'all love uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

  • i want u to be my rooms deisighner plzzzz

  • How do I get on this show I wish I would have this room especially the yellow!

  • I like alyssa’s design more cuz blue and yellow rlly tie in together and it’s rlly aesthetic

  • wow that dude in black talks so darn much. I was hoping to hear more of what the dude in white had to say.

  • orange room is what i want but the only part is weird placement of furnitures

  • I want to be a part of the team but I am in TURKEY

  • Ok you guys answers my question

  • We're you pregent

  • For a youtube channel like this, this is a very professional looking series. I feel like it could easily be a Netflix show.

  • Hi mr Kate I like colour pink, grey ,teal and lilac Love patterns of Dalmations,zebra ,tiger . I am favourite wildlife Animals Elephants, Rhino and 🦒. My favourite pets are Dogs,cats and horses. How can put my favourite animals with my favourite colour . I do know grey and pink goes together and I elephants are grey. Please help some idea with teal with Dalmations print is back and white .

  • Hi

  • Hi sisters

  • Ik i wasnt the only one that heard that “OHHH NOOOO” at 5:59

  • Who here is from 2020

  • I want to do this but I don’t know where it is

  • Me: mum i want to do this