Designer vs. Budget Baby Clothes Shopping Spree! | OMG We're Having A Baby

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Ožu 2019.
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  • Joey and I had so much fun shopping for Mr. Baby! What's your favorite outfit or item? We broke outside our usual thrift stores and budget-friendly stores and splurged on some designer items for him! #becausewhynot ; ) ... He'll probably be naked and in a onesie the first 3 months but the cute outfits are making me soooooo excited for his arrival! Love all of you Creative Weirdos!

    • Mr kate these is the ages for baby clothes and when your baby get to that age lol 0-3mouth 3-6mouth 6-9mouth 9-12mouth 12-18mouth 18-24mouth

    • Kate and Joey you might want to get some cozy onesies so when Baby Moon is home cuddling With you guys he can be cozy

    • Thrift store with baby clothes is gage and atlantic city of maywood they have a good selection I love shopping there for my son

    • Just caught this vid. And I am shaking my head . Everywhere outside of LA probably has a ton of thrift stores that carry baby clothes. Here in Florida, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift USA and more. I have also lives in the midwest and northeast...Other vloggers I watch from the West Coast area also score thrift hauls! Also, check out Facebook online garage sales, craigslist and local yard/garage sales. Those outfits are adorable...but I am sure, as you may know, they grow out of NB and 0-3 VERY quickly, and used is seriously the way to go! Actually....most of their lives...all they DO is grow out of clothes at LEAST 3x a year!!! LOL Good Luck and God Bless!

    • #DIYnot

  • omg i need a joey when baby shopping "okay sure" .

  • Kate u are so cute in everything!!!!!!!!!!

  • At least where I’m from, NC, most kid/baby clothes go more to children’s consignment stores or are given from family to family.

  • the second they said they were doing high and low end, i knew they were going to end up at Target, it have baby clothes galore and are so CUTE!

  • omg those outfits are adorable!!!!!


  • You guys should do a video with him now. With all the closing and outfits you got in this video. A little fashion show!

  • Cutest little clothes ever!

  • when do we get to see moon in these outfits

  • kate*s glitter shoes and baby glitter shoes are the same size shmal!!!!!!! not judging im smal to

  • The way he looks at her in every video🥺🥺 couple goals

  • Those are adorable baby clothes, great style! 👌💕

  • Anyone else think Kate could be Halseys sister omg so prettty😍😍😍

  • Once upon a child 🌚

  • I’m enjoying this episode way too much!!! Lol

  • Who else watching this after Moon turned 8 months. And still waiting for to see this outfit on him 😂... we need his insta 😅

  • Once upon a child for thrifty baby clothes?

  • Great Video!!! You guys should check they have great clothes is where i buy my baby s clothes, you are welcome much love

  • its shood be moone

  • Moon

  • There’s a thrift store especially for kids stuff a lot of clothes shoes toys strollers and much more stuff it’s called Once Upon a Child

  • You can tell Joey and Kate have grown closer now that they are making Mr. Kate Jr

  • Used baby clothes are usually at consignment events. The inland empire has a big one called Moo La La it is a 5 day used kid/baby extravaganza.

  • I love you guys so much i wish you could decorate my room

  • Kyle John Layton Ryan just some suggestions love your video's always inspiring me because me and my family are decorating our whole house and I always think of you three when when start doing DIYs and painting love you so much Chloe x🎨❤️💙💜

  • what about moon

  • Wow joeys already going grey

  • My neice and nephews have so many like no boujee but highend sports gear and $100 shoes from Rebel Sports which they get clothing from every birthday and Christmas and then I get like a $10 pair of shoes from The Warehouse once every 2 years... and I- I'm shook by it

  • Kid to kid, once upon a child, savers, and other mothers.. idk if those kid thrift stores are in your area but there’s a few. ☺️

  • No offense but who else agrees that Joey looks like an old grandpa w/ his white hair now 😂but it's nice tho

  • You 2 are so adorable .. always stay happy

  • I think you’ll find mums pass on baby clothes, it’s reassuring to know where/who it came from and you’ll end up getting to know other mums ❤️

  • pink hair NO

  • Where I live we have a place called “once upon a child” and that’s where all of our baby clothes are sold to, so thrift store type of stuff

  • All the baby clothes are at "Once Upon A Child".

  • how about luner

  • Do you have a Salvation Army? they have a TON of tiny people (aka baby clothes) clothes.

  • I really appreciate how you tried thrift stores before going to a chain store! :)

  • Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that there was a huge glitch on the screen (4:37)..... k..... Keep your secrets then

  • The schmall onesie... stop 😩

  • ❤❤❤

  • The name moon is sooooooo cute

  • U should have tj max or Marshall’s . Things like that

  • So funny they never even did any pushing

  • That is insane i know it is their first child but no way would i spend 380 bucks on a pair of baby shoes. I feel sick i mean i have never paid retail price when i can go to a thrift store and get clothing i mean i buy new shoes and spend 25 bucks and feel bad. They have the money i just dont and if i did i dont think i would feel right spending that kind of money. Congrats on the kid.

  • I live in Europe (the Netherlands) and here there are lots of second hand baby clothes. There is some a thrift stores but most baby clothes are given away or sold via Facebook or other platforms. There are also shops were you trade in to small cloths for bigger clothes, these are normally mebership based stores (to pay the bills). There are even groups (organizad on Facebook) that have pop up trading nights. They have clothes sorted by size in bins, you bring clothes, they check them and count them and you can choose clothes in a bigger size from the bins. Works rather well.

  • This baby has better clothes than I'll ever have

  • Maybe baby clothes not being at the thrift is a California thing because in Georgia the stores are FULL of baby clothes and we have second hand baby shops too. I’ve found a bunch of black and neutral baby clothes at the thrift so it’s def a weird Cali conspiracy.

  • This put me in a better mood! ❤️

  • 14:45 Kate cover up😬🤭

  • Shane Dawson

  • "Once upon a child "for baby thrift store....

  • That's so weird, I live in france and here, the thrift stores are STOCKED with baby clothes !

  • Baby Moon

  • Kate looks so beautiful!

  • There are specialty child thrift stores we have one that is called once upon a child, you should google childrens thrift stores

  • They are so cute 😍

  • Moon

  • I’m your new follower her in Tokyo japan. I’m so excited to your baby congratulations for you two.

  • :) how about moon for a name? :) lol

  • You guys are gonna be the greatest parents EVER!!!!!

  • Thought his name was moon but in this they said they don’t know his name?

    • Oh Thankyou aha, I thought I was watching them in order but obvs not 😂

    • Caitlin Westmoreland This is an old video. His name reveal video was after this one.

  • Where I'm from we have specific resale stores just for babies and kids, I'm sure L.A has one or two

  • I’m sooo excited to meet baby Moon!!! ☺️

  • I can't stop looking at Joey's nose now :/

    • @Jude Lewis hoo nose

    • Arianna O'Summer Why?????

  • He's such an la baby

  • You named him Moon

  • Hi Mr.Kate I always buy clothes for my siblings babies . In the first 6 to 7 months the baby loves to snuggle in sleepers and jumpsuits and rompers. You can also buy online from ali express they are really cheap and mostly good quality. love your videos XOXO

  • Honestly I’m so excited for baby moon. You guys are going to be amazing parents 😍😍😍😍😍

  • I don't know how world wide this thrift store is but in FL there is a store called once upon a child. And they are a "thrift" store just specifically for kids of all ages. I play June's journey, I've actually had to redownload it bc I fell off for awhile. It's a fun game.

  • Moon is name I know

  • How about sun moon for a boy and star for a girl

  • I really like the name tucker

  • The outfit with the New York shirt is my favorite!!!!

  • I loved the Japan outfit with the quick slides

  • Awww Kate's shoes are just a little bigger than the baby's shoes!

  • ahhhhh yall are too damn cute. I'm obsessed! more baby videos please!

  • kate: " I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant Me: *doing the math in my head* Me again: * realizes it's 6 months Still me: " JUST SAY 6 MONTHS"

  • Side note from one mom to another.. My son grew way too fast and outgrew everything newborn by 2-3months and got barely any use out of his shoes lol. I learned not to buy too many in one size. Til he became 2yo. Lol

  • Honestly so surprised you couldn't find baby clothes at thrift store. All the thrift store in my area have a whole section of baby clothes... Maybe it has to do with the fact I'm in a small town?

  • This is so cute!! Please do this again next time you get clothes for him!!

  • It really is true like Kate you look SOOOO GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

    • I know my name is awesome 😂😂

    • Esther Dam Hansen And Esther, you look so damn hanson!!! 😋

  • The one and only 'Once Upon A Child' used kids clothing and gear store near to you is in Oceanside. Here's the website: It's where I go for my kids where I live. You'll love it!

  • Name it if it’s a boy jake or Jacob Joey and Kate jake or Jacob

  • There is a thrift store called Grow Kid Grow in downtown LA

  • Lol wow really no goodwill baby clothes. The ones here have like 2 or 4 little row of baby clothes

  • Baby clothes usually hand-me-downs from friends and family - that's why you can't find them in charity shops...

  • Joey and Kate are gonna be the best parents ever! Mr.Baby is gonna be soo lucky!♡

  • What would you do if Moon didn’t want to be a creative weirdo (I’m sure that’s impossible but this is hypothetical)

  • You should have gotten Gucci socks too!!!! Love you guys


  • you should have checked pluto's closet, I love going there with my mom to look at clothes for me or my little brothers

  • I’m getting confused is there a boy and a girl or only boy?

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭They're just so Adorableeeeee!!!!! Love em🌸🌼🌻💮🏵🌷⚘🌺🌹❤💕💗💞💝

  • You guys should have checked out Ross for baby clothes!

  • Find someone who kisses you as much as Joey kisses Kate find someone who has much love in his eyes as Joey does when he looks at Kate ❤️ that’s love 💕

  • Moon is a perfect nameeeee

  • can someone tell me is a thrift store in usa the same as a charity shop in England x

  • The way joey looks at Kate is soooo cute 💗💗💗