Designing Jeffree Star! (PART 1)

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Sij 2020.
Come with us as we tour and design an amazing space for HRdown/makeup mogul Jeffree Star in his insane California mansion!

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  • 🤗

  • Kicked it off with a Bang but 2020 said heck na

  • The way they act and the way she speaks about his home, you’d never know she had money like that. How humble!

  • Can we just appreciate how beautiful Jeffery looks with no makeup

  • this was uplouded on my bdy

  • Check my channel

  • I think Jeffery would actually make a great parent!

  • Please do a part two

    • Lindsey it’s ok I’m sorry I read it wrong

    • @Hope Johnson I just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't found it yet. I'm sorry if it came across as rude

    • Lindsey I didn’t realise

    • They did 5 months ago

  • Jeffrey Star's spa is bigger than my future 😭

  • You should go to Norris nuts bedroom

  • you guys are soo good .................i wish you could do my room

  • Me: Designing Jeffree Star?? Also Me: Yeah he needs makeover for sure :D

  • Hiii everyone

  • i’ve never seen a more chill happy baby omg

  • Kate: 2020 so many exciting things... Me: Not any more!

  • Kate: 2020, we have so many... Me: that rhymes!! 😱 🤣 💛💙

  • In other videos I go to the comments but I mr Kate viedos I focus literally on the video and even if I do comment I pause the video

  • They didnt sounds like a pro designer.

  • ریدین تو خونش با این دیزاینریتون

  • I wonder how much jeffree paid them to do it

    • She has said on other videos that they pay for all of the makeovers for their creative weirdos. But this I’m not sure

  • The dog were like "but dad these r our inside voices!"

  • I feel really bad for anyone who is reading this!!!! Because if you didn’t know this, you actually just wasted like 20-30 seconds of your life! :)

  • 4:40!

  • My gosh! Moon looks like he could be Jeffrey's child! Such a beautiful baby!

  • Jeffree looks so pretty without make up

  • Bring mtv cribs and feature jeffrees house

  • I like Jeffree Star without any makeup

  • i seriously wish you could come and do my family’s house

  • Your baby is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • *sighs* I wanna be as rich as our makeup queen :/

  • Love Jeffrey and Mr. Kate.

  • FIRST TIME .. seeing you guys of course I subscribed ! You both have THEEE MOST ADORABLE BABY IN THE WORLD !!!! Binge watching your videos , I LOVE THEM ALL

  • Your head looks so round in this vid mrs kate

  • Jeffree: Inside voices. There's a baby here. 🥺

  • my first time seeing jeffree having something not pink

  • I just can't seem to get past the racism

  • gang gang

  • me looking at Jeffree's spa and then realising it is bigger than my road😮😂😂

  • My dog went crazy when she heard all the barking, hahaha

  • I think you meant to say "we usually don't film this part of the process but this is jeffree star"

  • i just stubbed my toe. 1 like = 1 prayer

  • Joey was part of The Click Five

  • Imagine when moon is older and they’re like oh yeah you’ve been In Jeffree stars house

  • When Jeffrees spa INSIDE OF HIS HOUSE is bigger than my house... 😳🤣😅😭

  • Jeff is looking quite beautiful

  • my nickname is Tess my real name is Tessa how cool is that that my favorite youtubers sister has the same name as my nickname mind blown🙉😲

  • stop talking about your baby and your old house idc about you i came to see jeffree

    • It's her channel, and her baby is so cute

  • I will take the green spa anyday

  • Jeffree: gets locked out of his castle Me: dude i live in a bin

  • Where is their iconic intro??

  • the amount of times kate said 'its just so not jefree'

  • THEY HAD A BABY??? I've been gone too long!

  • Does anyone else think Jeffree would be great with kids

  • He was in the TAKING 5 movie omg 😂 💀

  • Jeffrey get them to do your whole house

  • I seriously thought she was called Mr. Kate because she used to be a guy... I had to google it, but damn she looks like a man

  • did anyone else just for fun look up and find out that Jeffree makes 20 million USD a year? no? yeah... just me... ILY Jeffrey :)

  • I want them to makeover the entire house!!!!!!!

  • I never seen your videos before but I'm sooo glad jefree brought me to yall! I love her attitude and her hair and I saw the result on his channel, you guys did great!! I'm so excited to see the making of!! Subscribed!!

  • Tf Jeffree’s home is bigger than my whole colony 😂

  • Jeffree is just so kind and down to earth. i LOVE him

  • The fact that he let u guys use one of his rooms to feed Moon and let him have a nap and that the ace family had u feed moon in a frickin van and couldn't give u guys at least one room or even a frickin couch

  • this was permierd the day before my birthddat

  • 9:45 Jeffrey meeee

  • These people irritate me so much,bringing the baby along ??Unprofesional

    • Then don't watch them. You want see the makeover go to jeffrees channels. Its their baby, their channel, their choice.

  • Wait, they named their son Moon?

  • Oppulence, you, own, everythiiiing

  • I'm a mom, but, I don't carry my daughter everywhere specially on the job....

    • 1. Maybe they don't have/want a nanny. 2. They have a kind of work where they can carry their child around, stay connected and not affect their work negatively. 3. Their choice to carry their child everywhere specially on the job!

  • I haven't been here in a few months and I seems like she was pregnant just yesterday. Time flies fast

  • jeffree is having fun on quarantine with that house😳

  • LOVE your vision! Can't wait to watch Part 2!

  • What if they stained the wood in the sauna PINK🤔

  • Jefree is so pretty here

  • Their kid is going to be the coolest kid ever. 😂 Also do you ever look at a comment and go " Dang I wish I said that. " Here's the button if you have. I I \/

  • that spa had such ugly colors LOL

  • jefree’s when he realized there was a possibility of a snack wall in his spa was priceless...

  • House goals!

  • I love how the entire video is just a tour of what he wants them to do

  • This spa is the size of my entire downstairs...

  • I think a small fountain would sound really relaxing

  • Do you really have a tattoo of "a tattoo"? EdGy.

  • Goes in spa because you are stressed gets headache because of the frickin booger and orange color

  • I wish i got apartment make over i need one bad im 30 from lodi ca.but im poor

  • Sorry, can’t resist. I know it’s already been completed but I would have made the Pomeranian squatting and have the water shoot out the bottom of the butt like she’s peeing.

  • Can I just say. Jeffree looks so fresh and pretty!😭❤

  • omg the little hat their baby is wearing is so cute and their baby is so chill

  • I wanted to see jeff hold that baby so badly, it was such a sweet moment for me at least 🥰

  • nobodys gonna talk about the fact that jefferys spa wing is bigger than my house lol

    • ofc no one will. no one knows you lmao

  • This is a legit HGTV show. I'm blown away! Just subscribed!

  • If anyone was wondering, Jeffrey’s sweatshirt, “Sine Amore Nihil” means, “Nothing without love.” Kinda cool.

  • Almost to 4mil!! Omg I remember when you were doing the challenge to get to 300k. I’m so glad more people found this Channel!

  • No shade but does anyone else not love what they did??? That statue thing will be GONE. Watch. And honestly it isn't exactly what he asked for. I found it kinda basic.

  • previous owners being SHADED

  • His "spa wing" is literally at least 4 times bigger than my entire apartment

  • Okay Mr Kate and Joey and Moon did their makeover, now it’s Jeffree’s turn to do a makeover on Kate!!!!

  • That pistachio green wall is literally my favorite colour. Chartreuse!

  • A boy named Moon???? I thought it was a girl.

  • So I have just recently started watching HRdown for things other than music (within the last two years) I do Jeffree Star just found Shane Dawson at the end of 2019 the try guys Jenna and Julien Simply Nailogical Safiya Nygaard Good Mythical Morning Tasty and Bon Appetit and as of today Mr.Kate let me know what else I should watch

  • “No peepee in the jacuzzi”

  • the statue. “i like it, i respect it, it’s just not me.” i LOVE HIM.