Designing Our Tiny Home on Wheels!

Datum objavljivanja: 21. Pro 2019.
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  • So many great design ideas already in the comments! Keep them coming and thanks for joining us on this journey!

    • Ok😍😊😍😍😍😍😍

    • Where do I find part two and the big reveal? I’m so excited!

    • Hi Mr. Kate! I love you PLAN A idea (stationary bed). 1) Comfort, 2) Convenience. If you want more floor area, well you can always extend them outside 😉. And is there a custom-made table where you can bring it up if you want a high table then bring it low if you want it low? Just a thought. But man I love your channel, I think i've already watched like ALMOST ALL if not all of your videos. I have been a big fan of yours since like forever. Looking forward to seeing the final look of your "MOON MOBILE". Lots of love from the Philippines.

    • Mr. Kate show me your living room

    • Hey, can't wait to see the finish trailer 😂 I wish all the best for your guys!

  • I purchased a 1969 Safari Airstream. It's been HELL😭

  • I can't wait for Moon to get older so that he can help poor Joey.

  • Your next child’s name need to start out an L..... JKLM..... like the alphabet Lol

  • We want annn update

  • I think you should do the dinette thing for the tiny house but make it so the table can detach from the floor and then it is a couch! Then you wouldn’t have the table in the way. You could maybe do a Murphy bed style bed where it could fold down on top of the couch and you could have a bed! I don’t know about the Murphy bed but I think it would be pretty easy to take the table out and then have a couch.

  • I don't care at all about babies and generally find them in videos or on social media super irritating, but somehow Kate and Joey with Moon are adorable and I love seeing their family vibes

  • Did they finish this project? where is the final reveal video?

  • I saw a cool washroom Japanese house in the Chanel liviing big in a tiny house the toilet was hidden below the sink (washbasin) it can save lots of space for u there

  • You can use pull oylur dinning table in your kitchen space

  • When are we getting the second video to this 😭 been waiting for this transformation

  • it’s twelve in the morning and i suddenly have the impulse to buy and move into an rv with my friends and travel across the country xoxo

  • My little brother loves your channel! It’s one of the things that brings us together and I’m so thankful for that💗 we like the big bed option btw😂

  • stashanary bed

  • So enjoy watching your creative process!!!

  • Moon has gorgeous eyes I want a baby with those eyes cuteness overload cute family

  • Is there a part two to this I really enjoyed it !

  • Moons eyes are soooooo beautiful

  • Is the project complete?

  • Can't wait to see how this turns out!

  • I HAVE always wanted a tiny house

  • Kate plz change your voice cause it's so annoying to watch

  • Kate's voice is so annoying

  • Have you finished it yet?


  • 2

  • Your not going to want a small refrigerator because once you get on the road your going to want more room in there (refrigerator). Trust me! We have a camper with a small refrigerator and it’s horrible

  • I love you guys

  • Where is the finale? We want to see your finished project!

  • They had a house before ?? (Wait they still have a house idk what’s happening can sum one help??!!!)

  • 2 futon style beds, my friend has one just like that and its amazing!! 2 full size beds

  • Get the big bed

  • When are you guys posting the reveal video of this ?

  • 💜💛💚🧡💙

  • Your channel is a refreshing breath of fresh air among all the overhyped, not-so-creative HRdown channels. Added you guys to my favorite subs and will be binge watching with my boyfriend.

  • So retro I love it

  • I searched up google lens and it didn’t come up :( I thought it would be great because I am redoing my room for my birthday...

  • I need an airstream update! ❤️

  • They keep saying “we” but all you see is Joey lol then Kate and Moon made an appearance lol Congratulations and Welcome to the world Moon!!! 🎉🎊

  • I want to see more of your home I want to see your bedroom & your living room

  • ❤️ur family

  • Really eager to see what you goes do

  • Option C but with a round table that can vary in heights

  • Omg I love watching your videos and being a creative weirdo like it literally inspired me and boyfriend to start making our little 10 months room with pieces I already had in my room to make a cute colorful room for our baby girl but the problem we have is what color the walls should be cuz we got so much colorful stuff to hang up on the walls but we want it be a bright and happy place for her to sleep and play

  • option c doesnt seem practical because a moveable table might not be super safe while driving

  • is anyone else watching this to realise how lazy you are? ...just me ok!

  • you should do the try guys

  • Convert into bed for older moon

  • U should’ve made this a “OMG” series

  • But I love the design so far

  • You guys just finished your house 6 make months ago

  • Option A is awsome but go with whatever you think is great and I also love doing what you do I have great style and I want to be just like you when I grow up

  • does anyone know if there keeping the house or are they moving into the rv ?

  • Am I missing a part 1? Whyyyy it seeems sooo random?

  • Just before yesterday I was wandering It doest exist any app you can ask Whats this?

  • Come on part 2

  • I love your tased

  • Are they done decorating it? Is there a next part of this video?

  • I love moon he’s adorable 😍

  • STATIONARY BED!!! The whole idea is to take the airstream out on adventures where the whole world is your floor space, then when you're tired you can just pop back in and jump in bed! plus with a baby its easy to just set him down on the bed to nap instead of having to fold something down and bumping around and maybe waking him up. boom, next problem.

  • Joey is not just a strong, handy man that does all the man job here but he is also an amazing husband to Kate and dad to Moon❤️such an cute family!

  • To bad they didn’t have this when the did the ace family house. Like at least then moon could take a nap and they could have feed him easier! I love y’all!!

  • Did they sell their home?

  • You could do option c but make the table so you can lower it

  • Just moved, redesigning.. downloaded google lense lmao 😂 Google these two should be on your payroll monthly

  • I think you should have a cot in there for moon and have a fold in bed like the steering area good luck love you moooooooon he adorable

  • for the big metal component (idk what it’s for but it’s right near the bathroom) you could make a wooden frame around it and have that serve as a loveseat vibe or like a little table!! also i think a sectional for the bed would be ideal and the coffee table could be where the bed folds out onto. just some suggestions 3 months later when it’s probably done!!😂

  • This is like my dream!!! And y’all drink watermelon Fresca, I knew I loved y’all!🥰🥰🥰🤣

  • This is the most millennial thing ever and I love it. I'm so glad watching Jefree Star brought me here. Looking forward to see how the airstream turns out!

  • Is his name moon?


  • sectionalll convertible chair that can be make to beddd!!✨✨

  • Not sure if you have finished or not but TRUST ME I live full time in a camper and you will want a larger fridge and convertible spaces. Anything multiple purpose with storage will save your life.

  • still waiting for thw update

  • When are u guys posting an update to this video

  • Get some classic 1960s airstream rims

  • 10:29 got me good

  • I just love this family they’re so wholesome and cute and positive

  • Hi Creative Geniuses Kate and Joey I was wondering how the camper refit is going, Keen to see the progress you have made. When do you think you will air an update?

  • 8:38 - 9:04 Joey is just holding the little plant up. Lolol

  • Wait are they going to show us when their done?

  • 100% Grayson Dolan is watching this right now. (if you know, you know)

  • Is mr.kate going to be traveling the world??

  • In terms of having a baby that takes naps often, I think it's more important to have a permanent bed. But if you want to have a possible guest space then you can make that convertible

  • They are loaded just buy a camper van guys

  • i luv you guys, i watched you over a year and i finally subscribed. here's some links that might dive you ideas for you little , , , hope these help.

  • The face she made when he was coming up with the excuses 🤣🤣🤣 she knows her man lol

  • I love watching you guys

  • That is one beautiful baby.

  • Google Lens looks cool. I’m gonna look into that.

  • Option B for sure!

  • Ugg wish they could do my room. I have such low ceilings and its so annoying lol

  • Moon is SOOO cute😍😍

  • Vanlalpeka

  • Are we ever getting an update on this thing?? xD

  • your baby has beautiful lips just like kate

  • Show us a tour of your van so interested to see what I looks like

  • Moon has the prettiest eyes ever!¡

  • You should have a bed that has a bench on the end that can be placed on the bed for eating.

  • u should try watching (ivy draws cartoons)