Designing The LaBrant Family’s Nursery + Baby's Backyard Quarantine Playground! (PART 1)

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Tra 2020.
The LaBrant fam is expecting a baby boy and they ask us to design their nursery! Plus we give Moon a quarantine playground!
Watch The Nursery Reveal here:
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Horse Swing:
Outdoor Bed:
Silver Speedster (similar):
Radio Flyer Wagon:
Activity Table (similar):
Activity Table (similar):
Mud Kitchen:
Swing (similar):
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  • This is something I didn’t even know I needed to see. Love the Labrants and love Mr. Kate❤️

  • You guys......ive been watching your show for so long and I love you guys so much and all the work you do with people's homes so incredibly beautiful even when I don't think I'm going to like something all of a sudden it comes out perfect but I was shocked that you guys like white walls but that's okay it's whatever you still in corporate color anyways moon is so beautiful you definitely have to have at least one more little baby brother or sister for Moon it'll help you in the long run to trust me I've had four and they each helped me keep the other one company which was great I just wanted to say how wonderful your show is and how much I enjoy it it makes my day especially now during covid-19 I'm enjoying watching your show so much thank you and may all your shows in the future be just as enjoyable thank you and love you so much with all my heart

  • OMG! Love you guys so much...especially lil Moon... Stay Safe \m/_

  • Just honestly love that moon is growing up with such loving family. ❤️

  • When she's talking about her makeup I instantly thought of Colleen she said the exact same thing

  • wait.........can posie and moon be a new ship? idk. Just an idea

  • I want you to came and re do my room please

  • Can we just talk about this backyard based on Moon!?

  • As much as i love MrKate im disappointed that they chose a family like the Labrants when they are VERY OPENLY homophobic along with many other appalling things. Really hoping that MrKate don't share any of the same values

  • I miss your blonde hair!

  • Super disappointed to see you guys working with and supporting the labrant family 😕

  • that lil boy is livin the life!!!

  • Moon's smile makes me feel better

  • If you ever have a baby girl you should name her star

  • Mr. Kate honestly deserves more subscribers than LaBrant. I just checked their content and have no idea why they have so much of subscribers. Not really a fan of them. But Mr. Kate is so cool. Makes me happy ❤️

  • "We want a full-on boy room." "Soccer?" "No." "Dinosaurs?" "No." "Monster trucks?" "No." "Okay, I'm find with whatever they do."

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I have subscribed You should too 😊

  • I love whenJoey is drumming Moon thinks it's so entertaining 😂. Love you guys so much 💖💖💖

  • love the room a lot. This is what I needed to see 💖💖💖

  • I love the room so much. The drawings were soo cute and I love how where ever you go you make such a happy environment for baby Moon. Love you guys a lot ❤❤❤

  • im sorry but when sav was like ya ya ya ya ya to kate i was like dead

  • Omg yall are amazing parents and hes the cutest

  • I’m watching this late..... and baby z is here!

  • 🤗love ur prodjects🤗

  • Who’s watching right after baby Z was born ????

  • right before quarantine my mom got her spleen removed and she is a L+D nurse

  • Dont you find it too offensive that they call us weirdos? 'cause I dont

  • aweee love thissss 💕💓💓💓💓💞🤍🤍💛💛🧡🧡🧡😂😂☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • at 26:26 it scared me my username is hannah and i heard that while i am home alone ;-; i think it was moon screaming :l

  • i wish my house wasn't a rental, my partner and I so wanna change it up but we can't as it's not ours, especially since we've got a baby boy coming in less than 3 months

  • How did you come up with Moon's name? I love it by the way.

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • I love her creativity and her big ideas U guys rules the world 😛😛♥️♥️ Also I love moon 🤩💞 he's the cutest thing ever 😍

  • Moon and me have the same birthday lol

  • your garden is so cute

  • Joey you have RA? My spouse-creature does too. Would you be willing to talk about it on a video?

  • Video starts at 9:00 properly

  • So good

  • Did any one see the animal butts

  • when your parents are amazing creative weirdos. (love the mud kitchen so much

  • This is so cute

  • I am work at sprouts on Tuesday and Thursday

  • Ya’lls hair is like 🥴

  • Where did you get moons kick toy in the car? My daughter needs one!!!

  • Joey you need to cut your hair so bad

  • This video is boring but when the labrant fam showed up it went from boring to awsome

  • It would be so cool if you could make a movie theater/theater combo, with a small stage and curtains, stage lights... Would be such a cool place for both, kids and adults, to perform.

  • I am subed to the labrant fam so i was so exited to see this video becouse they didnt tell us how they were going to do their room for the boy

  • ADORABLE Moon!

  • I know it’s complete from their Instagram but when will it be on your channel?!

  • i feel like in the movie room, they should have LED lights!

  • When will we see the labrant house!

  • I’m sorry to be like this but where are the masks? Why are you in another family’s house when the virus is going on ahh:(

  • I didn't know that I NEEDEDDD this collab

  • Posie & Moon be making googly eyes at each other

  • Omw Moon is the CUUUUTEST kid I have every seen in my life I could squish him ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • a

  • Aww so fun

  • It turned out so amazing! I love the Labrants and Mr. Kate

  • God love him for blowing that pool up by mouth!!

  • You can defiantly tell this was before quarantine because Kate's hair is much more red when they went to The Labrant Fams house

  • Who’s here from the labrant fam

  • Watching their videos with the closed caption option on makes them even more entertaining. It mostly understands Joey (except for the odd time here and there where it thinks he's saying 'kake' - yes, that's how the cc chooses to spell 'cake' instead of 'Kate') but not Kate. A lot of the time it just shoots out random nonsensical nonsense when she's talking. Like there was another video sponsored by Mercari, which cc decided was 'mercury', and for no reason whatsoever it just threw in a random 'penis' lol.

  • I love that this backyard is actually attainable for anyone! Will definitely be taking these ideas for our new backyard!

  • You guys give me such good ideas for my room! We’re did the name Moon come from? I like it!!

  • I’ve never seen so many beautiful people in a room

  • What a fun surprise seeing our nursery with the green wall in your video!! Thanks for sharing your process and the behind the scenes. - Liz from Within the Grove

  • Moons beanie is so cute!

  • You should do vlogs

  • Who is here from the lad rant fam

  • I can just imagine moon at school drumming not the desk and everyone watching in amazement

    • I can imagine his teacher quickly getting fed up with him drumming while she's teaching and sending him to time out.

  • All is fun and games until the baby figures out how to open that sharpie lol jk

  • Hi yell u love❤❤ yell,s videos yell are soo cool stay safe and stay strong

  • 24:31 ♥️😭😭😭

  • Gave me a Noah’s arch vibe!!

  • My hair dresser has Covid-19

  • I love the way you let the customer imagine an idea you make it a reality. I hope one you would design a room in my house

  • I tested positive for COVID but thankfully I only got one symptom of loosing my sense of taste and smell... it was a bit depressing but I recovered very fast!

  • Moon glows like the moon. Hehehehe

  • My mum has corona :((

  • Me having covid Mr .Kate helping me get out of it 💞💞💞

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  • Anyone ever wonder why it is Mr Kate

  • When is the room done

  • What about the tour

  • This is fun and all but I feel like they are very gender stereo typical

  • The design should be a train.

  • So dumb that that brought a baby to work

  • I love the labrant family

  • Actually, you can poor some more water and try to teach Moon how to swim :) How cool is that :D

  • oooo

  • I love this so much my two fav you tubers 😭😭

  • Wait did I miss something? We don't get to see the Labrants finished nursery and theater?

    • Because of quarantine they couldn’t go do it

  • Moon with all his new toys: "best day eveerrrr!" 🤗😍

  • joeys hair has got sooolong

  • G