Dream Kid’s Bedroom Design Challenge ft. Alisha Marie, Drew Scott, and Amina Mucciolo | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Tra 2019.
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  • Nervouscited!!! We had SO MUCH FUN watching these two, young, Creative Weirdos create two dream kid's bedrooms! Please leave them some encouraging comments and follow/subscribe to our judges Alisha Marie, Drew Scott and Amina Mucciolo! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

    • Did anyone see that in jordans room on the dresser one of the items still hadd a price tag on it

    • Plz do more kid ones!!!!!

    • @Charlie Cosier yeeeeessss

    • i love you i would love to do a budget one like the 300 dollar challenge i love you please let me know if possible to help me.

    • I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I think it would be awesome if you did a design vs design but with people who don’t know that much about interior designing 🙂, just a thought

  • Mr Kate should have more subs she’s so professional and such a fun person to be around

  • Neither of the fit with my style but I like Jordan’s better

  • Bruh teens now like the nice minimal aesthetic room

  • I loved Jordan's room because it was a little more my aesthetic. But props to both! I would have never had the confidence to go on HRdown and design a room!!

  • I seriously wish i had the room Jordan created

  • i loved them both

  • Dahlia said that hers is colorful, but i feel like all the colors she used were pick, yellow, and white. When Jordan used a variety of colors that went super well together

  • Do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do me do. Me.

  • I feel like Jordan should have won

  • I think Jordan’s room would be 13-14 and dalias would be 8-10

  • Omg I would die meeting you and alisha

  • The laurDIY and Alex wasabi colab vid brings back memories of when they were stil together

  • Jordan got robbed, she should've won.

  • the fact that a 14 year old made a very proffesional designed room when all i did at the age at 14 was cry myself to sleep blows my mind

  • im 8 omg so cute jordan

  • Why have I been looking for a show or video exactly like this

  • jordan was robbed 😔

  • Dalia just basically copied Mr. Kate's wall

  • Personally, I think both rooms are great. I would have LOVED Dalia's room when I was younger. I mean, for me, it looks good, definately hright and happy. But now, as a teen, I would totally pick Jordans room, since her room is very gender neutral and can age with the kid living in it. I think both did a great job.

  • I got distracted when Kate was talking to Dalya because Jordan was carrying a giant plant in the background at the Store 🤣

  • Dalia had went with more of her style while Jordan thought about different styles. I really liked Jordan alot more, she painted an entire mural and didn't even win...

  • I would have loved to have the room Jordan designed as a kid !!! The adventure theme was so beautiful and creative!! It honestly did look like it was from a catalog ! And the paint drip wall from Dalya’s room was seriously so cool!!

  • I really think Jordon should have won. I feel like Dahlia's room had a lot going on. Personally, I would choose Jordon's room. and I'm 13 and still have stuffed animals so...

  • Dalia had the better room in my opinion the Drip wall is so good and the day bed

  • jordan should’ve won. dalia literally did HER dream bedroom. jordan’s was unisex so a girl or boy could’ve had this bedroom escpecially for the fact that it was going to charity. jordan’s is so professionally made by the look of it.

  • Jordan soooooo should have one

  • i think that jordon would of won because in jordon room it is for boys and girls and dahlia only girls because there are lots of pink and yellow

  • I'm so happy I'm not the only one that think Jordan should win. I'm happy for her but Dahlia's room was WAAAYYYY to childish and I wouldn't even want that room when I was 5 or 6. I like room that is more mature, simple, and functional and Jordans was perfect, she's so humble and nice, and her room is gender neutral and ageless which is really cool and smart and Dahlia's room more like her preferences, to childish and way to much going on. I like Jordans room more

  • Both of the rooms are good but Hordans room is so much better. It looks professianal and amazing. You can tell hiw much work was put into it. Also Daliyas room was wayy to colorful. It looked like she was only thinking of herself and her prefrences. Jordans submission video looked super greta! She did pillows and banners and bedding for her doll house which looks better than the ones you buy. Meanwhile Daylia just painted lettefs and added glitter, washi taped a board and added shelfs to her closet. Those are things anyone can do and I felt she didnt match up to how professianal and amazing jordans looked

  • How many times did Jordan have to say “like”

  • 18:00 Kate: our kids Me: ???? Also me: u have kids? Hehe

  • I feel like if the two girls made the opposite room people would like the winning room just because people like Jordan :/

    • Not cause we like Jordan more, her room totally should've won

  • omg could u do my room lol

  • I agree with many of you Jordan has so much talent and her room shoukd have won, I feel Dahila had WAY to much happening maybe a white room with some colers to reflect of her persenality she kinda ruined the consept of that being a teen bedroom it looks way younger like 6-9 she should of thought more about it before she added so much coler you need a balence!!!!!

  • he said 13 year old room hell nah

  • Stop being a fucking bitch

  • Me When Jorden said the word 8: Oh my god I’m 8!

  • Jordan was ROBBED

  • The winner is........ HELLO

  • dahlia... idk

  • I think Jordan should have won, she did amazing

  • Ok I’m gonna be honest here. I actually really hate dalyas room. I mean everyone has their on preferences and opinions but in my opinion, it was way to gender specific and pink and girly. But like I said, everyone had their own opinions

    • Yes, her room is to childish and girly and more of her preferences, meanwhile Jordans room is more gender neutral, calm,and ageless

  • 11:36

  • I though Jordan’s room was a bit better

  • I don’t like the fact that everyone is hating on dahlya because she won and she won because they saw something in her room. Jordan was amazing also but here d one so give it to her with no baggage.

  • Hello! I really want to know how i can contact you for maybe help on my bedroom

  • I preferred Jordan’s room but I did like both it’s probably because I’ve always had a room with so much coulour and I’ve always wanted to change to something like Jordan’s.

  • how do i supmit a video to do this challenge

  • oh and also the girl in the green when she was talking about the drips in dalyas room like she didnt even painted the wall she only painted DREAM A LITTLE DREAM like thats it

  • jordan literally did a san fransisco and dalia almost didnt do anything

  • I am 10 and have always dreamed of being able to do this as my career and I am actually going to decorate my room and I am so excited, so I think they both did great work however, personal I would have chosen Dalyas room for like a 7-9 year old theme, but My opinion I would choose Jordan’s room because of the nuturalism of it. I absolutely loved this video, so thanks a million for it!!!!❤️

  • I like both rooms, (not for myself) but i honestly don’t get the hype about Jordan’s room. It’s great that it looks like something straight from a catalog but........ a modern feel to me feels cold and distant. Like I’m not allowed to touch anything or I’ll ruin the photo shoot. For a kid I feel it would NOT last, I do however appreciate that it is gender neutral. Dahlia’s feels more cozy really and for a bedroom I think that’s important, you’re supposed to feel comfortable within the space and not worry about messing it up. The fluffy rug and the sofa bed feels homey and while it’s not gender neutral you have to remember that there’s nothing wrong with being girly so it would be really well appreciated if everyone stopped using Jojo Siwa as an insult.


  • I thought the other girl did deserve more I really liked the Brooklyn theme and I would have the blue room if I had an option

  • u need to visit zimbabwe please and you can visit many places

  • to be honest I think Jordan should’ve won. She painted a professional mural. made it a suitable for both genders. and did everything vrry professionally. She did absolutely amazing :)

  • Omg I hope you do something like this again I so want to be in one of your videos ! I've dreamed of being in one of your videos for so long

  • Love Jordan's room, great for a girl or boy's, very well thought out. Love you have Drew on your panel hes such a icon. Xxx

  • You need to do more kid vs kid!!!

  • Never mind Jordan vs Dalya (and the word is "versus" not "verse"), how about Joey bringing back suspenders.

  • Jordyn was amazing 😔

  • PERSONALLY i prefer jordan's room way more because it looked more calming in my opinion and I. DONT. LIKE. RAINBOWS. so yeah lol

  • They looked stressed

  • Dahlia just picked what she liked which is okay to base it off of but it was annoying she was designing HER dream room and only an annoying happy goody two shoes nine year old would want that. Jordyns was so much better and could be for a boy or a girl and really any age so it’s so much better because it could fit anyones’ personality except the dahlia’s of the world. So jordyn if you’re reading this, you SO should’ve won. •

  • Which room would you have picked? Like: jordyn Comment: dahlia

  • anyone else think that dalya looks like hayley leblanc

  • I honestly like Jordan’s more lol. Just me?

  • I thought that Jordan would win, even though I liked Dahlia's room better because of the the dripping paint wall. Awesome idea for kid's room. Jordan room looked like ikea catalogue, which is very good, but still tool clean abd sterile

  • why is no one talking about jordan’s mural!! it’s amazing

  • Plz do more!!!!!!!!

  • My bday was yesterday and the only thing I asked for was to do one of these bc I’m the biggest creative weirdo and I love y’all so much y’all inspire me so much

  • Jordan was a lot better 😳 idk what happened there

  • Pregenet Mr.Kate with Moon

  • We should see talents of kids...not how they acted...

  • I think Jordan should have won

  • Though I'm young, I know I want to be an interior designer though I don't get to practice this often :(. I love boho and want my bedroom to be bohemian, but I can't because my bed frame is really high and I can't use a different one because it was expensive and I've had me for almost my whole life so far. It's also really 'fancy' and I'm not sure how that would complement the style im going for. I'm moving to a new house and I get to chose nice furniture pieces and place them. I'm really excited!!!

  • Jordans room is better becuase it is more nutral and calm

  • Okay so the one thing that really bugged me was in the pink room the writing on the wall was not symmetrical at all

  • Both of them were very good and creative. Stop being so arrogant towards Daliah, she's smaller and there's not as much experience.They both did a great job!

  • I personally prefer Jordan bcz she can paint y'all- I cant- 🤣 and the room personally is cooler for me bcz dalia's room is too crowded for meee- no offense 🙃😊

  • Omg they were both so great but personally I would you chose Jordan’s room

  • I really like the chill room Jordan has tho

  • Ik Jordan didn’t win but CAN SHE DECORATE MY NEW ROOM-

  • They did say a kids room not a teen and dalya was definitely more kiddy so 🤷🏽‍♀️ But I’m team Jordan

  • Unpopular opinion, but I think Dalya’s room fitted best as a DREAM room. Although I think Jordan could design better and actually make a career out of it. Both rooms were great though 💗

  • dalyias room has wall-itus

  • They legit said Jordans room looked like a celebrity decorated it! And they pick dy! Like really I’m mad😡😂

  • i would love if i could be on another kid vs kid design challenge!

  • Ughhhhhhh i hate spoilers in the comments dfmfjdnfiodjsnvwojfjmvokmdevmkowd

  • I watche you always💖💗

  • I think the judges felt bad for dolia because how bad the the room was and just pick her. Like they could barely name a mistake for jordons room and could name like 3 for dolias

  • I legit want Jordan to design my room-

  • Dayla isn’t my style, in my opinion she’s too much. That’s just my opinion, but Jordan is more mature, *aesthetic*, and just more professional in general, I think if dayla just gets more educated about colour schemes, minimalism, clutter, she’d be a great designer! :>

  • Ok but dalya room is for a kid not a teen . As a teen I would prefer Jordan’s room . I also feel like daylas is for a girl and Jordan’s is gender neutral

  • They both did good but I kinda liked Jordan's more

  • dont get me wrong dahlias room is great but as a kid i would hate to have that as my room. it might fit HER personality but jordan really thought about the less "normal" people, making it unisex and minimal because not everybody loves pink pink pink pink pink and thats really hard to do. jordan should have won.

  • how the frick did jordan not win...

  • I think the other girl should of won

  • daila looking at the comments like 👁👄👁