Elle and Alaïa's Enchanted Bedroom and Rainbow Playroom Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over!

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Stu 2019.
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DOLAN TWINS HOUSE: hrdown.info/block/video/xZmEj5SBdcyvhLM
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Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Sarah Winters
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Kenny Nogueira, Jamal Harris


  • this is the most STUNNING room I have ever seen you guys are extremely talented!!!! 😢😢😢 im 20 years old and I would kill for that room ahahahha it’s beautiful!!!

  • for everyone who is hating on Austin you guys really need to stop if he wanted to decorate his house he could if he wants. and mrkate you guys are amazing

  • good job I'm so happy for you guys, Mr. Kate you guys are amazing, God bless you and your family

  • Alaïa is taking over the “A” in ace family

  • Thank GOD they didn't put any thing or put their name in the title related to the ace family cus I would really hate that

  • Absolutely stunning room. Mr Kate is so talented and I so love these home makeovers.

  • moon is so cute! I love your designs too

  • I think Austin definitely started regretting it that he doubted them before when he finally saw the room.

  • The babies eyes r so blue and pretty

  • Omg I wish I could have the room

  • Damn even jeffree star was better about the makeover I’m disappointed

  • I came across the internet for that damn BIRDCAGE CHAIR! Can someone please let me know where it’s from? 😍💖

  • My dad painted my sky mural in my room I love it but my room is purple and I hate it

  • Love you🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Unconditional love for Mr. Kate and Joey and Moon 😘😘😘💝

  • Feel like we are living 12 monkey movie

  • Missing last year non virus

  • Kinda confused why the girls have to share a room bed have like a California king bed and then have a play room I would think they would want there kids to have there own rooms

  • Is no one gonna talk about the reason why they posted the video earlier is because the Ace Family posted the bedroom reveal video on their channel before Mr Kate did? Like their getting more profit over it because it’s posted first with a tour and everything.

  • Austin couldn't wait lmao

  • I hope they didn't make Mr Kate clean the rooms before they started on them

  • Just imagine the mater piece they could have made in there house but instead they make this crap : hrdown.info/block/video/qZmoiY-Ygcp_n80

  • 30:48 woahhh that’s rude I actually love the ace family but it is still realllyyy rude 😫🤨🤨🤨🤨😫

  • I know it's too late now, But After all that Austin did, it's well shown that he was not even a part of what mr.kate was worried about. He was just like a piece of rough paper thrown in the dustbin. Love ya guys 💖

  • Austin is such a bitch tho he should of respected their work and if he wanted to add something consul with everyone

  • Why do the kids sleep in the same bed?

  • Elle just was like whatt

  • 7:39 Ariana is that u?hahahaha

  • Look how blue moons eyes are soooooooo cute

  • I feel like Catherine wanted Mr. Kate to do the room but Austin was impatient.

  • Thanks to Austin their house looks like an insane asylum just because he could not wait for Joey and Kate to complete their maternity and paternity leave ps I think Tess was really sweet to help

  • Austin is a narcissist and a control freak. He went out and bought of bunch of pieces because he THOUGHT he could do it better than Mr. Kate. He thought wrong. *eyeroll*

  • I love how obsessed and blown away Austin is with the rainbow toy portal😂😂😂

  • Bruh knowing austin he probs wouldn’t let them even sleep there,

  • Bro it's not like they took a break bc they felt like it, she had a BABY! He could have waited a little. So disrespectful 🙄

  • Imagine while you were just like painting a persons wall then all the sudden you need to give child birth

  • 8 ads for a 30 minute video ? 🤣🤣✌🏻

    • Girl shut the f up I can tell u support the disgrace family

  • Kate is really nice

  • Am I the only one who knows that Austin cheated on Catherine with multiple girls

  • So....uhhh, when r they getting their own hgtv show?

  • 5:23 they had to fricking feed him in the car, the ace fam didn’t even give them to feed

  • Haha she called Austin out multiple times, I love mr.kate

  • I just hope theyre grateful for their home, money and decorations. People are struggling rn and everyone needs a check sometimes.

    • I believe they moved into a different house I may be mistaken but if it’s true oh myyyyyy

  • Omg i love the little cactus pillows where are they from?

  • 30:46 **rolls my fuckin eyes**

  • Literally Mr.Kate and Joey took their time out of their day to go to there house and discuss and think about what they wanted to with the floor plan, and of course Austin was impatient and decided to make half of his house the same boring color, instead of waiting and have his house be absolutely amazing and not look a hotel lobby. And you can just tell the whole entire video that they are very annoyed mostly with Austin because he basically took over the entire first floor and that he almost ruined the surprise by peaking into the girls room. And you can tell the whole entire video Austin is regretting his whole entire decision lol imo 😭😂

  • 26:52 "and Joey's just screwing them up on the wall-" Me: not surprised 🤭💀

  • ..I'm not one to judge, I've never once seen a ace family video I watch anime, remodeling, and gaming. But damn Austin forreal ruined that first impression for himself bro

  • This room is so beautiful it looks like one of those room in the magazine’s

  • I like all of them but Austin that's why the ace family is a things and from being a fan i know alot of us fans don't like Austin and I wished Catherine could do more things herself lime a yt channel if Austin didn't act the way he did but Catherine is completely different from Austin and I will defend Catherine but I don't care for Austin and never really have bc in their house tour you can see how the girls and Catherine show the the girls room and it glowing and Catherine really only like their room the best

    • Not just Austin Catherine ain’t innocent too just cause she a girl

  • I support well like the ace family just not Austin

  • I was like “OMG were having a baby” :3

  • No Putting the mermaid in the corner 🤣

  • Austin is so annoying

  • If y’all come to Australia come on the block and you will win and get $100,000

  • Y’all are some rude ass people. This is their home and if they decide they want to decorate it then fine. I’d be excited asf to decorate the dream home I worked so hard for too. I hate the disrespect Mr. Kate showed. Nasty attitude

    • badgirlshoney lol like I said, agree to disagree🤷🏼‍♀️

    • The Life of Rach & Ant 😂😂😂😂😂 you cant be serious. They’re living in a box. All that money and no style. Even minimalists have better taste than Austin’s.

    • The Life of Rach & Ant yes but there are levels of disrespect and Austin really fucked up. You can see his face of regret. If only he listened to Catherine and trusted the professional interior designers that he agreed to design his house

    • badgirlshoney and that’s your opinion that it was a shitty job decorating I actually like the ace family’s decorations.

    • badgirlshoney lmao their house their call. 🤷🏼‍♀️ agree to disagree

  • The vibes in this video vs the Lebrant family is like night and day....

  • absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  • He’s sooooooo regretting not letting you do their whole house....hahaha...idiot!!!!

  • I find it ridiculous that the two little girls have to share a bedroom when they live in an insane mansion, like WTF?!

  • She’s three I’m 16 but I still want that bedroom😂

  • But why are they called the ACE fam tho? Aren't they supposed to be like the McBroom fam or smn? I mean I get that it could be A- Austin C- Catherine E- elle but what about alaia and steel? Uhhh can someone explain?

  • Fab!! Love ❤️ creative weirdo 😘

  • i hate how austin feels so intitled, sure its yur house but you asked them for something huge and their kind souls agreed to help you and you have the audacity to take that away from them after they spent time and money... i definitly un subscribed to the ace family after this

  • This is for a 10 year old not a 3 year old I need you Mr kate

  • Does anyone know where her white platform shoes are from?

  • i can't believe they had to go out to feed their baby in the driveway?!! the ace fan didnt even let them stay in their house to do that. so disgusting!!

  • *wow, all of these rooms in their house and they couldn’t even let baby Moon sleep in one of them...*

  • Honestly I would love to know where Austin got that hanging bird cage. It was mad cute not gonna lie

  • Both rooms are amazing good job and moon’s face as you’re opening up The toy kitchen is like "mom you’re embarrassing me"

  • Honestly I love how much effort you put in each one of these rooms from the bottom of your heart, but I personally love this one the best because I love the Rose gold vibes and the flowers, butterflies and literally everything about it!

  • If Austin were to have a death experience he would come back and apologize to everyone he’s heartlessly fucked over and he would be more greatful for everything they have. He’s too much of a horrible person.

  • CATHERINE DESERVES BETTER. I’ve been upset with him for a while now things are just getting so unacceptable.!

  • The ace family is rude and annoying no offense but it would be better without austin you are so talented

  • so this guy thought that on the first day they wouldve already started designing? smh. gosh this guy needs to be educated about the fact that measurements taping and other stuff . They also were pregnant. tf is going on in his mind?

    • @Destiny Torres why should I?

    • Edit ur comment and put “Austin”

  • Omg how do I get there number my daughter needs a room that beautiful 😳🤯🤗

  • I love the fact that the whole comment section is about how rude austin was and uncomfortable the video was. I LOVE IT.

  • literally what was Austin in a rush for ? they HIRED Mr. Kate. as a father, you’d think Austin would’ve been understanding of the SPECIAL time Mr. Kate & Joey were spending with their new baby... but for some reason he couldn’t wait a few months for them? like he and catherine waited a year for the house to be built, what’s a few more months, austin just infuriates me lol

  • This is so beautiful! May I have the name of the pink paint color in the girls bedroom? It’s perfect and just what I’m wanting for my daughters nursery!

  • poor katherine you can tell how happy she was and how much she wished mr. kate could’ve done more of the house

  • 5:55

  • "clean playroom look" ... lol

  • Joey don't be wanting to give Moon away lol. Kate would walk up with her arms out and Joey is just like soo lol

  • Jesus loves you all!

  • Wow 🤩 amazing

  • This reveal called me poor in 100 different languages LoL

  • That huge house and they make their girls share a room AND a bed? Wth?

  • Literally stunning, a dream.

  • The bedroom was my favorite you have ever done, besides your own home!

  • The Ace family is great BUT... Austin-

  • that big A$$ house with all that money and THEY HAVE TO SHARE A ROOM

  • If mr.Kate did my room I would be so grateful. I understand that Austin was getting impatient but what he did what rude and made him look bad.

  • Austin was soooo toxic. Honestly no one should be treated like this. ESPECIALLY new parents/pregnant parents!!

  • I'm so glad Joey and Kate didnt get involved in Ace's mentality. Clearly Ace sees everything as HIS and Catherine is welcome to enjoy HIS space but he makes it painfully clear that SHE has NO AUTHORITY whatsoever be he home or away. But he will do anything for his kids. You better believe Catherine KNOWS why the caged bird sings.😔....I feel bad for her as he has her trapped in the mentality that she cant live well without him.

  • Catherine: He will be fine Me: Famous last words..

  • I’m so confused, they have a huge mansion but can’t give the girls their own rooms? Or even their own beds?!!

  • Really wish you could of done the whole house, I feel like y’all would of done some incredible things with this house!

  • Crazy how you even put moon down for a nap in Jefree ⭐️ house but you had to feed him in the car & have him nap in the car while at the ace family house 😳😒

  • Did anyone else see Kate's tattoo that said 'a tattoo' 🤣🤣

  • Can someone please explain to me why Austin is so disliked? I’m so confused