Epic Beauty Room Makeover for Tati Westbrook | Glamlifeguru x Mr. Kate | OMG We're Coming Over

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Ožu 2017.
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A Mr. Kate Production
Shot by: Brad Etter and Marco Bottiglieri
Edited by: Oleksii Babenko
Sound: Tammy Martinez
Grip: Vianne Robitaille


  • I'm simply without words ... filming in the new beauty studio is so amazing! It has immediately become my favorite room in my home. Thank you Kate, Joey and Team - you guys were amazing!!!! xo's ~ Tati

    • Anyone else on a binge tour after the Dolan twins drama? 😀

    • I am huge fan

    • Girl this room was EVERYTHING!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    • This video is so cute. Love you Tati

    • Omg I cried when you started to cry because of how you started and then now you’ve grown so much! 😭💗

  • well that hairstyle didn't age well...

  • Omg...you guys built that vanity and all the shelves this house is on realtor right now...are you selling it now???

  • amazing living room 👍

  • Please do my house

  • Tati doesn’t look at Kate while talking she only looks at her husband 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • aaaaand now they're selling the house.

  • Say, "yes! Joey!" and smile!

  • This amazing and beautiful. I love love your channel.

  • September 2020?

  • Wowww Mr Kate u look magical in this video and so does the room.. feels so good to see ur vids😘

  • The wall which kate did with brushes .... I didnt liked it before but after the reveal it look amazing ❤❤❤❤

  • Just glamorously beautiful i love all the furniture & everything about this room great job kate &Joey

  • Joey look so slim in this video but this was 3 years ago...he looks a whole lot different today....Love Mr.Kate

  • Too bad Tati moved now

  • Why am i crying 😭😭

    • @Sky Love being a beauty you tuber is not easy am struggling right now for 4k watch hrs, but seeing tati and the journey she started almost 10yrs ago, brings me joy and hope to hold on on to content creating until the right time. Waiting is hard, for me but again "delay is not denial"

    • Yea why r u crying?

  • We are attracted by beauty everywhere. And all is beautiful in your videos!

  • No lie, looking back on these older episodes Joey seems salty 😅...

  • quarantine makes old content popular.

  • Ugh... I cried too! Tati is such a sweetheart!

  • I'm just binge watching everything while lying onmy bed😂

  • This is my favorite WACO you guys have done! This is my third time watching this episode. Just binging all the WACO’s to bring some positivity❤️

  • I never knew you renovated her beauty studio?!? CRAZY!!! Love it

  • why are all the comments from this month 😭😭 this was three years ago

    • We're all bored in quarantine and binging Mr Kate 😂

    • There have been articles this week about her home, linking this video.

    • Ummmmm, cause everyones locked up at home around the world.... Duuuuhhhhh 🙄

    • LMFAOO i came to this video after seeing jeffree star’s

    • aishah hanani why is this comment from 1 hour ago?

  • I would cry too if they did my place 😭

  • tati is sooo sweet 🥰🥺😭💖

  • What a huge, beautiful and cozy beauty room!😍❤️

  • Seen the rainbow studio from jessie just before this one and ICANNOTDECIDE. so different but both so awesome. Good lord i need more rooms 😳👍😍

  • What happened to the hang curtains as high as you can rule?

  • We love a humble ass Tati 😩

  • Kate looks a lot like Ashley Simpson lake hello

  • You guys are so talented beautiful design love it

  • Who is here after she changed her name to Tati not glamlifeguru

  • LOVE THIS!!!

  • I love it kate! Its like a NYC tiny outfit store!

  • This is awsome!

  • Thats so weird seing her without a baby and pink hair

  • wow.....how come kate is so creative and full of brilliant ideas ..Amazing

  • I love tati💜💜

  • Never wear your hair like this again plz

    • Tyeisha D hunny pick your chinS up and smile don’t be such a bitch :)

    • Opiatus oh yeah, I kind of agree with that haha

    • @Toru - Tyeisha D is the racist in this equation.

    • Opiatus uninformed or ignorant, maybe. But racist is going a little overboard. When has Kate showed prejudice against other races??

    • @Idk Help She's just being a small minded racist little fool.

  • tati looks very uptight needs to relax a little bit- she reminds me of those shows- wives of something....

  • Filming area with a mirror in the back wall? Oh well..

    • You sound dumb asf

    • Matheus Moreira huh

    • Kate Wallace lol obviously, that’s why I’m not telling you to not comment whatever you want, unlike you errr oop whatever

    • @Kate ur welcome

    • Kate Wallace wtf, I can have whatever opinion I wanna have on a mirror facing a camera, whether it appears on a video or not (?) as if you’re someone to tell me what and when to do, get over it

  • You guys knock it out of the park every time!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Can you come to my house just bought a house this year.. 😭🤗 pls .. I will be happy with just a bathroom upgrade... 🙌

  • It’s sad that Tati changed most things in the room ): I think she didn’t really liked it

    • Lili Mauren Recamier Rodriguez and even if it's true that Tati change the room, it's only natural bcs it's been three years ago. Bet she needs a change for refreshment.

    • The videos you’re seeing recently are from her home in Seattle

    • No she did not. Its still the same

    • what did she change?

  • Decapge glue/moge poge

  • is it just me or does Kate sometimes look like Bella thorne?????

    • Ines Chaudet and joey look like zach efron sometimes lol

  • Second time watch it ... after 3 years !!!! It’s corona time

  • How did I miss this episode? I'm watching in April 2020 😊

    • Billen Yohannes I’ve always just overlooked it because I didn’t know who Mr. Kate was and now I’m hooked!

    • OMG same! I always saw Tati's background & thought WOW its amazing! Never knew Mr. Kate did it! Makes so much sense now!!

    • Same

    • same!

    • same :)

  • why her hair look like coronavirus

  • OMG I've been watching tati for about 2 years now and I always wondered, how her room looked like. And the background always looked so good. Now I see it's beautiful 😱

    • I just commented almost the same exact thing above! Lol so true!

  • I miss these kind of episodes

    • joselyn garibay they still do them -

  • To all of you coming from jeffree stars video and complaining about the intro song, you obviously don't know mr.kate and their fun and quirky style. Hence the name creative weirdos. This has been their iconic song forever!

    • Brontasaurus Im lost why would they say anything about the intro

  • I’m obsessed with Tati !!!! ❤️

  • Still iconic 3 yrs later

  • 'I just sat on the corner of my bed with a caboodle of makeup' ....>_> *coughs*

    • I miss caboodles! They need to bring them back exactly how they were done back then! They'd sell out like crazy... You already know...

  • Kate is literally so beautiful... she’s so unique looking and like wow 😍😍😍 and her style is impeccable

    • Dezarae I exactly 💓

    • Ikr! Like so beautiful! Even pregnant, after the baby, no make up on, dark roots showing.... Doesn't matter. I love people like that who have just natural unique beauty that it doesn't matter what you got going on. When people are so beautiful on the inside, it doesn't matter what situation you're working with on the outside, it'll always make you beautiful.

    • Rightttt!

  • Kate’s hair is AMAZING

  • Tati is so beautiful wow

  • Just watched Jeffree"s Spa transformation, and it was magical, had to see how Tati's Beauty room I've watched for so long, was created, gorgeous!!! I'm late to this party but I'm fan!!

    • I literally made the same path 😂

    • Same!! Im on the quarantine binge rn

  • omg I love your hair kate!


  • I miss this hair on him

  • Awww.... I have watched so many of Tati’s videos and I never knew that you guys did her studio. That’s so awesome.

  • Beautiful

  • I just finished watching Jeffree's finished spa and it turned out amazing! This one did too. Obviously I've seen the finished product in Tati's videos but watching how it was constructed makes it that much better. Such great work! Been binge watching these during isolation torture! Lol.

    • TheTaxburden same

    • @Zineb El Hamdani It really does! So much space!! Now that's the kind of house to self isolate in!!

    • Agreee. They are extremely talented. I wish they did more of jeffree's house, it has a lot of potential.

    • @Zineb El Hamdani if only they would come do my whole house. After all this time at home, I'm tired of looking at the same things over and over again. Lol.

    • Same. Omg.

  • awwwwww♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Omg I can’t even get a good photo ever bc of my lighting, what I wouldn’t do for a glam room! 💕🤩 I would do lives but my makeup room is my living room lol


  • OMG I remember when I first watched this video when it first came out... here we are 3 yrs later & I can't believe how "little" Kate & Joey look pre-baby Moon! 👶🏻 omg love them so much 🤍

    • That was my thought too! It's awesome watching them at different stages of their lives.

  • That storage space... OMG! ♥️

  • I feel like Tati and Joey were flirting

  • This was the first video of yours I watched and then immediately binged every single one and have been a huge fan ever since. You keep getting better and better but this video still has a very special place in my heart.

  • How did I ever miss this video?!

    • Same! I only knew to track it down because of the clip at the end of the Jeffree Star reveal video!

    • yeah i just found out abt this from when they changed jefree’s spa!

    • SAME!!!

  • where does she live because that room is huge

    • I don't think its a room in her house. It's a building outside.

  • whos come after Jefferys spa reveal!!!

    • Me hehe I can't believe they did Tati's beauty room ahh so beautiful

    • Yesss i saw the outro on jefferys and i thought she had made a new video with tati

    • ME! i can’t believe i haven’t watched this video 😂

  • Wow. I love tatis beauty room. I didn't know you guys had done it. So nice seeing her reaction

  • what is deckupodge? it looks like modpodge

    • Lauren Nicole it’s the same thing. Modpodge is just the most common brand of decoupage

  • ive always liked Tatis set up I didnt realize y'all did it

  • I really love how you styled your hair. Looks really nice!

  • i’m coming from the jeffree star spa video and I did NOT know mr. kate built tati’s iconic beauty room until the end of the spa video wtffff

  • Who else is watching all there old videos because of the quarantine?

  • Tati and him make a good couple too

    • Racheal Cook it’s Tati and her husband jeez why are YOU thinking of that 🌝

    • @Madame Belle Hahaha I love how you had to point this out. People are crazy

    • Yess

    • @Racheal Cook maybe he meant her and her husband?

    • Eddy127 have some respect

  • She just isn't a nice person but love you Kate

    • If you want nice wholesome and like no shade thrown to anyone beauty HRdownr watch NikkieTutorials

    • Yesmin V ya this comment didn’t age well if you want wholesome NikkieTutorials

    • Keep your negative thoughts to yourself

    • @Rubi Chavarria bro he sat down next to her, da faq was she supposed to do. Scoot away like he smelled?

    • @Yesmin V have you met tati in person? Probably not. You don't really *know* her. You know what she shows you.

  • That rug is on the app design home and its 6000

  • How mr Kate and Joey are acting in this video is giving me Jenna and Julien vibes. Joey just got to do it to em’

  • Any one else rewatches all their OMG videos .? Feb 2020

  • I love you with blonde hair!

    • Seriously! They both looked great then! Now their look is a little more skid-row(ish) but whatever 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • I loved this so much😏

  • Leslie Hernandez office room

  • Old people candy.

  • Wow, I wonder how many tens of thousands this must have cost! 😱

  • Love your hair !

  • Please get rid of those rows. You are so beautiful. And talented.

    • Let her do what she wants also why would she notice a little bitch fucking 10 year old that doesn’t care for anyone

    • They're so cute on her shut up

    • This was almost 3 years ago btw

    • Bren Jamison let her be lmao

  • That’s so cool that Mr. Kate did that iconic room!

  • She really appropriated our culture like rhat

    • Hunny if she was like omg this is how black/Indian/Vikings wore there hair let me make it American then yes that would be but if anything she is understanding people’s culrtuare

    • It's like saying a black girl or guy can't straighten their hair

    • It's just fucking hair calm down and stop acting dumb. People like playing with their hair and doing different hairstyles. You curl your hair YouR AppRoIatiSn oUr CuLturE

    • STFU

    • @Kirsten Tippit thank you. If it isn't mocking anyone it ain't a problem. It's just a damn hairstyle.

  • Wow, Tati is like the most beautiful woman ever

  • I didn't realize Mr. Kate made her room! Cool!

  • How did I not know about you guys before this week!!????

  • This looks legitimately great! 😍 XOXO 😉