Extreme Bathroom Renovation | Mr. Kate Decorates

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Stu 2018.
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Shot by: Chris Phelps, Tim Banks
Swing: Ben Smith
Sound: Chris Cole
Art Department: Emily Banks
Production Assistant: Dee Smith


  • How about that Before & After!?!? I was about 8 & 10-11 weeks pregnant shooting this video so no demolition for me! Thanks Joey for doing all the dusty stuff. Hope you guys love this transformation!

    • the way he looks at you omg its so beautiful, the absolute love between yall is amazing. the work yall so inspires so many..talent radiates off of u both. xoxo

    • Mr. Kate to me I think you look good in blonde it makes you look so much more beautiful. It brings out your cheekbones. Nice.

    • This is really really hard n amazing job you guys did it....love u..guys...

    • man i wish my "master bath" was that big. my sink toilet and bath all touch creating a full square with absolutely no space for a trash can to sit nicely tucked away. the bathroom door always hits it and it gets in the way when i enter and exit the shower. MY BATHROOM NEEDS HELP.

    • It was such an amazing transformation 😍😍 good job Joey and Kate

  • Can you come to Portland area, please!

  • How much it costs? I so want to revamp our guest bathroom

  • I really like the sink...you can mail it to me please

  • I wonder how difficult it was to move the sink and open up the wall for that window.

  • They did a lovely job (as usual) but I didn't think a condo would allow them to install larger windows AND fan. Joey is always kissing, kissing, kissing! :-*

  • What is the size of this bathroom?

  • This couple is so cute! She is so happy and he is like what ever kinda chill! Good balance!

  • You guys are amazing!

  • OMG!! This is a magical makeover. Just wow!

  • Joey your a bathroommagician🤩🤩🤩

  • i always fall in luv w the people you work w and they were no exception! what a sweet couple! i hope the love their new space

  • Please do their entire home, they deserve it❤️

  • Thanks for the idea of just changing the door open out instead of in. Our guest bath is so small. Cant wait to get my husband to do it.

  • 2:10 I thought she was going to 😭

  • but who pays for the appliances and every thing or is it free.plz tell me.

  • That is amazing

  • Love the floor tile

  • Wooooow what an amazing bathroom !!! Looks so much bigger and better ! You guys are amazing !

  • if they were in australia they would definetly need to go on The Block

  • I think you both did an amazing job. Oh my Goodness!

  • Love this couple!

  • Wow you two are so awesome! when I have my own house ill definitely write in! I love all your videos!!!

  • This is one of the most incredible renovations of yours! 😍 Who thought that bathroom can look this Classy! Damn.. You guys are magicians ❤️

  • Wow

  • They did such an AMAZING job as usual, but Joey really shined in this episode!!

  • Are pocket doors functional? If you are worried about the way a door swings in a master suite, is that a good option or no?

  • 😱💣💣💣

  • Great job Joey & Kate! ❤️ (Vanessa from Philippines)

  • I had to watch the reaction twice. So cute.

  • So impressive. Great job!

  • Gorgeous 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Why does Kate look like Dora the Explorer?

  • I am watching it in 2020...and like, OMG, what they did!!! This deserves SO MUCH MORE VIEWS!!!

  • Goose bumps .....so epic...you two are such the greatest team💕

  • Leslie Hernandez office room

  • kate you need to throw a surprise thankyou party to Joey for all his years of hard physical labour!!!!

  • You need to get on netflix, no actually netflix needs to get you on 😍

  • personally id love the before sink for myself aaa

  • Wow. You two are truly who i inspire to be as a designer. You all can make any room so amazing!

  • You are simply awesome and amazing I love your ideas and perfection 🥰

  • I loved it, loved that floor tile, I wish y’all could travel to Georgia. Hey did y’all put in an exhaust fan? I was managing my two kiddos while watching so not sure if I just missed it

  • How can I write on for help. I’m obsessed with your channel. We are moving into our new home but want to convert a half bath/laundry room into a full bath. I need help. Freaking out. Please help!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Just gorgeous! Huge difference

  • Love this!

  • Awwwww such a beautiful family I’m glad they loved it loll awwww

  • Wow! Really got to hand it to Joey on this one with all that hard work! Looks nice. :) Also the camera person was able to be in the bathroom as well in the end, so lots of space!

  • Deserves over a million likes

  • You are soooo👍

  • I'm crying because it's been almost 2 years since buying our house and we still have to shower in the garage. Please show more renovation type videos.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow.. Everytime I see a new video I'm more and more astounded at what Joey can DO like WTH?!

  • Joey you are the 🌟 of this episode!!!🔥🔥🔥

  • You guys should come to New Zealand

  • Kate:Joe u gon8ng to breack everything thing in the bathroom Joe:Breadking mode on! Breaks everything

  • What a transformation! So beautiful!

  • Love, love, love, love!!! ❣

  • You guys gave this bathroom a mommy makeover😭❤️


  • Do you guys ever do east side , i love in nj and love for u both to do my bathroom... like my bathroom is so tiny 6 by 4... how do i win a bathroom makeover ot bedroom?

  • Here’s what bugs me about interior design. They had a two sink vanity with one sink. That means they had extra counter space and if you look they used it. Not to mention the cupboards underneath. Then you took all that away and replaced it with a vanity with no counter space and half the cupboard space. Functionally that makes absolutely no sense

  • How tall is Kate ?? Lol


  • I love that you always appreciate the need for creative and lovey storage areas. I give this one a 9...no one's perfect..YET! LOL. 🤗🤗🤗

  • how much do they charge tho

  • I think it is BEAUTIFUL! ... However... There is no place to hang a second towel (and there are two people using it constantly), there is no where to store shampoos, etc, in the shower except for the floor, there is no counter space, and everything is visible everywhere! All absolutely gorgeous. But this is definitely form over function.

  • You guys Rock. So talented...

  • That was awesome. Unbelievably my bathroom is half that size. I wish you were in the UK.

  • My mom has given me free reign to interior design the main bathroom. First time I have been able to do this to their house. I am thinking a nice blue with accents of gold for the colors, but I am not sure if that is exactly what I want to do yet. I am so excited to do it! 😃

  • That sink!!! OMG! That sink! >_

  • they are both so smart and talented omg

  • The lady voice, ugh.

  • Wish you guys where in italy would have made u do mine house

  • If you have a male in your home, consider getting an urinal! They use less water than a standard toilet also.

  • Kate is LITERALLY next level talented ooof

  • Y’all should do more renovations

  • They are the cutest couple!!

  • That was really awesome 👏🏻

  • who else likes the OG sink 😍 it’s cuuute

  • Joey’s skills are inspiring ✨

  • I need you in my house!!!! AMAZING!

  • Wow drastic before and after they probably say thank u Mr.kate everytime they use the bathroom.. Joey did great.

  • Pretty sure the couple needs help with the whole house. Too much of the blue in the bedroom. Love the floor tiles.

  • i mean I know it had to do, but I really like the aesthetic of the sink itself.. If it had the same molding and just some pastel blue or pink flowers it would be soooo cute for a girl's room

  • Wooow

  • after seeing before and after i claim every video is my favorite. but this videoo is officallllyy my favorite omfggg !!!.

  • What a difference! Definitely needed a Mr Kate touch.

  • Tedious task, have to demolish the whole bathroom. The place feels bigger & brighter now. Good job.

  • This was my favorite transformation of Mr. Kate's ever😍😍😍

  • LOVE THIS!! Fabulous!

  • Love y’all

  • Wow wow and wow

  • I'd be so mad if my bathtub was gone. Love a relaxing soak every now and then.

  • Ha! This bathroom is like 2x the size of mine! Literally room only to open the door. Love the idea of changing the door so it swings outwards.

  • Why is stuff so cheap in America?! Is your average income really low?

  • I'm so happy for the couple

  • They straight up called them do to their dirty work. 😂

  • I just find Joey so amazing in carpentry works.

  • You guys are seriously so so so amazing! I wish you guys could travel to homes outside of the LA area because I need help here in a different state! Lol you guys have the best visions for rooms, and they always get executed perfectly.

  • 9:00 dora?