Fairy Lights Bedroom Makeover Goals! | Mr. Kate Decorates

Datum objavljivanja: 2. Pro 2017.
We're making fairy light bedroom magic happen! Thanks so much World Market for sponsoring today's makeover! Watch the full World Market Holiday video here: goo.gl/bZBCni
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  • Yay! Another amazing room!! This room is definitely Pinterest worthy!🙂🙂

  • Who’s Herę in 2020

  • That whining annoying voice is sooo irritating. "STOP DOING THAT!"

  • Poor videography. Pull back. Show expanse then some detail. No need to see mr Kate and spouse all the time. Thx, trying to watch this channel.

  • She May Be Happy But I'm Eyeball Crying Happy. For What You Did For Her. Her Mind Can Now Expand To Meditate On The Important Principles. When She Get Time to Focus on Studies. It Is What You. Beautiful. Couple Did For Her Area Of Stress. Mr Kate Joey You Are Awesome... !!!! When You Can Come Home and Mentally Relax, It Means The World. People May Not Know How Hard That Is Sometimes When You Are Focusing On School But Have To Keep A Room Over Your Head. Mr Kate You and Joey Relieved A Tremendous Amount Of Stress.. God Bless You Guys!!! God Bless The Threesome Mommy, Joey and Moon!!! You Will Be A Household Name on TV!!!! I Like Your Unselfish Hearts. You Care Beyond The Money People Have. That's Human Love For The World.

  • me worrying what shhes gonna do when its time to wash

  • Hi Kate and Joey you guys did an amazing job like always. Moon is so cute and honestly I would love for you guys to redo my room! ❤️😊

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  • 2020 anyone???

  • All amazing but the curtains r bit off .. so curtains must be changed and must me replaced with some plain ..... just a suggestion

  • These are officially the two most whiny, nasal, obnoxious people I’ve ever watched on HRdown. Thankfully, I have a mute button because I liked her work, just can’t stand listening to them.

  • that’s my name😂😂

  • I watched so many MrKate videos and I still don't know what to do with my room

  • I do 2 jobs and I'm already dying. I salute her!!!

  • the autogenerated captions always give me a giggle. when mr kate was talking about the curtains in the room reveal the caption read "and i love the curry and beer.. i mean i just love it" :D 19:55

  • Curtains source online?

  • Omg it's awesome lovely decoration 😊👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤loved it

  • 2020 people here?

  • OMG that is the style that i have been loving love it LOL

  • 2020 anyone..........?

  • I had a friend in HS, her name is Stacey.. anyways Kate for some reason remind me of her. Always wonder what happened to her..

  • I wish I could get a room like that😁

  • Small budget big makeover is may be its remake but it has Indian touch love that show also

  • Girl keep you hands on the steering wheel you going to have a car crash

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  • Your hair and your style... adorable, just in case no one else mentioned it...

  • I cAsUaLLy only have a matress on the floor with bankets and a body mirror

  • ME

  • I literally watched you do the fairy lights and still can’t figure out how to do them 😂

  • i bet joey knows how to do them curtains with his eyes closed now lol

  • i just yelled GO JOEY TWO ROLLS GO and my mum was so confused :0 :)

  • My fav

  • that bed was so good...…...…...u guys are the best...……...love u mr.kate……….

  • Thiz couple is a magical duo!🍄

  • And here I am, after two years, watching this video for the thousandth time, more motivated than ever to finally work in that amazing ceiling with light that always wanted to make since the first time I watched this. Hahaha. Thanks Mr. Kate.

  • Haitians in the house!!!! oh, loved the room. lol

  • hello Mr Kate i am in Pakistan and i want to do my room please help me i love you and your work

  • That bed has more pillows than the amount of pillows in my whole house 😂

  • Mr.kate do u charge people to decorate

  • " i feel like i have a grownup room!!! while still maintaining... myself😌" i love her!!!!💖💖💖

  • Pls decorate my room 🤗

  • Gothic room!! Medival inspired metal soldier!!! Steampunk room!!!! Mr. KATE, GIRLFRIEND!!! Bring it

  • My daughter LOVED this! As soon as we are done with our overseas tour and we move into our home, this is what she wants. 💙

  • I wish that store was where I lived and I want you to decorate my room I would love it if you come I love you !

  • Every retail workers nightmare at 8:43

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  • The bed was a gorgeous focal point in the room! I also did not realize the potential of Bohemian vibes! I dig it!

  • 2020

  • Y does she look like hailey baldwin.. 😭😊

  • Love this!! You guys are amazing. Please X consider me for a makeover kitchen. I've had the same one for 40 years! NO JOKE !!!! I need help please. Love you guys❤️

  • Plz come to mememmemeemmememememe!!

  • In the background there is a chair that I actually have in my house. Go to 9:09 to find it! It’s red-ish with lots of patterns! Yayyy! Also please sub to me!!!!! It would be greatly appreciated!

  • I love what you guys do! Oh & i also like your hat. What are they called?

  • I loveeetttt! Really! OMG! Such an amazing transformation! How I wish I can also do this to my room! Huhu! I like how they really based their idea not just from their own preference but you would really feel how personalized it is depends on the owner's personality. ☺😍

  • OMG I LOVE THIS ROOM. I'm currently doing my room and I wish u could do it but I live in the UK😥.Mr Kate u are gorgeous and sooo inspiring so is Joey. This girl earnt it as she had like 4 jobs!!!! I always go to bed watching ur videos and my head explodes with ideas

  • Is it free

  • the intro song makes me cringe like crazy, every time I hear it.

  • Love the fairy theme soo inspirational!!😃

  • I liked the room but, if I was decorating my room that way, I would've made the curtains white and remove the super colorful throw pillow, but apart from that 100% a e s t e t h i c c ♡︎

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  • Looks like a teenager's bedroom tbh

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  • Kate, I love you. I'm sure you're doing really well financially with all these videos. Hope you've bought a better bra at this point. Not hating, just saying. Love you!

  • Love, love, loved the original artwork! Great work, y'all!

  • I love this so much ! although like joey I'm so paranoid about fire hazards with the twinkle lights I always end up leaving my on for just a few hours then I switch them off

  • Love the room!!💕

  • Mr Kate and Joey bring so much joy to the world

  • I can't believe how skinny you look here!!!!

  • My question is, how can I style my room and make it seem less cluttered when I have several collections? I collect snow globes, glass bottles, cat figurines and porcelain dolls. I don’t want to just hide them all away, but there’s so much of it all and so eclectic that any way I try to style my room is immediately offset by these items ///: Also, what should I do when I have very conflicting styles? I love fairy lights and soft muted earthy tones, but my primary style is industrial 😅😅😅 I need major help!

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  • I hate what she picked out in the store but when she puts it all together it looked beautiful

  • I Love the twinkle light curtain the fur the glam. Wish you could do a road trip to Dixon Illinois to bring my rustic home to a Glitter, Glam, flowers, traditional, enchanted she shed Sanctuary with a chandelier after going through a long drawn out divorce for the past 9 years I need a new start. Love your Videos. I'm working backwards to watch all your videos.

  • i want you to do that to my room!!!

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  • Imagine cleaning this room and having to put everything together again once every month

  • I live in canada...I have a VERY small room....I share with my older sister...🙁 HELP

  • has four jobs. rent is bad. has fucking AYN RAND

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  • When you guys said glow up 2018 was like awwww its 2020 now like your videos never get old that are so fun to watch and they make me happy that you do that to people and making them happy wich makes me happy❤

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  • I loved this my favorite part was the fairy lights with the curtains and the paint on the walls really brightened up the room it’s so nice ! ♥️