James Charles Surprise Room Makeover! | OMG We’re Coming Over!

Datum objavljivanja: 5. Vel 2019.
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Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Chris Miller
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Sam Valladres, Gabe Gonzales, Joe Oosthuizen


  • just gonna say most of us creative weirdos are also sisters

  • Melissa

  • i want them to decorate his new space

  • Wow she's so talented

  • Joey looks like Zac Efron here

  • Who is here after moon Is born !

    • R u kidding moon borned like a year ago

  • I love ur collab with the LaBrant fam !

  • I’ve been watching u for 3years now

  • Nick “sound guy” is so precious aha

  • *Love you daddy* haha

  • joey was actually...kinda good on the piano-😭💀💀

  • I love you so much guys

  • Mr Kate remains the most unproblematic youtuber

  • is that a bug on the floor at 29:39 ?

  • Who is watching this during quarantine?

  • I don’t know how she does this much stuff while pregnant. When my mom was pregnant with my baby brother, all she did was lay sprawled out on her bed, complain, and wish to disintegrate

  • who else thinks the intro is so annoying

  • Partners with Samsung. Has apple

  • U guys have come so far from the first time I start d watching u I can’t stop watching ur videos they inspire me so much ❤️

  • Who else is binging their episodes during quarantine ?

  • Who realized he bleached his hair after seeing Joey Graceffa’s room makeover

  • Is it just me or does anyone else love there intro

  • Who’s watching and right before the reveal and ad comes on? Happens to me all the time 😂

  • How many times they said sisters 😅

  • I did not know you were pregnant I’m glad that I came back to this channel because I forgot about it I’m so sorry because I forgot to subscribe the last time I was here I bet your babies going to be so cute And I wish you guys can come over and decorate my new bedroom

  • Who else is binging mrkate?? (Omg thank you for so many likes)!!

  • 7:02 was that me or did I hear him say love u daddy

    • Crystal Thomas yeah I heard it and was wondering why nobody else was pointing it out or talking about it.

  • Pepel with I phone 😍😍😍😍 Samsun o wow

  • I love how the video is in partnership with Samsung and I got an apple ad😂 omg and btw I love you videos so much you are so amazing at what you do, I want to have a sense of style like you!!!💗

  • What are the white paint colors on the wall?

  • why there's a lot of viewer unlike👎 mr. kates videos? they are very good in there work and making impossible to possible ideas.

    • Kate and Joey are the best 😀

    • I mean... I also really don't understand but it's not that much and it doesn't affect anything

  • I'm just now seeing this (a year later) and tbh I was like " mmmhm this reminds me of Jeffree's video" then to see that it was two months ago... And that's the shady sister tea for anyone who sees this...

  • I wanted to be a teacher but now I’m dying to be a designer

  • Mr Kate at 0:34 looks a lot like Hasley

  • Wait... I need the link to your HGTV special! 😮

  • I wish I had a Mr. Kate in Tampa Bay 😭

  • Is it just me, but I don’t like when HRdownrs just start calling everyone by whatever name they chose for their viewers and especially annoying when I haven’t seen them before, and don’t know if I want to be a part of their community LOL! Like, I love this channel, but I don’t exactly enjoy being called a weirdo [creative or otherwise], EVERY time I watch a new video. Also, wasn’t that the phone with the exploding battery? 🤔😵

  • Lol Feb. 9th that's my birthday!!🤣🤣🤣

  • joey is so good looking

  • Imagine having your entire foyer re-decorated and the first thing you do is complain about helping move YOUR OWN STUFF

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  • Omg yesssss!!!!! An HGTV show😱😱😱. I’m so excited to see the Help My House!!!! I’m addicted to that channel!!!!!

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  • Love you guys

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  • Who else is watching this in 2020 And who else found this show Bc of Liza Kesha

  • As im watching this video on my samsung note9 like OMG!!!!!!!! like wow i promise that i did not watch this video and made this conent to sound cool i have never watched this video and i have a purple S pen because if you lose you S pen you can order a new one you can get purple , rose gold the oringanal colour and i think you may be able to get a black one they have a button on them and when you press it will erase you misstakes when your drawing its super cool and on the Samsung note10+ when you use your S pen and you swipe up in mide air it can sqipe up in real life well it was alwase in real life sorry if im confusing and im just writing because im bored and its 2:06 am in the morning also this phone is kinda hard to work with for me because its hard for me to find any phone cases for this its so hard because you search it on ebay it will come up with cases for different types of phones i dont know why it dose that i hate it sorry for babalung on for so longgggggggg but you have nothing to do today like me because you have made it this far i cant belive you because you did it you can leave or suffer for even loger butttttttt please you dont have to stay any longer because im leaving you soon but dont cry will probly be back soon so BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know why i just pressed edit ok now BYE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holy Hell Joey is Gorgeous 🔥 I need him in my life love you too Mr. Kate

  • Me watching this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 then immediately seeing this video was made in partnership with the Device 😲, amazing transformation too. I especially love their skills to be able to transform a place on a tight budget in other videos, amazing channel and production skills, plus obviously the craftsmanship from Joey too when making shelves and such! :)

  • I am SOOOOOO happy that u guys now have a TV show! I LOVE interior design u guys r awesome keep up the AMAZING work!

  • 0:55 Modest much....jeeze

  • "Id rather donate make up to people who really need it"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying

  • lindas presence kinda awkward

  • that guy wearing makeup is so creepy.

  • Hello maam /sir we are from brains n brands v do wall designing n v all do event managements plz do call for any query o9711177017

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  • “Love ya Joey” “Okay” 😂

  • Imagine how good the ace family home would’ve looked if Austin didn’t go ahead and decorate..!

  • I got a jigsaw saw for Christmas when I was 10

  • Omg my brother was just sick all over me and I just got dressed ugh 😩

  • Haiiiii i wuv u

  • No Comment🤫

  • I think Nick the sound guy is the best employee ever!!!

  • watching this video and joey sneezing in 2020 me: cOrOnAvIrUs

  • Sow nice enjoy your house

  • Shes the one in princess diaries that said “i have a melon for ur table”

  • Joey : ” I don’t make decisions, I just do stuff “ .,.. I wish all men thought like this

  • Mr.kate nice job

  • The way he look at her

  • Help my house

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  • They’re so down to earth ♥️

  • help my house

  • I really want them to do Emma Chamberlains rooom

  • dont you just wish they traveled the world cause my bedroom seriously needs a makeover - English creative weirdo xxx

  • bro. i legit thought they were siblings at first. then Joey was like “can you be my sister if your my wife?”. i was legit so confused.😂😂

  • I think when he really will play his Baby Grand Piano, his nails will have to change ;)

  • I love u guys :)

  • I can’t stand this guy he is so up himself thought I could watch but can’t deal with the fakeness

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  • Hi

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  • ‘love you daddy’ did anyone else hear that?? at 7:03 if your wondering funny how he said that a few times tho lol

  • kate and joey are one of the only remaining unproblrmatic people on yt and im here for it

  • Linda bought the piano with all the extra money she made by downgrading Jaclyn’s OG palette quality.

  • lol 7:03 “love you daddy” LOL

  • Oooooh my goshhhh after I saw that partnership clip that this video is made by the partnership of samsung it was totally wicked and amazing I cannot believe it

  • Did anyone else hear love you daddy when they were leaving the living room. I’m shook.

  • Love how they said they’re gonna do his whole house, but Jeffree stars spa is bigger than his whole house lol

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