Jessie Paege’s Rainbow Mermaid Unicorn Apartment Makeover! | Mr. Kate | OMG We're Coming Over

Datum objavljivanja: 13. Tra 2017.
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Wall Colors: Rose Reminder and Fresh Apricot by Dunn Edwards
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A Mr. Kate Production
Shot by: Brad Etter and Marco Bottiglieri
Edited by: Drew Rosas
Sound: Blake Christian
Grip: Vianne Robitaille


  • Where is her room

  • look amazing living room 👍

  • Thank u Mr Kate love ur ideas u r the gods or interior designing love u

  • Joey and Kate asking for 40,000 likes, now it's 3.8 million likes!! 😘

  • I love you me.kate

  • Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make How will it turn out OMG we are coming over!

  • Kate is sooo pretty

  • I love love love the rainbow mural!!! So much so, that I want to do it in my daughter's room for her second birthday 😁 that said, was the paint watered down for that as well?

    • I think that was just regular paint. I think she only watered down the paint for the drip wall.

  • Kate: 40,000 likes would be really awesome August 2020: 150,000 likes, how's that?

  • I love the collors

  • please do a classroom

    • They have. But it was a few years ago...

  • Lol ,, what is it? It's cotton? " And kate said : ,,no, its cloud. " Im laughing so hard

  • I think this is my fave so far!!! This and Liza's outdoor!!! So so much fun!!

  • I NEED you guys to do my room. This is exactly what I want. Or maybe my first apartment.

  • Those are syringes for bike tire sealant

  • Joey *working hard* Kate *Look at my glittery, gold protrusion coming out of my forehead*

  • Ok this might be my favorite room I've seen them do yet it's awesome!!!

  • I think this is my favorite room!!! Turned out adorable!!!!

  • she reminds me of grimes

  • Woooooowwww😍😍😍😍

  • jojo siwa who?

  • I wasn't a fan of colorful rooms, like sometimes the color pallete is too much for the eye. But this one makes me appreciate it! This is so lively and fun. It's amazing!

  • My mom would love this a lot

  • Your videos help me with ideas for my room


  • too much of who do not belong to the show. otoh, you two always great work.

  • Is anybody gonna talk about how Kate’s voice cracked when she said “gReAt”

  • You know you're a pessimist when you reply 'rain' when Kate asks what we need in order to have rainbows

  • Wow jessie looks so different now (in an AMAZING way)

  • That is what I NEED AND WANT!!!!!

  • Did you no fingers don’t have any muscles your just using your bone and flesh for padding

  • I love all your jobs. You are fabulous guys.

  • is it bothering anyone else that when they laid the paint syringes out they were NOT in ORDER

  • Moriah elizabeth should see this room

  • Maybe it’s the schtick intended for this channel, but poor Joey!!

  • This is.... *jawdropping* iwanthissobadinmyhomeandiamnot18 😍✌️

  • you know what you need to get a rainbow..... rain!... Amazing idea: half the wall is a gorgeous thunderstorm with lightning and everything then the other half is a bright colorful double rainbow!!!! I want this!!!

  • Not my aesthetic but very beautiful! Kate & Joey, you are both so good at what you are doing!❤️🥰

  • Love 💗 the video and the room decor everything else!!!!!!!

  • Is it a sofa bed, where her bedroom?

    • The door by the fish painting canvas. Also that's where Jessie is when she's talking about the rest of her apartment.

  • Anyone else notice the tardis mug when she was cooking lunch Sorry I’m too obsessed with doctor who

  • Omg it’s baby Jessie.

  • Who else watching this in 2020 nope just me lol oh well yeh ok

  • K

  • Joey is going to get his cuddle dont think he wont

  • They are so cute together o my god

  • Why Joey has no shoes 😂

  • “Do I even deserve this?!” “I don’t deserve this.” Such a good reaction! 💕

  • Now we know why Jessie loves Rainbows😏🏳️‍🌈

  • Amazing..loving the cloud lamp and so funny... love the magic😍

  • I think this might be my favourite room makeover! It is so inspiring as I was debating similar colours to redo my room, but worried it would be too much. Now I know it will look amazing :)

  • Joey: “ and now we have a son” me: “welp in 2 years you will have a son”

  • its baby jessie!!!

  • This is the best makeover ever!!! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • "She understands a lot more, so it's okay if she doesn't get that one piece." Awh my heart the respect he has for her skills (rightfully)

  • LIVE DRIP liVe!

  • By FAR my favorite

  • Mood 11:31

  • I love this design so much . Wish I was young otherwise would be weird to like this i guessssssssssss............. Hmmz

  • I bet you 2 million dollars that your room doesn’t look half as good

  • Hi

  • 6:40


  • This room is amazing!! My daughter would be in love!

  • "she loves rainbows" me: laughs in future

    • @Colleen’s Cookie I’m not a ally

    • @Blossom I was correcting you. Being an ally is listening to the experiences of actual LGBTQ+ people and if you can't do that, then you can't be a true ally.

    • @Colleen’s Cookie okay and who asked for you

    • @Blossom She was always bi. She just came out.

    • Blossom omg!!!

  • I thought I was watching pi now I come back and it’s mr Kate ya know I ain’t gonna finished my work

  • Wish you can come to uk lol

  • What happens when she’s not a pices anymore

    • Thats not how star signs work...

  • Joel two rolls aha 😂😂😂

  • Me : takes selfie with garbage My caption look at my twin :D

  • I just got to see this vid I am moving and making a play room man I love this shelf I been looking how to make one for months I love it

  • Jessie is so weird mad awkward

  • I love this room and I am 39 yrs old lol...I am really drawn to these rooms but also black and white and natural rooms it is hard sometimes to combine it all cause I love so much

  • 2020 anyone ?? No , ok !

  • Can I just say I wish you could design my apartment 😭😍 so hooked on y’all videos!

  • Did anyone else notice that a sign that said fun appeared in one of the boxes at the same time she said fun? (At 23:51)

  • I fell over laughing when Joey said that making a sun was extremely hard 😂

  • Kate: “This isn’t even a color palette, this is the color wheel!” Me: “aka my room 🤣”

  • Kate looks soooooo pretty with her flower crown!!!

  • i wonder what her room looks like

  • Amazing! You are so creative! .... where did the pillows come from?.

  • I wish she could do my room 😭

  • The rugs! I have them both! Im staring at them rigjt now! I have the same rugs as jessie paege!

  • Joey: Lets get the video to a million likes, wait no that's too many. Let's get this video to 40k likes. If we only get to 3k likes it'll be pretty embarrassing... Mr Kate: 40k likes would be really awesome! (Mr. Kate imagines 40k likes 👍) Joey: I'm giving you 5 likes right now 👍👍👍👍👍 November 2019: VIdeo has 146k likes that's 40k likes for Joey, 40k likes for Mr. Kate (because that's all they asked for) and 66k likes for Jessie Paege. 👍🌈😂

  • Jessie Paege is now a pink mermaid unicorn from rainbow land!!! So magical! 🌈😂🌈😂🌈😂🌈😂🌈😂🌈😂🌈😂

  • 😍🌸

  • Amazing 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Jessie:*takes picture with dumster *

  • her audience has no age limit:) I love every room Mr kate and joey work on but what I like the most is the attention to detail and the love and excitement that goes into every piece she puts into a room; the knick-knacks, the DIY's, the throw pillows, the rugs.. etc (great job on the Sun joey!!) and I need to try that drip paint technique

  • Do you have to pay for you to decorate room

    • Yes, unless they decide to do your room for one of their episodes or you're the recipient of one of their "Under $300" room makeovers.

  • U guys did such a good gob omg

  • Im from Jessie's channel who else is

  • What is Jesse HRdown channel

    • It's in the description box.

  • OMG......After watching this video , i am like totally lost ,literally you both did awesome job , very creative ,very hard working , very independent ....i love you guys , you look perfect ,best couple in my eyes ,your husband is so romantic & loving ,you sound very cute all d time....

  • I wish y’all can do my room , you guys are amazing

  • i binge watch mr.kate

  • I really love how it turned out!!! You guys are so creative!!!!

  • step

  • Mr Kate I am an older but young at heart 58 young audience and I love to watch you and Joey I would really like to see you guys do an older but young at heart persons room makeover love you guys keep up the good work

  • love it!!