Landscaping Our Yard (At Last)! | OMG We Bought A House! | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Kol 2017.

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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Shot by: Brad Etter, Tiro Rose
Edited by: Linda Veenpere, Vianne Robitaille
Sound: Nick Carignan


  • I love when it’s so loud then goes to calming music and happy then back to stress and loud😂

  • Yalll be sooooo funny Hi plz like all there vids

  • Watching old vids for the second time since they are soooooo cute :)

  • Why did I almost cry when they cut down the pac man bush😩#stumpsup

  • Thanks for not only great design but also for how you are together. Just really enjoy you guys!!! God bless you😀

  • I think it is funny how she added moss for appearance. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of how moss increases the water capacity in the soil. #Biowierdo

  • You guys have done SUCH an incredible job making your house a home And extremely cozy precious little place to come home to each day

  • Did you plant a lemontree??

  • lmao 😂 when you guys teased each other and stole the latter! 😆

  • Hi Mr.Kate. I really like your channel. I need your advise for interior in my new home.

  • You guys are so adorable. Beautiful couple. 💋

  • I like your vedios . from pakistan

  • 👍👍👍 xxxx

  • Why does Kate NOT like to be called "wife" by Joey??? ☹️

  • And now they have a baby

  • Thanks for saving the stump. It is beautiful.

  • I would love u to do my bedroom but if can't it's fine

  • Their neighbors must despise them or the amount of noise they make!!!😂

  • OH Mr Kate and Joey...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yard!!! How I wish I could be there to enjoy it personally. Guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you guys. And the trunk was an amazing idea and so beautiful 💕❤ I am not a long time viewer of your channel but you just keep pulling me back with your beautiful transformations. You guys are so talented and such a lovely couple.

  • Ur neighbor must be wondering Wat these two crazy people doing and then realised how incredibly talented u guys are ..seriously how come I not knw such vlog exist..on marathon of entire vlog and yes subscribed✌🏻(👫🏡)

  • “Grape-head” 🤣

  • Did you ever imagine that this would be the house you gave birth to a son named Moon? (i am from the future)

  • Can i like, move in with you. Or adopt me 😏 you know, just an idea lol

  • I love Mr Kate so much as well as Mrs Joey 😂😍

  • Mr Kate are you going to have a swimming pool???

  • love love love!

  • How can I get hold of you? I think I will need help once I move to my new home. As always a awesome job!

  • 19:39 “yours is stumpier than mine” literally dieing!!!😂

  • why did she ask joey not to say wife?

  • Kate peacefully talking abt grandmas trunk and plants while Joey struggles 10 minutes straight 😂

  • I rewound the video to the beginning to watch it when mr Kate said #savethebush and I went O.O

  • If portions of the trunk have enough depth, you can add fresh soil and plant flowers or green ground cover with fresh soil underneath.

  • How can you do guys it is toooooooooooooooo beautiful...

  • Omg

  • Ugh you guys are just so fricken cute! I die every time

  • I think it came put very well. I definitely like it.

  • so worth it joey

  • Kate and Joey are almost exactly like me and my brother but as adults. He's a tall and I'm a shmall, he's all reckless and would be just climbing all over the pergula and I would be super worried and all "no, it's gonna break!" And I'm into interior design and he just wants it to look good.

  • Awesome.Yard..😍. saved the stump!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Omg mr Kate marathon

  • Did you guys ever fix the fireplace? I remember an earlier episode where you said you wanted to fix it because it wasn't functioning?

  • is it just me who loves how Joey looks at Mr. Kate? 😍😍😍

  • Kate "I am terrible at watering plants" Me "Girl have you seen how many real plants you have? But I mean same girl same."

  • Kate: "Honour the Bush"

  • You should do a baby update

  • Love you guys!! getting so many ideas watching you for my own space!

  • How am I just now find y’all?! I’ve been binge watching! You two are the cutest and so inspirational!

  • Mr. = Mister (Male) Kate...are you a transgender??

  • Kate and Joey are so cute and all ya need to stop saying certain things cause you don't know the whole story

  • You guys so cute!

  • #creativewirdoes

  • The look is great, but you have to do some more reasearch into plants. Mixing mediterranean plants (lavender, rosemary, grapevines) and conifers (pine trees) really isn't a good idea, as they need completely different soil types. Same with the succulent planter and then the moss. Mediterranean plants and succulents prefer drier, alkaliney soil, whereas conifers and moss prefer a bit wetter and acidic soil.

  • U guys are crazy..lots ofb❤️❤️❤️from India

  • No fire pit??

  • American Ninja Warrior is my favorite show.

  • Joey said that he just came home from work. Since I’m new to this show, what does he do....or just a decorator, sorry, didn’t mean “ just”. How can they afford all these projects that are huge? Just curious.

  • OMG WHEN JJOY SAID. YAAAAAAAAA! He looked like gru from the minions

  • Kate you can use grape leaf to cook and it’s one of the most delicious foods in the world. You use it as a rolling by stuffing flavored rice in it.

  • Mr kate a great idea for the tree trunk or root is to make a swing out of it. it would be perfect for you English story book styli house

  • Kate has a legit hitch hiker thumb

  • Grape head lol😂😂🤣🤣😁😁

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • It’s so beautiful

  • When you finally get done can you do a tour of your house

  • Awe. You guys act so adorable.

  • Paint the stump gold

  • Imagine a little swing set in the backyard now 😍

  • I thumbs up for the stump

  • No hate, read all the way. No one cares for you. No one loves you. No one bothers for you. No one will ever love you. But I'm No one!

  • My favorite part was when you welcomed the honeybee's cameo! 🐝🐝

  • Deck stairs killer! Paint job Killer! Tough stump, amazing!

  • Awww man love you guys. Can you come to NZ and do our backyard?!?!? Keep your vids of beautiful work coming x

  • Liv it

  • #SaveThe Bush

  • joey covered in dirt & bark is much hotter than expected

  • Awe I totally get sad about removing plants too! 🌲 I also get sad for the toads when I cut my grass and will do my best to scan the yard for them before hand and move them out of the way lol. Yard work is sad work.

  • So pretty 💕😍❤️

  • "Don't say that word", you mean "wife"? O_o

  • #savethebush #busheslivesmatter #bushtime #omgwegotabush

  • I swear she is too cute. Her voice is just great. Also Joey you are hilarious.

  • SCUPPERNONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #stumpsup

  • She is like “I love the bees!!” And Im like NOT TODAY SATAN NO THANK YOU

  • this is incredible! love u guys soo much!

  • You guys are awesome :-)

  • Lov u both

  • 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥 This is even better than a pinterest picture no joke lol

  • Eye protection!!!

  • Where did kate get her top? 😍😍

  • Does anyone know why she told Joey to not call her his "wife"?

  • Love you guys #stumpsup

  • You guys are an awesome couple and your house is even more cool🤗😉😍😊

  • I love you Kate but you do know honeybees are actually tyrants of the environment right?

  • Omg, your yard looks gorgeous!! You are so incredibly talented!! I want a room done by the two of you so badly!!!!

  • She is like “the first bee ” I’ll be like “ Ahh a bee ”

  • I wish mr. Kate could decorate my room !!! I don’t live in the US so :(

  • why dont you want him to say the word "wife"?

  • I love you guys do look much. You are by far my favorite HRdown's. And I want to be a designer like Kate when I grow up.

  • lol "grapehead"

  • Kate looks so cute and her funny faces at the start were so great! haha!!