MAJOR REVEAL! We've Been Keeping This a Secret for a Year!!

Datum objavljivanja: 30. Svi 2020.
OMG, are you ready for this?! The pandemic delayed our announcement, but we're SO excited to share this with you!!
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  • I made an assignment for myself to watch like every video on this channel

    • I’ve done that for this channel! It’s great!!

    • 0

    • sameee

    • Mr. Kate I have started doing things at home by myself after watching ur videos

    • @Mr. Kate I just wanted to tell you how your videos have helped me so much, Thank you!

  • 👍🏿😍❤️

  • I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one to think they are having another baby. Why do we all feel this way?

  • When are these available

  • Aww baby Moon is such a delicious combo of you guys. Congrats on your new furniture line.

  • Furniture

  • Will we be able to get it in Portugal?

  • Love all of them! Congrats. 😍

  • I really like what you guys do. And you are fun! I am also impressed with your furniture you have a catalog? I am 72 but need that couch!

  • So excited for you! LOVE every piece you showed (especially Stella!!!!!!!)

  • Super cute but I also wanna know how much they would be 😭🥴

  • Joey looks like Andy from the Office when he comes back from his sailboat trip 😂

  • Moon looks exactly like Joey

  • Congrats!!! Very beautiful!😎💗

  • I am so proud of both of you..i have watch you grow over the years..blessing..i hope you can ship to Jamaica..

  • I want a contemporary white leather Sofa ... make one please 😍 Also we want a yellow and blush pink colors 🌸🌼👍🏻 Please like so Mr Kate can see this

  • I hope you ship to Europe!!

  • I love Winston ! My boyfriend and I never agree on anything when it comes to furniture when he saw Winston we fell in in love ! We’re moving soon hopefully we’re able to buy it!

    • Same! We've been looking for a sectional & that navy is right in our color palette 💞

  • Love every piece!!! So excited to buy! Congrats, Guys

  • A huge congratulations! So happy to see you staying your own furniture brand. The colour choices are just so stunning. I just love the colours. And... Moon is such a beautiful baby. Much love!

  • Is there an estimate on when the line will launch?

  • I thought you were pregnant 😂

  • Absolutely loved loved loved the furniture pieces ✅ Absolutely gutted as I’m in the UK and likely will never be able to purchase this amazingness. 😫😭 I would literally Kill for a Stella, a Tess, & an Effie. I have room for a Winston and I would also kill for a Daphne That’s a lot of killing right there. Can’t wait to see what else you designed and wish you so much luck with them.

  • Does moon have a lazy eye? He’s adorableeeee!!

  • Y’all. This is just Novogratz furniture in new colors which is cute but reeeeeeeally bad quality. 🙄

    • Mindy S you can tell by looking at it. Look at Novogratz website and compare- the design and price point are the same. They’ve also used Novogratz furniture in designs before because it is so cute at such a low price and I always feel so bad for the people who get stuck with anything from this horrible scam of a company, they will not be able to use it for more than a few months at most!

    • How do you know it's novograts? Did they say it & I missed it?


  • Omg I’m so happy you made furniture especially at those prices! I’m in college, live with my bf and when we get an apartment I will totally fill it with your furniture! I’ve watched you since the early days, and seeing your progression has been amazing! I love you, your content, your business, and your little family! ❤️

  • wow. what a dream come true for you both. congratulations on the growth of your beautiful business. grateful to witness it from the other side of the screen.

  • Yay!! This is incredible! You guys are amazing

  • Generally I don't like vintage but I love Stella. The color is beautiful.

  • The Effie chair my fave pattern😍😍😍😍😍😍 I cant wait till it’s avalibe

  • Please make a dark green couch!!!

  • I like the first blue colour sofa and love the idea that can be easily assembled. But what about the support? Iron bed looks so good as well! The idea of turning the vintage look sofa into a bed is fantastic, I am looking for something like that but not bulky and within budget. However, darker colour will be good! 😘

  • Will your furniture be available in the uk? Looks great , love your enthusiasm and style x

  • Love Stella

  • Baby doll?! Huh?🤨 Huh😏

  • Will u guys be delivering to india?


  • When and where can I buy that beautiful Effin Chair? That plaid is perfect for my black and white bedroom.

  • I need the Winston in gray!! Right now!!!!!

  • I think i saw y’all at the dc airport like a month ago but I was to afraid to ask if u where mr Kate!!

  • Love moon 🌛

  • Hey Kate, love those designs. I would really love to see Stella and a raw silk like material and maybe jewel-tone. What do you think?

  • Wow, that was a surprise! And I thought it wouldn't be anything i like because I never see stuff I like, but right away everything just so nice, especially considering how affordable! Love the blues and keep em coming because it is impossible to find blue. I love tufted upholstery and curvy legs. That plaid chair is the bomb! Great job!

  • 😭😭 loved you so looong and just bought our first home! I can't wait to fill my home with your touch!!

  • Anyone else realise that two of the things have the same names of two characters in The Hunger Games?

  • Love it!!

  • Omg I NEED Winston in my life. Maybe 2. I LOVE the color. Also Some Like It Hot! Great movie!

  • your furniture is beautifull congratulations!

  • When can people start to buy

  • Something for a new baby!

  • I hope this is still alive in 12 years

  • Congratulations!!! That's so exciting!!!

  • You should make a couch where the whole cloth is unzippable so we can wash it lol for some who may have kids. If possible tho lol

  • Awesome furniture I'm so happy I'm a pretty long time subscriber and it's wonderful to see you doing this!!!!!!! Soooooo many commmercials though you guys, it was pretty annoying, it took aways from the great furniture you were revealing!!!!! Just sayin. Stay safe and good luck with your furniture !!!!!! 😷. 😷

  • OMG I’m so happy for you guys. Nice furniture collection. Love them all. All the best with this new adventure.

  • I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! Everything about it n it's all so beautiful!!! Congrats!!! How awesome is it that now we can have touches of ur wonderful creativeness in our own homes AND that u made it affordable!! I love ur compassion n fashion sense n well everything about u!!!!! Thanx Mr Kate!!!! ✌&💙

  • I’m so happy for you!!!!!


  • Ok Stella is my favorite but I love them all ❤ y'all did great

  • titanicsong

  • I want that bed

  • can someone please tell me if if he is related to dax Shepard

  • Please come out soon I love them ALL especially the lovely STELLA!!!!

  • OK, this was a lovely and pleasant surprise..... looking forward to Brand expansion

  • Merch?

  • Omg!! I’m not furnishing my new place until these are available !!

  • Lovely, hip and well thought out pieces. Excellent work!

  • The Winston but in gray 👀👀👀

  • I need that bed!!!!

  • Furniture

  • ok so where can i buy im re decorating my house

  • Oh Moon. Joeys twin. LOVE THAT BOY.....

  • That sofa is so cuuuuuute!!!!

  • I'm guessing a piece of furniture

  • Omg I would literally love some of that furniture but I could imagine customs to Europe would be expensive

  • Ahhhh!!!! LOVE THESE PIECES!!!!😍😍😍💖💖💖

  • Will this be available for those in the uk? 🇬🇧

  • Seriously so so so proud of you!!

  • these pieces are sooo BEAUTIFUL

  • Real question! Do you know where exactly it is manufactured? I love your prices, and am wondering about the treatment of the workers producing this. Thanks! Love the collection

  • So you’re telling me that sectional is under $500??? Sign me up

  • Primrose and Effie sounds like the hunger games

  • OMG!!! I love the sectional!! Please please make one in light gray!!! 😍😁❤️ I love your channel so much! I’ve been watching since 2016

  • You should add some cute little bed roll pillows on the side of the Winston sofa. That would look so cute. Love that sofa. I have a very similar one I got from a different company, but I wish I would have waited and bought from you guys so I could have supported your brand. But I have little bed roll pillows on the side of my sofa and they are really cute so I think you should add some for some added support and flair. Also love the idea everyone has had of being able to switch out and customize legs if they want. That would be a really cool and unique feature to your brand. You could do all kinds of different feet to change up how the couches look that change it from behind a mid-century couch to adding claw feet and making it more modern Victorian. Overall-congratulations! I’m so proud of you guys!!!

  • Congratulations Mr Kate and Joey on your furn line!!!!!:)

  • Omg!!! I have been here with you guys for years now and I am floored by this collection it is absolutely gorgeous I can't wait to order and thank you for thinking of us who don't have much money to spend on decorating.❤❤❤

  • All are superb...I loved it

  • Congratulations! I want to see more! Where are your beautiful furnitures available?

  • I’m a quarantine mush brain 🧠 I’m currently re-watching your videos x I see I liked this one. Somehow I thought I liked it but never watched it. As soon as you got to the office I got so excited because I remembered!!!! I’m definitely buying a couch, there GORGEOUS!!!!! Congrats to you guys!!! 💚😍 I LOVE CREATIVE WEIRDOS LIKE YALL AND ALL OF US!!! Nothing but LOVE on your channel and DRAMA FREE PRAISE JESUS!!!

  • I had a feeling it was a couch and indeed it was. Congrats Kate and Joey!!! 😊🤍

  • Are you going to design and sell your own line of furniture? That is my guess. Now back to the video.

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!! And cat friendly line please!!!

  • Loveee the furniture! Such a great idea. If Mr. Kate sold styled rooms on their website I would buy everything

  • So happy for y’all way to go!!!

  • You guys look like rockstars!

  • Woohoo! Congratulations on your furniture line; so exciting! I love them all!

  • Your son is so so adorable

  • This is incredible - I wish you could get this in SA

  • Congratulations😍🎉🍾🎉🎉