Minimalist Plant-Lovers Apartment Makeover! 🌿

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Ruj 2020.
Creating a minimalist haven for a deserving couple who loves plants, without painting the walls! Thanks to SoFi for sponsoring this video! Learn more by downloading the SoFi app or check out
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Producer: Annie O'Rourke
Camera: Marco Bottiglieri
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Art Department: Emily Banks


  • This was such a realistic representation of normal people renovating a space and I love how well it was captured in this video. The result is absolutely stunning.

    • Hi I just got a new house and I am renovating it

  • I love that they are actually teaching them and showing us too because we can actually learn too !


  • I love it especially the sofa

  • Stud finders are easy to use without extra holes

  • what city do you guys live in?

  • I hope your cat doesn’t eat plants because a few of those are toxic.

  • Hi! I absolutely love your designs and would love to see if you can help me decorate my room! My budget is very limited but i do love the minimalistic design. I just domt know where to begin

  • Where is the sofa from. ?


  • Excellent !!!!❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • Can you please do an international virtual makeover 😭

  • does someone know if people living outside of the US can submit as well?

  • 😮😮😮

  • I just love your channel. PS, you guys inspire me a lot. Watching from South Africa ❤️😍

  • Are the picture frames not linked????

  • WOW! Such a tastefully done room, love the soft colour pallette and mixture of wood tones :) Ohhhhh the plants are fab. I especially the cactus wall paper, a really nice pop of interest - lucky kitty. Great job team! Shanta and Conner well done - you did it! Mr Kate THAT futon is brilliant! love the design and the versatility of the piece!

  • I love how the struggle was depicted here. MrKate tried to be understanding and didn't blame the couple, but realised that they need to give more detailed instructions and really helped them through 🙈

  • Where do you send in submissions?????

  • Wow guys you’re amazing 😉

  • Great episode!

  • I love the couch

  • Omg their rug cuddle 💞

  • when the title said plant lovers, i expected a bit more. maybe they just choose to have a smaller collection to not be overwhelming

  • the cat’s name is hazel grace? as in the fault in our stars?

  • Why do they only have an Xbox 360?

  • What is the join button next to subscribe

  • 27:00 did anyone else try and answer the phone? No? Just me?

  • Just utube the drill thing

  • Shout-out to Mr. Kate's crew for going and getting the BEAUTIFUL SHOTS❤️😭☀️💛✨💪

  • that sofa though 😍😍😍

  • I cried. Takes a lot in these days for that to happen. Thank you for my first time view of your site. Stay well,f Amily and furballs family. You did so well trying the new. Couch elegant.

  • Wow awesome !

  • Loved every minute of this! Really enjoy this new creative, remote format!😍🤩😎😁

  • I think it would be great if somewhere in the educational process everyday living situations were covered. Things such as meal preparations, budgeting, and home repair, and basic car maintenance. I think these skills would serve people in their everyday lives and would boost their confidence and would lay the groundwork to learn more practical skills. I have nothing against "higher learning" but I think the basics should come first .

  • WHEN THE WALPAPER WAS UPSIDE DOWN omg I didn’t realize it 🥺

  • I love this video! Such a great idea to keep people safe, but still give people the dream home!

  • They rug cuddled for you

  • This was so hilarious but so relatable omgggggg I’m so glad they were honest about not knowing how to use some of the tools

  • So cute that they also did a rug cuddle

  • I 10000000000% don’t know how to use a drill either.

  • I guess I was the only one annoyed at the lack of basic common knowledge this couple had. Like the direction in which plants grow, how to use a drill, how to hang curtains, etc... How do you grow into adulthood without knowing these simple things? Huge kudos to Kate and Joey for sticking with them because I would have gotten frustrated almost immediately and given up. Guess it's a good thing I don't do 'social distancing' room makeovers lol

  • Would you do an overseas virtual make over??

  • I wish you could come to Alabama

  • All these years I always look at how Joey looks at Kate and still to this day it MELTS my fucking heart. It's true love you can see it in how he looks at her and I love it and THAT is the kind of love I WANT one day 🖤


  • Okay but why did I start crying during their rug cuddle? 😭❤

  • Did they only do the living room...?

  • Stop cutesy uptalk. It’s fake and very annoying. Bye bye!

  • They did so good! I love love love this makeover!

  • yess to plantss 😭💚✨ currently watchingg and I lovee how Kate was explaining the plan to Moon 😂😂😂

  • Wowowow Mr. Kate & Joey, y’all are so awesome!!! Geez I’m always amazed at the eye Kate has without having to see the room in person. Job well done!

  • Excellent


  • That cactus wall ahaha that’s so cute! 😂💕

  • What a really nice couple to win a makeover. Of course mr. Kate & Joey do it again, another functional but unique to the couple makeover that is simply stunning. Stella never looked more gorgeous. I love natural lighting so much better than electric lights & your plants will thrive as well.

  • SO GLAD you did a blue couch video!!! I have one and I LOVE IT. But I’m always second guessing what looks good with it, ie pillows. This place looks amazing

  • This happens to me all the time, the drill just won’t put a screw in. I always end up using a screw driver by hand 😂

  • I love this so much! As someone who has always been intimidated by power tools, it was encouraging to see such an amazing transformation from people with my current skill level.

  • Wow! This was amazing! Good job to the couple and their great work. And of course good job to you guys for the great design and help and all!! The Stella is sooo lovely!!

  • Great job 👌

  • This video is REALLY dragging their intelligence like the upside down wallpaper, the not knowing to simply push on the drill to make sure the screw goes in, the dead twigs like... damn I guess as an average noncreative person these would be mistakes I would make on camera to

  • My baby mr. baby Kate junior he’s growing up so fast is he into everything

  • Great video! loved the idea to get other people doing your job :)

  • Lol cmon guys how do adults not know how to use a drill lol

  • Can you please leave the link to the tv mount?

  • I am sorry mr.kate for all the hate u have be getting over chairs YES CHAIRS don’t listen to the haters and stay positive 💕

  • Awesomeness!!!

  • I have a question are you from princess diaries?? I just saw you! Please reply!!!

  • I really love how it us transforemed!😁 It's so refreshing &enjoyable to live there! 😍 VERY GOOD JOB MR. KATE & to you COUPLE!👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

  • this has absolutely nothing to do with the video but i just learned that joey was the drummer in the click five and now i'm losing my shit cause just the girl is one of my fav songs ..... WOWWW

  • Literally learning so much from Joey! I feel like I’m capable just from his awesome descriptions 😂🙌🏻

  • Love you guys but I wish you wouldn’t laugh at people who haven’t used tools or whatever it may be. Ask them about it/ show them before hand or make a video on the basics of power tools.

  • 😂😂😂 I love all the mistakes in this video. Made me laugh bc it was so raw & showed how it would be if I did it too 😂 It helped both sides tho, helped Mr.Kate on how to improve on instructions for the next virtual makeover & helped the creative weirdos get even more creative ☺️ & the makeover was stunning! Stella look so beautiful 😭😍

  • I love this couple but watching them try to use a drill was making my eye twitch.

  • I feel so much better about all the times I’ve asked my architect friend for DIY advice and she says “just do it” or “just try and you’ll learn as you go” or “it’s simple”. And I have realised she’s been on building sites since she was a teen, she doesn’t remember learning these things (And has good instincts.) I’ve learned to watch HRdown videos and only ask her the things that are really tricky. It’s so reassuring seeing people learn the things I’ve learned and struggle with them too. I’m not alone!

  • I know this must have felt frustrating for all 4 of you at times but it was so fun to watch: entertaining, different, hilarious, reassuring. Great job all of you!

  • “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.” They get this room and the skills to do these things in future homes. It’s so cool!

  • Not first

  • Things I dislike Mr. Kate for: naming her child moon. Things I don’t dislike Mr. Kate for: Being the victim of a blatantly untrue misinformation claim. Although it may seem inconsequential, the D*lans successfully spreading misinformation is yet another example of the lack of regard for the truth and factual evidence in todays society. I hope that you two know that the people who actually watch your videos support you as long as you stay honest and true to yourselves. ❤️

  • you guys need to to do a goth room PLEASE

  • I want that Stella futonnn!!!!!! Its geniusssssss

  • I actually really like that you are running with the curveballs! I’ve been watching in amazement all these years but now you’re actually passing on your knowledge of common skills that some of us were never taught! Thanks guys! Covid did not stop your creative weirdo energy!

  • this was so much fun to watch Chante and her boyfriend are adorable

  • holy moly you all did amazingly! It turned out sooo good!

  • Great job, I loved it.....

  • I wish u can renovate in uae

  • I love you guys can you do my room

  • Weel done 👏👏👏

  • Great, thank you very much for the careful instructions and the good idea. Kind regards.

  • i laughed at all the real things that happened. I teared up when I saw the beautiful sofa. I want to wish the couple the very best for years to come. You guys did such a great job and looked like you had a lot of fun learning. Kate and Joey, you guys are so kind.

  • At Layla.h1234

  • Hi Mr. Kate can you check your Instagram please

  • i love how you educate us altogether with all the basics ang know hows of decorating and styling.... tnx mr.kate

  • how come they dont know the cactus wallpapers are upside down when they are plant lovers

  • Just took the quiz and it was spot on .

  • i Love this episode. shante and connor are such a cute couple and they had me cracking up!! so realistic.

  • what a cute couple!! i loved this episode, i was dying of laughter.