My Skincare Routine | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Lip 2017.
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  • Yay glad you did this video! I always wondered how you your skin was so beautiful!

    • #happysnappyfam 💦

    • Your skin is so perfect!!

    • OMG I thought you were in your early 20's

    • Mr. Kate I love your skin

    • Thank you so much! I've been meaning to do this video for over a year so yay to finally getting around to it! Happy you found it helpful!

  • why does no one use Nukin? Its like the best anti aging product on the market but no one uses it? So many Celebrities using it too! So weird! Your skin is beautiful btw! :)

  • You are so gorgeous fun and weird honestly I thought you where younger! I can't believe that you are in your thirties. Honestly thought you where younger then me! And that's a compliment! As we all are concerned with our faces getting older.

  • your more beautiful without make up😍😍😍😍😍i really really really inlove with your videossssss!!!!

  • Thought u were in your FRICKIN 20’s beautiful

  • I think I need a dermatologist ASAP!

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  • I love this vlog ❣️ I would love to know more about the clothes you pick and anything else about your style, because you are fabulous 💖

  • love this style of video! more diary of a creative weirdo pleasseeee! :)

  • I know this video is old but i have to comment about your skin, it’s flawless 😊.I must ask just in case you can still see this comment, where did you get your boots from? I Really like them.

  • Where is Joey?

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  • Excuse me... so technically? You’re 35... you must be joking.. you’re joking right.. you look so young I’m mad.

  • Wait, I’m sry U HAVE A TATTO THAT SAYS A TATTOO? I would love to hear the story behind that!

  • Wow, you look so pretty with and without make up. Thanks for making this video girl

  • I have always thought you are in your early twenties. You are so beautiful OMG

  • 34!!!!!!!!!!!!! What? You look 23!

  • Kate is genuinely pretty even without makeup

  • Wow! You look great without makeup maybe even better :)

  • dangit I watched this before I saw the bathroom transformation on omg we bought a house but the bathroom looks AMAZING😍

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  • Yes! Effortless beauty! I seriously love that you dont CAKE on foundation!! This looks SOO much better to me.

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  • How is she so beautiful… She acts and looks like an older version of my 10 year old neighbor

  • you and your skin are gorgeous!

  • You’re 222 cuttte en pretty 💛💛

  • Oh, I did not think that this video would make me feel so much better :D I hated my skin for being very dry, and because of blackheads on my nose, and when you said, you love your skin even tho, I was like... you are so damn right! I love my skin too now xD thanks ^^

  • Mr Kate tell us what brand and color lipsticks you have I love all the colors you use .thank you for your time.

  • Ps:love ya u have become such a role model and gave me thoughts of working in inferior design.❤

  • 34...HOW?!?You don't look day over 24.

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  • You are so kind, charming, honest, natural and simply beautiful person Mr Kate. Greetings from Poland

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  • AHH! KATE YOURE SO NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL !! You are my style goals honestly it's crazy how you can rock anything :)) Love this new series !

  • wow you don’t look ur age. Your skin is beautiful girl

  • I feel there's a great way to learn more about beauty tips. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". You can find wide range of new ideas to increase your beauty.

  • 34?????? You look AMAZING

  • you’re the coolest person i’ve ever seen and i’ve been watching you forever. i love you

  • I actually cant believe your almost 35! I thought you were like 28-30

  • HOW ARE YOU SO PERFECT?! I wish I had skin like that, I would kill for it. So happy for you tho. You’re so lucky :)

  • Hi Kate, I love you videos and you are completely my inspiration. Just thought I'd let you know that if you use a sunscreen / spf, and then use a foundation with spf in it, then it actually cancels out the spf altogether meaning that your skin could potentially be damaged. Hope that helps you xxx

  • I love her tattoo that says, “ a tattoo”

  • There should be more of these

  • I have been following you for more than a year now. And I’ve watched most of your videos. You are 34. I’m shook. Whaaat? You look so young. I thought you were in your 20s. 🙈 you’re my spirit animal (just kidding😂) i love you ❤️❤️ lots of love from India.

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  • Mr.Kate you should try Shaklee’s Youth like it is really good me and my mom use it I only use the face washer and moisturizer because I am not even lol years old

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