OMG We Bought A??? Our biggest purchase since our house!

Datum objavljivanja: 26. Lis 2019.
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  • Here for the gtr in the cover photo 😭😂

  • I love how they added baby moon into the intro So cute!


  • Haha

  • Is it just me or does Joey look like an older David Dobrik?

  • I love that the airstream could actually become a room in the future for moon. He's gonna be that cool kid that has a trailer when he's in high school.

  • Love your redesigned trailer! Where is your baby carrier from the one you had on beach thank u 🤗

  • I feel ya Joey. First time I moved cross country I had a Uhaul trailer behind my truck and I can confirm how stressful it is to try to back it up in a narrow space when you've never done it before.

  • Thank-you for sleeping in the Catfood Can. .... Have you named it something else since then?

  • Tiny house!

  • I see Gramma in Moon

  • I wanna see a 'OMG we're driving around' series!

  • Good luck kate and joey and congrats on the new purchase. Time as a family creating new memories and capturing beautiful sunsets together. ❤❤ and sleeping with MOON under the stars. 'Get it😆' so happy for you guys.

  • À

  • Did they ever share their video of their DIY for their adventure mobile?

  • Ok hear me out cam and fam she is a teen mom youtuber with a new little baby girl on the way this is her second daughter and she is such an amazing mom.

  • 23:56 aww moon looks so cute!!!!!

  • When you were talking about when you see something you like you think someone’s going to come buy it that day I totally related, I was the same with my first home!

  • I want you to do my 5th wheel so bad! I need certain things updated so badly and I live in it. Idk where to start because I don’t have the design mind like you so I don’t know how I would set certain things up.

  • Come to Florida

  • I love u guys!!!! I'm so happy 4 u & I'm so proud of u making this amazing awesome changing pples lives with ur passions ur talents ur vision u r a true inspiration dont ever change Congrats i just wish i could hug u all !! Lots of xoxoxoxoxos

  • THATS THE BEST WAY TO PRACTICE!!! Good job guys 😄

  • I love how recently y’all videos have this reality show feel to it. Ya know what I mean?

  • SO.... You guys are all about safety, yet, Kate is in the backseat with your son filming not wearing a seatbelt!!!

  • I think you are very brave. If you don’t try it you’ll never know. Loved it. Xx

  • Does anyone else notice how many awesome baby carriers Kate has?! So jealous

  • 🏁

  • That's awesome! I've been wanting a house on wheels for quite some time now too😊

  • What the heck! I didn’t know you guys had a GTR. That’s so sick!

  • Our trailer has kinda a loft with the bed on top

  • Let’s take the time to say that moon is actually such a cute baby ‼️‼️‼️


  • 👶 baby 🌙 Moon is sooooooo cuuuuuuuuiute

  • Mr. Kate.. I am soooo obessed with you..😙😚😚♥️ ..I can't even....

  • Kate: I haven't been this excited since we bought our house! Moon: Am I a joke to you?

  • I just need help with my playroom/ hang out we are re doing it but I need help I wish she could come to Delaware but sh won't its Delaware for god sake

  • Can you decorate my room please

  • It’s ridiculous how gorgeous you all are🤪

  • Adorable! Such a cute family:)

  • Moon is hands down the cutest baby I’ve ever seen

  • Im excited for this

  • I don’t like the way the outside looks it looks too tinfoily aswell. Paint it something creative and weird. Kinda like the van from scooby doo.

  • Joey... put your hands at 5 and 7 as if your wheel is a clock... steering makes it easier backing up.. that's how I do our boat( 16 foot bass boat...) practice makes perfect I have to back the boat down a wet ramp for hubs to unload into water to go fish.... my first time I messed up so bad ed had to back it 79% down.. that's when I noticed his hands on wheel and he slotted it between 2 other boats... that's when I realised the trick where yuh ou put your hands 5 and 7 as if wheel is a clock ...... and trust me it's easier .

  • SUV crossover... or will learn to pull it, and back it up . Just get practice in none busy parking lots..

  • That's a GREAT buy!! Y'all make SO MANY positive memories...🙃😃👣

  • Oh my! I am sooo laughing. Too cute how you did this. I am from Texas so camping is just in my blood. Happy for you!

  • U neeed to get a dogggg

  • you guys should really come to Phoenix my moms home could really use some of your guys help 🥰

  • Luving it. I wish you could come to Canada .luv ya🤗

  • You'll figure it out!!! I camped in a "Six Pack" camper on a Love truck" truck for several years. I had two kids and then third. Lots of good memories!!!!

  • Btw you should have just paid for RV storage!!😅

  • OMG!!!! You guys just keep getting even better!!!😍😍😍

  • I'm sure you get a million ideas suggested to you but if you nurse and he's spitting up then it's something that you're eating, probably dairy. I nursed six kids and learned the hard way with the first two. Love the trailer. We still have ours and go to the beach after Christmas every year. Ocean Mesa, just north of Santa Barabara is a great place.

  • Wish I could give this a 💞... hey I just did!

  • this is kind of funny, buys trailer, reconstructs backyard. lol its okay its for the long run!

  • Your little boy is soooo adorable! He has the cutest face in the world and just is.... amazing Also, what is Moons middle name? I forgot, guess I’ll go watch the video again lol

  • We DIY our caravan, totally stripped it and made it our own. Never thought we should be camping in a caravan, but now I’m thrilled to go away with it as many times as we can. It is our cozy second home

  • That is a REALLY beautiful baby

  • Imagine coming that close to Mr Kate and not even knowing it. Then finding out later and YOU’RE PISSED.

  • I love this!!!

  • When’s the vid coming

  • I can't wait until you design the Airstream!

  • you guys should get a freniche or a mini bull dog to be apart of the family doggies

  • Awww I love moon so much he is so cute ☺️

  • Can you come to North Carolina!

  • “Make room for moon”

  • Hi!!! I suggest you guys swap the toilet to a composting toilet!!! They’re very easy and simple to use. Also means that you don’t have to empty a black tank. They. Are. Disgusting. Congratulations!!!

  • Granny is so cuuute!!😄😄.....Aaaand baby!!🤗🤗 Congratulations on your new trailer!!🥳🥳🥳whatever diy u do on it, it will surely be beautiful!!

  • You guys are amazing. I live watching your videos. Since I started, I don’t think I’ve missed a single video is yours. You guys are going to raise Moon to be an amazing, artful, imaginative child. I love you guys so much! Keep going!

  • guys were in Temple city!!!...

  • Do a trailer transformation

  • I hope y’all can figure out a way to go on the road! I would love for y’all to come help me fix my 1989 terry resort travel trailer! I have gutted it and now I’m lost! It has been sitting in the driveway for 6 months! Just collecting dust! Plus it goes with your current theme!! I love you guys! Such a cute family and Moon is so handsome 😻

  • 6:27 you're torturing MY dog 😂

  • Omg please come to nyc/Jersey and do my studio apartment 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Oh moon is so adorable, especially with the lil hat. Congrats guys, seems like a great purchase

  • “Entertaining the child with potatoes.” -ᗰᖇ. KᗩTᗴ 2019

  • I honestly feel like they should have gotten a RV

    • jaqui dl I think its cos they need their car to do renovation projects so they can't have the driver and home part together. Much better for them if they can park it and still have a separate tow car for moving furniture etc

  • you guys should get a van like the Mercedes sprinter then DIY that then you have a car, storage space, and a mini house for Moon.

  • Bruh, their house is worth 870k and it doesn't even have a big enough driveway

  • I really love Moon's eyes

  • Portable home is so in now.. There everywhere even glamour made a video about it.. The perfect solution for independent souls and adventure seekers

  • Moon is so dreamy. OMG. im not a creep. im just so happy for yall. he is such a cutie.

  • He is your hubbys twin.😇😇

  • Part 2 video ?


  • They are obviously rich but they don’t act like it their just like “OMG A TRAILER LETS TRAVEL” and I love that

  • My job was to back the boat into the water. The trick is to turn your head around instead of using the mirrors. It's the easiest way I've found.

  • I love it 😻

  • What?!?! You have all those shoes?!?!

  • I don’t even back my car in any parking spot or drive way!😂 very dumb idea to get this with that drive way just extra stress for your life.

  • When are you guys posting the Ace Family makeover????????!!!!!!

  • Tsuki is so cute 😍🌙 Tsuki (月) means moon

  • The blue one is the same hat with my baby.. How cute..

  • Van life Is everything

  • Moon Mobile!

  • Joey drinking a beer?

  • At 22:18 are u holding a beer bottle?

  • How expensive is it to get them to design my room?

  • My dogs burst in while Granny squeaks Lil' Moon's toy! Only to be met with disappointment..."Too busy watching Mr. Kate right now pups!"

  • OMG! This is so exciting!