OMG We Did This Wrong! | OMG We Bought A House

Datum objavljivanja: 19. Srp 2018.
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  • You guys are such a cute couple. ❤️😍

  • I just binged the entire series in 1 day. :)

  • This house was as old as my grandfather

  • Thank you for posting this! How brave and honest.

  • The sound affects lol xx

  • Hi from Winnipeg 👍💕🦄✨

  • try living in ireland in a temperate rainforest

  • December 2019 and still no final house tour?? UGH.

  • Haha! I did this too! Moving out to move back in three days after my floor were dry, almost killed me

  • Joey with the “moist” word was sooooo funny!

  • Do they know that Winnipeg is a place?

  • When is the final house tour!

  • When’s the house tour 🙏

  • 2019. Anyone???? Nope just me

  • Moist is such a cringy word.

  • WAHHH where is the house tour!!

  • Its been over a year!! Is the final house tour never going to happen?


  • I'm a home owner and I've learned that French doors are nice but airy when the weather is cold. Popcorn ceilings are really not good it's always droppings on everything your bed tables dresser and everything else in a room. Their not good at all just good too look at that's all I'd take a painted ceiling any day. Your house looks gorgeous you guys put a lot of hard work into it. Thanks for sharing a stay blessed all three of you.

  • I just finished binge watching this and I'll definitely miss this series. I love the outcome of the house and decorations are relaxing ♥️♥️♥️

  • So... How’s that fireplace going or was the candle thing going to stay like that? Just curious.

  • To finish it off do a house tour!

  • Its been a year where is the final house tour???

  • So it's a full year later, you have a baby, you are still looking amazing. When can we see that final house tour. P.S. just binged this series for the last few days.. I NEED CLOSURE !💜

  • Wait where's the last video!? I'm watching it so late and the finale is not here!!

  • Haha I have a floor very similar to that in my room!!

  • Its been like almost a year so WHERE IS THE HOUSE TOUR????????

  • I’ve been here since 2007 when I was researching about wisdom teeth removal because I was curious and bored! I’m 20 now! Hahah😂😂😂

  • Where is the house tour it’s 2019

  • OMG, Did you know the next series was OMG Where having a Baby?

  • Here we are a year later and now moon has his own room and the house is complete

  • the pond curse yall

  • Wheres the tour???

  • you guys have set an unaturally high bar for couple goals so fuck youse guys

  • where is the final house tour :(

  • Winnipeg is a very large city in Canada and the wood is called that because in winter the wood and snow look like that

  • what were is the finale? Search Results Web results 🤔

  • I am a 27 year old South African, love you guys loads and I wish there were magical weirdos here (or thats just i see you guys) i so bad want an epic makeover but cant afford it... But keep making the the magic and keep changing lives...

  • About 10 months later you've done work in the guest room and guest bathroom to prepare for little baby Moon now you should do the final house tour...

  • May 2019 where is the house tour!?😭😭😭😭

  • English is my second language, and I do not understamd what is the problem with the word moist. It is not thw first time I see people cringe to it. Even chefs make faces when they say moist on their cakes and other food. Like... What am I missing?

  • Aww man i acashaly clous my eyes

  • I have been wait months now and still can’t find the finish house tour😭😩 Please Mr.Katie do a final house tour

  • My heart broke when I saw the floors gone in the garage

  • Do you just have a never-ending supply of lint rollers or a supersonic vacuum or what, because your cats must shed a lot!

  • Damn, it took you 5 years to renovate!

  • Waiting for that house tour 🥰

  • where is the house tour???????? A YEAR LATER

  • House tour when will it be her

  • Mr Kate I am only 8 years old but I want to be you when I grow up . I draw all the time and love your hair except my parents won’t let me dye it

  • Where is the final walkthrough?!!❤💖


  • just finished binge watching alll 45 episodes! now onto their other series' u guys rock

  • Watched this serie within 2 days and I absolutely loved it. So fun to watch it so soon after eachother and really see you and your style evolve.

  • 7 months later and still waiting for the house tour 😅

  • OMG I love this series is fun to watch this don’t end it ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ok it's been 7 months I'm ready!

  • #wegirlsloveareshoes #creativewierdos. LOL 😂

  • when’s the final house tour coming out...

  • So did the final house tour ever happen? Or was it put on hold because of the baby's room?

  • Your biggest mistake, was ripping up the redwood floor, instead of sanding it down and staining it whatever color you wanted it. it is such a shame that you replaced real hardwood floor with engineered "garbage" floor in such an old house.

  • I’m new so I have binged watch these series and they went from staying vintage to modern. Redoing ever room over again.

  • I want more omg we bought a house😭😭

  • So I'm a new creative weirdo and o just watched this whole series and really sad there hasn't been a whole house tour 😩

  • so um... wheres the house tour?

  • I have 4 cats so the tips were helpful.

  • Lol I closed my eyes

  • I was watching this and cleaned my kitchen yay for me

  • please make the house tourrrr

  • i started this series yesterday morning and it's currently been like 38 hours since then and I am now caught up and I can't believe it's been five years!!!! I loved seeing it come together , can't wait for the final reveal

  • I’m still waiting for the DOLAN TWINS MAKEOVER😂😂😂💜

  • WHERES THE HOUSE TOUR?! 😭 I’ve binged watched all seasons! The house tour is missing 😭

  • Duuuuude where is house tour

  • House tour? Ya guys gonna do the nursery first? Or do we get to see the house pre-baby and post-baby?

  • I'm soo goin to miss this series... I have been binge watching all the series... Love u guyzz... 💝💋💋 I hope u visit INDIA someday🇮🇳

  • Ok Mr. Kate & Joey... The comments are from 5 months ago, so..... Where is the final whole house tour that you made us all wait for?????? We can NOT wait any longer!!! PLEASE guys???? Show us the long awaited finally house tour, that you both said would be coming next..... That was over 5 months ago. I know you got GREAT NEWS with the baby coming & I'm so very happy for you both, truly!!! But we really want the promised " final house tour" PLEASE??? All my love, thoughts & prayers to you & your new family life, but please don't forget.. were still here waiting 😉❣️❣️❣️

  • That's so cool that the wood's called Winnipeg, I'm from Winnipeg!!!

  • OMG I'm sad it's over.

  • Winnipeg!!!❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦❤️🇨🇦

  • It took them 4 years?

  • I litteraly watched the whole thing in 2 days!!!

  • Idk maybe because I live in FL where it's disgustingly humid and work at Lowes, it's why I thought the gym mess-up would have been obvious... Either way, you guys are amazing at what you do. We all gotta learn the hard way sometimes.

  • i cant find the final house tour video, help! can someone plss post the link thank youu

  • OMG We’re making a nursery?...

  • Umm mr Kate where’s the finale? It’s November now !

  • the ex master floor looks suspiciously like circa 2000 lumber liquidators bloodwood flooring! KITTIES!

  • What about finally fixing the fireplace!?

  • I love the wood!

  • When is the final walk through? Such the cliffhanger. I 👏 need 👏 this 👏 now!

  • Talking about hmmm on a designing channel, im her for it ahahahah

  • Loved loved loved this series

  • When will the final episode come out! Its been nearly 6 months!

  • Can't wait for you guys to update your guest room to a nursery room 😎

    • That’s probably why the final house tour hasn’t come out yet!

    • IKR

  • House tour?! Actually not yet you guys are pregnant!

  • Damn they microchip pets well us humans are next

  • I love you guys so much that I closed my eyes!!! I myself have actually just began renting my first apartment so extremely different level than a home, still in my eating off of cardboard boxes stage haha.. all in the process so looking forward to decorating! However, my parents are planning to move in the next year to a new 'old' house. Excited for them to be downsizing to a fun, smaller, more personal to them space. Also, I'd like to say congratulations to you two!! It's been entertaining and enlightening watching y'alls transformation and journey while bringing weirdness and joy to so many of us out here. Thank youu. I'm guessing the little one will be a girl. Xoxo much love.

  • We want to see the finale!! Were is it???!?! ♥️

  • I actually closed my eyes during the count down.... this is why I have trust issues.

  • is the final video up yet?

  • If you want them to do a full house tour like this comment