Our Baby's Nursery Reveal!

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Svi 2019.
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Blog post, with photos and project breakdowns here! mrkate.com/2019/05/29/babys-nursery-reveal/
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Ceiling Medallion: low.es/2W9JnrA
Chandelier: low.es/2McCD7B
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Director & Editor: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: AJ Tesler, Johanna Vanderspool
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Jan Michael Losada, John Dowd
Assistant Camera: Kate Rathenburg, Sarah Winters
Art Department: Emily Banks, Jamal Hollis, Jamie Robledo
Audio: A. Tad Chamberlain


  • Thank you for all your sweet comments and support! What's your favorite part of the nursery???

    • Every detail!

    • Hi I’m new here watched the video on Savannas nursery that came out so nice .. so watching your videos and this is the first one I picked omg 😱 I wish I was Talented like you 💗 your work is amazing your baby and more kids you have if you do .. are going to be so lucky to have parents that can make a room turn out amazing 💗💙 heading to labor video

    • I loveeeeeeeeeeee mr.kate never missed a single video

    • Everything! It looks so amazing!

    • All of it but the mural is my fave

  • So beautiful, i love the style of decor. Moon will love it for yrs. to come. God bless❤

  • I love how Joey is explaining everything and Kate says "That's cool"

  • Omg Kate is so pretty pregnant.( but also she is pretty in general)

  • You are such a good painter💕

  • I love how Joey stares at her with love and adoration and then he will smile 💗💗

  • Could we see an update with how the nursery has worked functionally for baby life? If you have had to change anything?

  • So cute good job

  • I love the nursery!

  • Love Love Love this Baby Boy's nursery💙🙉 Well done Guy's💗💙

  • 8:29 no he is gonna be the biggest MOON :) I love it when she says shoe shelf!! :) Always makes me laugh! Thanks

  • u guys are so creative!

  • You could of done a spacey theme in the nursery because the baby’s name is moon and is to do with space

  • I know I'm sooo late on this video but- looks... great!!! Keep up the amazing work! Also- my dad also lives in Lowes. DeWalt is the go-to brand!

  • Kate’s pink hair is so buetiful

  • They should put/paint something on the wall that says: We Love You To The Moon and Back😍💖💙🖤 Like that would be soo cute

  • Beautiful work!

  • Idk why..but this video made me tear up...

  • Love the enchanted forest... especially all of the sweet animals! I love that the trees and background are all monochromatic... so the animals really stand out... so baby moon can find them all... love this.., and the nursery you did with the large hand painted dinosaur decals... I’m surprised that you didn’t put the same moon light from that nursery in yours... for the nightlight and sounds...

  • It is so cute that you put the paint brushes from the gender reveal on his shelf.

  • It truly amazes me how artistic you two are in so many ways it’s actually insane!! Ugh love this channel! Maybe I will send a video over when we buy our home and you guys can create a space for our kiddos 💖💖💖 I’m binge watching your channel right now as I am on maternity leave hehe! Obviously moon is already here and almost a year like whatttt?!?!?! Such a beautiful family ❤️

  • Wowww🥳you guys have nailed it🔥🔥🔥

  • Mr.kate is so cute when she is pregnant who agrees

  • That room looks amazing! You two are so talented! I’m working on my nursery now, and this just calmed me so much!

  • Roses are red violets are blue When you take off your makeup You still look beautiful Idk if dat rhythmed

  • kate: a shoe shelf?!

  • wow she really is a talented artist

  • The MOON!!!! and the closet!! :) xoxo

  • I love how Joey tested all of the things for the sensory board by playing with them himself

  • Wish I had that kinda money to just throw away.....LMFAO if you really think DeWalt is the best brand/box of Tools you can get then you have absolutely no right to step foot In that tool section...stick to just making video and leave the real work to the real men lmfao.. yeah I don't know I think you could added a little bit more color and animals to the Enchanted Forest it don't look very Enchanted to me. That light fixture mobile looking thing are just puke ugly.

  • i want someone to look at me the way joey looks at kate

  • I love it that Joey always seems so lovestruck. He just can't take his eyes off Kate. And this makes me really happy 😍

  • Hi

  • Where did you find that soft looking rug?

  • They are going to hate themselves for buying so many things in white.

  • I’m so confused because I just started watching Mr.Kate and congratulations btw! Moon is so lucky! U and Joey are gonna be amazing parents! But are you guys married?

  • Mr.Kate, you look gorgeous without makeup, really!

  • Kate looks positively rosy, and glowy!

  • WOW KATE you look EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL without MAKEUP! And an EVEN BETTER ARTIST than what I could ever be!

  • I don't know why I keep getting surprised. It's obvious you guys are amazing at what you do.

  • You guys should do Gabi Demars!!!

  • This is the coolest nursery ever. Amazing job, you too! I’m dying over all the hand painting. So special 💕

  • What an ENCHANTING room. Moon must be in luuuuuuv! He’s a verrrrry lucky little boy not only bcuz of his awesome room he has an AMAZING Mommy & Daddy. I love how you guys are always with him. He’s very blessed to have such devoted parents. God bless👼🏻 Btw I am in luuuv with the squirrel, the rabbit, but my favorite is the moon... The shades, the textures.... I can look at it forever!

  • What an ENCHANTING room. Moon must be in luuuuuuv! He’s a verrrrry lucky little boy not only bcuz of his awesome room he has an AMAZING Mommy & Daddy. I love how you guys are always with him. He’s very blessed to have such devoted parents. God bless👼🏻 Btw I am in luuuv with the squirrel, the rabbit, but my favorite is the moon... The shades, the textures.... I can look at it forever!

  • Wow, why am I just noticing that Mr. Kate has a tattoo that says ''a tattoo'' #super_cool!

  • Why does Joe never looks at the camera

  • Hi

  • Please come paint woodland animals and birds at my house! What an amazing artist you are!

  • omg i love how joe looks at kate🙈 very romantic

  • A lot of people binge watch Netflix I binge watch Mr.Kate, even the episodes I’ve watched before.

  • I will be honest. I had a really hard time getting past the intro ( so i just FF) and so glad I did! Genuinely charming, creative and fun couple to watch. Best to their family. 💕

  • Who heard the squeaky voice when joey was getting the shoe thing in the closet

  • It's gorgeous just be careful with the books they tend to rip the pages out or scribble in them lol just gotta grow a lil more before they're ready for them haha


  • Is that Joey or Zac Efron, i'm confused 😏

  • I am also becoming a mom now and seeing this... So much beautiful 😘😘😘

  • That nursery is beautiful. The details are amazing and very creative. Love it. Just stunning.

  • This room is so much filled with love and magic! Amazing job Mr. Kate! ❤

  • Joey's hair makes him look sooooo much like Zac Efron when he turns and looks at Kate!

  • he kids looks like zac efron

  • Joey is well impressed with those animals!! Never had a nursery with my little boy because I was still living with my mum and dad, but for Christmas I did my little boys room when we first moved out, I don’t know what I was thinking but I was proud of it and can’t wait to do his new room!

    • He has a red glittery carpet he picked out and now because it’s so bold I don’t know what to do with the walls, I’ve painted two cream but not sure if I love it, he wants a red wall...

  • Been binge watching your videos....this one was especially awesome because it’s for your baby! He’s born already and I hope he is enjoying his room as much as we enjoyed watching you create it! Hugs, Joye

  • This the 💣💣💣💣👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Joey cosplaying as Zac Efron

  • just stumbled upon your channel and I love you two already!!! Sooooo talented!! I binged watched a lot of your videos and I'm in love with every single one!! I know this is an old video but I love how creative it looks! You can tell you two will be the best parents to your children! The fact you want to incorporate sensory aspects to the room is so sweet!

  • Blessed with so much talent both of u..😍 deserved.. more millions.. of people watching you .

  • They finish each other sentences🥺

  • Omg pregnant Kate is so so funny 😆 the ugly ducting 😂

  • 22:13 aww look at the gender reveal paintbrushes🥺🥺🥺

  • you are quite the artist mr kate 💜

  • They’re both so talented. She’ really is an amazing artist. I’m definitely inspired with realistic animals.

  • I hate moon as boy name like poor kid

  • Me.im so excited for them! No one. Not a single subscriber. Me. Relises how babys are made👉👈😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • Hey does anyone know where the « sofa bed » was from ?

  • Okay so I played along and closed my eyes but I wasn't expecting the reveal to legit make me cry. You can just see the love.

  • Wow! You painting is amazing!!! So jealous of your talent!

  • Look beautiful with out make up

  • I want this nursery 😍

  • Anyone else want the hairclip Kate is wearing in the commentary portion?

  • Soooooo cute I love that theme

  • Wittle Moonie is a lucky guy

  • Omg I love it! It is gorgeous!!! :)

  • Awee the way he stares at you that man LOVES you!!! Lol last time i saw one of ur guys video u did not have a belly. Congrats! Glad i found u guys again. My mistake for not subscribing lol

  • I'm so happy for you guys. Your son will grow up with great parents ❤️. I can't wait to see him grow up and maybe he might even be the biggest creative wirdo in the family . Good luck with your little bundle of joy and joey and you are so ready for him to just pop out.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • She’s so freaking talented it’s unbelievable 😭❤️✨ Moon has the coolest parents✨

  • Wish I had the money for you to do my nursery 😩💖

  • I love you guys so so much

  • I just found your channel, and omg I love it.

  • So amazing 😍

  • I have loved every video I have watched so far!!! And I know I will love the rest as well u two are so cute and relationship goals... So cute!! 💕💕

  • That Mural is awesome but I love it all

  • You and Kesha without makeup look weirdly similar

  • Moon is so blessed

  • I’d love a nursery must haves video 😭😍

  • I love how y’all treat each other, such a power couple

  • Love this! Can you post the link to the glider and the fold out couch?

  • You both are extremely talented I really enjoyed this video! 🥰 Congratulations on your little baby boy

  • Joey kinda looks like he’ll be related to Zac Efron

  • Beautiful

  • Imagine just doing you’re baby’s nursery room while pregnant with all that creativity! me and my stick figures could never 😭