Our Organized, Minimalist House Tour!

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Lis 2020.
We came, we sorted, we conquered! Peek though our pared down, uber organized, minimalist masterpiece home and gather some organization tips for your place!
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  • I also don't let my son watch cartoons or any phone. I let him play with his toys, books, & with Blank notebooks so he can draw (:

  • Great job! 😍👏

  • Mr. Kate!! love this so much! where are your bedroom dressers from?? they are GORG!

  • You cannot have that may pairs of shoes and call yourself a minimalist lol

  • This inspired me to de-clutter our space too !

  • I've been watching you for years on this channel, my son and I both love everything you do! I was just watching Princess Diaries 2 with my daughter and was like hold up "That's Mr. Kate!" Totally didn't know you were an actress, you did a great job though no surprise!

  • Beautiful home organization...so inspiring! QUESTION: how do you keep your nightstand & drawers empty?? I need so many things when I am in bed...hmmm :):):) ex: creams, nail files, drink, tissues, chargers, pills, hand cream, etc, etc, etc...:):):):) xo

  • OMG I love how eco-friendly your home is. Such a great influence!

  • Love the work you guys did! Absolutely in awe of how great things turned out and you guys as a family!!! I just want to mention to try to be mindful that working from home is a privilege so it can hurt many by saying "we are all working from home" because many do not have that option and they are at risk everyday just to provide for their families. Obviously you guys have great vibes and intentions but just a little insight because you guys are great humans that constantly trying to be mindful of the rest of the world.

  • I love a good sustainable house tour, but it was heartbreaking when I saw the links to buy a lot of the stuff you have listed in the caption are from Amazon. It's well known how damaging of a company Amazon and Jeff Bezos is, and how much small businesses are struggling now more than ever because of the pandemic. It would be nice to see a HRdownr with such a platform, such as yourself, partner with small businesses to support and share their sustainable options so your followers can support them directly instead of Amazon.

  • This gives me such happy memories of co-sleeping! You guys are great parents :)

  • Beautiful home guys!

  • I have to get de-cluttering and organizing and cleaning. It not that I have a lot of stuff... but I've let things go. Even if I was rich I don't like the idea of other people organizing my personal stuff... It's not something I can delegate. Hopefully this other Kate can inspire me.

  • OMG. You guys are an inspiration!!!! Love you

  • Wow guys it's so so inspiring. I want to do the same in my home.

  • I hope you guys get a chance to read this comment. First off, I commend your progressive adaption to the minimalist lifestyle and your incorporation of natural elements in your design aesthetic! I also appreciate your consciousness of your carbon footprint on the environment. I am interested in seeing you both explore the concept of Earthship homes! While they are incredibly efficient, environmentally conscious and autonomous creations, they are not so esthetically pleasing. I would love to see you both tackle how to makeover these homes to look incredible while honoring the concept of their build and using environmentally conscious materials to help create a masterpiece! Would love to see you both take on this challenge and introduce this architecture to your viewers as well as baby Moon to help us reimagine sustainable living and preserve the furture of our planet! Thank you for sharing your energy and creativity with us. Sincerely, An Earthship creative weirdo!

  • Kate !!! You know what ...........I saw you in Princess diaries 2 you were the one who gave the Princess a basket of veggies and fruits right??? Your accent was so weird in that part 😁lol When i was watching I was like OMG I have seen her somewhere and then I remembered you 😎😎😎BTW you were awesome😍😍😍😍

  • Favorite video so far

  • I love your parenting

  • New subscriber! Love your decluttering!

    • Welcome to the channel Linda! Thanks for watching!

  • Actually my washer is broken so could I get more info on those laundry services 😂

  • I love the emphasis on sustainability and being eco-friendly! It's something I've been working on too, so it's great to get some ideas from this - I moved out for university last year and now I have more freedom to make these choices on my own

  • Love can you do a video on ways to make your room feel like you on a budget for teens

  • Omg omg im sooo happy one of my favourite youtubers is advocating ecofriendly lifestyle!

  • Thank You for this video. 😄🌼🇺🇸

  • Love the video! Just wanted to pop in and give a little clarification/warning for those in the comments. As an early childhood professional, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that bed sharing with babies is not safe. I don't watch this channel often, so I don't know if they truly bed shared when Moon was a newborn/infant, but I want to make it clear that it is NOT SAFE AT ALL to bed share with infants. They do not have the strength or ability to move pillows/blankets/etc away from their face to avoid suffocation. Families face tragedy year after year due to bed sharing with their infants. Once again, loved the video, just wanted to help protect those who may not know.

  • You guys should offer to help Hanna Brown. That would be fun to watch. hrdown.info/block/video/14htfpJ3apWsoqc

  • I go to waldorf

  • I'm so happy to see the emphasis that you put on books for Moon. The world absolutely needs more readers! I feel like reading and writing is becoming a lost art, so kudos to you both. You are doing a wonderful job! ❤️

  • awesome video !! 🔥 but on a side note girl how do u do your hair ?? anything in it?

  • i need to know where his shirt is from omg

  • I was told once you shouldn’t hang necklaces as it puts strain on the links xx

  • Moon is the cutest!🥺

  • Love that you got rid of so much stuff!!! Way to go Kate and Joey 👌🏽🥰

  • Love the video. Where did u buy the tall metal book shelve?

  • ur so gorgeous without makeup 😍

  • Thank you for the amazing video. It would be better if you replacd the cactus with another plant. Cactus brings dry sharp energy.

  • Love to see real touches of you two and moon living in your space ❤️

  • This is the exact video I will refer to when I buy my first home. Everything is so beautiful!

  • Are you related to the HRdownr edgy veg?

  • I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE you guys! I love your adorable little family & just literally everything about you guys!! I really, really do!! 🥰💛💛💛

  • Where did you get the fireplace cover? Love it I been looking for one my open fireplace

    • @Mr. Kate thank you! I’ll have to go look! ❤️ loved the video!

    • West Elm!

  • My home is messy bcz I let my children enjoy..n be child..

  • Wow pretty. Thank you for sharing with us 😍

  • R u mr kate

  • Plastic is very eco-friendly! It takes way less energy to make a plastic basket than a cotton one. Just keep it long enough so as not to be wasteful. They all end up in landfills and take centuries to bio-degrade, plastic, cotton, whatever!

  • omg that baby boy is getting so big!! i havent watched yalls videos in TOO long 🥺😭

  • I love that you do not let Moon get hooked on technology!

  • What beautiful simple spaces. For me one of the worst junk generators are the subscription boxes. Who cares that you can get $300 worth of product for $50 when you don't need and will never use most of it.

  • Ima just sit back and enjoy the satisfying content 🤣🤪

  • Every inch of this house belongs on Pinterest


  • Good job! How the clutter breeds once you have a baby! Looks so good. Feels so good, hey?

  • The real challenge is keeping it that organized! 🙈

  • I love this minimalist house tour .Less is always more.I noticed in your junk drawer you stored 9v battery with other batteries and metal .it is a fire hazard .please store batteries separately in closed box.they get oxidized and form crystallized substances in the top .we cannot use it anymore .

  • We have the same dishes and cookware 😅

  • it looks so relaxing..so beautiful from philippines here!

  • You're house has always been goals and now its even more perfect

  • Love Moon's room! Hope you teach him the love of Jesus too.

  • You have such a gorgeous face. When you have no make-up on? Wow!

  • Really dope ideas I’m going to incorporate in my home. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love watching your little helper with all your projects. Inspired to declutter and make a baby!

  • The 20 20 rule or whatever is inaccessible to me as a disabled person.

  • Ugh Moon is so cute!! such a little 70s vibe baby

  • Love this! I don't own any jewelry so I was shocked how much you had. Awesome job, the house looks amazing & peaceful!!

  • Except when you buy in bulk--you have to put the stuff in plastic bags. Love your clean white kitchen.

  • You’ve done an amazing job organizing but this isn’t minimalist. Not compared to “The Minimalist Mom” or “Joshua Becker”. Now, THEY are minimalist. I would have to say tho that I would prefer to be your type of minimalist. 😉

  • Good for you for not allowing your child to stay on electronic devices! My daughter is the same way with her children and they are super smart! And, much better behaved than most kids their age.

  • I wish I could display books like that. Everytime I've tried they've ended up in pieces. I'm hoping after a little while I can try again

  • I really appreciate this video!! This was helpful and encouraging. 👏🏽👍🏽 My husband and I started decluttering our home. 😓 It will be worth it.

  • I LOVE hearing that you reused all the plastic you wanted and didn’t buy any new plastic. Little things like that are so important for our planet if everyone does it!

  • I love this video! the editing is amazing and just such a feel-good watch :) I love how much thought you guys put into making a purpose for everything, reusing items, and keeping things practical for everyone in the fam x such good tips and ideas p.s you guys are amazing parents keep it up!

  • Awh! This video made me really happy and inspired to tackle my junk closet!

  • I would love to see more of the small space laundry room tools and storage u have. This was great!

  • What a gorgeous house🤩🤩😍🔥

  • Love the minimalist house tour.... definitely something I look forward to when I finally move out of my current living situation. Love storing your fruit in the cabinet, just be aware of what you store together, some fruit combinations can accelerate ripening, while other fruit combos can actually decelerate ripening when stored together.

  • Did I spy a cloth diaper? So cute!

  • Such inspiration! Trying to get the kids (and myself) on the path to minimalism. Our laundry room is mortifying!

  • I can’t believe how big moons gotten! It feels like just yesterday you guys were pregnant 🤯

  • The thing about buying in bulk and using such small canisters, means you have to have a storage area where you keep all the extra bulk food.....in some garage cabinet or laundry room shelf or something, which is kind of meh. I use microfiber cloths to wash dishes after using sponges for years. Sponges have tons of bacteria on them, and you can change a microfiber cloth every day. We have too many types of cereals, flours, pastas and other items to narrow them down to a few canisters. I never use a dish drainer anymore. I got out of the habit when we showed our former home for sale and just kept that habit up into our new home. So after dinner in the evening I close down the kitchen, wipe down all counters and it's good to go in the morning. I keep reorganizing closets and cabinets pretty much all the time. I declutter and at the same time reorganize.

  • Love your video abs where did you get your quilt from bcz I have skin allergy so need very thin quilt please reply 💖

  • Basket tip: Get a basket with a lid. Why? The basket can mold when you place damp cloths in it, and they can stink even when dry as they pile up (to save energy I collect enough of dish cloths, dish drying towels, and cloth napkins to fill a load). I let my cloths dry (in cupboard hook) and then I place them in a plastic kitchen garbage bag that I've had for 8 years inside the basket with a lid. I just have to quickly wind the top of the plastic bag (no need to tie it) to completely block any smells. (I bought a roll of kitchen garbage bags a decade ago and still have most of them--the local charity shops do a regular neighborhood pick up and require that items be placed in a plastic bag. I don't imagine I'll ever buy another plastic bag. By separating items into compost, rubbish, and recycling, I dump everything directly into the bins.) Don't forget that you can hang measuring spoons and such inside a cupboard on hooks. I bought a multiple number of stainless steel ones (5 sets... yes, I go through that many in two days). This means that I don't waste water when I need to use more of one size during the day. I pop them in the dishwasher because using the dishwasher saves energy. Also, I have bamboo, washable "paper towels" on hand--good for spills that could stain your other cloths. They are washable and eventually degrade. I have a mesh bag for the freshly washed and mesh bag for those needing cleaning. Ones stored (hung on a hook) with the cleaning supplies and the other is hanging where the rubbish is kept. My housekeeper (I'm disabled and require assistance) was used to using paper towels and she's adjusted to the bamboo towels with ease. I'm also making my own tooth powder. It's a simple recipe (same amount of baking soda, bentonite clay, and xylitol mixed) and if the ingredients are properly stored in sealed containers, it will last for next to forever.

  • thank you i learn a lot to your videos

  • ❤️❤️❤️ this was so relaxing to watch!!! I wish my house was that clean and pretty 😂😞😬 love u guys🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽stay safe and stay humble beautiful's🙏🏽😘💓

  • I’m so proud of you guys! I bet the closet declutter was so hard for Kate 😩❤️

  • Yaaay the kitchen was my favorite one besides the closets!! So many ideas since my grandma, mom, and I are currently decluttering around the house. Slowly but surely lol.

    • Yay! Have fun decluttering!

  • I know that it's not really a video that you would usually make but I would love to see a video of like routines with moon and what you do in a day and how you get things done with him.

  • My baby is one next month and we also loosely follow the Montessori/Waldorf philosophy and we bed share!

  • The house came out absolutely gorgeous

  • Im just so curious...does he see u on ur phones? I tried the Montessori way but after my partner n my daughter's dad died n she got older I didn't have time n she saw mommy texting with family n video with family that lives away n she wanted to know everything about it...im curious to what's gonna happen when he's older

  • Love everything but if u have money it's perfevt! I don't have time or 20 dollars to keep buying things...u r blessed! ❤

  • I love candles in the fireplace. I'm going to use LED candles with the remote.

  • Moving and ditching everything. Years ago I downsized 50% but too much stuff in storage. Years of shedding stuff and doing same with parents’ home. I took it in stages when ready. Now I have open concept not crowded withe only items we love. Much easier to live, travel and enjoy. Good job keep it up!

  • Did y'all Marie condo your house?😂just curious

  • someone correct me cause idk for sure but isn't it not that healthy to have your kid sleep with you constantly? im not saying they cant every now and then but i heard? that if can become a bad habit. im not sure? someone correct me if im wrong.

  • Great job, you guys! So proud and happy for you! But you said that "most single use coffee pods have their own recycling program", so there are still some that don't? How do you "toss" them after using? Have you researched if those programs are accurated?

  • Congrats guys!! Eco-minimalism is the best!!! you are so awesome for taking that huge and important step in your lives!!!

  • I wish i could be a minimalist. At my age of almost 65, I really need to get rid of a lot of items, I just can't seem to get this task done by myself. You have a beautiful home and Moon is growing. I love your videos. Stay safe.

  • The coffee kcups are not recycleable. They do make a reusable kcup pod!

  • Being on a "eco" theme , coffee making also can be made zero waste and non toxic !!! with Reusable filters, non plastic coffee making devices ditching all single use stuff that drawer's filled with :(