Paula Galindo aka PauTips’ Glam Pink Bedroom Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over

Datum objavljivanja: 7. Pro 2018.
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Sherwin-Williams colors: Dragon Fruit SW 6855, Egret White SW 7570, Notable Hue SW 6521, Flexible Gray SW 6010, Demure SW 6295, Charcoal Blue SW 2739, Rose Embroidery SW 6297
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Editor & Director: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Chris Phelps, Chris Miller
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Vilma Samantha Valladares, Joe Oosthuizen, Emily Banks


  • OMSH!💕 I have to tell you this: When I use to live in Colombia I watched every single chapter from Mr. Kate and it was a dream having them into my space...and now here we are!!! 😱💕 Thank you Kate and Joey, you guys are amazing! DIOS MIO! 💕 Tengo que decirles esto: Cuando vivía en Colombia, vi cada capítulo del Mr. Kate y era un sueño tenerlos en mi casa ... ¡y ahora aquí estamos! 😱💕 Gracias Kate y Joey, ustedes son increíbles!

    • Where do you get your dress from!

    • Oh, dios mio! Hola!! Estes video estuvo genial! Paula tus videos son los mejores!! Amor.. Ella!

    • MARIA ESCANDON LIBOS pero sabe quien es Pautips?

    • tambien soy Colombiana I relate sooo much except Mr. Kate didn't decorate my house

    • @Francisco Leon lol sorry I didn't mean you 😂😂😂

  • Wao that Spanish was on point guys, good job, the salsa not so much hahaha

  • Emocionadaaa

  • its all fun and games until you trip over something and fall into the wall with wet paint

  • I want you to come to my house but I live in Australia

  • Trabaho and pintura is a filipino word as well.. 😆 So cute

  • At 8:02, how many ppl tried the rrrrrr 😂 👇

  • Guys, could somebody tell me please (just wondering), if they ever mentioned it how they work with these "celebs" - do they have a budget or they do it for free for the promo so clients pay only for furniture or maybe it is sponsors money?:) once again just wondering, liked the result so mush!

  • Loving it 💞

  • That girl is so awkward lol amazing job btw!

  • Kate's pregnant at this time... did they have the name Moon by this time? Cause she's wearing a moon-y shirt. :)

  • Lmaoo I love how (in the most wholesome way possible) them wanting her to be able to bring someone home to bang was a priority for them

  • I literally love the colors of the room. We both love pink, gold, white, and grey. Y’all did amazing!!!💕

  • i'm from mexico and my best friend (that moved to colombia from mexico) is from colombia

  • when they do peoples rooms do the people pay them

  • looks like a childs room

  • I love your guys intro

  • Joey nerving out over the painting supplies is the funniest thing ever

  • I get this theme song stuck in my head on a daily basis.

  • Me encanto verlo bailando salsa,esa fue la mejor parte.. I loved when he was dancing salsa,that was the best part of the video... I love you guys,you are so 👌 nice

  • Is there a rule or something that says that most people named Joey are adorable dorks??

  • Anyone ever notice how much Kate looks at her clients to see their reactions you can tell she gets her joy from that

  • Dang! Mr. Kate knows more Spanish then i do. And I'm Hispanic . 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • When he said the b word I skipped that party never say that word ever again

  • Vivo en Colombia y conozco a Pautips and also I take English classes

  • Amazing as always - sooo cute 💕

  • I love how Joey is geeking over some paint rollers and stuffs. It's cute.

  • Imagine if the bed went splat when he jumped on it??? Gorgeous Room! 🦩💖

  • So beautiful . . . She Will be very Happy in this room ❣

  • I love the room and mostly the fact that u tried speaking Spanish Joey. Mr. Kate, ur spanish is awesome. Hasta luego!

  • Omg! Hoooow am I just finding out how tiny Mr. Kate actually is?! I've watched almost every video...Never noticed it until the hardware store. That's wild.

  • Guys I love your videos I sleep watching them everyday 💖💖I discovered it because of quarantine and I’m grateful for that .Stay safe creative weirdos 💖

  • Guys I love your videos I sleep watching them everyday 💖💖I discovered it because of quarantine and I’m grateful for that .Stay safe creative weirdos 💖

  • You are doing a great job Well done Love it 💕

  • Lmao Spanish it’s so good!!

  • I love Mr. KATE, i love all your videos and your job. I dont like Pau tips, sorry i had to say it, but i love how you change her department.

  • 10:00 did anyone else see the link hand print on her jacket😂

  • the best part in this video is the salsa dance YES JOEY

  • Love u

  • I need her to come and make love to my living room. Girl you’re so talented

  • So what, all native Spanish speaker naturally can roll their r’s

  • U guys r awesome

  • What about a challenge of using wall stickers and paint?

  • Can you fix my room

  • The way Joey stares at Kate is melting the hopeless romantic in me

  • Well I thought they were speaking Filipino, but not its Spanish, cause "Pintura - paint and Trabaho - Work" same word in Filipino Language ..

  • 🥰😍🤩💜💜💜💜💜💜 I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done with this room. I would use my favorite Purple color but this is gorgeous and you nailed it. If you ever want to do a cross country travel and see Illinois in the summer. I welcome you to help me with my glam bohemian vintage eclectic fun playful traditional look. Today I took your quiz and you nailed my style.💜💜💜 Love what yah do.

  • Love the dreamy 💓 pink bedroom that you created for her. This is every inch a Lady's Bedroom. Love creativity with the wall and mirror. The Bed is the BEST! You to are Amazing Designers/Creators THANKS for sharing! 🦢🦢🦢

  • Just finished doing my room pink. But have 2 decorate etc . Can't wait2 have it up on my yt channel

  • It’s so cute how zeoy just stared at mr.kate and admires her talent and nods to her😭😭💜 1:50

  • 10:15 I honestly thought I left my toonblast on. :D

  • Can y’all do mines and my sis and bro room of three please

  • OML!, I am two years late 😂😂

  • Bueno jabo 🤣 I always watch you guys I'm Uruguayan but I live in San Diego You guys are genius! ❤

  • shmall

  • idk if ur still doing this but if u are, plzzzzzzzz do moriah elizabeth's house/room next plzzzzzz

  • I Thought it was weird they didnt bring moon up once the whole video and then it hit me lmaooo

  • Por favor los otros vídeos también con subtítulos

  • OMSH!!! I LOVE MR.KATE !!!! They are amazing !!!!

  • I love the diy canvas

  • Beautiful room!! 😅😅😅Joey dances really good!! Greetings from Miami Florida 🤗🧡👋😎!

  • I want to dance salsa with Joey, lol Love this !

  • I love this... They made a small room look big

  • Do my room I need it done 😂😂💙xxx

  • Kate I love you your the best I wish you could come and do my room but I live in Canada

  • Mr. Kate's Spanish is great!

  • The irony of Mr. Kate telling someone else they needed a room as beautiful as they are when she herself is one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

  • OMG guys you are so amazing and cool, love u so much.

  • Por favor cola legenda português Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Hey! Anyone from Germany here? 😂💗

  • Best shelves I've ever seen. So much love to Mr. Kate and the awesome team 😍

  • Hope Pautips bounces back with her videos. Awesome job done again here.

  • but its fine

  • its small not shmall

  • ola

  • Please decorate my room like this I live in 🇮🇳 india

  • Hell yea Spanish subtitles! ¡Que bueno!

  • Bahasa Indonesia pleaseeeeeee

  • I love this. This is exactly the pallete im going for but i have a more pastel pink. But also gold and dsrk gray

  • play bloxburg on roblox and build a house and design it

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  • Wouldn’t display shelf be better. 😏

  • I like the glass metal shelves. Where did those come from?

  • OMG this is my dream bedroom

  • Does she have a diy channel

  • Any body who else sells a similar Acrylic bookshelf ?

  • I found you guys a week ago and I’ve been watching your videos EVERY day! This is probably the funniest video ever, I mean, Kate is ready to make videos in Spanish 😅You’re amazing!

  • Please do Jefree Stars Makeup room!!!

  • I love her...she was soooo happy 😊

  • lol joey was more like italian :DDD

  • Great job!!!

  • I love your videos! I found out about your videos a few months ago. You are truly talented and so outgoing.

  • Next you should Safiya Nygard!

  • mr kate do you make bracelets to fit over big hands

  • Love how kate gives love to each and every object in the room in every single one of her videos! Just love it 😍😍😍😍

  • 1, 2, 3, 4...booty... booty I’m dying 😵 😂

  • I absolutely love 💕 all the Mr. Kate videos...I literally would love 💕 for them to fix a couple small areas in my home to make it more functional for me. I love decorating, fixing, and painting...I’m limited by health issues...But I need your HELP Mr KATE!!!! I love 💕 you guys so very much...You and your husband are INCREDIBLE DESIGNER!!!💕🌻🦋

  • Hi Mr Kate love that you are so unique and help out By Makeovers rooms you help with lot of people❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍😉

  • Take care of that BABY!!!

  • i love the room i want it if everything pink is blue