Quarantine Clean: 5 Steps To Decluttering Your Space!

Datum objavljivanja: 29. Ruj 2020.
Wow, we’re really exposing a lot in today’s video, getting honest with ourselves and you guys! Hopefully this can inspire you too!
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille


  • I see some decluttering in my future this weekend! And yes, I cried during the Winston footage/ceremony, so sad and sweet all at once.

  • Kate sounds like Kim Kardashian to me. She has the same pitch same way

  • they are such good parents, so wholesome I love them

  • Did not click on this video expecting to cry.....

  • omg Emma Chamberlain bought your rubber chicken purse from the thrift store and has shown it a few times in her vlogs

  • when you have a pets ashes do u have to get rid of them?

  • Did she just make winston’s ashes into a snow decoration for her plants ? If so Winston would have wanted that :)

  • You guys work hard, but Moon works harder!!!😂🥰

  • I loved this so much! Thank you for keeping it real...what a beautiful way to show the next generation what really matters in life:)

  • 😭 Winston’s memorial hit me in the feels. Lost my fur baby a few months ago and she was also a rag doll. So floppy and fluffy and loving 💜

  • Got so emotional over Winston. Just listening to someone talk about their fur baby always makes me cry

  • Buy nothing pages on Facebook are a great place to donate!

  • Who knew a decluttering video was going to make me cry! Lol loved every bit of this.

  • I really like your videos they are very calming! Keep going!💜

  • The ceremony for Winston made me cry so so much. I recently lost my best furry friend in september and I'm still mourning about it. 😭

  • Watching this video made me so happy and gave me so much motivation. I gave away and threw out so much. Allowing for new things to enter my life.

  • I love they way you incorporated Winston into your yard. When we lost our childhood pets we always buried them at home, with a special pant to remember them. I lost my wonderful cat in January, and wasn't able to out her there physically, but I got a special houseplant for her. For me, it keeps their memory alive.

  • Anytime I see a pet past away, it breaks my heart, and Kate saying that moon and winston meeting halfway made me sob😭 but the memorial was beautiful and it will always keep his memory alive🤍

  • Oh Winston 😇😘

  • I'm watching from Bangladesh

  • Excellent

  • Love Moon's little RBG shirt

  • Sorry for your lost of Winston. Please adopt another when you are ready.

  • Does anyone know where their dresser is from?! 😍

  • omg please move to hawaii i live heree

  • Anyone else not expect to cry at a decluttering video

  • Charity fortunately is a BIG part of our religion and culture..hence we keep donating new and old regularly...clutter hardly accumulates...:)

  • I like to keep the handwriting of everyone I love. Having lost my parents and my only sibling, I was glad I had samples of their writing. Now, when I get cards for my birthday or Christmas, I save just the last year. This keeps the pile small and allows me to keep these sentimental reminders.

  • That winston part made me so emotional😓😓😓

  • Winstonnn 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ugh and how moon was part of his memoriallll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Life with a toddler: “don’t throw that in the toilet please!” Lololol 😂 I love your vids!

  • Lots of helpful thoughts on the topic. xox

  • Oh my god is it the exact rubber chicken bag that Emma Chamberlain got in a thrift shop ?!

  • omg i have a thing for pursues and bags and that chicken bag is to die for i love it so much i honestly need it

  • Wow, over 1,000 pounds of stuff decluttered?! 😱 That's amazing!

  • I love the part were Kate was talking and she just said “DONT THROW THAT IN THE TOILET PLEASE” and ran out of frame😂

  • Woah, last time I was here, Moon couldn't walk.

  • Amazing video! Greetings from a British/Irish person living in Germany!

  • I recommend keeping at least one old cell phone and charger so if needed you can call 911

  • Amazing that you decluttered with a toddler!

  • The ceremony for Winston made me cry. 😢 Reminded me of how much I adore my furbaby Maui 💖🙏🏻

  • The way Moon helps! So adorable 🥺

  • May sweet Winston have all the cat nip, naps & sweet cream he can hold! Rest now sweet fur angel💜

  • It’s cute how he is looking at Kate with such proud eyes 😊 14:44

  • Moon is tooo cuteeee. Love this video 😍

  • I'm pretty sure Emma Chamberlain purchased that chicken bag lol I'm so sure I saw it in one of her more recent videos!

  • I recently lost my dog. We buried him and planted three trees there. We visit the 'tree' regularly. Watching the Winston ceremony made me breakdown. The pain never goes.

  • LOVE! I NEED this in my life... xoxo

  • Just saying I would never give up my cat’s ashes.

  • winston😭😭😭 condolences from me 🤍 what a beautiful ceremony moment! 🥺

  • You two should have more babies because you ppl know how to be good parents, involving Moon in all you do around the house!!!

  • Can you make different videos about Moon and your home decorating videos? I think you have a very cute kid but I don’t have to see his lunch if I’m watching a video about decluttering

  • i love your kid he is sooo cute and u guys r raising him so well

  • Oh man the part about Winston made me cry...

  • Omg I love this It’s so Marie kondo influenced !! Love it

  • Who else cried during winstons funeral


  • Whoever edited this did amazing! I love this style!!!! 😍🤍

  • I'm moving in 2 weeks literally couldn't have seen this video at a more perfect time ☺️

  • قومٍ تعاونوا ماذلو كفو عليكم والله

  • I'm doing this now in my life right now 😁🙏😊👀

  • LOVE these people!!

  • I want to declutter my room but unfortunately it is not in my say. My mom has stuff from years ago when i was little how do I try to have her start taking things out??

  • Oh, I'm totally blubbing, poor Winston, makes me miss my cat (ironically called Joey!)

  • KATE where did you buy that stripped jumper I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!!

  • I didn’t think a decluttering video would make me cry so much 😥 beautiful way to remember Winston.

  • I looks Moon bluer than blue eyessss!!!!!

  • Moon said “excuuuuuse me mom” *shove*

  • I am so glad you did that. I have declutted a large portion of my stuff the past 8 months and honestly it feels so much better!

  • kate, we need a skincare routine XD

  • Oh We will declutter in about 3 months, because then we are moving to another home. But I hope it is less than yours, oh man that was indeed a lot. A year ago we moved to this house and I think we decluttered already 70% of our stuff, so .......

  • Am I the only one like 👁👄👁 when she called a kids drawing clutter. just put the child’s drawing in the photo album slip instead of a printed copy. It doesn’t hold the same meaning..

  • Everyone needs a person in their life that looks at them like Joey looks at Kate at 14:45, wether they be a friend, family or a partner

  • Winsten was the sweetest kindest soul, may he cross the vale with a strut and find the catnip over the vale

  • Rip winstin

  • Dont know why but I expected your home design to be more eccentric. Its beautiful either way. Thanks for sharing. Good to know I'm not alone when it comes to clutter.

  • I need to do this. Great job you guys

  • Loved this! Check out dawn from the minimal mom I think you'll like her!

  • omg I am sitting here crying. i still can not part with my dogs ashes

  • For me there is only a keep and donate pile. No “maybes” coz eventually you’ll end up not using them because they are hidden then you go donating them. Why wait another 6 months? It’ll just add up to the clutter, what’s the sense of decluttering when you are still keeping things you are not sure you need or use. Might as well donate it, if after 6 months you need something you dont have, go buy it.

  • moon❤❤❤😍😍

  • For some reason, this video and the subsequent reveal one slapped me upside the head like none of the 2,387 other declutter/reorg vids I've watched. Getting off my duff right now to get started.

  • Kate : don’t throw that in the toilet please! Cuts Immediately to Joey : i don’t think it’s legal to dispose of ashes on the beach

  • Kate where did you get your sweater from?!! Love it!!

  • 5:48 everyone has those drawers full of electric stuff 🤣 I should clean mine

  • Nursing on the floor with a squeegee... bahaha it’s hilarious how relatable that is for me.

  • With our POTUS right now I think it is awesome that you guys are going to make your donation to the environment

  • where do you buy the magazine-style books? I'd love that!

  • I didnt come here for these feels. But I'm not mad at it. 😅

  • Moon has grown sooo much !

  • A pet is family and not an item you "declutter". If your cat meant so much to you than you wouldnt refer to him or his ashes as a "thing". Discarding of his ashes because you want to declutter is an awful thing. the fact that both of you laugh about it its even worst. Im so disappointed than all of you that i will unsubscribe right now. Shame on you!

  • I’m deadass bawling rn I cant even se me screen

  • Winston....😫🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Love this video and seeing bubs little face in it! He's so cute. Also, tearing up with you about your kitty :( We lost ours 2 years ago and it was SO hard.

  • Is it weird that I wanted you to mix Winston ashes with white paint and paint a wall with it... I thought about it. It’s really weird. RIP Winston

  • You call that clutter...

  • Moon is so cute.. Lots of ❤Love from Pakistan

  • me: *thinking they have a new video* them: *changing the title from "Coming Clean..." me: ...at least it makes more sense now........

  • My favorite person talking about my favorite thing 😀

  • Moon is the cutest!😭🥺💕