Rainbow Room Makeover! | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 9. Lis 2018.
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Floral Chairs: bit.ly/2ysEKtU
Sofa (similar): bit.ly/2Oe7UIc
Coffee Table: bit.ly/2yrBtuU
Geometric Wall Decal: bit.ly/2OeGxxE
Leaves Wall Decal: bit.ly/2ypIM6w
Pink Dining Chairs: bit.ly/2ynJ1Pn
Dining Table (similar): bit.ly/2OflP0k
Purple Stools: bit.ly/2Oe8dTm
Drum Table: bit.ly/2ynHOaN
Rug: bit.ly/2Oeay0j
Mounted TV Stand: bit.ly/2O9UmNE
Floral Throw Pillow: bit.ly/2OeG2DM
Rattan Mirror: bit.ly/2ysFmzI
Yellow Velvet Pillow: bit.ly/2OetwnJ
Wall Clock: bit.ly/2OfS8MM
Peace Sign Hook: bit.ly/2yn0x6f
Cactus Vase: bit.ly/2OhkndZ
Macrame Shelf: bit.ly/2OfrfZg
Basket (similar): bit.ly/2yrwOJk
Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: Brandon Walowitz
Shot by: Chris Phelps, Marco Bottiglieri, Tim Banks
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith, Alecia Denegar
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Sam Valladares, Michelle Rumaker, Jason Galvan, Tiro Rose


  • Why do Kate's bellbottoms look like the Netflix logo? 😂😂

  • The clock is actually something from the tv show Hannibal

  • This is giving me trolls vibes 😌

  • This is my favorite show that you have done.

  • come to india please please please

  • What ever you made I lovveeee

  • Comment your name and if someone likes your comment they like your name mine is Hayley

  • that ending tho!! you both are so cute ❤️❤️❤️🥺 #goals

  • He was not trynna paint that wall again 🤣

  • Your teacher: okay kids so you won’t be going to school for a while You: YAYYYYY Your now: PLEASE TAKE ME BACK

  • Your teacher: okay kids so you have school tomorrow 2020: what is that

  • I’m also quirky whimsical

  • Only Mr. Kate could wear a flamingo print collared button up shirt and make it look good!❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈

  • Didn't know about putting a mirror by dining area, think I'll be sending you a picture of my dining area to see what you can suggest for us. Speak hopefully soon. Xxxx

  • Isn’t Damaris pronounced Dahm-uh-reese?? Not Duh-mare-us? 🤨

  • I like the clock they made. If anyone’s seen the show Hannibal, you’ll recognize it. A clock drawing test screens for Alzheimer’s and other dementia type neurological issues, and a patient that naturally draws a clock that way has some sort of neurological impairment

  • Inspiration 💟

  • I just found this show this week, am even binge watching it. But much to my dismay, the baby talk drives me over the edge. Other than that I think they're a great couple with cool designs.

  • i wouldnt be bold enough for this but i am OBSESSED w it! i think ths is so cute and differenct from the current trends! stunning! and she is literally so sweet and fun

  • Aaww she was so pleased and happy, how cute! You guys made her place look happy and flowy like her spirit and she couldnt believe it :)

  • The clock is a reference to Hannibal I think!!!

  • **cute***

  • This is so cute!!You can tell she loves it!!Looks like a unicorn should be living there!!🦄🦄💖

  • Ok how many times did Kate say retro ?

  • Ik you guys ain't going to Jamaica to decorate my room

  • Turns out, I'm vintage... :D :D :D

  • Not something I would ever go for but I love how happy they made her. A lot of interior design shows try to go with "nice" trendy looks. This is refreshing.

  • Can you pls come to my house how do I respond and get you to my house

  • Joey's a lucky guy

  • I’m here while moons been born anybody else 🥺🦦

  • I just took the aesthetic test and I fit with Whimsical/Quirky perfectly!

  • someone PLZ tell me where to find that hannibal clock

  • I'm living for the colors in this room. So beautiful!

  • Why thank u ! 😂😏😜😉 I guess I'm famous now 😂

  • Bruh did i just heard "Damaris" in the video !?!?!? Hey ! That's my name what a coincidence 😂🤣😜

  • *oh wow*

  • *bold*

  • **bold**

  • My OCD is being triggered so much in this video...

  • I love the girls style, but she needs a makeover like her hair is gross and her clothes do not fit right. She seems like such a wonderful young lady but she could embrace here body type a little better. Love u mr. Kate! I wish you could do my room!

    • no offence but you really dont have a place to comment on her like that

  • The curtain tho

  • *screams in Fannibal*

  • My aesthetic (as I call it) is... A whimsical bohemian princess with a glam unicorn as a pet and a mermaid friend.

  • Ugly. Sorry

  • Is it just me that like I know my style but never once have i seen a mr kate final design I haven't wanted to live in even if it's no where near my style

  • I liked how the room turned out for their friend even though it isn't my cup of tea. Wow! It definitely Looks Groovy! There was only one thing I would change ~ The Clock! I'd make it a Neon Green Clock where a glance would tell you the Correct Time. However, it was a wonderful makeover and You Lightened Up the Room and made it CHEERY! Thank you for sharing. 💠

  • I wish you could do my room but I don’t think you can because in young and I live in town far away from u #creativewierdo

  • Aww it’s so wonderful. It’s like sunshine ☀️all year. You two are incredible. Xxx

  • Do the same for me

  • I need a quirky whimsical theme in my life all my things r rainbow coloured but they clash sooo much

  • I'm obsessed with Mr. Kate and Joey. They are so talented. And ofcourse I love this room. I love every room you guys makeover 😍😍

  • hmm i love kate and joey's character

  • That clock really messed with my OCD😂😂😂 BEAUTIFUL RESULTS THOUGH!

  • They kept saying 70s because of the apartment style, but overall it all looks more like 60s to me lol not much of a difference but it makes me think of flower power more rather than disco

  • *CUTE*

  • Mr. Kate and Joey are wizards. 🥰

  • That catto looks like my catto

  • Anyone here after Kate had her baby

  • I would have color blocked zig zags following the zig zags of the stairs instead of the leaves. Well, actually not because I wouldn't have been able to even conceive of this design. But if I had then that's what I'd have done.

  • I love her so much! 🌈😂 Now she's got a living room that matches her awesomeness! 👍🔥 Such an amazing redesign Mr. Kate and Joey! 💓

  • Kate is such a kind person, did she give away a vintage box that her grandma gave her? how generous and thoughtful is that? :)

  • Kate is so pretttyyyyy also moon is so lucky to have her as a mom she is just so amazing and just an overall great person

  • Honestly I don’t know why her stripes pants triggered me soo much

  • I think the TV is too close to sofa. It is reason why this is not good design of the room.

  • i love how they dont judge people and their situations

  • yay this is so fun!!!

  • 11:20 I have that shirt!!! Love u

  • All her intros are 🔥🔥🔥

  • Actually, that is honestly a really fun DIY; I had my son go wild with watercolor on a large white sheet of paper, and then used those colors and designs to inspire images I added in with a thin black sharpie after. Kind of like when you look at cloud shapes and see objects, or use the color selection itself to create the background mood of the piece. I must say our collabs are some of the best artwork in our home! It really brings the creativity out of you. We even got Grandpa, who is a very talented artist, involved on a few. They're wonderful and of course very budget friendly!

  • This is insane!!😍

  • my mom loves you. your so creative, keep doing what your doing!!!!

  • How do you submit a video?

  • Who else got glam on the quiz

  • Can you do an aesthetic room😊

  • If i had this house my friends would say "Ugh your so gay😂😂" cause im obsessed with rainvows and well im am super gay

  • I can hear the conversation with her friends Friend 1: Yo your place looks so good Her:Thanks Friend 2:Wait...why do you have a basket of pillows Her: Uh....my cats?

  • Daphne is so cute and sweet!

  • How do I do this Im still trying to balance a switch

  • Wow

  • Hi, sorry if any fans can answer a question, I am genuinely just curious, no hate at all. Is Mr. Kate a transgender ? If anyone knows, thanks 🖤🖤

  • This shows how each one of us are unique. None are exactly the same. I wouldn't prefer her room, but she has great ☆joy with all the rainbow effects incorporated in her space.

  • The girl looks like the maid in the trolls movie.

  • I am so interested in flower printed wall paper on Kate's office wall. Where can I find it? So my style.

  • The T. V is so close to the sofa

  • When watching Mr Kate's videos *I keep getting an ad for professional interior designers.* That is so rude and disrespectful Kate is way better than any professionals. I hope she knows that ad is in there and if she didn't put it there then whoever did is awful. Disgusting.


  • can u come do my room

  • In Ireland rented house can't be changed at all you can't even have a pet no way they let you paint or change all the stuff in there

  • Why put a clock that doesn't tell time

  • My aesthetic is Bohemian and Hippie

  • this is how many times in the video they said rainbow | |

  • I loved this, I think it takes her love of whimsy & rainbows to a more mature put together look. I kinda think this woman will change it, she looked like she was already planning on adding more to it. It's not my style, but I appreciate that it looks creative & more cohesive design.

  • I would love for you to come do my room and living room .. how can I contact you???

  • enter me in the giveaway, i really want the backpack and clipboard!!!!!

  • i loved it!!!!

  • That hannibal watch tho

  • Omg anomie I love that come to my my house if my parents let me

  • eat a candy every time kate says quirky or whimsical

  • Anyone here after Moon was born?!

  • My favorite episodes are the ones that are TOTALLY not my aesthetic and mr.kate has me like wow that room looks AWESOME!