Single Dad (Jason Nash) Surprises His Kids with Room Makeovers! Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Ožu 2020.
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Sound: Blake Christian
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Gabe Gonzales, Amy Patterson


  • Awww jason really just wants the best for his kids and you guys helped him with that! Both rooms are amazing!!!! 😍💕💕💕

    • @Evelyn Gomez high jk 00i

    • @Mr. Kate u guys are all so amazing

    • Ya

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    • Love how you can take anything and transform it ❤️😍

  • It's funny and cute how everyone the youtubers with the house remodeling/rooms only hug Kate first

  • The rooms are awesome !!! Lucky kids!!!

  • sorryyyyy i dont wanna be meannnnnn butttttt omggggggggggg ihfjdhididigdfobvmrihfsnck i dont wanna be meeeeeaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the intro annoying sorry bye

  • Okay but like have they met any 11 year old in 2020? Like childhoods end at like 9 nowadays.

  • I look at wyatt, remember his age and i feel tiny

  • Brb gonna go cry 😿😿

  • I literally have never seen moon blink

  • Wait no way I listen to The Click Five! I never knew he was in it!


  • Just watching all your videos. I am literally obsessed now. Love your cute blue eyed baby, Moon.😘😘😘♥️

  • nicoletv

  • Jason: I also used to dig graves Kate: really? Joey: was that a joke? Jason: no I really did

  • Wyatt's room is S i c k

  • Charlie's room = D r e a m s


  • I'm not gonna lie I also cried # join the squad

  • Random, but does anyone know what shoes Kate is wearing?? I’m in looove

  • MY personality is like if you were to mix the two kids together . I like older looking rooms and im 11 and I like science and music .

  • And the Good Dad award goes to.......... Jason Nash.

  • I feel like his nickname is Moe

  • 'Oh shoot, the baby-' pretty much describes the first 15 minutes of the video

  • why do not take led stripes wehre the blue tape is i think its looks cool and mor inspiring for a teenage boy to have some color light?

  • I feel like wyatt would give really good hugs, he looks very caring

  • Moon is sooooooooo cute 💗💗😍😍😍

  • Love this video!!! Both rooms are beautiful. 😭💕😭💕

  • Moon has the prettiest eyes!

  • Well all this was for nothing they already moved again

  • Great job and the baby is adorable😍

  • “Go be pensive”😂

  • I'm trying to redo my room right now and Charlie has the exact same floor plan and esthetic lol and ps I'm on my dad's account and I'm an 11 year old girl too

  • What happened to Joey two rolls😢

  • Wow.... can I be reborn and have him as my dad? 🥺plz🥺

  • I started crying when Jason and Wyatt were holding hands, that was the sweetest thing ever. 😭🥰🥰😍😍 I love them

  • Jason isn’t a “Single Dad”, he’s a dad who’s single (divorced). Big difference between being a single parent and being a parent that is single. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️

  • These rooms are so sick. They’re so lucky to have Jason as a father 🥺

  • Wait are mr Kate and Joey dating

  • I was catching some tiers from my eye's, I was almost about the full on cry because of how hart warming this is, I love this video you guys' have made and it's probable my favorite one out of all the videos you've made! :D

  • I loved click five, he better own it

  • jason: im a bright person, well im clinically depressed but in my mind... me: *laughing* _I DID NOT EXPECT THAT_

  • When Jason started mocking Kate I was ready to throw hands like 🤜🤠⚰️

  • charleys room is legit my dream room! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Kate needs to do a fashion blog 🤷🏾‍♀️ijs cause those sneakers ♥️♥️😍😍

  • all Jason wants is for his kids to be happy

  • Jason your son is really cute 🥰😍

  • cody ko?!

  • 41:45: Mr Kate and Charlie: 🥳🥰🤩😍. Jason: ☹️😢😰

  • Who else wants mr. Kate to decorate there room lol

  • Kate preparing there desk for online classes.

  • Moons eyes are gorgeous right after kate explained the boys room he is an amazing dad and wants the best for them

  • The first time I saw Mr Kate paint a wall black I was very worried, but she’s amazing, trust her style!

  • After a couple months I noticed they didnt renovate the gurls part of the vlog squad. I think it was because of quarantine.

  • Jason is an actual angel😇😭

  • Omg I used to listen to click 5 !

  • Where is the pink desk chair from? I love it! Also Charlie’s room turned out Amazing.

  • Does Wyatt have Instagram?

  • He's only a single dad because he has commitment issues, he throws away good women like Trish over stupid little things instead of being a real man in Manning up and committing and loving unconditionally, it's not cute to be a single dad he'll find out when he ends up dying alone

  • Who else thought at the end she was gonna say “thank you Jason for crying”

  • I'm jealous of Charlie's room, like I want a snack bar I just can't be trusted with chocolate

  • Love your videos

  • Jason really is a great dad, you can see that he truly wants the best for his kids and tries his best!

  • How do you do this with a baby

  • I love Jason’s son’s room😔

  • I love dark colors but my parents won’t let me renovate my colorful pinkish room, i have the same design of room since I was 8😀🤚 Plus I literally have a hello kitty bed and mirror

  • Her shirt matches his bedding

  • One day I want you to come over to my house and do my dance room if you can

  • Yes!

  • jason is so sweet but wyatt is kinda cute hes so precious

  • How do we get you to do one of our rooms (cause I would really like to have you guys to redo my room cause I love you guys so much and my room is in need of a makeover)

  • I'm new to this channel and I think its really cool that you do this for people. I have to share a room with my 17 yr old brother whose leaving for the army soon so my parents said I can do tiny things to make it more my room that it is now it just feels like I'm in a random room. I really love what u did so if I'm able to find things etc... Then im defo getting some inspiration from this 🤩😍 u guys did a great job

  • This was just the sweetest makeover! I could feel the love!

  • I have no idea who they are, but i can say, that's an awesome dad.

  • Both rooms turned out so great! ♥️

  • irrelevant but kate looks like bella thorne and joey looks like cody ko

  • Even with the 20% coupon it’s still really expensive for hair care

  • 15:42 11 going on 30?

  • I’ve noticed Kate got tall during the vids

  • growing up one of my fav band the click five!

  • G

  • keep it light and bright😂🖑❣

  • Pls suprise Jason by doing his room

  • Jason deserves the world 🥺💘

  • Her omg so cute Me FOOD lol

  • Um would we need to pay for you to come

  • The editing in their videos is amazing

  • All the people who disliked the video are probably jealous. Mr Kate did an amazing job

  • Jason was about to cry when he saw his daughter’s reaction.

  • 11:20 omg mini storytime so when my cousin was like under 18 she lived with her dad and mom (seperate houses) and at her dads house the hallway originally had caroet put I guess someone took it out but they left the part joey is peeling up at 11:20 and when u would be there I would forget it was there and stab my feet on it. It really hurt🥺

  • Kate really knows what she’s doing! So inspirational❤️

  • You should go back and do Jason’s room!

  • I want to be Charlie’s best friend she seems so sweet

  • look at jason pulling his sleeves to his hands lmfaoooo awh

  • Your baby’s room is going to be so cool

  • I love Charlies room😍 Can y'all do mine next lol

  • But why are they not on HGTV?

  • Jason Nash I would happily become your wife you’re such an amazing Dad. Sadly i. In uk.

  • liltjay

  • Why is Jason so annoying

  • Why does joey kinda look like David Dobrik from the side

  • your husband is giving my dax Shepard vibes he looks like he could be his younger brother