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  • Anyone watching this in quarantine? haha, I’m giving my room a makeover

  • Mr Kate. Kitchen decorate we please have us and thank you

  • To me it wasn't all that much different from what she had. But the shopping tips were helpful. Mr Kate, I know this is years old, but what do you do if you don't have the stereotypical "clean lines" look found everywhere? I like curvy, French look, chateau style. And I can't find it anywhere!

  • I have around 100 inspiration photos. Not sure how to narrow it down to 5 and less hahahaha

  • Alicia's bed is the new line of Mr. Kate furniture!

  • why the camera is so slow

  • A bit pagal

  • wow im inspired thank you

  • How do you send her a video to decorate

  • Hi mr Kate I was wondering if you do these rooms for free

  • This is the most informative and therefore one of the most useful Mr.Kate videos out there for self-starters! I love it!

  • Tysm for making this video

  • Hey Kate thank you for this video, could you please share list of shopping sites or furniture stores where we can buy good quality furniture at good prizes?

  • kate “items she may keep for a long time” alisha 6 months later *gets all new furniture*

  • Why do girls named Alicia/Alisha always have that look... Like you have to look like an Alisha to be an Alisha. * nothing negative meant by this *

  • I'll recommend Mr.Kate&Joey to have a Masterclass of interior design. It would be Ah-maziiiing!!! And could be a nice passive income for you guys, specially now you have Moon n.n xoxo

  • Thank you so much for this video it was extremely helpful! All i find is videos of people explaining how to do it but actually seeing how you do it was so muchh more clear i hope you make more videos like this.😁

  • Omg watching you guys do your work seems so fun and exciting! But actually listening to you break it down in this video, shows that it's much harder then anticipated.

  • Girl I will pay you to do my room lol. But seriously, how do I get you too.

  • I wish she can do my room pls write back

  • has anyone told you that you look like the prettier version of Bella Thorne?

  • ngl I didn't expect planner 5d to be good at all but I thought id give it a try and its actually not too bad. a better app that ive found though is called "room planner" I found it to be much better

  • Can you please help me with my room!!😂

  • What does mid century reference? 1950s?

  • Well, I purchased this planner 5d thinking if Kate gave it the green light then it must be great. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Do you REALLY use it? Or was it just because they sponsored your vid? After using it, I can’t figure out why anyone would. $36 in the trash. Yay me.

  • Homestyler is 1000000 times better than planner5d

  • This was so informative! I'm designing my daughters room and I love the idea of the mood board and shopping board in Photoshop. I'm also happy to see I'm not the only one who doesn't name their PS layers. I'm a graphic designer but Mr. Kate has me wanting to switch careers. Currently binge watching all your videos!!

  • Mr.kate ! I desperately need your help. I’m from Coachella Valley and my husband joined the marine corps, we moved to 29 palms and we have our home filled but it doesn’t make me feel like the space is mine :( help me !

  • How long does it take you to find the right items?

  • I LOVED this video. It was so USEFUL, absolutely wrote down notes and soo gonna use them decorating my space. Thank you for this amazing content!!

  • what is that bed called

  • I think you should do a photography tutorial❤😍

  • This helped me so much

  • Mas videos como estepor favor!!!

  • Ame este video, me ayudara muco, es mi meta poder hacer mi recamara en 3d, muchas gracias!!!

  • where did u get that dresser from

  • You are so inspirational 💯♥️

  • I used to use 5D just for fun bc I rlly like this kind of thing and then 1 day I went in to edit my furniture and it was saying I had to pay to do it 😐😑 I emailed them abt it and they said it was a subscription now

  • Are her eyes two diff colors

  • How can I get you guys to come decorate a room for me because I have searched online but nothing Has been really helpful because nothing actually tells me how to do it and I am moving soon and with like a really nice new room

  • This video shows how thoughtful they are ☺️

  • Hey Mr. Kate (or any with this information) I love your videos oh so much! My question for you that I have been dying to know is the name of the program you use for the mood boards, I been wanting to make moodboards with almost THAT EXACT LAYOUT! I just wanted to know how you make them. Thank You!

  • what program did she use for the shopping board?

  • The best episode, Mr. Kate! It helped me so much, thank you guuuys!

  • I want her to do my room !!! She’s literally my favorite !!! Please dm me !!!! Heres my Instagram : jayden.e6 please dm me !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • That would be awesome if you came to Canada and do my room! I tried to do it myself but it didnt work out and I cant figure out a good floor plan for my tiny room.

  • 😍😘😚❤💓💕💖💞💌💗

  • I really would love more videos like this

  • Hey there

  • how can i contact you so you can decorate my room

  • what app do you use for planning

  • When I move I always draw the room on a sheet in a small dimention and cut from an other sheet the furniture. That way I can move stuff around and look how it fits in and how I want it.

  • Thanks so helpful !!

  • @Mr. Kate Me and my sister are having trouble sharing the small and awkward shaped room we have, maybe you could help us?

  • nah. I'd rather have you decorate my room LOL.

  • Allana Kaipo.. Cool ideas

  • This was so helpful I'm redoing my room thank you for this video love your HRdown😸❤💙💚💜💛

  • Awesome work!

  • What camera was used to take the pool pic? I would love to know!

  • Not a year in a half but it cells like 24.7

  • I wish you would do my room I’ve been watching u guys for about 1 1/2 years and I finally had the courage to tell u this

  • Tysm this gave me so many ideas for my own cause I’ve moved and this gave me some ideas

  • Thank you so much for all the ideas and the tips. I love watching you work and I have gotten inspired to organize, decorate and create in my own apartment. You Rock!!

  • Thank you so much for sharing all that you do! You guys Rock!!!!

  • Really wish I would’ve seen this video before moving bedrooms. I made the mistake of buying three pieces of furniture that all matched. I loved how organized and helpful this video was!!!

  • Wait is that Remi’s friend Alisha ?!

  • I want that hat

  • I want to change my room but needed something to help me to get an idea and now that I see planner 5d is what I need thank you

  • hi mr.kate my name is Isabella and we just moved into our new house im so happy because i love diys and making a boring space amazing but theirs one problem, nothing is coming up in my mind, you probably wont see this but you are so amazing and i need help and inspiration!!!

  • 2018

  • I love what you do! Ignore the negative comments those people clearly dont know how to act with love and joy. You inspire my creativity so I wanted to thank you for that. Keep being wonderful xxxx 🦄🦄🦄

  • This was such a helpful video. I am getting ready to decorate a small apartment right now, in a different part of the country so this is just what I needed! Thank you Mr Kate, and Joey, and Alisha!

  • Hi Mr.Kate thanks for this specific video. I was in a state of wonder thinking of how you do this. I wanted to see the back story now that looks real. I am redecorating my whole house and its a huge project however i'm doing. Thanks for all you inspiration videos.

  • Please come do my room in Oklahoma please mr Kate

  • Hey Mr. Kate! I love how you're so adorable and so organized

  • Awesome lesson teach. You are just awww!🤩😘😘😘👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • what is the style of wallpaper in the office, as I want to have one of my walls with that kind of pattern??

  • Extremely helpful!

  • I love your tips there so helpful thank you and Joey for being so amazing!! 💕💕❤️❤️ You helped me express my creative weirdo side! Lots of love from Canada 🇨🇦 xoxo Kiera!

  • I love how her makeup is cohesive with her hair.

  • What app did you get to create the moodboard

  • what to do if u bought a lot of stuff for ur room and now it doesnt fit and u r not allowed to buy more stuff? :/

  • What program is used for the moodboard? Is it photoshop? 🤔

  • Please help me kate. I am here for my mother. She has an office where she spends all her time. She wants pink whit egret rose gold femminine but she has a few brown pieces of furniture. Please save us Kate.

  • U should make videos where u show us the planning of the rooms because they seem so intriguing 😍 And I know it’ll be super busy for u guys but please take this into consideration 😖

  • Cant buy online too many scammers

    • The Product is always different from the picture shown

  • You guys are adorable! Love the work you do, great makeovers for so little cost! Yah!

  • Your videos are so helpful ❤

  • First time ever hearing of Mr Kate. Just curious to why she calls herself Mr?

  • This was the best! I wish we could see this kind of process with ALL the makeovers

  • Why is she called Mr Kate? She is clearly a beautiful lady. BTW, love pink hair. Twinzies

  • where is her desk/dressing table from ????????????

  • do u go to other countries to decorate rooms? I really want u and joey to redecorate my room but I don't live in America

  • Your videos were so inspiring, kinda gave me motivation to organize my room. But, i couldn't do much because my room is too dark with random wood furniture that doesn't match each other, its also every short in height and i have wayyyy too many stuffs laying around making it look small eventhough i have a big room. Any advice on how to make it brighter at least? anyone?

  • Is it the Same concept when trying to decorate or build a van?

  • were did you get the night stands

  • Please do a glam style,

  • I love seeing your design process! I’d be excited to see more like this.

  • Great advice. Thanks so much!

  • For the hat idea, I want to try something similar but with my friends, a hat for each friend as I have two floppy hats, one black fedora, a snapback, and a summery cowboy hat. If I wore the biggest hat, and my friends wore the other hats, I would LOVE it!