The Reveal! Can We Makeover a House for Less Than $1,000???

Datum objavljivanja: 23. Stu 2019.
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
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Art Department: Emily Banks


  • this is why i love mr. kate. they dont try to completely tear down walls. they just make the space functional and stunning. they make it work for the family in mind knowing not everyone has the budget to buy big four bedroom modern and white washed houses. her work ethic is so flexible and she truly understands her customers. thank you, kate and joey!

  • Love the house!

  • I wish my thrift stores were Like these! Northern Ontario sucks for thrifting

  • Lovely

  • this is incredible!!!!

  • Her baby's legs are turning purple...

  • The green colour.....not my cup of tea....

  • Thank u for making a 13$ a splurge because you are down to earth and know that’s the reality of most families in America! I love how realistic this is! Thank u! Thank u thank u for picking real people to help!

  • It's so simple yet transformed and more functioning now

  • I loved everything!!!

  • they are SO happy 🥺💖

  • Amazing!!!! These budget videos are so inspiring. I love how resourceful you are!!!! Great video

  • Those green walls are awful but other than that it’s good

  • I loved it. So inspired. I'm moving to Alaska soon and leaving and gifting all my furniture and decor behind in California. You guys definitely inspired me and helped me be positive for my new home since we are starting from scratch and on a budget. Once again great work creative weirdos! I👏❤👏❤👏

  • Who is here in September 2020 😝

  • i love you guyssssss sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but could you come to england and do my room?

  • Her hair color is so pretty on her 😍

  • Her dresses are short!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love the whole house, but maybe the living room is my favorite!

  • They are so grateful. I feel sad though that they are a struggling, hard working family and they got all thrifted stuff while the millionaires got makeovers that were hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Thrift stores near me are definitely NOT that cheap. TFS! Loved everything!!

  • we all new why they needed to secure the bed 😏

  • You two(3) are AaaaMazingly Miracle Workers❣ I cry with pure creative weirdo tears of happiness Every time I watch your Creative weirdo-ness make overs1 I L💗ve,L💗ve, L💗ve you Mr Kate, Joey ,M💗💗n, and your loving helpfull mama too ❤ If you are ever in Berea Ohio, I have a mind buster challenge for you because this is one of the weirdest footprint designs 😄 of a pitifully excuse of a user friendly home ive ever been in but it spoke to us two weirdos 😀 and said, " you're home"!;) Our home has so many friggin doorways ,its rediculous!:)) We even have have a pocket door separating our dining room from kitchen and a door to our 2nd floor in our laundry room which is a part of our teeny tiny kitchenette!:)) Anyways, I adore ❤ your 👪 family Mr Kate and I look forward to many more of your design challenges!:) Tootles , Creative Weirdos❣❣❣ Jackie & Jim M

  • Loved it all 😜

  • Wow

  • I can't believe how cheap everything was!!!😱 That house looks fantastic, I am sure that the family is very appreciative of all your hard work 💪👌

  • Now you can't say you haven't done a house

  • I love all your projects

  • Looks beautiful

  • Why do you do treat successful youtubers to free stuff, yet budget a normal family of four?

  • That king bed was begging to be stained. But everything you guys did for the price was phenomenal!!!!

  • You see beauty in things I would never had chosen. What you do is amazing!

  • When a girl in platform shoes is taller than you #creative weirdo # mrkate #joey

  • Quote of the day “thrift gods I love you!!”😂

  • Caleb and Sebastian are so adorable tho

  • Tip for anyone! As for plants, the grocery store I work at (which I think is regional, but owned by SuperValu) currently has their annual “tropical plants sale” where they have big plants (I’m assuming their fake but idk) for like $20

  • Is she sponsored by those carriers too because she wore 3 different ones in this video Lol

  • Who else is binge watching in 2020

  • Thank you for spreading happiness .. 😊

  • i can’t explain how happy this video made me! i found myself smiling this whole time and it’s so amazing to see them all so happy about their new space.

  • i was so skeptical of those striped chairs but as usual, when i saw everything all tied together for the big reveal you guys knocked it out of the park again!! also hoping my boyfriend and i can find a thrift store in the future as nice as the ones you guys have around lmao

  • She is truly the strongest woman ever. It takes so much work to take care of a kid, and she does a hard working job that takes a lot of brain power as well. They literally help people improve their LIFE and become more happy in the place they live in... I aspire to be like her one day, and I’m so happy for all their accomplishments :) I love you guys!!

  • I’m screaming best transformation ever

  • To the owner of the house. please buy a Tatami mat/ wood panels to put under the mattress. That mattress need to breathe. ❤️

  • Didn’t mr Kaye get any money for like doing all the work

  • thank you!

  • 5 stars!!! fabulous, beautiful

  • Were is there bathroom

  • Need a tutorial for the pipe stand!!!

  • Ok Caleb is adorable

  • Well...I mean you can buy 3/4 of a dresser from west elm for $1000

  • Omg...come do my house please!!! This makeover is so cool❤️

  • Ummm what about the kitchen that is not the hole house then

  • Is anyone else wondering where the bathroom is

  • This blows my mind like I was skeptical at some of the accessories and decor she was getting but I loveeeeee everything feels so peaceful and the natural elements and the fact this was only $1000 like I can’t I’m in love 💚💚

  • amazing!

  • New to your channel and have binged on half of them. My fav of this makeover is the living room!!!

  • For a 1,000 dollars ?!?!? You can buy the New iPhone 11 for a 1,000 dollars. But they redid a whole house 😨

  • What thrift store do you guys go to in this episode?

  • They nailed it amazing 😉

  • The camera guy is doing an amazing work!

  • Baby's reaction is dmmm cute

  • You forgot to tell them about the ring door bell 😐

  • Amaaaaazing!!!

  • Good luck with all the plants on the floor with 2 little kids! Maybe not to best choice 😬

  • That family is too cute and now they have the perfect cute home for them im not crying youre crying

  • imagine redoing a whole entire house for less then the price of a new phone!

  • hi mr kate!! i’m a massive fan and have watch all of yore videos!! i loveee this makeover so much

  • Really knocked it out of the park with this one!

  • Kate in a thrift store is like a child in a candy shop, I love it!

  • They were so grateful, you could tell they really appreciated it

  • ummmmm I wish my thrift stores were like that haha

  • I liked the wooden thing created by Joey in the bedroom..! That was kind classy 💙😁

  • Its fantastic! Such a great turnaround! I love what you have done. I love the way Kate turns things into stylish elements and Joey does his mastery over woodwork. Its truly wonderful!👍

  • The kids reaction to their room is so cuteeeeee! 😭🥺

  • I love the energy and love and family together helping others. I loved the living room. The budget. O yeah the mountains. Very creative.

  • This is amazing I admire how well you do this. Your definitely amazing at your job. I wasn’t really a fan of the green walls but As long as they liked it.

  • It is amazing job. God bless you all.

  • A chandelier won't be bad in the living room.

  • Me as an expert thrift shopper cringing at them buying linens, pillows and baskets. Hope they took those to get dry cleaned.

  • Wow! You did an amazing job. I'm moving to a new house soon and I'm going to shop at Goodwill for accessories,too!

  • I wasn’t to sure about the stuff Kate chose but the final revelr was so GOOD!

  • My house is the biggest in the neighborhood but that doesn’t mean that it’s 2 floors 4bed 3bath (it’s 4bed 2bath) my house is one floor and in the quarantine we’re making it over

  • I just hope you have a partner around the world spreading good deeds.. like here in Manila Philippines, i badly need ur assistance for me to be able to make it happen that simple comfort my mothers need on her room.. with pandemic i wasnt able to give that to her since iv to prioritize our daily meals with tight budget and savings and yet because of the situation i loose my job.. i just hope and pray that there is also someome like you guys here in Manila.. BTW thank u for the inspirations

  • I have to stop watching Mr Kate, I want them to come re-do my bedroom 😢

  • i wish you guys could go my room

  • My friend: buys PC and Monitor + Accessories for 4,000$ Mr. Kate: decorates a whole house for 1000$

  • Didn't expect the bedroom and the bed area to turnout so well. Wow!

  • Such a beautiful family ♥

  • griselda’s and steve’s kids are gorgeous

  • I LOVE the DIY plant stand!

  • Where does the baby sleep

  • Why aren’t they crying man ?? Lol

  • i loved this so much, and the windows on the walls are so cute!!! something that i would add to those is to put kinda like wires in the middle and hang photo with little clips. But thats just something i would add i love it sm tho !!!

  • I loved the wood on the dining room wall and the plant hanger for a living room...It was so amazing

  • Omg that was amazing. The lounge was my favourite room. It was like ..WOW....loved it .😍😍

  • I like your work...

  • Did anyone notice the baby putting his hands inside his pants😂 at 25:01

  • Who else wants a makeover in their house but they know they won’t because they live in a different country

  • I can't choose a favorite room. The living room is so good for the price!!! This is absolutely one of my favorite videos. I can't believe you did FOUR rooms with, "new," furniture for $1000!!!! Role models! What a sweet, hard-working family.