The Top 10 Weirdest Things About Being Pregnant!!

Datum objavljivanja: 16. Svi 2019.
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  • I can relate to crying over spilled milk, yesterday I kept accidentally spilling my coffee and I spilled it on me once and I cried lol

  • Is it me or do all pregnant women look stunning with baby bumps

  • I just learned about sex so all I can imagine bus y'all havein... Like EW

  • When they went on a baby moon and they named their baby moon

  • I’m here cuz I saw Someone subbed to you so my sister watched this she’s only 7 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • When I started watching your channel I didn't think I was going to fall in love with you. But I did. Your relationship is so stable and loving and your caring and love for your creative weirdos is palpable. I look forward to every video! yup, I love you! Thank you for broadening my creative horizon!

  • wow that ad was so fun i didnt even want it to end LMFAO

  • I think the dad bod looks super nice on joey though!!

  • Hes a great husband. And hes lucky to have her too cause shes just awesome. The striped bathing suit was the best also made you look taller (no shade, your adorable).

  • Yeah! Let that bump hang out hunny! Give that baby some Sun ☀️

  • 10- I had a huge gain of confidence 9- I wanted hot dogs, mac and cheese and then frozen grapes, and then spicy food! Then after the baby was born I wanted healthy food, like baked potatoes, salad etc 8-belly in the way! 7- not having much chose the the position I could sleep in, I loved sleeping on my front and to this day I can’t do that anymore ( my “baby” is now 4) 6- the flutters 😍 5- when the baby hiccups 4- lighten crotch if anyone knows what this is please hear my pain! 3- emotional mess. 2- the dreams. 1- the fear of doing something wrong

  • My partner has a dad bod and I’ve never weighed more, I don’t mind the dad bod, I prefer that over a tiny skinny guy that has nothing in him 🙏

  • Glucoses tests isn’t something we have in the uk 😲

  • omg kate! where did you get the shoes you're wearing when joey ties them??

  • I had no idea of this, only the emotional thing. oMG SCHOOL WHO

  • Aww, I’m having my second child and I almost cried seeing your baby boy kick ur tummy. Remembering my son kicking inside me and now I’m growing my 2nd and am so grateful! Congratulations on your new addition to ur family!

  • Just found your channel and I love it! I am pregnant and relate to every single thing 😂

  • All of those swimsuits are sooo freaking cute on you!!❤❤😍😍

  • AHHH when joey was like "Look at how beautiful that bump is" stop it, who knew there was such a guy that actually wonderful.

  • They are both so fricken cute, I can’t take it! Babies are nocturnal btw so it makes sense she is having trouble at night

  • i love how in love Joey is with Kate like its so clear from how he looks at her

  • The way Joey looks at her is everything

  • You’re just the cutest most loving couple x

  • First off you both look fantastic, and second dad bods are great

  • The touching thing is what I hated most about being pregnant & for me personally, there wasn't anything about being pregnant that I actually liked even a little bit. If I don't know you (& what bacteria/viruses you may be carrying around with you), keep your hands to yourself. With family & friends it's different & mostly they all asked if I was cool with them feeling the girls kick before they touched me anyway so that was more than fine. I'm not down with the random strangers feeling entitled enough to put their hands on me though. I'm a widow now (car accident almost 3 years ago after 2 years of dating & 14 years of marriage) but my late husband was a RN who had an infection control specialty so, if he was out with me, strangers didn't ever get anywhere near me. He'd just step in between them & me & ask them if there was something they needed. When they replied they wanted to feel the baby they were met with 3 questions: 1) Does she know you?, 2) Have you had all your shots? & 3) How sure are you that you haven't been exposed to an illness recently that could endanger her or my daughter? I found it adorable & only a couple highly entitled people tried arguing with him further (Only 1 tried actually stepping around him which he kept inserting himself so she was thwarted). He was an Army medic before he became an RN so he didn't put up with much shit from anyone. That's something I will never understand. A pregnant woman can feel very vulnerable anyway, why would anyone assume she'd be down with strangers (of unknown germy/hygenic/psycho orgin) randomly touching her & oftentimes doing so without her consent & without even a question? Remember when your kindergarten teacher taught you to keep your hands to yourself? Nothing has changed. Still do that. If you feel like you still want to touch her, for the love of God & all that's Holy...ASK FIRST!!! If you get a "No", WALK AWAY!!! Geez people.

  • I found that the weirdest part of pregnancy was the very surreal dreams! Very very strange and super sweaty 🙈

  • I need to stop watching pregnant videos because I’m only eight

  • I DEF have Little Debbie’s cakes 😂 That was the #1 weirdest thing for me! It was the MAIN change on my body that i noticed immediately! Lol

  • Omg you guys are the best ❤

  • 7 months pregnant, crying while watching this video 😂😂

  • Weirdly enough my belly was shmall when I was pregnant with my son. lol

  • Just so curious, how did the "mr." Kate name come about?

  • 16:06 I was confused on how people actually noticed XD

  • My hormones went nuts, I did the whole mood swing thing, nesting drove my husband over the bend, but the areolas, (oreolas), thing never I did, however, go from a DD to a K cup, you read that right, a *K*... and I didn't notice until my sister took me shopping for bras in a specialty store and I saw myself in a full-length mirror and then I just sat on the ground and cried. Hormones are not a joke.

  • I have to be honest - I’ve never even as attracted to anyone as I am to Joey with his dad bod + bleached hair.

  • Childbirth is truly a miracle!

  • OMG I am pregnant and I cried just because you cried over spilled milk...😭😭😭

  • Joeys body is amazing!!!!!!!!

  • the whole spilled milk segment is soooooo relatable and excellent

  • عربي ايك مو لايك

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Joey you look great! Ps, your wife told me to say that.

  • I love you guys

  • I’m only 8

  • Joey you look amazing

  • I am so surprised that you were able to fly being so far in your pregnancy! I flew to my sister-in-law's wedding when I was 5 months pregnant. It was the most uncomfortable 75 minutes of my life & I had to do it twice! Ugh.

  • There baby is gonna be beautiful because there parent are like stars 😍

  • I just recently subscribed to your channel and have been LOVING your videos! Kate you are absolutely beautiful and Joey you are the model husband and one that every gal hopes that there’s will be like. Congratulations to the both of you on your new baby! Little Moon is adorable! I love watching your remodeling and decorating too! I wish you guys could come to my house and help me out. I have been looking at the same bedroom since I was little, with a few changes through the years of course. My office is all over the place too. Though I sure get lots of ideas from you, so thank you! Ever since I was struck with medical challenges, it’s been hard to do much of what I was used to doing but I do what I can and love watching you guys for great ideas. It definitely also cheers me up on the tough days.😊

  • Hah I'm skipping pregnancy all together! I'm lesbian! Haha SUCKERS! >w

  • Joey's dad bod is cute.

  • Kate is the cutest little pregnant lady 😊

  • I don’t see the join button where is it

  • I love their videos!

  • Joey’s gonna be a great dad!

  • Them.ok guys num. One weirdest thing about being pregnant 321 Commercial

  • Why can’t I have someone like joey😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joey looks great Kate looks great everyone looks great everyone is beautiful

  • Did anyone notice Joey when Kate was drinking her juice at 15:10

  • The line in the middle was where the abbs where

  • Why has a dad bod become an insult. Joey looks great dad bod and all

  • When my sister-in-law was about seven months pregnant the baby while she was laying down literally sat up in her belly and then rolled the other way. I wish we had video cell phones then.

  • Kate literally looks so good. That pink hair is 🔥🔥🔥

  • (in no weirdness) Joey, your body looks great Not a dad body

  • you hit the nail on the head! congrats on Moon! He is so adorable !

  • You guys are the best ps you guys are so nice and Kate is going to be a great mom plus Joey and Kate a cute couple

  • Joey you look great don’t worry!!

  • I love their acting 🤩😂❣️

  • I love their acting 🤩😂❣️

  • The way he looks at her 😍💕

  • If my aereolas get any bigger im gonna fucking peel them off.

  • 🥰

  • Platinum is Joey's color!!

  • I wish you could do my bedroom but I live in Australia


  • They went on a babymoon and the baby is named moon lol

  • 18:11 lmao that's me in my period 18:50 yup, me

  • This explains my hubbies body. I've been pregnant 6 times one right after another haha.

  • I like both black swimsuits and the striped one.

  • Ways am i watching this i am 10 years old

  • Joey you look great!!!!

  • My auntie still has stress marks and big breast

  • Your still pregnant 🤰 😳

  • Yess when I’m at work people will randomly touch my belly like if they know me. A coworker every time he would walk by me he would touch my belly like ask first! My belly looks like yours too. My belly button is whiter than the rest of my belly and I have the línea negra.

  • BabyMOON get it the name is moon

  • If joey dyed his hair green theyd be wanda and cosmo!! Lol

  • You guys are the cutest couple!!! You both look amazing as always, and I am so happy for you both. As a mom, I totally know how you feel and when Moon is born, everything you felt and all those changes are so worth it. Being a parent is both the most challenging and awesome job you can ever have. You are going to be fantastic parents and Mr. Baby is so lucky!!! Love you both!!!

  • Omg i had no idea of some of these things and its kind of freaking me out.

  • the cutest couple EVER 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • But I do an IV for HOURS

  • I have to do the diabetes thing (not because I’m pregnant/ I’m not pregnant) and I agree with you the drink is nasty I get a fruit punch one though

  • u look gr8 joey!!!

  • Wait i know u probably won't see this but did u already give birth cause who is the baby on insta I'm looking know

  • OMG joey !! How far along are you ??

  • Joey looks great!!

  • Oh of course you’re both beautiful. I love all three of you ! I aspire to be an architect/interior designer you’ve really helped me with my goals 💖💖 ( this sounds really cringe 😅)

  • Oh my god. I’m 33 weeks pregnant right now and my husband and I belly bump too all the time. 😆 (11:37).

  • I’m your biggest fan I wish I could meet you but I live in Australia

  • U look great joey

  • Thank you so much for sharing! This has been very educational when it's my, I loved how the one shoulder black swimsuit looks on totally compliments your current body shape...I suppose it'll be a nice option for just laying out under the sun ;)

  • kate has the pregnant woman glow