Transforming Our Garage Into the Perfect Multi-purpose Bedroom, Office and Workout Space!

Datum objavljivanja: 22. Lis 2020.
We're showing you how to create the ultimate budget friendly multi-purpose room that works as a bedroom, office and a gym, all in the same room!! Thanks to Salesforce for sponsoring a portion of this video! Go to to learn more!
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  • Oh I love how the garage turned out it’s beautiful 😍 one of my favorite rooms

  • I love this couple their passion for decorating people’s homes apts,condos garages,no matter where you live they make it a home 🏡 and they personalize to the clients wishes their extremely thoughtful. Not like other decorators put their ideas 💡 in way to much not from the clients perspective and they always make something special for the person or persons .they work together 100%a team it’s wonderful to watch them decorate together they complement each other ,and the baby 🌙 moon is so Cutie and it’s sweet how he’s a cute little helper, that baby is much loved 🥰❤️💙🤎💚🤍💛💗and he’s a good 🍼 👶 with a sweet temperament like his parents. I would love for them to do a room for me .

  • Moon is so helpful🥺🥺

  • Gotta see some pleasure...dude he deserve some thanks for being so good 😊

  • Moon is getting so big ! I feel like he was born yesterday

  • Moon's rug cuddle with Grandma at the end was priceless. xox

  • When you announced that you guys were expecting, I was finding out I was expecting as well, now I have a beautiful 4month old son.

  • can we please appreciate their beautiful, humble, cozy & most important homey home?! like it’s perfect & not an obnoxously big empty cold mansion like most youtubers have. its actually a home, i just love their style 😍

  • That was fun hearing Kate free-flow brainstorm about the room theme: pregnancy and exercise being about transformation and body positivity. "I wanna be positive about it." Oh and very good to know faceted light bulbs are a thing!! That rug cuddle...oh my goshhh

  • I loved the garage transformation but even more I love the way you guys are with Moon. You are all adorable. Love it and the grandparents are great. I laughed at your dad who asked 'do we have to stay in here 24hours a day'. Lol

  • Hi

  • Its beautiful! Light & airy.

  • Wow y'all are very creative. Also your husband looks like the lead singer from Avenged Sevenfold his name is Matt Shadows. 😁

  • Great transformation, but the walls of mirrors wouldn't work for me.

  • I’m obsessed with the old garage. The bedroom side is my fav, it looks super cozy 💛💛💛 Great design fam. I really can’t wait to buy your furniture!

  • why does it feel like they have a sponsor in every video??? I don't know maybe its just me?

  • Awwn of course Moon is in cloth diapers. My little brother wears those too

  • Really enjoy watching your video

  • Patiently waiting for the furniture line to release! With nursing school i forgot how much I love this page

  • I LOVE that you both involve Moon in all your makeover journeys. The amount of memories and knowledge he is learning is awesome. Plus he's freaking handsome & reminds me of my nephew.

  • I can binge watch Mr. Kate all day. I really love you guys ❤️🤗

  • Looks amazing!!!

  • So my bedroom is right over the garage so it’s the same size, and i’ve been really wanting the studio apartment vibe and this video is PERFECT for me thanks so muchhhh


  • Beautiful work done!

  • Obviously no HOA. Mine would never allow cars outside.

  • You put them in the woods in order to force them to quarantine? This is so smart but also the funniest thing ever

  • What about the outside of the new lounge area??

  • Woah that’s fantastic!

  • I loved the reveal at 21:36.

  • moon is the happiest baby ive ever seen

  • This is how many times Kate has said “schmall” 👇🏼😹

  • Me when Kate said the Netherlands 🙋🏿‍♀️ Me I am from the Netherlands ❤️

  • Simply adorable,how do I hire you!!!!!

  • LOVE the "Daphne"bed !!Moon is adorable!🌛💕🌜

  • 10:47 That transition Tho 😦

  • Hello!!! Can you please tell me what you but at the bottom of the wood fir the table to stand since I homeschool and I may need to make a table like this one. Thanks

  • I love seeing you include Moon in the action! My parents did the same with me and my mother's business!

  • Moon is the luckiest baby..

  • kate is such a good mom bro

  • You guys did a fantastic job! What a great job!

  • The curtain DIY is just amazing, so beautiful yet so simple and easy, but to come up with the idea, u need to be a creative weirdo like mr kate over here 😊

  • Never have I ever seen people that compliment each other soooo much, it’s like a match made in creative heaven. Both of you are so so creative and talented it’s insane! Congratulations on your new line, I’m so so so ecstatic for you, good luck ❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺

  • I love your videos... I started receiving your notifications again look how much moon has grown he’s so adorable and stinking cute.... plus the he way you decorate is so bomb and beautiful

  • Omg I need this exact configuration for my garage! It came out perfect!!!

  • I can’t believe how big moon is getting 🥺 what a man 👏

  • Your family is beautiful and I'd rent this room for like 1,400 (Texas)

  • Where did you get the moon pillow with the yellow hanging ball? I need this for my bedroom!

  • I’ve always said Moon is the spit of his Dad but now I’ve seen this grandparents he’s definitely got their looks.

  • That barn is more useful, spacious, beautiful and cosy than some people’s houses.

  • So admire you both! Awesome work and just love how you incorporate the "little guy" into your brilliant world. Always enjoy your ideas.

  • can someone please tell me where to find the gym equipment

  • American mattresses confuse me so much... How do they get them packaged so small? Do your beds not have springs in them???? How do you roll the mattress up???

  • For the pregnancy belly I would flatten the back and put it on the wall then have flowers coming out the top. 🌸 🌺 🌹

  • Omg I remember I used to watch u every day like 2 yrs ago or smthn

  • I need you in my life!!! We are trying to get a fixer upper and oh boy I definitely need your help if we do get it🤞

  • new intoro plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, i love u

  • Wow!! Furniture for an affordable price... my heart is beating so fast. Exciting!!! I’m looking for furniture and my heart hurting lol

  • This bed looks like the west elm bed I have been saving up for for months now. I can't wait to use like half that money to this bed when it comes out.

  • Have a baby and never wear pants again.

  • Good to see you two Moon as grown since I last the two of you

  • Joey and Kate are the best parents!! Moon is so lucky to have them... I wish they where my parents❤️ (Not that my parents are bad, Joey and Kate are just amazing)

  • The Fact Your Getting Your Own Furniture Line Is Great But Everything Will Be Under 500 Dollars That’s Beautiful And You Guys Make Great Things So I’m SUPER Excited 😊


  • The guy looks like Hailey's boyfriend on Modern Family.

  • Trees! Three are amazing! You can do just about any thing! I have a small bedroom about twin bed and a half! This grandma is feeling g squished! Thank you for ideas and on budget

  • The end was the best. Loved the gma rug cuddle!

  • Omg I wonder where that chandelier is from 👀😍♥️

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  • Why don’t make a round iron stairs and put bed on second floor?

  • Where did you guys get your gym set

  • Is there any closet space? Where do they put their clothes and shoes? The painted photo looks amazing! Great use of space.

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  • Imagine if they reply 😲

  • It will be awesome if Mr Kate furniture line offers the ‘Headboard’ only option of this GORGEOUS bed 👌

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  • FURNITURE LINE?!? Okay... ill start saving now.

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  • I’m aware it’s not my place to comment on a woman’s appearance, but I’d just like to say that seeing the transition of Kate being only full glam on camera (which she looks great with btw!!) to seeing her more natural and radiant as a mother is fantastic. To me she seems so happy now in her natural self, as well as fully glam when she chooses. So great to see.

  • 👀👀👀👀 a Mr Kate furniture line don’t mind if I do

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  • is there a way we can get in contact with you for your virtual design series

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