Turning Our Gross Garage into a Beautiful Home Gym | OMG We Bought A House! | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 27. Srp 2017.
LAST TIME ON OMG WE BOUGHT A HOUSE: hrdown.info/block/video/kpuwk6pvebl6hpI
BEFORE AND AFTER PICS: mrkate.com/2017/07/27/turning-our-garage-into-a-beautiful-home-gym/

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NEW FRONT DOOR: hrdown.info/block/video/1Z-PiquNaLSro5I
LANDSCAPE DESIGN: hrdown.info/block/video/3Kl5stpjd7t9hbM
OUR DRIVEWAY IS A RIVER: hrdown.info/block/video/s2N8p7lnfLutY6s
BULLDOZING THE BACKYARD: hrdown.info/block/video/tY1-cq59osamZK8
PRX Performance Foldable Weight Rack: prxperformance.com/ and use code MRKATE for a discount!
Air conditioning: mrcool.com
Rug: bit.ly/2tMRaNW
Green planter: bit.ly/2u28Lg9
Teal planter: bit.ly/2tMYQiZ
Jute pouf: bit.ly/2u1VXWQ
White planter: bit.ly/2tNAHcp
Gold watering can: bit.ly/2tNinQI
Gray sheepskin: bit.ly/2u1Y7pw
Maroon sheepskin pillow: bit.ly/2u2h9Mw
Coffee table: bit.ly/2u1S2JR
Coasters: bit.ly/2tNd57q
Blue chairs: bit.ly/2u2hRcs
Pink salt lamp: bit.ly/2u2tksV
Yoga mats: bit.ly/2u2AMnv
Mini fridge: bit.ly/2tMPofQ
Blue wall hanging: bit.ly/2tNl0Sp
Gold wire basket: bit.ly/2tN3Cxd

Creative Credit:

Audio Tracks: ES_Joy Kingdom (Instrumental Version) - Sandra Brostrom.mp3, ES_70's Summer Song (Indie Pop Version) - Hokan Eriksson.mp3, ES_Bright Velvet 5 - Stefan Netsman.mp3, ES_A Walk In The Park 2 - Martin Gauffin.mp3, ES_Give Me Your Hand - Niklas Ahlström.mp3, ES_Odd And Indie 01 - John Åhlin.mp3, ES_Brighton Breakdown - Anders Schill Paulsen.mp3, ES_Eccentric Vibes 2 - Håkan Eriksson.mp3, ES_Me And You 1 - Sebastian Forslund.mp3, ES_Unplugged And Happy 1 - Bo Järpehag.mp3, ES_Dress Code Black 3 - Niklas Ahlström.mp3, ES_Ferris Wheel (Indie Pop Version) - Håkan Eriksson.mp3, ES_Happy Electronic Pop 2 (Indie Pop Version) - Gavin Luke.mp3, ES_Happy 80s Pop 1 - Victor Ohlsson.mp3, ES_Me And You 1 - Sebastian Forslund.mp3

A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht, Joey Zehr
Shot by: Brad Etter, Tiro Rose
Edited by: Linda Veenpere
Sound: Nick Carignan


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  • Yesss, if I watched this earlier I was gonna suggest that you add mirrors but it's 2020 and I am watching this 😂😂

  • These guys are just perfect example of 'A king and a queen and they built an empire together 👫 ♥ '

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  • Am I the only one who noticed Joey is wearing the same shirt in this episode and in the clip of the episode they showed about the lemon water?

  • Mr Kate & Joey your video inspires me to be creative and do something in my home a better living !!! Thank you

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  • *Lol, the lemon water joking made this episode*

  • where will the car even go?! xd

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  • Great job. Much nicer than many homes. 🤗🤗🤔

  • I'm so nervous for the weights to hit that wood floor...

  • 2019? Am I late

  • This room is fully my astatic!😍❤

  • hahaha "this chandelier is gonna get pregnant"

  • The camera work is exceptional. The whole experience is very communicative and a feast for the eyes. Cheers. Very talented production.

  • I don't want to be a hater, and i'm not, but I'm kind of getting sick of her baby talk and whiny voice. I love it when she's talking in an adult voice and describing things. Just my opinion. I'll keep watching, but I find myself fast forwarding to the end to miss her.

  • I'm confused if I saw this house I would never buy it but Mr Kate comes in and makes me want to buy it I don't know how they did it but they made a non cute house cute

  • It looks like 30% gym and 70% launch area

  • Your choker matches the phases of the moon in the close up background

    • If you go to her website, Mrkate.com you can buy it, or many other pieces of jewelry that she made. Most of what she wears, you can buy

    • @Nancy Scheuermann oh that's cool I didn't know that!

    • She made it. She sells them

  • Her new name should be PK(pastel Kate) I do think what they did to the garage is great. Keep up the good work you guys.

  • I love you guys so much I want to be an interior designer when I grow up

  • You've made it such a comfortable living space, if you ever have company, one or two could sleep out there on something.

  • I think you guys should put a sliding ladder in the garage and on the top thing put a cut bed for naps?

  • It's so creative. I just love it.

  • Love you both, so cute

  • I was actually practicing my splits when they said that could be their stretch rug 😅

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  • I would be happy to live there. You guys are amazing and I look up to you guys.

  • Can you do a video of ur current house tour

  • #ohmylemons

  • Love your style.

  • This chandeliers gonna get pregnant

  • At 2:05 why did the door move on its own I got scared

  • I love u guysss sooooooooooo much u guys are so funny

  • How much watering do you have to do everyday for your plants? I would like to know how long it takes to water ALL of your plants basically is what I'm asking.

  • Boring

  • Lemon Water, By Joey! 😂 Flashback to season 1! #LemonWater

  • Loved this!!!!

  • I want to live in that garage

  • I swear down they gave James Charles a very similar little table 😂

  • 1. Where did you find those chairs. I have been looking for cute retro classic dark blue chairs. 2. What is lighting the dining room now?

  • Good job on the room. Since it is a workout room, it might've been better to put chairs in with fabric that could easily be wiped down since sweaty people would most likely be sitting on them.

  • I think they should do a video where they react to there old videos, and then they talk about what they would have do differently.

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  • I love this channel but she needs to stop writing stuff on canvases. It cheapens up the design and it's just so messy and ugly.

  • Wow... that's all I can say... it looks amazing...I have binge watched your videos and I'm in love... I love you guys so much... #creativeweidosrock

  • 2018????

  • Rug Cuddle Resistance!! OMG

  • omg fact. do you know that they are having a baby. title we have sometimes to tell you Mr Kate.

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  • You guys can turn anything ugly beautiful

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  • What's hanging in the dining room now??? The garage looks great, I sure hope you didn't add a wall full of mirrors. I mean - honestly, why does anyone want to continually look at themselves while they're grimacing and sweaty and icky while working out? YUCK!

  • Love all your vids, but is it bad that I gave this one a thumbs up just for the thumbnail? LOL!

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  • U guys are super amazing.i completely like your bond. Like you get your partner with the same passion. It creates so much understanding and respect for each other's work.keep it up guys

  • I can’t believe that they started this in 2015 and now it is 2017 omg this is so crazy 😜 I love 💖 this series is sooooooo great

    • And now it's 2018! Wonder if the space still looks the same as it did when they finished it? :-o

  • Did anyone notice that it looks like Joey has the same shirt while they were working and during the lemon water flashback? 12:18 is when you can see the shirt well and then 13:05 is when the flashback starts and you see the shirt there too. I don't know, I just thought that was funny

  • Mr. Kate i love your videos so much.. there all amazing.. i am inspired with your videos... i clean my room everyday... because im inspired with all of your videos..i love you Mr. Kate.. like if you agree

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