Ultimate Bohemian Living Room Design for Mia Stammer | OMG We're Coming Over | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 3. Svi 2018.
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Chris Phelps, Marco Bottiglieri, Tiro Rose
Assistant Camera: Nick Miller
Art Department: Emily Banks, David Tilstra, Gabriel Gonzales, Tess Albrecht
Sound: Chris Cole
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille


  • OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!! MY FAVE ONE YOU’VE DONE YET AND IM SO GRATEFUL THAT ITS MINE!!!!!! Thank you so so so so so much Kate and Joey!! From the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ugh i seriously love mr. kate videos. im LIVING for the production quality, the design journey and the incredible results. they are so good to their clients in understanding what they are looking for and just as people! i can't believe i only discovered them during quarantine, but so grateful i am able to just binge all their videos!

  • This is the only video I can find of them together.... I don’t know what happened between them.... but he seems quite drugged

  • kyle seems very 🍃🍁💨🌬🥦 you know?

  • Anybody in 2020

  • You should try Indian warli painting on wall some day. It's amazing and little bit like that mud wall. ❤️

  • Omg. When can I move in? Love

  • Dang I'm here binge watching Mr.Kate videos and hurt my feelings seeing everyone else comments from when the video was actually made😔

  • This is my favorite episode soooo farr 💗💗💗 love the accent wall tho

  • How can you do my room

  • How can you do my room

  • Fab

  • 9:45 but crack alert lol

  • Woodglut Blueprints has some very useful blueprints with all the details you need.

  • Wow those rooooms are so soooooo gorgeous, that wall. Whaaaaat?!!!!!! The doggie area with the treats and photos, EVERYTHING is AWESOME!!!!! GREAT JOB.........JEEEEEEZ!!!!!

  • That wall looks a little Indian may be Tamilian any one agree with me

  • i’m watching this in 2020 and Mia is wearing christmas socks!!

  • When Kyle's blushing he's exactly matching the wall xD

  • Still my favorite makeover. 💕

  • This is one of my favorite makeovers you have done! It turned out so good!

  • At first i was very skeptical of the paint but then i saw the African mud-cloth design over it and i'm super in love!

  • Mia: So my living room is a mess... Me: Where???

  • nice work. I love it.

  • I literally have been watching these guy for years and after corona I’m really hoping they can decorate mine witch will prob never happen but I love the love Joey has for Kate it’s adorable

  • I one day wish to have the confidence to paint in a beautiful white outfit with no fear just like Mr. Kate. You go girl.


  • Can someone please tell me the exact color they used at 7:43?? I am having trouble looking for the perfect peachy light terra-cotta shade for my walls and I fell in love with it when they started applying it to the walls!!

  • I wish they have their dining room make over too

  • This is my favorite room they've done

  • Are mia and kyle still together?

  • How r u guys not models?? Your so beautiful

  • Love the dog treat bar!!

  • bro his "whoa" at 22:35 was so genuine it melted my heart!!!

  • My favorite so far of all rooms and Kyle doesn’t hurt it. (Love redheads 💕)

  • Favorite episode 😭👏🏽👏🏽💚🧡

  • Mr Kate how can I do the dog treat bar cart idea for my dogs with a four tier bar cart

  • who else was expecting the comments to be - who's here after Mia 'changed'

  • Mi favourite Mr Kate makeover so far! You exceeded Boho expectations😍

  • Aloha Mr. Kate, I can't find the pouffe you placed here. It's awesome! What are its dimensions? Thanks!

  • I'm obsessed with the accent wall paint color!! Anyone in the comments have a good dupe??

  • Fuchsia is like a flamingo lawn ornament 😅

  • I jumped up when you said morocain bcs I am morocain WOO HOO

  • OMG this room was amazing you have really made me love boho style room even more

  • Phenomenal 👍❣👍

  • 12:41 We love One Direction 😂💕

  • Love how their all wearing white except for Joey while painting

  • Where did you get the round coffee table I NEED it !!!

  • Her boyfriend is actually perfect?

  • This is my Mr Kate favorite make-over! Well done Mr Kate!

  • Love this!! But, hoped to see you guys shopping...those are some my fav moments in your vids!!

  • 9:49

  • I actually think this should be a tv series

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  • I want you to fucking come and work with egypt stuff and i want to see your "diys"😂😂😂😂😑

  • Mr.kate .... you didn't tell them about the alarm system.

  • Do the Fischer family’s living room!!! They could use a lot of help too. They are a smaller HRdown channel but check them out. Fish Fam

  • the way kate says "shmall" is so cute ..she beautiful and talented

  • I stopped going to goodwill for good finds they have raised prices outrageously but the CEO gets free stuff and makes millions and doesn't really pay employees much or offer medical and they have to do super disgusting things to clean incoming pallets of donations

  • Wow😍. First time to comments vedio.. But I always watching your vedios.. All I can say, is wow.. Everything is just wow.. I love it..... 😍❤️

  • I literally discovered you guys three days and binge watched all your episodes as soon as I got home from work 😂 literally taking my mind off all corona related business/lockdown. I love you♥️

  • Who came here after watching mias house tour?? And surprised that her boyfriend is changed 😬😁

  • You made a mistake and called Gods true biblical flat earth a 'globe', that is anti scriptural and a luciferian, nasa lie hoax. Flat earth is biblical fact and common sense.

  • It's so weird to hear boho is a style because I'm bohemian 😂.

  • They are PERFECT COUPLE!!!!

  • My ultimate and forever favorite house!!!

  • Joeys butt crack 😂


  • Absolutely beautiful!! Love the whole project 💕👍

  • My favorite

  • My favorite room ever!

  • Amazing

  • I think these two are cute together, but with every new episode I watch I swear they get even more adorable

  • Best one ever!!!!

  • I need for you to come to Northern California... My house is over 32 years old and it needs an update.

  • Or is it?

  • It’s not all about Kyle.

  • This is by far my favorite room you’ve ever done!!! My GOD the inspo!!! (And I’m typically an industrial/mid century lover)

  • omgg!! ken is soo cuteee!!!

  • this is still one of ur best rooms ive ever seen and i absolutely love the square squishy thingys i legit need 50 of them

  • There need to be more Joeys in the world. He seems to truly adore Kate.

  • That couch seems smaller to me.

  • lots of crap and hard to maintain. i really dont like bohemian

  • The wall is absolutely gorgeous !

  • Love this room! And i am so in love with the white shirt you wore in this video!!!

  • The decorating is superb, great job. Ok, here's the bad news. The Barbie doll, cutesy, childlike antics of the girls is way over the top. Stop acting like a little girl.

  • Stunning. Very difficult room and you did it. Well done 👍 x

  • so expensive..but nice

  • Why I can’t join the fam

  • what is this couch called?! the link in the description doesn’t work :(

  • its hilarious that kate is like look at the gorg-eous chairs and joey is like ya, so pretty...

  • Did anyone notice that they're all the same height?😀❤

  • I'm back after watching Mia clean her whole damn house, love this makeover

  • tho I'm dislike the ace fam. But ! I'm binging Mr Kate for days now. Loveeeee you guys so much !

  • So so beautiful! Love it by the boat loads!

  • 0:01 Joey is me when my mom asked if I did something bad and I did but I don’t want to admit it😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can we like take a moment and see how they are like so in love and seriously such a cute couple

  • There living room is bigger than my entire house

  • Mr. Kate this wass soo cool!! Your great!!

  • I almost spit my coffee out, trying to hold back the laughter at Joey's swag, knot, Loch Ness monster dialog. Thought the room looked spare but nice before but you two made it look AMAZING. Ken went right to the doggy bar and the basket of toys!!! So cute! If a person were asked what they thought of each individual element, they might nix something, but when Mr. Kate has a vision and you see it all together, there is NOTHING you would let go of. Another fantastic job.

  • *I have to admit this looks amazing! So warm, inviting and it is still cozy. You did a great job you two!*