Ultimate Garage Playroom Makeover! Our First Project As New Parents!

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Lis 2019.
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Rug: low.es/2oiFSPi
Striped Chair: low.es/2nvHIMT
Beanbag Chair: low.es/2oeo3RA
Silver Coffee Table: low.es/2oiJ6Co
Whiteboard Paint: low.es/2p4SNVJ
Adult Table Chairs: low.es/2mEkuUl
Kid Table Chairs: low.es/2mDWlNF
Sconce: low.es/2oVHizF
Overhead Light: low.es/2p4TLRR
Paint: low.es/2p3PLRz
Base Cabinet: low.es/2oYSZWh
Wood for Shelves: low.es/2mKtI1y
Countertop: low.es/2mIVZpa
Plywood for Ceiling: low.es/2p52PGt
Plywood for Table: low.es/2nvER6E
Track Lighting: low.es/2oVKIlY
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: Annie O’Rourke
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Sarah Winters, Cassi Mulcahy
Assistant Camera: Kyle Klebe
Sound: Nick Carignan, Kevin Bellante
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Gabe Gonzales, Kenny Nogueira


  • This is by far the best episode you ever posted because its soooo real like u mixed real life with work and for a new mom myself and I quit my design job to stay with my baby while feeling shamingly depressed about it seeing you juggle work and moon with the help of joey just made me feel a lot better about my situation and hopeful that one day maybe I can juggle both too.👍👍 please keep this style of real life episodes coming!!!❤

    • Moon is so cute

    • I'm a twelve year old kid inspired to be a singer and it has nothing to do with anything 😂

    • yassmin91 I hope you can too!I’m just a kid that’s going to year 7, but Covid 19 has done me a favour with no school but has also been 100xworse!I hope you and your amazing baby is safe! stayathome# :D

    • @Frances Mejia that is a beautiful typo

    • I totally agree with you! I really love how we can see how they juggle real life, while doing their job. I see a lot of women find it hard to do different things, especially getting back to work after they have had a baby. I love how they want to stay on top and make sure they are making us happy with these posts. Also, Kate looks absolutely amazing!!

  • “Ellis probably built that with his parents” Jen literally told them that Kyle made that for Ellis💀😂

  • I love Kate Joey & Moon! You have such a beautiful beautiful family! Can't help but tear up watching this video. I appreciate so much how you guys work together. Huhuhuhu love you guys!!!

  • it's joey missing kate while doing the rug cuddle for me!❤️😭😂

  • HRdown is drunk it says a year ago bc it was it says it has 100 likes no views and 2.k comments

  • Stay at home mom/working mom/aaaaaaaaa

  • You can tell moon makes Kate so happy

  • Virtual design/make-over way before we the time when we need it.

  • Hats off for Joey! Congratulations 👏👏👏, Mr Kate, you never failed to share joys and smiles to your creative weirdo friends. Keep spreading your talents. Moon is a big blessing indeed. Working fam 😊

  • still cant get over moon's pretty eyes


  • I wish she would hold that baby’s head up

  • Good job Joey

  • Was it just me that was feeling uncomfortable when he stood on the white rug with his shoes on?

  • You should do #thedashleys playroom!

  • I literally looking for recent videos so moon could be in it he's so cute and makes the videos so my better these clients are parenting like joey and kate hopefully moon doesnt get spolied with all there love

  • Is anyone else shocked how a track light is 50 dollars, but a simple chair is 150??

  • his eyes are so beautiful ❤️

  • Mum & Baby Instruction Manual now available on Amazon (Kindle e-book & paperback) www.amazon.com/dp/B08DV838RW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_HZ8iFb54CJDMW

  • I miss mr Kate styling

  • Moon is so cute

  • Omg yes

  • It is so cool and gorgeous at the same time. Well done job!

  • Wow!...this project turned out Awesome! That table Joey built was perfect, Kate's idea and Joey's build was tha Bomb! All comfy furniture and the write on board idea was excellent for learning & homeschooling purpose. I so enjoyed this episode plus built in wall and foamy floors Excellent Guys you all did Great JoB Joey did excellent styling alone , with vertual Kate direction...but all turned OUT Awesome...very kool guys...thanks for sharing your videos with Us

  • Joey reminds me of the younger version of my dad

  • Ahh I wish you were in Rancho Cucamonga for meee! Haha

  • Ellis is so cute! 🥺

  • Joey is such a sweet and snuggly man lol. God bless your family! You guys are awesome!

  • Joey did an amazing job and I love that you guys FaceTimed while Moon was asleep and even when he was a wake. That was one of the best projects ever I think and it paid off. Being able to give the family a whole wall that's a white board is soo cool. The painting is beautiful! I love that you guys left in the footage of the first attempt going to actually see the house but it not working out. I love that you guys do this is 2 days max usually. Moon is an adorable little boy and I LOVE his bright blue eyes. I love that you guys aren't giving up doing Mr. Kate makeovers just because Kate had Moon. The ups and downs happen but I'm sure he will grow up wanting to build and create. Being able to take him with you is great and soon Joey will have Moon 2 rollers to work with him ❤️

  • I want a room makeover.

  • Hey just wondering maybe you could do a q and a because I was wondering does anyone ever change their mind and say never mind I want my old space back mid process?

  • Most people : adding a pop of colour Me and Mr Kate : colour boom

  • I honestly wish for a husband that loves me as much as Joey loves Kate and moon, such a refreshing love and family


  • Love u guys! ❤️ so amazing

  • That solo rug cuddle! 😢

  • ❤️

  • Literally parenthood!! Thanks for the laugh during my chaos!

  • literally all I have been talking about to my dad is this channel and different furniture and ways to redu places in my house and he’s gonna go bank rupt 😂 for Pete sakes we’ll prolly have a hot tub in a couple weeks 😂😂😂😂I love u Kate and joey !!!!!

  • oml Ik this is random but moon would have made a perfectttttt Toby in good luck Charlie he’s so adorable a movie ✰ baby boy 🤩

  • Solo rug cuddle 😪

  • Omg I just paused to type this comment at 11:50 moon is so crazy happy listening to Kate talk! I love it!

  • My mom got my baby brother the same like flooring to cover up our garage And he just started peeling the pieces up since they’re sort of like puzzle pieces

  • She has a tattoo that says tattoo🤨

  • Did anyone else see the cat totally chilling on the roof at 29:21? Also Joey great job!!!

  • Watch out Kate , joey comin for your whole career.

  • That would be so cute if Moon and Winnie become friends 😭❤️

  • Anyone watching in 2014

  • Oh my goodness. I love you guys so much. The lonely rug cuddle literally brought tears to my eyes. You two are just amazing people.

  • When Kate said, “I had a mom brain fart... what were we talking about..?” I felt that. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • I love ur show

  • ur baby is so cute!

  • First off, I'd like to thank Mr. Kate, Joey, and Moon for getting me through my Covid Hibernation. I've enjoyed every video and been inspired to embrace my long forgotten inner creative weirdo. The reason I'm writing is because Joey's solo rug cuddle just completely brought me to tears. I'm grateful to you both for sharing your creativity, your abundant talents, and your amazing relationship with each other, with Moon, and with your clients....

  • The struggle is real.. love it! Good job guys! ;)

  • poor joey no rug cuddle is my fav part!!!!

  • Love you work love you guys ❤❤❤

  • Support the neck god damn it

  • Mr Kate u the best I watch all ur videos and I love it g bless your baby so cut

  • how much does a project like this cost? would really like to know cuz i love how it came out.

  • (23:00) is Joey a bunny? and they should do their own house on camera

  • Holy cow. Get you a husband like Joey!! You guys are so impressive.

  • who else didn't like how that lady was holding her daughter...?

  • Great make over..even greater mom and dad for moon...i was a stay at home mom...love loved it

  • Imagine if they walked in on him when he was rug cuddling 😂😂


  • Aaaww your piggy phone case is same with mine 😍

  • Joey is so in love with Kate and Moon 🥺🥺

  • It would be adorable if Moon and Winnie become best friends!

  • Moon is the cutest thing..I wish I could squeeze him every time he appears 💙💙💙💙

  • I'd just like to say that I'm from Sweden, and Kate's purple backpack is from a Swedish brand aha! Not that anyone asked or cared but whatever!😂🎒

  • Solo rug cuddle 😔

  • Ohhhh Kate!!! I love seeing you be a mom! I’ve been watching/following you for years! And this is by far my fav episode!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Omg, Joey's lonely solo rug cuddle touched my heart and made me laugh at the same time.

  • thats such a great episode...u guys are so sweet and hard working together

  • You’re both so amazing. Juggling parenthood and entrepreneurship all at once. This was probably really hard to do but we all appreciate you and what you do!

  • This is a fantastic flip, wow The only thing I’m worried about is if the kids see mom and dad drawing on the wall, they gonna do that on any wall too 😂😂

  • Joey's solo rug cuddle made me so sad😓

  • I cant believe they bought all of that stuff for the ace family, and then couldn't use it!😑

  • ILYG🥰

  • Thé solo rug cuddle sad

  • I'm so proud of both of you! :)

  • Ellis' eyes lit up when he saw the space! (so did mom and dad's). His "Thank you, Mr. Kate" was totally really. No one needed to force that out of him. That should say it all. Great job. Kate, great idea for the desk. Bet if Joey is inclined, there would be a lot of people interested in his desk creation. So practical, but Joey made it look sleek and stylish. Love the colors at the back of the wall unit. Love the rug and chair area. Love the tool area. Everything looks awesome!!!

  • “Kate, iM thE mAlE maRtha SteWaRt” - Joey ‘20

  • That little “sorry mooning” got meeeee

  • i have that same phone case!!!

  • I would put a new garage door with windows instead of expensive chairs etc

  • what a fantastic man-husband you have kate

  • Like if they should do a daily routine

  • You are amazing, guys! ❤️

  • Your family is so adorable!

  • Kate is so pretty i l8ve your style anc joey looks like an adulted version of my crush and i want to be an architect soooooooo future here i come

  • Aww, I felt so bad for Joey the entire time. He just wanted help and tried so hard. You did an amazing job though! Mad respect.

  • Moon is so adorable

  • I love and appreciate you showing how much works it takes to nurse and care for a young one!!! ~Heart

  • I love this episode because it's just amazing and it's a good place for little kids to have fun and GOOD JOB👍👏

  • I love how real you two are and how much love you show each other. You both are so talented!

  • Do you do it for free or is it really expensive?

  • So much respect to Joey for keeping the show going. Much respect to Kate for understanding where she's needed the most. During the end Moon & Joey side by side omg, Moon is a mini Joey. Identical eyes and nose with Kate's lovely smile. I love this shmall family.

  • How sweet is Ellis and his sister

  • Ugh I love this channel so much! You guys are amazing! ❤