Under $300 Living Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Datum objavljivanja: 12. Lis 2017.
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  • She didn't paint lol

  • i used to cherish your beutifau llkooks.... but it happens that your just too sexy....... for my eyes darling.. my eyes!!! Hahahahha. for rela htoguh. for real thogh,. Hit me up mr kate lr should i say... mr date! YOOOOOO

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  • how does she do this stuff with acrylic nails

  • qiyana

  • I need to go thrifting in L.A! They have EVERYTHING. I would never go shopping in a normal store again lol

  • OMG !! I love all the details and everything you guys put to work !!! I would highly appreciate if you guys can show magic in my living room and dinning room to my new house I’m getting PLEASEE 🙏

  • Ok, I am here for that paper bag ziplock pot! Great idea!

  • I love mr Kate

  • 2:21 What the heck do they study in USA? How to create maximum waste per serving?!? You are really odd over there, you just do not notice it :)

  • I wonder how much time it takes to edit these videos....

  • Jesus loves yall and he’s coming back very soon so please be ready

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  • Please make a video on how to design a meditation room

  • Oh my. I so need Mr.. Kate. I'm a empty nester without the nest. Lookig for a apartment and this is my inspiration room. I seen what they could do with 300 dollars I wonder what they could do with a budget of 500.

  • who's been watching mr. Kate videos again because of quarantine

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  • I find some HRdownrs very annoying. I'm interested in what they're doing, not in what they eat and why they like it.

  • Everything abt her SCREAMS Jess from new girl & I love it 😂😂

  • Nature style/Scandinavian/minimalistic combined please

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  • Kate's annoying voice makes my ears hurt

  • rewatching this and finally caught this. Joey- "we got it in before the sun went down" Kate- "That's what she said" love how they edited it so you can barely hear it, but its still there.

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  • This woman has some good ideas but her delivery is annoying

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  • Wisely Creative! Totally Loved the makeover and the selected items!


  • Wow for that lamp at a thrift store here where i live i would be 20$

  • in this video she looks like a mix of bella thorne and halsey. beautiful!

  • My trift stores sell portraits and paintings for 90 cents. Where i go is also very cheap. I avoid places like good will cause in my city they overpriced all their shit.

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  • Omg these videos are so fun to watch because it gives me ideas to decorate my room

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  • Hey - Any chance of a makeover for an 80-year-old Nana? I'm in GA and would love a thrifty porch makeover. Down here, porch sitting is a way of life. Mine looks BLAH - not somewhere to sit, chat, and rock while sipping sweet tea. You can reach me on my contact page -www.nanapennypockets.com/contact-nanapennypockets/

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  • Hello guys I really loooooooove your show and what you do to make people feel amazing in their homes, rooms That's a great mission I am Noor from Amman_Jordan, of you can help in re decorating my living room, it has wooden seeling, I have no idea what to do with it 🤔😁 I can send some pictures, or, you can come over and have fun here 😜😜😘😘 Thaaaaanks