Under $300 Room Makeover for Kids!! | Mr. Kate Decorates

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Pro 2017.
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Sound: Rafael Montiel
Edited by: Oleksii Babenko


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  • What a freakin deal. I would have paid $30/ chair. Is there whiteboard paint now? Those markers are plentiful and I’m not sure they work on chalk boards. Anyone hear the youngest boy say at the very end “Why only this room?” 🤣🤣🤣

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  • I just LOVE that y’all do these makeovers on a budget and at thrift stores! Not at rich peoples homes! It’s so awesome and right up my alley! I’m not rich and have always shopped at thrift stores. So my house is full of crap. I just wish I knew how to design like u Kate. U do such an awesome job! I love all of yalls videos. I’ve sold most of my stuff but really need to get some stuff and this gives me so many ideas. So thank you! I just really hate that Goodwill went up in their prices. I can’t stand it! Hopefully when I get time I’ll be able to redo some of my crap! Lol. I love all of these videos!

  • Leslie Hernandez office Bedroom

  • I thought the toothbrush was a gatar

  • I've been wanting to help my mom with changing the play room into something more functional for all their ages. I love that their is a homework area, especially with the chalk board areas! since all of the boys are in school, it would be great to add a area just focused on that. They all love playing on the games, and the idea of having an area just for that wold be amazing! thank you so much for the inspiration!

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  • Hi Kate my name is Shanzay and we shifted our house but my room is too small and i am sharing my room with brother so if u have time plz come u r the best home designer for my room i live in pakistan Islamabad my dream will come true if u come

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