Under $300 Bedroom Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Ruj 2017.
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  • This gave me so many amazing ideas for my own room! Love it.

    • Mr. Kate luv ya

    • SuperJanGames 8C Mggcc

    • SuperJanGames “

    • Sorry wrong person. Super sorry

    • Hi it is ryley. I was wondering if you could do my room and my twins we live in mckinnon Wyoming. We can't do it. We are way to busy With take care of my mom and grandma.my grandma has bone cancer and my mom has finished her cancer. lt is breast cancer. So please help, but if you can't that is ok. We are 10 almost eleven. Bye

  • The song in the start was a little too much, but the rest was super fun and nice😊

  • The paint on my walls were 250 I used a pink and a grey 😀already over the limit 😭😂

  • You all did awesome, but I do wish he made knobs to match the night stand if you would have made your flower in side of the vintage pic..

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  • Hi is there any cource which I can do to be like u but i still am in school

  • The latest AirPods cost 300 dollars and yet here are these people remaking a whole bedroom with that money

  • First and last time watching any of your videos. Complete garbage 🤢 no style and no creativity

  • How do I get them to do my room

  • Room designing might be really girly but having a seemless bedroom and movie room must feel good.

  • Do you have to pay you guys for the makeover

  • If I ever visit LA, I'm definitely visiting thrift stores

  • I really wish you was in New York I need a super make over in my master bedroom 😭

  • hrdown.info/block/video/sISBZqd7paZ9qK8

  • Me selling all my old American girl dolls that I haven’t used since 2016 so that I can makeover my room:👁👄👁

  • Does she have an Android?

  • Honestly $300 isn’t that expensive for a bedroom

  • IPhone Mafia be pullin up XD

  • That's a hole new bed

  • I haven't been able to get to the nearest locations but does HD or Lowe's still sell glass knobs? I think that's a nicer way to redo the dresser.

  • Omg, when you first said "Ok Google" My phone and my Google Echo speaker reacted and listened to every word. Yet Google doesn't properly listen to me most of the time. SMG. Great job with the bedroom. I'm trying to do a challenge like this for my own bedroom. Only problem is that I can't paint my walls so I need to get creative with my walls.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wow!!! This looks amazing, I know I’m late but i love what u did and btw I’m really enjoying watching ur videos and I’ve been watching soo many lately. This is just such and beautiful room and I’m definitely gonna take some tips! Yay!!!

  • I’m here in 2020 lol like if u are too!

  • I thought $300 was cheap maybe I’m just broke


  • this is PERFECT. I legit have a 300 budget and this is great :o

  • pour some sugar on me

  • Me next

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  • what do i have to do for you to do my room 🥺

  • first Mr. Kate vid I ever watched

  • What’s the name of the thrift store you use?! Because my thrift store don’t never have shit let alone furniture or rugs

  • Hi love your vids and my name is actually lulu not Steve I have a question i love in London and want to know we're to shop I am 10 and love decorating rooms

  • Hallo

  • I want this as my room design. You guys did amazing

  • I wish you could do my room

  • can u do me though a zoom call.(i really need it)

  • What the hell is that big thing on the dresser supposed to be? Fake mirror? Not feeling that or the sketch. ... or those giant flintstone knobs.... maybe a room for a teen?

  • Can you make room makeovers that are not on HRdown

  • The comments be like: I wasn't ready for the intro This is inspiring but I'm too broke That trash bin said the bath The ignored high five Aaaaah

  • i just re did my bed room to like a tik tok, aesthetic, modern room on a budget so if anyone wants some tips just ask away!! 🤍

  • Is Joey using a camera to record?

  • July 2020 anyone?

  • the evolution this couple has traveled is magnificent to see.

  • I sometimes wonder what the people who gave away the pieces to the thrift store feel about Mr. Kate upcycling them so much!

  • there should be more trans decorators on HRdown! you’re the first I’ve seen. you go girl!! 🌸🌸🌸

  • Kate is so annoying I which this channel only has joey

  • Watching this and realizing what happened to Joeys hair -2020

  • Help me , im desperate because my wall home is stone, how can i change be a great ? 😭help

  • Joey is really husband goals lol loved this episode that room is so clean and simple but chic

  • Wow !’ I am so impressed. I want a makeover in my bedroom

  • Wow! I never thought that a room could be so beautiful could be on a small budget!

  • What thift store

  • She’s so talented

  • I live in Canada and there is no way I can find all those new stuff at a Thrift store up here. As someone onced said, we are likely to find a used tissue inside a jacket at a thrift store. Rarely we find nice clothes or furniture here.

  • Her painting that wall made me cringe so bad

  • This is seriously the most American channel ever. The intro was so over the top. My British self was slightly overwhelmed 😂

  • God damn budget under 300?!? My closet cost 300

  • Wow I wish you could do that with my room! 😭😭 I share it with my little boy 🤦‍♀️☹️🤔

  • Anyone here in 2020?

  • What store is that first thrift storeee

  • Can to my room please 😄😄

  • I love your red hoodie dress. So unusual and cool!

  • My best friend would DIE for this room, as she is a minimalist & paris lover

  • i wish i could contact you and you could come do a bedroom makeover for my room...

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  • Jesus loves y’all and he’s coming back very very soon please be ready

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  • I really need a cheap kitchen makeover!!!! Please help

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  • I am becoming a interior designer when I grow up❤️

  • I wish i was local to you, i need SO much help trying to figure out my bedroom and spare room and idek where to start! I gotta channel my inner mr. Kate i guess🤣

  • Hi Mr Katte, I really love your videos but I live in the UK which means no thrift stores, do you know any alternatives? Xxx

  • But we didn’t get to see the rug

  • I need help decorating my apartment 😞please help me Mr. Kate

  • Wow I just realized that this video was on youtube on my b'day!😃😁😀

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  • this was really fun to watch! i love how your videos are action packed and funny!

  • Hi

  • Another bedroom project very well done!👍 You guys are perfect for each other. ❤️

  • please take. the music out

  • honestly british thrift stores could never.

  • I wanna see u do the same thing but without any thriftstores😂 now that would be hilarious coz this is too easy and a lot of people could do it better than basic black and white room.

  • Ok sry but I can do so much better than thi

  • You should do a all diy room

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  • when i casually dont even have a bed frame.

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