Under $400 Newlyweds Living Room/ Dining Room Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates On A Budget

Datum objavljivanja: 28. Stu 2017.
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  • “A small fee to sell” no fucking thanks! *doesn’t have much money gets a light for $40* 🤣love the fake negotiation! I wonder if there are somethings that people liked before she redid it!

  • The mosaic tile coffee table project is awesome ❤️

  • who's here in 2020 binge watching in quarantine.

  • I freaking love that light fixture

  • After five years of marriage i found out the one thing that makes marriage difficult is financial struggle, its not like my husband and i aren’t making money it’s just we barely have time for each other and there’s no amusement or new event it’s just work and the kids and that was fine but i wanted more..then i heard of a financial advisor on the radio who basically makes money for me and right now i have close to 100grand with her in my portfolio. now we pay for our vacation without breaking a sweat or losing sleep

    • @Felicia Sherbert sure i get it hun. her name is Lucy Maria Koss, i googled her and reached out to her from her website. Goodluck with your wedding hun!

    • i think i might have just blown my wedding budget, wish i knew this a month ago

    • i was literally just worried about the exact same thing. may i know your FA please it’s urgent?

    • wow impressive, if she is a woman i would like to get to her


  • One, you guys are amazing!! Love watching you. Two, you have the best thrift stores and prices. My prices here at thrifts are at least 3 times what your is there. :( Im going to check out Mercari though. Thank you!

  • OMG You two are SO CUTE and SO ADORABLE. Please adopt me.

  • Isnt it 400 dollars u said 300 it fine love u ❤💙💖💚🖤💜💛🧡

  • Is it me or is he hot!

  • I must admit .. though it is not a COMEDY show but whenever I watch their video it unknowingly BOAST my MOOD .. couple chemistry , their positive Vibe , the way they make their clients SMILE ; BEFORE/AFTER , difference is alluring & satisfying to watch 💕❤️😍🔥🤗👌

  • JOE. -( marriage material 💯) every girls dream .. how expressive lovable calm personality and tenacious support for KATE 💕

  • One a month? Last episode I watched her said once a year. 😂😂😂 She can have all the golden tickets!

  • Is it just me or... She really said BTS??

  • The husband literally looks exactly like the guy from love is blind

  • Geeze they are so talented!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Love you Mr. Kate😊 Who's here 2020😊😊

  • joey work so hard

  • how is this not Cameron from love is blind...

  • You Guy's are Awesome ❤❤❤

  • I swear, these people need to be my best friends. What incredible vibes.

  • The husband looks like Cameron from the show is love blind

  • I wish you can come to Canada and do my room

  • The husband reminds me so much of cameron from love is blind lolol

  • Incredible! I love it!

  • kate that table was so great that's my fav thing ………………………..love u guysssss

  • Holy shit I thought he was Cameron from Love Is Blind in the thumbnail and was like "HE'S ALREADY MARRIED?! AND HIS NAME IS COLLIN?!"

  • Not sure if you will even check this. I justed moved in to US and bought a condo in SEA. Need ur help and tips for interior in budget as we liquidated quite alot of our asset for the condo! Much move.. Priyanka

  • The app isn’t available in the UK?

  • That Girls chair was my favorite thing ....lol After that....the Chandelier, Buffet, then DIY table

  • When I saw the black grout I was more worried about the orange shirt! 🦩💖

  • Have you noticed that the subtitles at the end of the Mercari demo (4:30) are rather shocking? It doesn't match at all what you are actually saying. :D Just FYI.

  • I LOVE IT, come to my house please :D

  • Nick forever amen

  • I need to know what thrift store this is!

  • Can you guys please come to nc to do my living room I'm in desperate need and love yalls work

  • Love the total look you created and the good balance, and what you did with the coffee table - Fantastic!

  • The hubby really liking the transformation, can see it in his smile and happiness without too much reaction.

  • can we keep the ship .its not too late hahahaahahaha😂😂😂😂she is so cute

  • You guys just ROCK!!

  • I'm really not a fan of that coffee table. It looks too "made by me" and not necessarily in the good way.

  • I'm happy to see Kate with her full pants... That's pretty on her

  • Blonde really suits you x

  • Guys you did a nursery room makeover and you filled a box with artificial flowers and put the name Angela over it. Please help me find that video. Xoxo

  • I know this is an old video, but this is by far the most my style of all the makeovers. I have such a hard time decorating my own house because I feel like my design style doesn't really fit into one category. I know what I like but I don't know how to make what I like look like it all belongs together.

  • GORGEOUS. Man LA has some ROCKING thrift stores!

  • You two are my ultimate couple goals

  • The tiled table is my favorite feature in the room.🤩

  • I like the overall look, but the coffee table is not pretty, nor does it make sense in the space.

  • I love watching these thrift shopping videos you have.. But also envies a lot because furniture and home decor thrift shop here in the philippines is soooo rare! And the quality isnt as good as those you show...

  • how does she make everything look so amazing

  • I love that Joey is so horny at the end of every episode despite the fact that he's exhausted!

  • Are those tiles left overs from your house 😅 no shame, just a question haha

  • I love you two. A beautiful room by two beautiful people. X

  • How can they find everything so cheap and beautiful in thrift store and I can’t 🥺😢

  • Number one. SUN DEVILS!! ☀️ 😈 Number two. Where are the books?

  • Kate is giving me serious Marilyn Monroe vibes with that look

  • I can’t be the only one who thought of the song Roxanne when he said hi Roxanne to the cat Just me oh okay

  • Omg her pants tho

  • Kate is so stunning ❤️

  • This is one of my favourite things you’ve done in so many ways!

  • So watching this video I noticed how much your “designing skills” have changed or evolved and I think it would be super cool for you and Joey to do a reaction video to one of your old old videos 😊

  • Do they charge for doing this...apart from the payment of things

  • I just want to take a moment to appreciate how Kate and Joey understand that $300 is a lot of money for a lot of people.

  • “We need to bask in our successes for more than one second” this needs to be on a t shirt 😂👏🏼

  • Love it!

  • U guys are the ultimate creative weirdo couple💕

  • in all their videos it looks like he loves her more than she loves him ppppffffff

  • Love it!

  • when shes talking about the app and she says theres no fee in the UK but a small fee to sell (in the US) the caption dont say small fee to sell, 4:31 with closed captions if you want a chuckle

  • I cant get over that coffee table !!!! You should be so proud of that... ❤❤❤

  • Does anyone else get anxiety when they have 3 hours left and haven’t started?

  • I was worried about the paint dripping on his phone

  • I realize this comment is years later, but, that is a great hairdo.

  • Kiss'em at night? 😏 mm hmm

  • After that kiss and Joey's pink lips I guess that makes them Mrs. Joey. LOL It's too cute and great he's not worried about getting pink lipstick on him

  • Deriously hope this is how you two truly get along. I've never seen a couple celebrity or real life who gets along the way you guys do. You guys are awesome together both as a couple and the way you work. Mr. Kate can you please do a tutorial on how to find a Joey? Lol I would love to find someone I can get along with so well

  • Is she drunk!!?? and the guy acting is terrible!. At least the room looks ok. Looks like they trying to copy Chip and Joanna Gaines.

  • Omg i love Kate's look in the beginning

  • i’m binge watching these videos n i heard bts !!! ik ur not talking about the band but they’re my loves 🥺

  • I love this, Mr.Kate, thumbs up from Kenya,yeeeyy!

  • Is it me, or when it was 9:03-9:04, I heard her say BTS?

  • Like in every video. I have one question. Why do you guys only have this much subscribers!! You deserve like so many cause of the amount of effort you put into these videos. And then i see some HRdown channels which have stupid content but so many subscribers . Ughh this is crazy

  • That cat tho. Medusa did that!!

  • I think u should ALWAYS paint the room even if it's a light neutral color, but never do white esp if it's already white lol painting completely changes the room itself

  • i am impressed how thrifty you guys are....thats smart....

  • You look like a witch

  • 💓

  • Hey!!! U guys just got yourself a new subscriber....omg, me n my partner moved into a new flat without furniture, also very spacious so completely blank on how to transform into a home rather than a flat, in a budget that is...you work motivates me then when the expenses adds up, completely ends up giving up, thinking can't afford to transform the whole flat in one day..

  • Kate and Joey are SO CUTE!! I can't stand it!

  • The problem with London is that we have our versions of thrift stores, but ur gonna pay a lot for it haha

  • Loved the mosaic table n the photo gallery...you guys are really so creative...I love what you do the spaces

  • Perfect couple. Love you guys. Love the kiss at the end.

  • Who else is watching this in 2019?😁

  • Looks so much better but very old fashioned for a young couple imo x

  • After every touch of u guys it literally brightens up😍😍😍😍😍😍 Every piece gets more elevated 😊😊 Georges 😍😍😍😙😙

  • I am obsessed with your creativity 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ive been binge watching like almost all of your episodes and it's 11:39pm now. Someone make me stop lol :D

  • do ya one of h3h3 room or do a interview with them plz

  • You guys are amazing