We Built the Breakfast Nook of Our Dreams! | OMG We Bought A House | Mr. Kate

Datum objavljivanja: 1. Vel 2018.
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  • I really love how Joey stares at Kate everytime she talks 💗💗

  • love the green in the dining nook. love the dining room, but for the picture wall - I'd rather see warm wood frames than the slim metal frames, and a focal point picture with more use of the vertical space.

  • The awards-tag game is so cool!!!

  • "Its like the moon for the wall paper" lol foreshadowing

  • Vintage feel is officially lost


  • I'm a faithful HRdown watcher and Mr. Kate is my favorite chanel. Always super creative, kind to everyone they interact with and lovy dovy with each other, plus now the have Moonie! The best!

  • Just not need for a part of a death animal, his body was ate and his skin use for fashion, not fare , not good vibes.

  • i have to admit i thought the nook bench pad seat would be better in a leather so that can shimmy along it to get to the back without your clothes grabbing to the fabric surface, Either that or a flip open side or centre to get to the back. Also I don't like the chairs. Love the dining room table but it seems too small and will be limiting with company over for dinner. The breakfast nook table now seats more.... it's constantly where i clash with their taste but it's their house and it still all looks totally fabulous .Loving this show.

  • God bless this episode cause ima put a gallery wall in my room, thanks Mr. Kate❤️


  • OMG!! What happened to the mirror you had in your dining room before the remodel? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that mirror! Been looking for one for my home for the longest time!

  • Ok ok your design charm one thing but I love how both of u compliment each how joey care for you Kate beautiful u guys are goals,

  • The good thing about you guys I like is that you guys have so much compromising element in your relation.you dont argue that things is impressive

  • I love your wholesome content and magnificent talent. 🤗🤗🤗

  • Omg yesssss I’m loving the house more and more 👌🏾 that black wall in the living room is killer 😻

  • I miss Jo's Place sign!! It was so damm cool

  • The nook is SOOOO much better. Love it.

  • I love that nook but I loved the white original chairs better

  • Apaixonada por vocês 😘🤗 chegando a pouco no canal e não consigo parar de ver Love 🥰🥰🥰

  • A year and six months later at 3.5 million subs!

  • Wow you guys are so good at this my room that u sure with 2 sisters and it not the best and I wish I could do my room but we do not have the time and money wish you could do this to my room😥 and I am the biggest fan I been whiching you guys when I was 7 and I am 12 so ya

    • Wow you guys are so so good at this but I wish I could do this to my room that I sure with my 2 sisters

  • Beautiful 👏👏👏❤

  • AWESOME video!!! AWESOME house!!!

  • 6:06 awards 👐👐 Congrats

  • You should do an updated house tour! :)

  • Hell bro..... she is damn cute 🖤

  • Kate: The mirror is like the moon 🌙 little did they know that that is their baby,s feature name is Moon😄💛

  • Kate looks better without makeup

  • Turn of the water when soaping!!

  • U didn't show the 2 rooms finished

  • I am rewatching (always because I am obsessed) and how magical that you have pictures of the MOON on your ceiling! It was meant to be with little baby moon

  • Kate where do you get your crystals? 😯 I must know they are gorgeous 😍

  • My wife said beautiful

  • Can they stop the cheesy theme song

  • I bought that same little pee boy for my mother in law 😂😂😂😂

  • the second they introduced the breakfast nook in the beginning I was like "they should install a bench up against the wall instead of just chairs" im glad thats when they end up doing! looks sooo much better! ^_^

  • Your breakfast nook looks out of a magazine! I am so obsessed with your house!! ❤️❤️

  • Love love the house y'all are the BEST

  • love

  • Nice transformation. Since your breakfast nook is such a small area, the table looks a bit large. Just rounding off the corners quite a bit would make the space look larger and keep people from jabbing themselves as they get in and out and scoot about.

  • Stunning home well done .love it .

  • Joey should do more detailed videos on how to build things!

  • The house looks totally awesome! And your camera person does such a great job showcasing all the little details as well as the overviews.

  • In 11 months you got 1million more subs!

  • Kate, you probably don't care what a stranger thinks, but I am a creative weirdo! I think you wear too much make up ( no offence ) you are prettier without

  • JOEY WAS IN THE CLICK 5???? I LOOOOOVED THE CLICK 5!!!!!!! I still have their first CD!

  • The french word for it is coussin lmao

  • Omg who knew Joey was in the band behind just the girl!!!!!

  • 💕

  • Kate looks so beautiful at 11:27 (I mean, she’s beautiful all the time anyway) - she really reminds me of Darryl Hannah when she was younger.

  • JOEY WAS IN THE CLICK 5?????? I’m shook

  • 12:47 it means pig actualy

  • The weenie dog was Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund. He just won a People's Choice Award!!!!

  • Why why do I keep watching you two. She’s so quirky and he’s hilarious. I do love ur designs 😂

  • Love the new dining room

  • You should have done a before then now

  • The spin brush stretches ur pores

  • Love you guys

  • Is ceiling wallpaper removable ?

  • 3 million 😍

  • Who else right after they herd Click 5 right after this

  • I remember like 3 days ago it was 2.4 million Subs and now there’s 3 MILLION subs Yay I am so happy for y’all Pls like this comment

  • When I started this season you were at 2.9M and now that I’m one episode away from finishing it all off ! you are at 3M !!!!

  • Kate: Kini pillows Joey: excuse me... kidney? Kate: No Kini! Joey: Pretty sure it's kidney... Kate: *runs to Google only to find bikini results* Me:😂😂😂 serves you right for not believing Joey. Also don't mind my late reply,🙋 binge watching.

  • You two are great! Awesome and beautiful work and designs! I love them!!! You guys are gorgeous inside and out, bro! Lol Almost 3 million subscribers not even a year later! Cool beans!!! (2,991,847)

  • The rug is disgusting! Animals are not furniture!!!!!!! They are living breathing beings. Sometimes I am ashamed to be human. These 2 are idiots, won't be watching again!

  • OMG! Joey was a member of The Click Five?? You are BLOWING my mind!!!!

  • I watched them for a long time then I stopped for some reason unknown when they were at like 800,000 subs I come back and they are almost at 3 mil?!?!? Amazed y’all are awesome

  • Almost 3 mil!!!!!! Congrats you guys really deserve it!!

  • You have upped your level of design.

  • What happened to the Joe's tavern sign!?

  • Where did the Joey's place sign go? Also, I love what you do

  • The bench was absolutely beautiful!

  • I have that huch

  • Your breakfast nook... uh you guys changed that 3 times in the whole series! Lmao

  • I like the round table in the dining room, but I think it's too small for the space - you wouldn't be able to seat more than 4 people comfortably at it. I don't like the square table in the revamped breakfast room - it's took clunky looking compared to the more airy feel of the bench seating that you can see underneath.

  • I love the dining room table

  • Where does she print photography?

  • I feel like your dining room table is a bit small like when you have guests over how are you all and your plates and stuff going to fit around the table but you guys are the best🌸💐

  • I can't believe you have a copy of the Manneken Pis in your house! It's the name of the little boy peeing from Kate's grandfather's house, it's actually a statue in Brussels :)


  • Love the transformation but I feel like that storage/display unit in the dining room is slightly awkward. I would take out the shelves and put a tall decorative piece like a vase of dry plants/flowers (maybe some lavender?) inside the glass container

  • not my style but its always nice changing things up

  • What I love the most about this show is the second hand finds since I don’t have a lot of money 💰 it gives me great ideas 💡 thanks

  • your dining table looks to small for like that big room

  • You 2 are so darn cute!! I love your design style(s)!

  • I love this room. Especially the benches! Great job guys. I get so much design inspiration from your channel. 😊

  • Yup, I just watched another video of your's,, congrats and may God bless. Can'w wait for the nursery revile!!!

  • Oh man, you've got me hooked. Are you pregers???

  • Beautiful!

  • i didn't know joey was from the band click five! like omg!!!! 😱😱

  • I JUST PAUSED THIS VIDEO TO SAY WHAT!?!?!?!?!?! JOEY WAS IN CLICK FIVE!!!! THATS HOW I KNOW HIM NOW!!!!! OMFG!!!! Get back together!!! And hi from Boston!!!! ❤️💖👌🏼🎈 #EasterEgg

  • i love you kate and joey ur my favorite creative weirdo. P.S. i am also a creative weirdo.

  • I learned sooooo much about you two in this episode!!!

  • I feel like Kate looks especially pretty in this episode

  • Your house had some major improvements and they r aweeesome. Guess u need to live in the house a lot to let it tell u what would be the best way of decorating it.

  • Yea the first fengshui was right! Pronounced “shway” :)

  • Joey sounds just like my uncle so when i hear him i think of this series

  • wheres jo's place!!!