We Create a Beachy Heaven for a Couple Who Have Been Through Hell *emotional

Datum objavljivanja: 14. Pro 2019.
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  • Creative wierdos

  • Congrats to this couple, by now they've had their little girl. I can relate to her situation, I'm now a. Grandmother of 4, I've got no regrets as it all made me who I am today. I had always wanted 6 children, I was very blessed with a daughter & son. I lost a baby my choice, when I was 15, that was very difficult because of the situation but I made my decision, after a month long thought process for my child. Anyway, when my now X husband & I started our family I was 25, my daughter was conceived without issue, when she was 2 we decided we wanted another, within the 1st yr of trying I miscarried, that was really sad, effected my X pretty bad, we kept trying, and ended up having another miscarriage, this was hard on me, both were physically difficult, anyway, after a while we conceived again, but issues began immediately before even confirming pregnancy, long story short I lost the baby & my left tube, within 6 months after the loss I was pregnant with my miracle son. God bless you all, enjoy the family god blesses you with.

  • Great video

  • Joey eyeing up Kate was so freaking adorable

  • Sending love and light and happiness

  • Omg this was such an amazing episode ❤️

  • Dearest Mr Kate please give us an update on *baby Angela* 😫 I randomly came back to this video to cry about how amazing you guys are 🥰

  • Started watching this just before my period and now I’m a wreck 😭😭 I’ll have to finish watching later! (Didn’t make 7 minutes)

  • A squirrel and the mayor too? Best episode ever.

  • They're crying, I am crying, You're crying.... Everyone is crying!! SÓ BEAUTIFUL. They all deserved it!! ❤️

  • 11:34 , 12:26 This just in!! World famous interior designer gets attacked by highly ferocious rabid rodent in her back yard!!!

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  • What an amazing episode. Made menso emotional. You two are so inspiring and touching so many lives!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖

  • I hope baby Angela made it

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  • They have such an amazing story ! I love the after of the rooms but the before was pretty cute too !! They totally deserved this makeover 🥳🙌🏼

  • I always laugh a lot when I watch your videos, but, this episode made me cry buckets!! Mostly happy tears at the end. Love u guys!!

  • Love Love Love What You Both Did... Made Me Teary Eyed. 👀)) Looking At My Beautiful Beechnut Gerber Baby!!! That Is One Beautiful Baby. God Bless You With Your Precious Bundle of Love and Joy. God Bless The Couple That Is Expecting.. To The Future With Angela 😘😘🙏🙏😘😘👶👶😘😘🎵🎵🙏🙏

  • lucky i didn’t get one of those half hour long ads since she said not to skip em

  • Wishing all the best for this incredible couple and baby Angela!

  • i didnt realise that these where 47 mins long i have been binge watching them lol so it takes 47 mins to eat 3 silves of pizza wow

  • Beautiful lovely couple. So happy to see the decor. Wish them all the love ❤️

  • How much do they charge? I want my baby room done too

  • Why can I actually imagine a walk in rug closet in ur house😂

  • I recently started watching Mr.Kate and I am blown away from how they change a dull room into an amazing room just by making the perfect room they have helped some many people I am a big fan of Mr.Kate and her family

  • Their baby definitely got his dads eyes. And oh my gosh SIX miscarriages sank my heart.

  • Joey reminds me of Mark Rober.

  • Kate I will watch all the ads only for you guys!!

  • Wonderful story! We need more episodes like this one! Thanks!

  • Waaaaiiiitttt that couch in the nursery looks just like the Stella couch in their new furniture collection???!

  • I haven’t watched the vid yet so idk what happened but I DO know that Mr Kate, you have very nice hair and I am very jealous

  • The rug cuddle moment with Anne was everything this episode was just to heartwarming for me to even handle

  • This lady has the most beautiful garden

  • My mom had me at 16 lost a baby at 17 had one right after at 18 then she got pregnant again lost both twins then had my baby sister that's one

  • What a sweet episode! They have heart! My only critique would be to incorporate the LOVE banner from their wedding back into their bedroom.🙂

  • Omg I had the same leukemia!!!!!

  • That awkward moment when you don't get ads cause of YT Premium 😂

  • You can also use fence pickets for wood walls. Fairly inexpensive, plus if you choose you can leave them really rustic.


  • Now the baby is 4 months old

  • Update on their baby?

  • This is such an emotional video. With Angela's Parents with Anne plus the Certificate of Appreciation for Mr. Kate. This is my fave video in this channel.

  • That was so heartwarming 🥺❤❤❤❤❤

  • Did anyone else realize how the mom ( I’m sorry I don’t remember if they said her name or not) how she was she positive considering what she’s been through.. 😢

  • I didn’t skip any in this vid what u do is so great and inspirational

  • I loved this episode. It was inspirational which made my heart smile. So fabulous that Ann could meet you and that you make her feel part of the Creative Weirdo team for a while. Looking forward to meeting baby Angela here soon❤️ Well done to you both on another awesome room design from me, a later bloomer interior design student, living many thousands of miles away in Cape Town South Africa😊

  • This was lovely to watch. Why don't you guys start an intern project with students in Compton? I'm sure there are interested Creative Weirdos who would jump at the chance to intern with Mr. Kate!

  • Im.. Highly gay for anne

  • i’m balling she seems so nice

  • What a beautiful episode!!! I wish you could have incorporated the husbands gift of the word LOVE into the room. I wish them nothing but the best!!! Love from Canada

  • Hei! First, I love your content, always! Second, I see that you've been redoing more and more nurseries lately. If you want maybe you can do a pertnership with Hello Bello, as they seem awesome as well.

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  • Does anyone know how Anne is doing?

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  • My wish is that you can come meet me in Washington State and you can help me do my room. I love that you guys are so awesome

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  • Aw such a good choice of people to help! What a heartbreaking ordeal to go through, that baby girl is going to be loved so much though, lucky lucky girl!

  • God’s blessings!

  • Anyone else, watching in 2020 laugh when they said they had big plans for the next year?? No, just me? Okay.

  • ARe they engineer,architech or an interior desigmer i want to have a work like them too pleaseee help me

  • Me and my husband are almost 3 years trying to conceive so many test at the dr so many ovulation and pregnancy test and no found cause to why we can’t get pregnant. This family is so precious and congrats on baby Angela

    • Don't worry God will give you blessings just keep on praying♡

  • How cute are they? Adriana, Felipe, Anne, and of course Kate and Joey and Moon and Nanu. La familia es vida.

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  • omg moons eyes are beautiful!!! how did i just notice that?!

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  • I love that one day when Angela is all grown up she will be able to watch this and look back on how excited Mr Kate was with this project and the thought they put into it and especially how happy her parents were for this.

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  • When they were decorating the master bedroom, I thought it was the nursery (don’t ask me why) and when I saw the tv, I was like: Omgg a baby has a tv and she not even born yet!!! Again don’t ask me why I thought the master was the nursery haha

  • Aww the rug section part is so sweet :)

  • This made me cry because I’ve been through hell ivf 3 times 6 years of hormones injections and all kind things available to have a baby and still can’t plus having autoimmune diseases making it worse ... hope one day I have a baby and be able to make the nursery too 😔 pray for me

  • Did any body notice that the boys huged different than the girls or the boy hugging the girl

  • I’m crying, I wish so bad I had someone help us like this after my loss.

  • This episode was emotional on so many different levels

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  • Has anyone notice that the couch looks like the one that’s in there furniture line conspiracy The furniture line in 2020 but in the furniture line it is baby blue go watch the video and see what I mean

  • Damn this is hard to watch without crying 😢💗 Like literally every time this couple talks I'm about to cry I want to protecc them

  • You guys rock! All the best to the entire crew and you of Mr Kate!

  • To say I love this video is an understatement, it's so wonderful and made me cry. BUT I think it was a little shortsighted to get rid of as much storage as they did in the master bedroom. Idk if anyone else noticed but there were 2 big chests they removed-one where the crib got placed and then another under the TV. And then they only replaced the one under the TV with that little two drawer thing that belongs as an accent piece in a hallway, not a relatively small master bedroom. I feel like getting rid of that much storage is a bad move when you're about to have a whole other human in the house, plus they're probably going to accumulate a few toys and other things they'll want to keep in the master bedroom, at least in the first few years of the baby's life. So I wish they hadn't done that. Anyway, that was my 2-cents and like I said this video is great and the couple is so beautiful and Ann is awesome, but it's a design video so I'm going to share my design critiques.

  • Baby sooooo cute!!!❤️💕😘

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  • What I want to know is that, were they able to have the baby?

    • I did some digging and yes they did have their baby their Instagram is adriorozco1427

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  • I love this couple so much! They seem so humble and genuinely grateful. So happy for baby Angela’s arrival. I can tell she will be soooo loved. You guy did an amazing job! As always.

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