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    • Bee Parr not much! I forgot about this comment haha

    • @Rachael congrats wish you the same as you did for my girl WATCH OUT U NEVER KNOW WHO WILL, U KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENS TO UR CHILDREN PAY BACK,,,

    • @RachelXO hello sister what's up ?

    • Yay 4 u!!!

    • Oh my godddd.. I cried at Joey's parents' reaction !!

  • Casually re watching every single mr kate video ever made ... can I just say ... kate you are beautiful you always will be and you and Joey are adorable

  • Joey: You are gonna look beautiful no matter what.. 😭 so true love❤️

  • That "my love for you makes me want to be a mom" i cried hahaha so precious you both 💗💗💗😭😭😭

  • The way I still cry watching this.

  • "I live to make your dreams come true." OMG, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said! And thank you, Kate, for acknowledging those of us who choose not to become parents - I teared up. You guys are awesome! And Moon is adorable!

  • R.I.P. headphone users at the beginning 😂

  • Is it me or does it look like Kate is her moms clone?



  • Awwww!!! I remember when I first subscribed so many years ago! You two are so amazing and kind people. It touches my heart to see you two as example of good natured , loving creative people! It gives me hope :-) Love you guys ! Congrats on little baby MOON!!! :-) You are all going to be amazing parents!!!

  • who else is watching this in 2020 just me okeee

  • just browsing thru videos... been a long time i saw you wearing this kind of makeup :)

  • Anyone else watching this around moon 1 year birthday and still crying!?!?!

  • Hahaha the way she made joey find out that she was pregnant 😂😂 it's just as funny and unique as the way they got engaged/married

  • You guys sure as hell know how to make the tears flow!!!! So cute, so happy that Moon is earthside with you cuties, you guys are amazing parents,friends, and more importantly, teachers! Moon is super lucky to have such shining examples!

  • Oh my gosh, you made me cry! You guys are such a lovely couple. I have been binge-watching all your video's. Congratulation on your baby Moon. Thank you for great content. It really helps during this time of self-isolation.

  • It's not stretch marks it's battle scars. LOL

  • OMG you made me tear up with the stretch marks story. You guys are so cute!

  • Kate needs this hair again!

  • You two are so adorable ❤❤❤❤

  • I know I’m late but this is the cutest! Finding out you’re expecting is the best and scariest feeling ever!

  • Yall r relationship goals. 😭♥️

  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Literally broke up coz realised so much after watching you people together... this Man is literally everything a girl can imagine of but joey you r made for kate only ...💙👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • I just recently started watching Mr. Kate after seeing them do Jeffrees spa and i watched Colleens nursery right before this and I had a feeling she was pregnant in that video cause this wasn't to much after that lol congrats guys I love you and moon is so adorable 😍

  • This was sooooo cute you guys!🤍

  • Joey is literally like the dream husband I can’t even. I love you both so much. I’m watching this really late because I’m a late subscriber. But sending your family lots of love from your fans in The Maldives. ❤️❤️🇲🇻

  • ‘I live to make your dreams come true.’😭😭😭 I’m not ugly crying... I need a man like Joey!!

  • I remember when I first wAtched this I was sooo happy and was in a good mood for like the rest of the year!

  • Kate and Joey are those kind of couples that you can see when they first meet, they will never grow apart

  • would it look nice if all the walls in one room have a simple wallpaper on it?

  • Was has 2018-2020 been the year of babys and pregnancy lol

  • I love you two! You are such a sweet couple and will be (and I know are) great parents.

  • it's all them rug cuddles

  • I’m watching this and your baby has been born. But you are such a special couple. Well done. Xxxx

  • Well this is weird...lve saw the baby before l saw the announcement video. Congrats I said before you remind me of my self even on looks l too am Sicilian and had a Nanu

  • I LOVE THIS VID! Watching this after Moon has been born and been in a bunch of videos, but the cuteness here is amazing. Joey and Kate's relationship reminds me of my relationship with my husband - best friends and in love.... :)

  • Didn't wash your hands btw... Lol

  • still love this video so much and am so happppppppppy for you guys

  • i live to make your dreams come true... Joey is slick

  • *birth* Kate: *pushing* *baby comes out* Baby: *holding paintbrush and paint* I’m ready mommy

  • I swear it’s first word will be “power tool”

  • Throwback to the first episode I OMG we bought a house! We’re Kate was kidding about the guest bedroom would someday turn into a kids bedroom, and Joey all just “whaaaa?” BE HAPPY YA’llll!

  • I’m soooo late to this BUT this reveal video and your birth video has made me love you two even more!!! The bond and love is totally felt through a screen, that’s magical ❤️❤️wishing you three happy long life together❤️❤️

  • Thumbs up for emotion!! You are both sweethearts. Really lovely channel.

  • Love how during colleen video she was like "when are you doing your nursery" and she kinda played it off lol

  • These emotional videos are sad, but I hope you have and raise the most amazing, creative, imaginative baby. I love your videos and hope you keep up your amazingness !

  • Rewatching this video!! And again crying and smile all at the same time 😍😍😍😍 you guyssssss

  • Hi Mr Kate! I've "discovered "you like a month ago ...I am in love with you guy's I am from east Europe-Romania,but I live in Italy. ...wish you can come over and " help" redecorate our tiny apartment! Big kiss & like !

  • wow am watching this after moon was born, and you guys have an amazing angel!*~ hes adorable!*~ congrats kate and joey have an awesome life with you lil moon!*~

  • Immmmm crying how have I never seen this omg

  • The intro be like "push, push, push!!!"

  • first word mrkate

  • "You're so nice, whyyy are you so niice😭" IS MEEEE while watching all your videos and seeing your love for each other❤❤❤ i was crying of joy when kate started getting emotional talking about how much she loves joey, stop it you guys are the most wonderful couple ever❤❤

  • “Even if you’re lying” 😂😂 OMG I need a Joey!!!! Where did you find him??

  • You 2 are so cute I love how you guys work together as relationships and work and you guys will be good parents so happy for you guys

  • I LOVE MOON!!!!!!

  • Congratulations 🎉❤️

  • Mr. Kate & Joey..I am so new to your videos & love them all so very much..I just watched this one & can't wait to watch the rest..you two are wonderful & I wish you the very best..I have seen the videos where you have had your bundle of joy, Moon & I must say that he's so very precious..and he's very lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents..

  • I am sooooo Happy for you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Omg I thought k was subscribed but I wasn’t so I didn’t know and now I am!! Congratulations guys!!! Also my mom’s due date for me was also June 1st and I didn’t come out til the 10th! 😆

  • and all 3 mil subs watched now you've gained half a mil since then you guys rock and moon is amazing!

  • Joey!!! Those comments on Kate... you’re making everyone cry. Stop already. 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖 This is so beautiful. I’m really happy for you guys. You’re such an inspiration! Own more creative weirdo to the family 🙊🙆🏻‍♂️👑🐝🌻⚡️

  • congrats!

  • I need a kate in my life. Sooo much positivity. Love it 😍

  • Congrats! U'll be great parents..

  • Who’s here after the birth! | V

  • I love how Colleen was like any baby's soon and they were like ehhh mmm not sure :/ 1 month later: WERE HAVING A BABY! Anyways congratulations 💜😂

  • Who’s here after the delivery video

  • Who else is watching this vid after Moon is born??

  • Came back to watch this one more time and I can't help but comment on how horrified I was when I saw 879 people had disliked this video. I get that people are entitled to their likes and dislikes... but that's just a mean thing to do. Whatever reason those people hit the 👎 it's a crap thing reason. If it is you can't have children and you desperately want to, you could have just came off the video the moment they said they're having a baby. Putting negative energy on these good, kind and loving couple's video is probably why you're infertile.

  • I know I'm a little late but you can just see how proud and excited Joey is. I mean he really truly loves Kate and is just so head over heals for her. I love them both ❤

  • I love you guys !!!! Congrats

  • Every time I'm told that there prengent In my mind :ew they did that

  • OMG I've literally been binge watching your videos since Friday night (currently Sunday night 12:52am) and I am soooooooooo happy for this news Mr.Kate!!! 7 months late but have a safe and easy pregnancy!!!!

  • You guys are such an amazing couple. As a late-comer to your channel, I'm catching up now. I'm so excited you've got an amazing baby Moon now!

  • your mom is so cute u guys are twinning

  • when kate start crying i start crying i don't know why that was so cute that kate said "ur so cute why are you so cute?,,

  • Love you creative weirdos, may you be showered with health, wealth and happiness, best wishes always!

  • Kate looks so much like her mom

  • ❤️

  • OMG congratulations you guys will be amazing parents

  • Have you had your baby yet it has been almost 10 months!

  • Congratulations! !!! So happy for you guys !

  • Who’s here when little baby Moon is hereeeee😆💕

  • Omg are you guys from Danmark🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Guys I like this channel a lot but I have a little suggestion - Kate please let’s your husband talk too !!!

  • I’m here after adorable little baby moon has landed onto the land 🥺✨💕


  • i wonder if a rug cuddle ever turned into something more than a cuddle in someone's house

  • kate was meant to have a baby bump i swear

  • *reads title me: I can't go through this again last year Alex and Lauren break up and now this? *watches video me: now that was a close one

    • bin ken It became the total opposite

  • U looks soo pretty and these r words of my heart i cried so much after watch this video u r so sweet dear❤❤


  • Any updates..??Due date was june 1st ,right..!!

  • Congrats..Happy for you..

  • KATES DUE DATE IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! I'm excited! Im watching this so late ! (New subscriber here lol)

  • Who watched this after they found out😉✔🤞😋😜

  • Sooooo happy for you guys 💗💗💗