We Painted Their Bedroom Black! Will They Hate It or Love It?

Datum objavljivanja: 15. Ruj 2020.
This couple loves farmhouse and industrial styles, and we gave them ... a black bedroom?!
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Art Department: Emily Banks


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    • Hello I am your biggest fan it would mean the world if you come to my house and do my room I am a teen I like drawings and I like my walls to be grey I love plants I live is San Antonio😀😀

    • Joey Never EVER tell Kate to throw away/ re-donate an old book. I volunteer in a charity shop (Thrift Store) which exclusively sells books, DVDs, CDs, Audio Books, Cassettes, Vinyls and such and we NEVER get old books in, people seem to think that just because a book is old/ vintage/ antique that it should be thrown away. In this electronic age books are a dwindling resource, the first editions published today will never last as long as those published even 100 years ago. We should treasure them.

    • How would i submit a video i really want to see your style in action in my room

    • I have also been a fan for years and have watched all your videos I will drop whatever I’m doing or postpone my prego naps just to watch you videos 🥰

    • Iam going to be making a video because I really need help iam now a stay at home mom i am due in Jan and me and my husband have only hand me downs in a small apartment and we need help so bad and I want to make our room cozy and functional for when my bean gets here and so my husband can relax after working all day 😊

  • Black walls, and specifically black shiplap are 🔥😍🔥

  • Bring the white dresser back & add a black trim to it, the shelving looks too busy for a space that's ment for rest else it's lovely

  • It was pretty before but now it is really beautiful, love it 😍😍

  • In the most recent video there was mentions of Kate dying her hair and nothing supports that. Bisch where?

  • the cute moments when moon come for milk ❤❤❤❤

  • When will joey make a channel where he explains building and how to work with wood and machines 😢

  • Awww....Moon is so stinkin cute and so very sweet! I love how hes like, yeah yeah, yall are talking, cool...but mommy, I love you and I want nee nees now please and thank you. Lol, I miss nursing. It's one of the most innocent ways of bonding a woman can experience.

  • also adding on to my last comment I'm going to take some of the things you guys do and do a makeover to my room hopefully it turns out good

  • I'm only 12 years old but I love the things you guys do ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ xoxo keep on going

  • im shocked that i haven't seen any. comment on how that guy sounds and acts so much like Seth Rogagan

  • I wish you guys design my living room and bedroom... But we are so far... I really love ur work and chemistry between both of u guys...

  • Moon^^you are super cute

  • I love these videos!!! Not only are you making amazing content for your followers but perfectly balancing home life too! Love love love.

  • That turned out so cute! love the black shiplap!!

  • I liked the diy are piece

  • They’ve literally never posted a bad design

  • Hellooooo! I would love to know the recipe for that smoothie! It looks delicious!!

  • The shiplap looks a little too nauticle...? Obviously still looks amazing just maybe didn't hit the astethtic perfectly.

  • do my living room PLEASE!!!

  • I want a Mr kate room/house makeover soooo bad. 😩

  • My 2 grandsons both have totally black rooms. With all the gray wolf decor, its calming and young.

  • Absolutely love Joey and Kate also not forgetting gorgeous moon .... Great job all of you.... Hugs and keep safe from Donna and family xx. Liverpool UK 🇬🇧 💗

  • I think this is so clever to do these designs remotely. It’s a great learning opportunity for your creative weirdos!

  • Favorite part is the black wall.. :)

  • Love that they now offer help to people out of California! This is a game changer! Definitely helps more of the Mr. Kate community get involved :)

  • Kate is glowing 😘 Joey is cutest🥰.. Love this couple ❤️❤️

  • Awesome video!

  • How do you submit a video clip to try and win the room decor thing?

  • ..."I see a red door and I want to paint it Blaaaaaakkk"

  • 😮 Great instructors or coach in interior designing, architectural design and craft arts. ❤ True artists. 😊

  • i really missed mr kate's fashion tips...more please?

  • Can you do the same thing with my family I live in Puerto Rico if you decide to do it email me or aske me for more details. And we live in roral area.

  • "never seen bob ross whip out a good... I don't think that ever happened" Hahaha

  • Moon is just the cutest baby ever

  • The black wall is awesome!

  • would you do a makeover in rhode island??

  • These is soo sweet nd adorable

  • Living for the outfit segment, not going to lie! Their room turned out great!

  • OMG I live in FL too. Can you do my house too?

  • Can you help me do my room!

  • How do I sign up to get my room redone by you guys? My room is so complicated because I have 5 small animal cages that have to stay in my room and I cant figure out how to put a desk in my room. I really need help as I'm still living with my mom for a few years for college

  • Now I'm really curious on how they would makeover a gamer couple living room 🙈🙈🙈 but still love this farm house makeover give me the inch to makeover something in my apt 😊

  • It's so cute...joey listening to Kate when she's talking talking talking talking......u guys are so sweet.. and the baby is adorable😘😘❤️❤️

  • Omg i loooove this couple!! So down to earth and so funny 😆

  • Beautiful makeover love all the great ideas.

  • Laughing over the "toilets" sign, but hey, if it's in French, it's classy, right ? Hahaha

  • More dark bedrooms

  • you guys are such a joy for so many people to do it. love your excitement when you see others get it done too. moon is so adorable just like my granddaughter ocean. would be funny if they met one day

  • ok ok but like can they redo an metal heads / alternative persons room i would love to see that

  • Im sorry but the amount of ads that pop up in this video just sucks man

  • Kate, I have to say, you are so inspiring. A working mom who is not only empowering all kinds of creative weirdos be it all the the people who are watching this premium content and recreating it, or be it the black creators you are presenting on your Instagram! I know on Social Media everything looks a little more glamorous than it is in real life and seeing how dedicated this video is to being save from covid, - I don't know but, ... I am just so impressed by you and your husband.

  • I really relate to being a different size after giving birth, it is so easy to beat yourself up about it when all your clothes don’t fit anymore. I’m slowly switching out my pre-pregnancy clothes for clothes that actually fit so I can feel inspired and stylish again. Thank you for being an honest voice.

  • What an amazing job you all did .. it turned out greaaaaaaaaat .... actually i think if i ever get married i would do my bedroom like that

  • I wanna know why they changed the title and the cover photo? I ALSO wanna know if they charge them significantly less considering they have to do stuff themselves.

  • Omg that bed is exactly what I’ve been looking for my master bedroom!!!!

  • loving the shirt joey!!

  • I’ve been wanting to put black shiplap somewhere in my house! Lol it look so good

  • Hey I have an idea The people who don’t know DIY u can do it and then ship 🛳 it Have a nice 👍🏻 day 🥰 Bye BTW I Am a small HRdownr and 10 years

  • I’ve always wanted my room black

  • Loved this makeover, and I don't usually like farmhouse 😍I wish I could get my husband on board with submitting our living room, because you two have just been knocking it out of the park with these!

  • Can you start doing these for your canadian fans? 🇨🇦💖

  • 14:10

  • Oh those crazy american walls. Over here they are just made of stone

  • I don’t think his girl likes his grandma. She keeps looking down n to the side

  • I would LOVE to see an in depth how to ship lap wall, woth a nail gun and also renter friendly!

  • Hang on, we didn’t get to see the couple’s Feedback at the end of the show to tell us how they liked their new room?? (Or did I miss it?)

  • Beautiful!!!

  • They love everyone!!!❤️❤️🙏

  • MOOOOONNNNN!! he's so cute!! and growing every day!!

  • Ok but can like Joey tell me where he buys his shirts his outfits are on Point! I love his aesthetic

  • Florida is like the worst place to go in a pandemic

  • “I don’t think Bob Ross ever whipped out a boob..” 🤣😂

  • I love how Joey looks like Kate sometimes

  • love

  • P.S. and their jewelry armoire should be sanded down to bare,or raw looking wood!;) just a thought:)

  • ALWAYS LOVE YOUR DESIGNS, however, I really think heir shelves need to be framed black!!!

  • Ok Mr Kate,Joey and ☪️ , How can u help me design my bedroom, dining room and family room??? I Can NOT STAY FOCUSED TO HELP MYSELF GET ORGANIZED AND GET MY HOUSE FUNCTIONING FOR MY HUSBAND AND ME. I'm on hormonal medication to keep me in menopause so the cancer doesn't attack my body. Unfortunately the hormonal med is crippling with arthritis and pain! I am having a hard time and would love your creative weirdo talent !!! ~ your creative weirdo envy fan❣

  • 4:00 moon is so adorable! 😂💞

  • Can you come over and help me in April 2021?

  • omg moon is so cute and smart 🥺🥺🥺

  • Coolcool

  • As always, amazing! :)

  • Moon is the combination of both of ypu., Beautiful💕💕

  • It would be so cool if you guys did some dorm room/young adult room makeovers. A lot of kids are going back to school from their rooms, and kind of missing the opportunity to change their room around since school is so weird this year. Some are at home, and some are living in dorms because they need access to campus resources but don't have the money for a bunch of stuff for their rooms or to rent an apartment. Plus it would be cool to have some non permanent style tips

  • Moon gave momma a kiss so she would stop talking and give him attention for a second 🤣

  • OMG I love it! 😍😍😍

  • 4:00 AWWW 🥰

  • But can we talk about how cute the couple is together

  • What a nice way to help creative weirdos outside of Cal. 👍👍

  • I hope you see this I would really love it if you do my room because my brother and sister are in my room to they sleep here I would like it if you do my room because it is a mess and I really would like a new room and I am your biggest fan

  • Moon is so cute,he's getting big and he's getting quite the personality ,and the room looks so good 👍 love your videos

  • I'm gonna make a username that says "Moon'sBabyKnees" 😍😍

  • Not a fan of these vague clickbate-like titles.. took me a few days to click so just some constructive feedback

  • I wanted me some black wall as well! Creative weirdo fever!

  • Gorgeous...WOW to their painting!!!!

  • Thanks for the thred up recommendation. Been wanting to buy new clothes but don’t want to support fast fashion.

  • I like Quarantine version where the home owners are guided to do this, but everything is done themselves. :) Just more DIY and Inspiring.

  • Kate, I was so happy to see the brass lamps! My absolute favorite!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • My bedroom has been black and dark purple since...maybe 2005? I have an oddly shaped room. I'm not sure what the proper term is, but it's semi-vaulted. The ceiling is black, the two vaulted sections are black, the closet door is black, and the little nook is black. The rest of the walls are a dark purple. I love my dark cosy cave.