We Treat a Fan to a Total Kitchen Makeover!

Datum objavljivanja: 25. Srp 2019.
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Shelves: low.es/30Rs2S0
Paint: low.es/2YtIMBi
Baskets: low.es/2JQ0hDK
Wastebasket: low.es/2JPgngZ
Rug: low.es/2YnHBzy
Woven Crate: low.es/2JUymTv
Dining Chairs: low.es/2LFXv6j
Cabinet Pulls: low.es/2OhOxhN
Grasscloth Wallpaper: low.es/2YfxBIw
Steel Basket: low.es/2Y6Gnxd
Cabinet Hinge: low.es/2OjuaAD
Pebbles: low.es/30TxB2r
S Hook: low.es/2JWYhZa
Succulent: low.es/2XZVSqy
Plywood: low.es/32OdSTC
Palm Shrub: low.es/2SC6ZjI
Polka Dot Plant: low.es/2Yk8zHY
Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: John Dowd, Marco Bottiglieri
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Gabe Gonzales


  • Just took the quiz and it helped so much! Ive been struggling to find my aesthetic and i loved how the results were in percentages💕

    • Omg Mr Kate liked and pinned your comment

    • Me too! I had a lot of results with 44% Quirky/Whimsical 22.% fahouse/beachy 22%Mid-centuary morden 11% Traditional I feel like this is so like true... Because I'm like Carly, I see something I like it, I buy it. But I've never known by asthetic, I mean like I have answered so many quizzes, but never one so accurate. So thank you mr. Kate, I love you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️😍🥰🥰😘

    • olivia lopez I wish u can come to our home to fix it when we buy new home.

    • I mostly have the industrial aesthetic, so finding decor for my room won’t be as hard now lol

    • Same !

  • It’s funny, while I ordinarily don’t like the ubiquitous beehive pendant lamps, I think they would have done better here than the “minimalist lamp” here.

  • Carolina...you are darling.

  • Why I love Mr. Kate.. because no boundaries to their creativity 😊.. no mould to fit it. Everything is flexible according to client's preferences and style❤️

  • i am not really always into these designing stuff but after i discovered Mr kate i am in love with it. you guys just make it fun and inspirational

  • I love the chairs, herb garden and new appliances. Sorry the exposed shelves instead of upper cabinets is not my taste but glad the fan loves it!

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • This is one of my favorites!

  • Check out Stone Coat Countertops for great counter replacement ideas

  • I need y’all to come to my kitchen!!!!!!! also I’m 30% farmhouse/beachy 20% traditional 10% industrial 10% quirky/whimsical 10% mid-century modern 10% glam and 10% bohemian 😅😁😂😂

  • Mr.kate should me on Netflix

  • The sink should always be in the middle of the working triangle in a kitchen.

  • You two ROCK❣

  • tried to do the quiz but kept tapping things when i was scrolling 😐 and i couldn't go back so I'd have to redo the whole thing which I'm too lazy to do- but the layout is amaaazingg!! and it's such a great idea! not rating it any less because the tapping was my fault but it's a super amazing idea! 5/5 looovvvee itt!

  • I'm creating a website for my business and listening to Mr. Kate because these videos keeps me motivated to design and create. 😊😊😊

  • Que lindo son increíbles

  • Gorgeous!

  • I was thinking if she wasn't bothered about a dishwasher they could've done a covered bin store.

  • Love that you help folks who can’t afford to do for themselves. Like this much more than helping wealthy people.

  • ive never used a dish washer and im college apartment i had one and none of use used it because we were used to washing dishes by hand

  • Love the herb garden wall !!!

  • How often can you say minimalist in one video 😂😂 But what a beautiful outcome! I could only wish to have such a fancy kitchen!

  • what I dont get is .. where'd all the reno garbage go?

  • Such a wonderful makeover ❤️ I also took the what's my aesthetic quiz and got 8 different types! Lol😄. I didn't think I could have achieved that even if tried and here I am😂

    • Just so that I paint the whole picture, the results were like so- 20% - Mid-century modern 20% - Modern / Dramatic 10% - Farmhouse / Beachy 10% - Industrial 10% - Quirky/ Whimsical 10% - Minimalist 10% - Traditional 10% - Bohemian

  • Can you please please 😧😧 do your magic work in my flat 🏢 if you come to London , i have been watching your videos its so amazinggggggg 💯🥰


  • off of subject y'all are a beautiful couple. Did your husband play on bring it on?

  • the schmoll rug cuddle is so cute!!!!!!!

  • such a stunning transformation and carolina was precious!

  • This is so my dream kitchen and dining room 🥰💕💕I love y'all so much

  • Is she trans? Or her name is just Mr. Kate?

  • Wow on the kitchen!!!!!

  • OMG big big change,I loved the DIY ...

  • You guys aren’t creative weirdos you guys a creative artist

  • I took the quiz and matched me so amazingly well. You guys are amazing and interior design is my DREAM

  • i hate dishwashers. i lived in 4 places with dishwashers and it is such a waste of space in the kitchen. the dishes always came out dirty. i tried each dishwasher two times and now finally live in a place without one.

  • Nick forever amen

  • I love that DIY herb garden. Genius!!! :)

  • Oooh! Love the hanging plant idea.

  • Hey, that older stove is MY stove. Nothing wrong with it.

  • I love EVERYTHING, the only thing that bothers me....is the gold handles on the cabinets that do not match the silver esthetic

  • I also took your aesthetic test and it's legit spot on! I got 50% Vintage eclectic and Traditional 25% and minimal 25%

  • I love this video, helped me with so many ideas. I am planning to give my mom's kitchen a makeover with some new paint job and other projects. I love to see how you use space, likes and dislikes as ideas to move ahead with. Thanks! You're my inspiration to take over more makeover projects for home

  • 🤩 OH MY GOD!! .. I couldn't belive my eyes! All my life, I had multi-taste in almost everything .. whether its food, deco, dress etc. & I used to get restless/sad most times thinking why don't I have any specific pattern choice/aesthetic 😔 .. like others?! But, then I took your quiz today.. & it made me feel like.. " IT'S OK " to have multi-taste 🥰 Also, those ## like .. #whynot #moreismore .. just loved it. Ane the result .. ahh Its like, this little quiz made me know myself more better 😇 🌿 Thanks Kate.. Thank you so much really! 💜🖤 I love you guys for being this kind, talented & thoughtful. May god bless you 🙏 Oh n congrats on having a lovely child, I absolutely love that blue eyed angel 😘 💙 🌹My Result: 30% Quirky/Whimsical 20% Farmhouse/Beachy 20% Bohemian 10% Traditional 10% Modern/Dramatic 10% Glam

  • Joeys fake tan makes me laugh in this. I hate when I get to the patchy stage lol

  • I took the aesthetic quiz I was literally 10-20% of everything 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️I’ll never be able to decorate my house and have it make sense lmao

    • My parents too! So they decorated each room with a different style😂

  • Soo it's a great show but just wanted to know who pays for the stuff.. Like here the dishwasher and refrigerator costed much, so who pays?

  • U guys are the best. U should be on TV. 🙏

  • Where did you buy the plants from?

  • I love these sponsored videos where they get to spoil people! #thankslowes

  • I never saw a bad makeover. You guys are REALLY amazing.

  • Wow😍Mr.Kate Simple but Beautiful new Design of her Kitchen..and I like it so much..

  • I took the quiz and I hav like 6 different results

  • I know this was made ages ago but I made the quiz and I am mostly bohemian and minimalist!

  • I love her, I totally understand why she didn’t care too much about a dishwasher at first- immigrant families don’t really use them. I can relate. She worked so hard I’m so proud of her for accomplishing her goals 🤍🤍

  • I just became asubby to your channel because l normally love your style of designs,but this video????Do you have any idea of how many times are you gonna say the word "minimalist? I didnt think that the piping chandelier fit well with those hanging plants, a wicker chandelier would have looked better,in my opinion.

  • The whole video I felt like I was in The Sims building a kitchen :D

  • I love that

  • Joey do you ever get to speak?

  • Love from India

  • Quarantining and found this amazing channel. I am obsessed... love this one made me cry.

  • That didn’t look like a counter depth refrigerator to me, was it?

  • Not joking I had a baby sitter once and she genuinely didn’t know how to look after a plant so I told her and she said “ohhhh so that’s why my plants keep dying” I was about to cry. ( She was a mature and old enough adult to know that). 😂😂😂

  • Loved it SO much Kate and Joey!!! P.s I need to know where can I find that gorgeous steel KNIFE SET ????????

  • That's a beautiful job done,( as usual). Love it.

  • Such a fabulous job!! Lowe's was a lifesaver.

  • Hey Kate nd Joey..!!!! Love from India... Can't you people just come to India nd help us make our home feel home... Like warm nd cozy... Nd reflects our personality :'(

  • Latest

  • great work

  • this is 100% my aesthetic wow

  • You all did a fanstastic job.

  • Her kitchen is beautiful she deserves it.And I wished many blessings for her and her 👪 family.🌹🌹🌹🌹💃💃💃💃🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉❤❤❤

  • This is so random but Mr. Kate looks like Beth from dog the bounty hunter like a lot ! Just me ? lol .. RIP to Beth tho 😿💕

  • I’m so happy, she really deserved this. Thanks Kate and Joey! You made a difference for this girl ❤️

  • Leslie Hernandez office room

  • I did the quiz and I got 20% beachy 20% Industrial 20% vintage 20% bohemian and 20% minimalist... I think I would have Mr. Kate’s biggest challenge yet 💀😂😂😂

  • How can you get them to get your place done ?

  • SO GREAT! I love your design!!

  • They swapped all the fixtures except the sink😔😔 i wish they gave her a pulldown faucet but everything else is beautiful🥰

  • 😢

  • I wish you could come to my house

  • Between this acct and my other youtube acct I've been watching you for atleast 8+ years. Girl you are so awesome! If you ever come my way to VA and I get to meet y'all I might fan girl faint

  • 😢😢 the love between you all is soo pure &beautiful to watch I'm in tears I'm so happy for you guys ❤

  • I guy I love your work so much. I will love to get in contact with you . I whant to make my mom’s room over . Becous she works so hard and she does everything for us I really think she need a little exitment in her life . I jus whant to show her how much we appreciate het and that we love het . Im 15 years old and what to surprise my mom with a room make ofer . Do you guys think you can pull this off ?

  • I wish she can makeover my room

  • I took the quiz and I’m a lot

  • I Love your Uniqueness. I'm Glam, Hippy bohemian, Maximalist. I like to see my things. I like dressing from a glam day to my hippy Stevie Nick's, to whatever. When I retire I'm going to dye my hair into deep purple graduated to Lavender, and when I return for a touch up I want dress once in life. Love what you do.

  • FANTASTIC KITCHEN MAKEOVER! How Kind of you to Bless her with those appliances; it made me cry.😢 The white with Gold Knobs looks Rich. Love, love, love the Herb Garden Wall with her book shelves. 🍵🌱🐛🍃 She will make Beautiful Meals on her amazing stove, and won't want to leave her Kitchen. The pantry door does look superb with grass texture. One thing needed a simple Clock or maybe a kitchen ⏲️ timer? Lastly, the Light Fixture is PERFECT for this Room. Enjoyed watching your Video. Thank You.🐣

  • Its looking great!! 😍👍🏼 Greetings from my channel 💕

  • I hate dishwashers i'd take a minifridge

  • Can she open the little drawerson the left side of the stove or will they just crash into the golden handle of the opposite cabinet?

  • I really love this kitchen look looks beautiful’

  • 19.44 how is the soil not falling out of the plants tho???

  • Does anyone know where the galvanised buckets are from?

  • I loved the space it was my aesthetic!

  • He loves his girl. Lucky couple

  • I just took the quiz and it explained so much. I can never decide on anything and am always changing things around. I am 40% boho and 10% each of everything else under the friggin sun. I guess there just isn't much I don't like and my house looks like a massive hodgepodge because of it.

  • Take one shot each time kate says minimalist hahah

  • So i just took the quiz and im all over the place but it describes me perfectly i just can't imagine how it would all come together in my room

  • thirsty? take a sip of water everytime kate says “minimalist’’ lol