Weird Shaped Room Challenge! Drastic Makeover

Datum objavljivanja: 20. Ruj 2018.
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  • Want to stay hydrated?? Take a sip of water every time I say 'mid-century' in this episode 😂 Leave a kindly comment if you like the room! OH AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU CREATIVE WEIRDOS LIKE A LOT! xx

    • Love the room! Totally my style! What was the name of the paint color and brand of paint?

    • No do my weird shaped bedroom

    • I will rewatch it and sip water each time you say "mid-century" or "weird"

    • Not my idea but you should build a house in sims 4 and design it

    • One of the cutest reactions ever!

  • The dark colour was so much challenging but it rocked

  • Need that wall desk but can't find it!!!

  • Videography is not good. Pull back and less of faces. Thx

  • How cute is this couple?🥰😱

  • Boo, looks like the quiz is down/broken??

  • A bowl for keys has a whole different meaning in mid-century. So, Kate asking us to drop our keys in the bowl was hilarious. (Sorry, had to be said. Lmao.)

  • I've been a creative weirdo fan for almost a year and I took the test finally I was there and I got 5 different styles 😂

  • This is what I need but I still can’t figured out how to decorate my house. I really wish you can help me with my weird house shape too😭

  • This is what I need but I still can’t figured out how to decorate my house. I really wish you can help me with my weird shape house too😭

  • My heart broke when I saw you gave your own couch to them. What an amazing kind heart you have. God will bless your business in ways you didn't think possible. You give back to the community and help people in need. It takes a special kind of someone to be so selfless.

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  • UGH she’s so sweet and cute LOVE HER

  • It’s so beautiful!!!!

  • i love that joey questions kate and makes sure and finds out why she makes certain design choices like designing at a diagonal or painting the whole room darker. these are the super cool interesting things that i want to know about!!

  • 💪💪💪💪

  • Damn!!! I got chills it’s sooo good

  • Anna was on Supernatural ya'll!! why is no one talking about that? these beauties are just giving with their styles and their husbands are there adoring them!!!

  • This room is soo good! I would love to know what that paint color is! ❤️❤️

  • Mr Kate & hubby, Love,Love,Love your creations❣❣❣

  • I wish they showed more of the planning and shopping on this one. I'd love to know how much it cost. Why do the shopping links show items that are (similar)? Did they change the item, like reupholster it, or is the item they used bought secondhand or something like that, and no longer available?

  • I thought the diagonal arrangement worked very well; a great fix for an odd space, but worth considering for small spaces.

  • I loved this couple they were so sweet!

  • Omg this was like a huge game changer .I have been watching ur channel since yesterday. And man u are awesome n as a couple u guys are grt. God bless u guys

  • I found this channel and I love it! How I wish they style my home!! That will be a dream, I’m trying so bad to decorate it and Gail very time 😭😭😭 make me depress how some people have good taste but I don’t 😭😭😭

  • Your guys are amazing, in America too many hoarders I feel sorry for their children. Those children also have a dream and deserves a beautiful room for themselves. Just hoping your guys can help at some point. Xx

  • You can just feel mr.kate’s love for design as she puts the last touches on a room☺️❤️

  • you can tell they are a theater kid couple haha so cute. they are both so charismatic

  • Love it

  • Absolutely LOVE your work!!!! I am binge watching it.!!!!!!! But the camera man in most videos ruin the reveal because they give you multiple views of a nob....or the legs of a chair...etc. Really! I would rather have an overview of the whole. They probable think they are creative but they ruin so many videos for me , not just yours. sorry , really ruins it for me.

  • guys, please tell me HGTV is scouting you for your own show. your makeovers are amazing!!!! and your chemistry (and let's face're both pretty easy on the eye) is terrific. i so dig your channel. congrats on the bambino. i'm hooked and inspired.

  • Who else is rewatching all Kate and Joeys amazing vids during quarrentine

  • Yay

  • I thought cat's name was diagnosYs :))

  • Awesome design!

  • So cute how he kisses you and says your beautiful💕

  • Secret to your beautiful complexion! Pleeeeeze!

  • Mr Kate's "oh........great"

  • I love Anna Grace's energy. She totally made me smile!

  • Does the girl look like that one college graduate from Supernatural????

  • Y’all do the most amazing jobs love the way y’all decorate thank y’all for sharing God Bless

  • I so love this. Imagine having decors like ship's wheel, anchor or a compass mural. Throw pillows/blankets with minimalist blue stripes on 'em. Plus, ropes instead of hardwares. I could go on...

  • THEY ARE SO CUTE I was like grinning ear to ear when they opened their eyes at the reveal!!

  • Her reaction!😂

  • Ohhh to be young and be newly married AND own your own house!! Sigh.... 😢

  • How I would diagnose my own style: 60% quirky whimsical 30% vintage eclectic 10% glam

  • I believe brighter colours were actually more popular in real mid century modern. It’s funny, cause there’s actually a difference between mid-century modern, and modern mid-century modern.

  • Who else have known them since they had the fake band intro??😂

  • Do yourself a favor and rewatch 27:00 to 27:10 over again. Lmfao Kate is the most adorable human ever. This was also such a fun reveal. I have never seen anyone as excited or grateful about their space as Anna Grace was. They seem like such a sweet and deserving couple. Nice job! 👍🏻

  • this is STUNNING! i adore those dark walls! what a sweet couple as well!

  • I would love to help you make a room!

  • Why have I only just found out about this lol

  • anna grace's reaction is sooo priceless

  • This is the reveal reaction they deserve every time!

  • I got farmhouse/beachy not surprised love the dark woods. 😛

  • What color was used for the walls?

  • @16:30 was that a wallpaper behind?

  • I love it i was thinking of painting my livingroom wall that color but wasn't sure how it would look with brown furniture..thanks so much

  • I JUST LOVE THEIR REACTION SO MUCH. This is how i want people to react when something great is being revealed...

  • “weird shaped room challenge” me: hah. try me, my room is a..... SQUARE!

  • my aesthetic is Bohemian. 18% traditional, 18% bohemian, 9% farmhouse/beachy, 9% industrial, 9% quirky/whimsical, 9% minimalist, 9% mid-century modern, 9% modern/dramatic, and 9% glam. man that's a lot i don't even know how i would decorate my room like this.

  • i got 33 percent farmhouse beach, and then 11 percent of like, literally everything else.

  • Love all of your designs and you have inspired me to re-do my desk/office area. I already have a great hanging crystal light over my desk but have not decorated the space. I made a sign with a black marker and a piece of white scrap paper that says dream big, work hard, make it happen. I found the font design online and just copied it the best I could and I love it. Today I am making a small frame full of flowers and doing something with two other little frames that I bought for this project. I love how you can just scribble on a piece of paper and turn it into a cool artpiece! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • This is SOOO PRETTYYY! 😍 You guys are amazing!

  • Ooh I wish you were in my country I have just moved to a new location and wanting some inpiration I wish I could have transform it for me but that would be a plane ticket ride with all this pandemic my heart is saddened I just came across your channel so far I’m hooked on your videos lol oh my

  • They were so grateful and so sweet like best couple everrrrr

  • Where do I send letters or mail to Mr.Kate

  • You got a great sense of style Kate

  • Ok now how can I get you to my house?! This is great!

  • I loved this room!!! Keep up the good work

  • PLEASE come to India Kate 🙏

  • Kate looks extra small next to those gigantic people lol love y'all ❤️❤️

  • I think I took the astetic quiz wrong. It says my astetic is pink fluffy pillows and shiny, glittery gold stuff. I'm very masculine. What happened? Is this telling me something I never knew?? 😂😂

  • I took the quiz 2 times, got 30% vintage eclectic, and an even 10% for everything else. Then I got 18% industrial, 18% bohemian, and an equal 9% spread for everything else. 😬😬😬

  • I love all styles! It's so hard for me to decide what I want for my living space. --.-- So i took ur quiz 🧐🤔 My results ( Vintage electric ) lol👍😬 so accurate!!

  • Is it possible to match that wall color with the light gray floor tiles? Thank you kate for the answer. From: Philippines keep safe 😘

  • It looks great but aren’t they going to move out soon if it’s not their house...

  • Great job, Mr. Kate!

  • So in love with your creative mind! 😍💖

  • Hi could you give me a shout out on your video please an thanks 😊 Love 💗 best wishes by

  • I took the quiz and I have 6 different styles

  • Can’t stop rewatching this one. My favorite design by far.

  • SSSooo beautiful. You both do such an amazing job. One of the best creative shows on you tube.

  • When i was little ,i always wanted you to just come to my house and do a makeover

  • I loved it! You could go more bohemian over all though. 😅

  • Great transformation. Would love it in my home

  • i keep coming back to this video they are all so cute

  • Omg she was trying to show her acting skills during the review lol. Made me cringe lol

  • I got glam and the funny thing is that it said I will most likely have mirrored furniture and have gold accents and I have a mirrored table and gold accents all over!

  • Love it amazing Great job

  • I'm apparently a whimsical weirdo 😂❤️

  • I always come back to this. Such a satisfying episode~

  • i have a question, if i were to turn my closet into a desk area what can i do about clothes storage?

    • If you want my advice, I'd say get yourself a a couple clothing racks, or find a dresser that works with the size of your room. If you have a very small bedroom, I would avoid getting a dresser that's too big or too tall as that would take up too much space. If your room is a moderate size however, something horizontal could work. I hope this is helpful! :)

  • Wow. Now I want to remodel my house. Lol. I'm married to a carpenter so I think it's time for me to put him to work. Hahaha

  • I took the test and got 20% quirky/whimsical 20% modern/dramatic 20% glam 20% bohemian 10% mid-century modern 10% vintage eclectic. I feel like I related most to the quirky/whimsical the modern/dramatic and the bohemian going off of the descriptions.

  • I love your so much

  • Wat a beautiful couple u r

  • O my god you look so stunning

  • One of my fav makeovers!! Beautiful work!! 😍

  • I love how Kate just says we will give them our sofa . Xx love you guys xx